Vocal Force Unleashed!

A lot of guys I'm sure on here have a less than loud voice. It just makes the most stastic and logical sense. So when I say the majority of women are turned on by a man with a powerful voice, you'll probably get upset and hurt. But, that's only because you think I'm knocking who you are and trying to make you something you're not. That's not true. Vocal projection has nothing to do with the core of who you are. It's just a skill you can learn...

Vocal Force Unleashed!

A Loud Voice Projects Authority

When someone with a strong confident voice talks everyone's head SHUUMMM over to look at him or her and listen. Even if you don't want to even if you know this person is a barely functioning idiot you still turn unless you're very consciouslly stopping yourself. Why? We are very dumb creatues in certain senses. People who are in positions of power tend to talk loudly because their positions tell them they have the most authority to do so. Yet, when Random Joe uses the same voice even though his role in society in no way tells him he has the authority to back it up--the effect is the same. We automatically assume someone with a loud voice is important and it sucks but it's what it is.

Vocal Force Unleashed!

A Loud Voice Cuts Through Other Voices

A lot of younger siblings learn to overcome their older siblings superior knoweldge due to age by developing a voice that overwhelms the older sibling if by volume if not substance. They have no problem being heard...ever. Of course if everyone was like that it would be chaos but that's not an excuse to be a martyr and keep your voice silent. You deserve to be heard.

How To Be Heard

Very simple--when you are talking to someone imagine you are talking thorugh them. If they are way in front of a wall imagine you are landing your voice on that wall and not them. That way you don't have to worry about being "loud" you are simply being normal but extending the distance. Practice always doing this as much as you can. It will sound like you are being too loud at first but you will start to see a difference and may never again be asked--what did you say??

Vocal Force Unleashed!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • a loud voice is useless if the guy talks rubbish

    • how if it still grabs attention and gets heard?

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    • This chick is right bruh.

    • @Joc4Position thanks man ^^

Most Helpful Guy

  • Loud =/= powerful. As a guy that gets told to stop yelling at least 5 times a day I can testify to this. What lends your voice the authority is tone of your voice and manner of your speech. Which can be emmulated/channeled/projected, however it takes an effort.


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What Girls Said 1

  • loud people make me want to take a shovel to their faces.

    • There is a difference between being loud and having a loud voice

What Guys Said 2

  • The louder someone is, the further away I go in order to not hear them.

  • I like to speak softly and have a big di- stick!!


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