8 Dogs Who Want To Be Your Valentine

Yup, Valentine's Day is around the corner! Single? Are you still looking for that perfect Valentine? Don't worry about it! These adorable dogs would be more than happy to take you on Valentine's Day!

1. Be Mine!

8 Dogs Who want to be your Valentine

2. I Woof you to the moon & back!

3. Pugs & kisses

4. Will you accept this rose, Valentine?

5. I'll love you fur-ever!!

6. You are my furr-vorite Valentine!

7. You make me drool

8. You're Paw-rfect for me!

Do you love or hate Valentine's Day? Do you celebrate it with your SO, friends, family or friends? What do you love or hate about Valentine's Day?

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  • Nice take - Love the dogs - This year I am going to be neutral on Valentine's day, being single on Valentine's day can be hard but I will be positive for those in relationships - When I was in a relationship I wasn't that overly romantic in the flowers and chocolate sense on Valentine's day - I felt that you should be romantic every day of the year rather than one special day - Romance for me is being considerate of your partner rather than showering her with material things.
    Each person has their own interpretation of love/romance and to each their own - Hopefully you find someone who shares your views and inclinations on romance/love then you can get on harmoniously.


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