The Ultimate Race questions in dating and attraction answered!

The Ultimate Race questions in dating and attraction answered!

I have seen questions on GAG asking about if white guys like a particular race, I have seen a variation of the question: "Do white guys like me?" "Do Asian girls like me?" "Do white girls like me?" "Do black guys like me?" "How come black guys don't like black girls?" And it has led some users to believe that non-white people and worship the ground white people walk on, or it has led some users to believe that white people worship the ground that non white people walk on. Obviously this is not true because of a few possible trolls who may ask those questions.

But this post is not for the trolls, this post is for users who genuinely ask these questions about other races.

Well I hope the following points can answer your questions, if not, at least help. These points are in no way accusatory and it depends on the individual person's situation.

1. Interracial dating peer pressure: You shouldn't feel you have to date someone out of your race just because someone tries to guilt you into doing it. Interracial dating is fine, but don't date someone just because you have a fear of being accused of being closed minded or being called racist. Date someone because you like them, not because of fear. That goes for dating your own race too.

2. Rejection Acceptance: I know this sounds cliche but not everyone you like is going to be attracted to you, that's just the way it is. You can't make someone who does not like you, like you. It goes both ways, you wouldn't like it if a guy or girl you did not like was pressuring you and acting desperate.

3. Avoid negativity: If you think a guy or a girl is causing you drama or is racist or negative in anyway, cut them off immediately. There is no point in keeping someone like that in your life.

4. Self Love: Or self acceptance is important because even if the guy or girl likes you, you should be able to love yourself enough to know to walk away from something that is hurting you. It also means realizing that just because someone you like does not find you attractive, it does not mean there is something wrong with you. Self love also means if you get dumped then you love yourself enough to heal and not base your happiness on a boyfriend or girlfriend so you are able to love yourself enough to heal.


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  • I think we need to stop painting everyone with the same brush and see people as individuals and group them by their race, religion or even gender.

    Attraction is subjective and personal. When people ask for example "Do Asians Like White Guys?" Its most likely the case that the asked ( white ) is interested in an Asian and wants to know/get reassurance that they're interested in dating.

    To conclude:
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder;
    That which one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another.


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  • This really is too generic to help people who want to know if X race likes Y race. The truth is the only thing that helps with those questions is getting opinions from people of these different races and seeing that some do, in fact, like Y race.

    Also, I am pretty sure no one really goes out with someone else just because they don't want to be considered racist. If anything, a lot of the opposite happens--people who are racist date outside their race and then use the person they're dating to "prove" they're not racist or deny they're racist, even though they say racist crap and hold racist beliefs.


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  • Interracial tends to be hyped up to be something it's not. Most people date within their own racial group.

  • I had a relationship with a brazilian, but I guess we are both seen as white.
    So I haven't gone through any negativity.
    But I guess people who post those questions want to see if the ethnicity they like find their type of ethnicity attractive.

    I also feel like Asians aren't as attracted to me as much as white girls, but then again how many Asian friends do I have... ? ?

  • self love is definitely important.. nice way to end it.

    " If you think a guy or a girl is causing you drama or is racist or negative in anyway, cut them off immediately."

    then you should confront them, not cut them off immediately.


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