A Perspective on Love (Please Don't Tell Me The Feelings Keep Getting Worse With Age!)

A Perspective on Love (Please don't tell me the feelings keep getting worse with age!)

Love is when he can make you smile just by being near you.

Love is when you feel at home in his arms, and never want to leave.

Love is when you want more than just to sleep with him.

Love is when you're mad at him, but still defend him when your friends talk crap about him.

Love is when he's the first person you think of when you wake up, and the last you think of before you fall asleep.

Love is when you sacrifice your time for him.

Love is knowing his flaws, but still not thinking any less of him.

Love is putting him first, even if it means he needs to move across the country from you.


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  • All true and we can all be so lucky to find that


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