Men, you are the catch not women!

The modern man today acts as if women are the prize, while they must slave and work away at school, gym to prove they are worthy of getting a woman. What men don't realize is that you are the catch not women.

Let's look at the many ways, men are the catch:

1. Dating/Relations

When it comes to dating and relationships, men are the ones who put in all the work, while women passively just go along for the ride using down a guy money, and waiting for him to choose what dates to go on (or in some cases suggest what dates they should go on in which the man will pay). Now I'm sure some of you females on gag are foaming at the mouth at this, but in dating men are still expect to approach (face rejection), plan out dates, be the entertainers of the relationship and pay for most things. While women just decide whether she enjoys the man company or not to want to get into a relationship with him.

2. Men are expected to slave and put in place things before women give them a chance at dating.

I've literally seen older women tell younger girls that they should not mess with a man until he has 2 keys (1 for his house and his car). For men who are average/below average in looks, the modern day women will not give you a chance at dating her for the most part unles you bust your ass in school to get a nice job, place and car.

Men you are the catch not women

I'm sure their are outliers where men who are legitamitely homeles and ugly getting women but for the most part women pass over men in their age group to date older guys who are already in a well established career making money. I've seen this far to often in my medical school. Where I'd wager 30% of young girls are dating doctors or guys in successful career outside of school, 50% are content with staying single and 20% are dating guys 1 year above.

The point here is beauty is depreciating value that goes down with age. Women are valued primarily for their looks which gets worse every year due to most women not taking care of themselves and putting on makeup which damages their skin. Also the biological reason of them having thinner skin which makes them more prone to sun damage.

While men are primary tied to social status and money which usually goes up as a man progresses in his career.

Status+Money >> Beauty.

3. Different beauty standards and more of a social pressure by men.

Thanks to hypergamy, female freedom in sexual expressoin. Many women have reduce back to the basic 80/20 rule when it comes to sex/relationship. Tinder study posted here recently on GAG showed women like muscular men. So guys who look like this are gettig most of the sex/relationships from multiple women:

The standards women have for men is actually quite ridiculous. Some of which includes height (genetic) causing many men to take risky surgies just to get a couple inches for women to give them a chance. A perfect example of this was a man who was 5'6 and did a risky bone lengthening surgery that could of caused him to become paralyzed so he could be 5'8. He met his wife who was 5'7 some time later and when asked if she would of married him, if she met him at his original height, she said probably not.

We also have things now of men going into surgery to get right nose, jaw because women prefer a nice face over body. Yet, still more men are busting their butts in the gym than women to get that aesthetic body so they can be considered worthy by women.

Meanwhile men are just fine with an obese girl, skinny fat girl or even a slightly chubby girl to be their girlfiend. So women for the most part just rely on makeup, buying clothes and doing their hair to attract men. They put on pounds over the years and most girls once they leave college ballon up into fat whales by their late 20's and beyond because the pressure of them having to be skinny to get love is not there.

While it's true many guys let themselves go, more men take an active approach in maintain a healthy athletic body and continue to look aesthetic.

I can't tell you how many older guys in their 30's and 40's who still have good bodies in the gym where I'm at. Meanwhile women in this age group just look like someones mom. While they are the top tier, I still find men in their 30's and 40's hav maintained their youthful body better than women overall.

4. Makeup

Makeup is a very deceptive thing that can make an ugly women become pretty.

So men see a girl with makeup and go awe she's a 8, totally hot. What they don't see is if we wipe away all that makeup she is not all that pretty and you are most likely better than her in looks. Think about it. Men can get out of bed and go out in the world with no one making a fuss of them looking completely differnet. Meanwhile women need to go through 30 mins - 1 hour applying a mask on their face to look "presentable" to the world.

Now I know their are some women who look totally awesome without makeup but they are just as much if not more women who use makeup excessively to hide acne scar and what not.


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  • You're a disgrace. If you cannot realize that women have fought bravely for centuries for equality, that they work just as hard if not harder than men just to earn their right to be alongside them, if you cannot see the pressures women go through to look beautiful and be treated equal then you sir are no prize at all.
    Just like men, some women take a paid-for approach but many women work their asses off to stay fit and healthy. I workout twice a day and you're saying every woman just let's themselves go? Just uses clothes to look good? Aren't athletic?

    Mia Hamm, Vanessa Williams, Hope Solo, and Laila Ali all disagree with you on that.

    Men will never have to suffer being thought of as mentally inferior because of their physical appearance. Men will never struggle to earn as much as women because of biased gender inequality. Men will never be forced into a society where most of them start dieting by 8 years old. Men will never go through pains and bleeding for a week every month. Men will never carry a living, breathing child in their stomach for nine months. Men will never need to breast feed and nurture that child, and they will always have the option to run away. Men will never work tremendously to get their pre-pregnancy figure back, just to make their husband happy. And men could never do all that whilst keeping a smile on their face.

    So if you think men are more of a prize than a woman you really don't know anything.

    "One girl is worth twenty boys" -J. M. Barrie

    • Putting down men doesn't make you look any better than him.

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    • Excuse me ms, BUT I HARDLLLYYYY think you are trying to create the impression that you believe men and women are equal... I'm pretty damn sure you are HELL BENT on prooving that YOU are better than all men. If that wasn't your objective then why bother commenting? If you KNEW you were "equal" then why state your oh so very controversial opinion..

    • Its you who are horribly wrong, men are definitely superior to women, just deal with it.

      Think about it, western feminist societies caters to the weak and opressed, women get a lot of benefit from being the "oppressed" sex, but the primarily reason why they were oppressed to begin with, is because they are inferior.

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  • Ya personally I see an attractive guy is more rare than an attractive woman. Less and less men are matriculating and graduating from universities, tons of guys are fat dad bods, tons of guys just rot away in front of video games, tons of guys don't know what hygiene is beyond taking a shower (and even then, many fail at that).

    After you go through the basic filters of a socially normal guy, then a sense of humor, then ambition and some promise of a legitimate income (as in an actual career, not some dumbass dream about getting big off penny stocks or something lol), and then works out and takes care of his body... you are left with not a large percentage of men in my opinion.

    And that's before other preferences, like tall guys, guys with abs and muscularity, guys with jawline, guys that can cook or whatever.

    • Right, there are a lot more attractive girls then guys, thats why it sucks for girls because a girl who is a 8 and could be dating guys her level or above are kind of forced to stay si gle or get with a guy below her level. I mean, this whole this is kind of shallow but it does exist.

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    • @alphadoggystyle good points man

    • @alphadoggystyle

      Makeup is magic.

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  • This is true for some women. You really cannot lump us all in one category.

    Although I will add,

    I think people are way too hard on women.
    We go through so much more physical change than men do with their bodies.
    Women have multiple pregnancies (which MAY/MAY NOT contribute to loss of beauty).
    The weight may not stay on but stretch marks, loose/wrinkled skin, is something that cannot go away without surgery or laser treatment.

    Women in their 40's-50s also go through menopause which further can change their appearance and effect the way their body and skin looks.

    Men, go through neither of that.
    Men are way too harsh on women about an appearance that they only have "some" control over.

    • Soo much physical and hormonal change takes place with a woman. It really gets a lot of women , out of wack after a while!

      Lets not even count periods how they further effect our bodies!

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    • Im not trying to debunk what you are saying because i see both points of the argument. Im not saying males are better than females or trying to play the victim. But truthfully you must know that females control the dating/relationship game period and that is a huge disadvantage for us.

    • @xxcchhllaauu What in the hell is a "wemen"?

  • Your points are not wrong.. I actually agree with most of them.. specially the beauty standards and makeup.. but the way you presented your point of view is not right.. it should be about same standard for both genders... both are a catch and both should work for the other..

    • well then maybe try taking all responsibilities the man faces everyday... You approach him and face rejection.. You plan the dates and ask him on one, YOU PAY, YOU DRIVE, YOU make sure he's fed and happy... YOU CALL HIM if dudes acted like girls HAHAHA no one would ever have a relationship because no one would ever approach anyone lol.. And they would play silly mind games endlessly. In reality it's NOT THE SAME... We have to invest a lot more in relationships than you do and there is a lot more risk for us and a lot less options... But usually girls have a plan b for their backup guy and another option and some dude crushing on them all at the same time

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    • @UhDopeDude again.. same can be said for guys.. you can't generalize like this... and if a lot of stupid shit is expected from guys... a lot of shit is expected from girls as well.. they're judged for everything.. I am not a feminist and I don't want to sound like one.. but I do believe in equality.. no one has it easy.. grass "seems" greener on the other side..

    • I just thought it was cool that this guy brought all of this stuff to light... And yes it's a generalization of course , but accurate! I've never known a girl to dismiss those expectations from a man, and I would be very suprised and humbled by something like that REAL QUICK. But yea I do plan on ignoring those girls , and have been. haha. I'm hardly whining about it, I just support change and revolutionary ideals. OH! And "EQUALITY" lol

  • How arrogant do you have to be to believe that you are a prize? Relationships are about loving and appreciating the other person. Both are a catch and should work to get each other

  • I think this take and all its replies are a good representation of this website: a battle of the sexes.

    Nobody wants to hear the other side, only defend their position and bash their opponent's.

    You got your guys congratulating each other for essentially taking a big steaming turd on the female population.

    Then you got your girls who shout "bitter!", "can't get a woman/laid!", "hater!" at the drop of a hat without assessing any of the feedback.

    No wonder majority of users here are single. You people should stay away from relationships until you've sorted out your anger and contempt for the opposite sex.


  • Uggh, another woman hating myTake.

    • is he really hating on wemen?

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    • @Tdieseler It's called the MRA. However, they dedicate most of their time attacking feminism.

    • with good reason... a good chunk of those idiots don't even know what feminism means lol.
      I support feminism... the same way i'd support a dog about to stick its face in a fan... looks cute at first... but you just wait for the chaos.

  • I absolutely love this myTake :) it's very very true... I honestly don't wear an ounce of makeup, my boyfriend is quite skinny, I try to pay for things when he is distracted (he doesn't wanna let me pay and I think it's rude), and I try not to make him my slave because guys do a lot for the sake of women and I don't think it's right :( I think women need to try harder because both should be each others prize. Also it's disgustingly true what you mentioned about moms training their daughters to confirm the guy has two keys >~< All i know is women need to stop handling men like puppets. I was guilty of pressuring my boyfriend a lot in the past (like 2 years ago) and that wasn't right :(

    Nice myTake :)

  • This mytake sounds very umm, female hating, im guessing you aren't getting any attention from the opposite sex.

    • Or he's fed up with their bs. Girls do it too so im guessibg the people who do it are fed up.

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    • @CrazynKinky Yea, I bet they blame wars on women too

    • Well besides religion it's the second biggest reason for going to war.

  • How sad and pathetic this take... neither person is 'the prize' and shame on any man who feels like HE is the prize. Surely he will end up alone. Relationships are about loving and appreciating each other - not having one worship the other. Dumb.

    • Right all these men worshipping women out there just need to start a religion already. Oh, its called facebook and the United States Judicial System. Men are becoming obsolete, except to fight muslims and other shit jobs, but soon technology will replace those jobs as well. You don't need a man to help raise kids, the state, media and education will do that, hell you don't need a man to get pregnant. These guys are idiots, I agree.

    • Wow... Just wow... Can't let us just have this one thing can you? Lol damn dude... Get over yourself... Please... Shame on you... I bet you consider yourself a prize.. Yet you say I should shame myself for having a shred of hope for having confidence one day? Yea some of us are pathetic.. Because we constsnty have people like you making us feel inferior... And here you are just piling it on even more.. I guess I'll just people people like you back up on the pedestal..

    • Its usually women who often end up alone solely because they believe that they are the prize when in reality they werent even close to as good as they thought.

  • The world really got you to bend over, huh? Sad. It's okay to blame women for your problems, weak people tend to do that. You're a special snowflake and the world is just against you, you should be appreciated with all that whining you do, just like those who actually work hard to be acknowledged.

    • I really hope writing this made you feel better about your empty life.

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    • Dude you are so overly dramatic it's pathetic... No one ever said your gender is "inferior or downright horrible in every aspect" where the fuck do you get this shit? Like what? You stupid girls steady put fake ass words and thoughts in your own heads and just run with it... WHAT? Gtfoh you noodle.. And "pathetic, suck at life, sad and lonely" sorry but those are definitly attempted insults by anyone's standards... Stop trying to justify yourself yo... Just admit when your wrong. Or keep lying to yourself I don't fucking care, but don't try to convince me that the lies you keep telling yourself are facts... Nah... I will poop in your mouth to express my distaste for your opinions

    • @UhDopeDude I don't really want to further this discussion in this manner, I've started feeling kind of sorry for you and I don't think it's nice of me to keep going as I have been thus far.
      I will, however, try to respond in a respectful, more objective matter:
      If we just analyse the title of this take "Men, you are the catch not women" it does nothing but encourage males to feel superior, which neither of the genders should. From then on it's just a crapfest of "110 reasons to hate women and why you're the ultimate prize" as presented by someone whos only encounter with females must've been his mom and the ones he met online, which have led him to become bitter and alone.
      Im not sure of which lies you are speaking but if you care elaborate then please do so.

  • I disagree with everything you say. So I can't wear make-up because I am lying how I look. And I can't be 200lbs because its not acceptable. You try begin a women with social pressures to be pretty, to advance in career, to deal with pains and traumas, to be indpendent. Its just not fair for someone to think the only value I have is my appearance! I will get an education and when i get a job and have a place to call my own I see myself as valueable. I am literally upset and crying. Its just riducles that people believe this crap.

  • Pfft. Tell that to Mr. spider

  • No one is the prize in a relationship, you are just as bad as the people you are bashing here. All I want from my relationship is teamwork and to watch each other grow and succeed in life. I don't date older men because they are usually creeps with a weird fetish for girls as young as their daughter, and they have more money and life experience which gives them more power in the relationship which is a bad situation to put yourself into! My boyfriend and I are both broke students working our way through university together just trying to build successful careers and cheering each other on.
    You are the type of guy who thinks he is god's gift to women and no woman will ever be good enough for you, no matter how amazing she really is you will always try to find something wrong. You will be unable to be part of a team in a relationship and will drive every woman away from you eventually. I know your type and I steer clear! All I wanted from a relationship was love, teamwork, and fun and that is what I have. I didn't intend to settle down so soon in my life, but when you find the right person and you can support each other and help each other succeed you can't let that person pass you by!

  • Ok well the guy in the first video was just a douche. I'm for actual equality and girls planning dates and I'm hoping that was suppose to just be a dramatization of a feminist date but honestly. I go on date and I have never once expected a guy to pay for me and I've paid for guys. I've driven out of my way to go pick guys up for a date and I've never expected someone to pick me up.

    Considering most people start dating at 16 clearly they don't have to be established to get a date. As long as they're not some scum sitting on their mommies couch not working or wasting all of their income on garbage and putting themselves in debt they stand a chance. Even if they do do that they can still get a girl sadly.

    Physical looks seriously. People need to get over this yes men are body shamed too there is no denying that and it's just as bad as people body shaming women but you honestly think that men have it worse. There are women that go for all body shapes even hot ones. We are told in every media that we have to look a certain way to get guys there are movies about the loser guy winding up with the girl and never had to change their looks but in any movie where the girl gets the guy she goes through this huge make over to look a certain way.

    Ah make up I've never looked at a man and went god why doesn't he put some make up on. I've never judge him for the bags under his eyes or the imperfections in his face. As where women are instantly expected to cover up any imperfections. Proof have a girl without make up talk to people all you hear is are you sick you, look tired, did you not have time to do your make up this morning?

    We are all human beings not prizes! Getting someone isn't about winning a lottery it's about loving the person your with. I don't know whos reject you so much to make you so bitter but just because it's your experience doesn't mean every girls the same. Just like not all guys are the same.

    • He is not bitter, he is just telling it like it is, facts. And there is nothing he wrote that suggests he has been rejected badly or anything, everybody gets rejected at one point especially men since we are the ones who do all the work for the most part. You dont have to be bitter at all to notice the things he wrote are completely true.

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    • What you believe doesn't matter, because we are talking about objective things which we can measure and accurately compare, like wealth and resources, accomplishments etc. Regardless if a lawyer or a president loses his job, he still accomplished more than vast majority of people, but obviously if someone loses his job or position, his value decreases, i dont see how that contradicts anything i said.

      Also you are now talking about the literal meaning of the word "price" which was not the thing we where talking about, we where talking about being a prize the same way you can be a "catch" as mentioned in the mytake, essentially being valuable to the other gender. And men bring more value to the table than women do in general as perfectly demonstrated by this mytake.

    • you're wrong again, anatomically modern humans where patriarchal from the beginning. there is no evidence of any unambiguously matriarchal societies in the known history of the world. Women have rights because men eventually let them have it, because it was considered to be the best resolution for a modern society. Regardless how much women would have fought, they could never have achieved equal rights unless men allowed it, because women could never take it by force being the weaker sex.
      And sure some women would survive in a survival of the fittest situation, but men would easily have the upper hand, women wouldn't be able to protect themselves as easily, rapists would be able to roam free, most of the military and armed forces are men, and those that can handle guns would dominate. Also women in general cannot handle conflict as well as men, so yeah as always in history the high ranking positions would naturally go to men, and the disparity would be much greater in such a scenario

  • Omg... yeah. We totally suck. I bow naked before your godlike perfection and will perform any act you choose, oh master, for the joy of seeing the candlelight glowing off your perfect body, hearing your moans of pleasure, and tasting your sex. Your thoughts are above my thoughts. Your ways are above my ways. Beat me, for I deserve it. I am imperfect. You are perfection Itself.

    • Awwww.. i just loved it <3
      even it is full of sarcasm ;) :D

  • Alright, here goes:

    1. Just because you may fall into that category... oh, dear. I have seen this so many times. Guys who don't even have the innitiative of planning a date once you officially become ;their girlfriend'. Unfortunately, this is the majority, as far as I have noticed. Being passive, as a woman, is nearly impossible nowadays, because many, many men lack innitiative and imagination. What can I say but 'thank you freakin feminists'.

    2. This right here is the product of a faulty, superficial education. This would be unconceivable in my family and to everyone I know. Believe me, that is NOT the majority. Hang in there.

    3. Sorry you feel this way,. This is actually a problem that affects both sexes. And if for guys, this is limited to having an athletic body, for us, women, it's even worse. Not to mention the amount of money we spend just to keep up with average beauty habits. Also, the whole pregnancy thing really fucks us up.

    4. TOTALLY, totally agree. Just to give away a little info on how this can actually affect many of us, though women are the 'deceivers' in this one: believe me, it all turns against us the moment we see our crush/partner drooling over some celebrity. Because celebrities not only have make up to hide their imperfections, but there's a whole team of people using all kinds of software to create someone who will eventually look almost completely different than their real appearance. And for some reason, guys choose to ignore that. Also, it's a vicious circle. Say I stop using make up. But I'll find myself walking with my partner on the street and very bothered by him admiring all the women who do use it. And can you blame him? They'll have sexy red lips, perfectly defined eyebrows and a clear, perfect complexion. And that, my friend, is why most of us won't stop using make up,

  • So true. Once I realised this and developed a bit o swagger all of a sudden girls started to notice me. The more I turned them down the more they wanted me.

  • A lot of this is inconsistent. You blame women for wanting a man to be tall because it is genetic, but you criticize women for aging and not being born naturally beautiful. Also, you say that men maintain their bodies as they age, but men also maintain naturally higher metabolism, making this typically easier for men, not to be fit, but to be a healthy weight. Also, you seem to imply that fit, healthy men are dating obese women, which is certainly not a trend that I have noticed. You seem to be implying that men put more effort into their appearances, but you also say that they can leave the house with little maintenance while women spend time on hair and makeup. You say that old women look like someone's mother, but, naturally, old men must look just as much like someone's father. You say that women prefer older men with status and men prefer younger women with better looks, but you seem to be only blaming women for this, after having stated that men usually approach women first. Logically, that must mean that they are the first to express their preference and are, therefore, no less responsible for this tendency. This argument is illogical and defies common sense.

  • Well you sure put a lot of thought into this post, which is the most stupid thing I've seen in at least a week. Bet you feel proud of yourself.

  • Man, this website is turning into such a hate machine.

    • Yeah, with all these men hating on women you have to wonder how they were raised, and if they will fuck men instead, since clearly they are sexually frustrated, lol

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    • @anymours23 Why can't we just live with the fact that women and men are both pretty cool?

    • I know but it's tough in the western hemisphere since sex is the main topic. Go fly to the eastern hemisphere and live there. I am pretty sure it's 50/50 over there.

  • Total flamebait. Nice job! This should be called a TrollTake.

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  • I'm not a fan of shallow and entitled people. If I'm to go on a date, I expect it to be between two people on equal grounds, not one person trying to win the other over like a game prize.

    With that said, when I say shallow and entitled people, that goes both ways, for both women, AND men. This take reeks of both, and honestly you're not helping the situation by trying to get men to walk around like peacocks and thinking of women in this way.

    • First of all it's nothing shallow or entitled about this. What exactly am I entitling me to in this take? The point of this take is to make men realize that they should not be the ones chasing girls (as I've seen so many men doing on this site) and pandering up them like obedient puppy dogs trying to win her affection. This take is to encourage to realize their worth in the dating and in life.

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    • @kambo_trick3y FINALLY an intelligent response to an immature take.

  • Lol I heard the shrieks and screams and shaming language from the pink section even before I got half way down the take. Maintaining the status quo in relationships is pretty important to the people who get to sit back and wait to be impressed by a guy's song and dance. When a guy says he's not gonna dance anymore, OH THE HUMANITY.

    • Tell the truth. Did you even bother to read the pink responses?

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    • It's never "hey maybe these men have a point" "maybe we are a bit self centered" lol

    • @ArtDent Lol for sure. To be fair there were a couple who said they agreed. They were very much the minority though. But yeah, the knee-jerk is defensive mode.

  • Let me just point out to all of you women arguing here... Let's put it into perspective... Say a girl has no
    Job no car no education no friends no confidence... SHE STILL HAS GUYS WHO WANT HER! And they will do whatever it takes, ask her out, pick her up, take her places, pay for dates, etc... Nowwwwww JUST IMAGINE... A man no job, no car, no education, no friends, no confidence... Guess what... We are going to have to take care of at least 4 of 5 of these AT LEAST before we can even think about dating... This is basically what this guy is trying to say... We can't begin to think about a relationship until late 20s early 30s... But girls have the option for a relationship steadily until they get old and saggy and no one wants them (let's say 40 something)

  • Great take.
    Loved the video it was hilarious.
    Even I wouldn't go as far as the guy, I just expect the girl to pay for herself.

  • As much as I completely agree with you... and then some.
    I believe more in equality.
    A man would be arrogant to think he's a catch regardless of how well off he is, and woman would be an ignorant bitch if they think they are quite the catch regardless of how "independent" they may be.
    Baseline, once you find each other... the 50/50 rule applies. you find your other half in them none you is better than the other, you just complete each other.

  • All the feminists are all freaking out about this. When you really dig deep and think about it, it's true. Not the looks, the fame, or even the money. Why do women like tall guys, dominance. Why do women love leaders... dominance. Why do women love good looks... dominance and social proof. Why do women love men with money... dominance and leaders make money. A marriage can never truly be equal parts, because once a woman believes she's an equal to her man... she will disrespect him and everything else under the sun. If you don't believe me look at the divorce rates today and ask why most women apply and what they say? The mutual attraction and love/feelings aren't they're anymore. Because she turned him from an alpha male leader into a little butch that she could walk all over.

  • "Men, you are the catch not women!" LOL #finally somebody said it. I mean from a traditional standpoint, the man had everything in the R-ship, right? Yet he was the "bowing down" to a woman begging "her" to be "his" girl even though he's going to be the 1 working 12 hour shifts, making her laugh, to approach her, give her a place to lay her head at night, protect her, feed her, eating her coochie at night, driving her here or there etc. So with all of the being said, shouldn't the "female" have been the 1 having to #prove herself to the man? Not the other way around?

    I mean to this day I've never gotten how things worked back then...

  • Certainly many interesting things with all of this, a lot of it from the comments too. People call it trolling, hate, etc but then preceed to hate. Wasent my impression by far that this was done to be hateful or trolling, the mytake has it flaws sure, but pretty ironic that. And i kinda agree to that the Men are the catch, not women. And i know too if there was a mytake that stated women were a catch it would be praised by the typical "you go girl" attitude. Its generally percived as such too, that women are a catch, dont see why its so insulting to say or think its the other way around.

    Although I wouldn't really say it dvelved into why exactly men are the catch as much, but few reasons I think so.

    1. Lets face it, there are a lot of douchbags, no doubt are a lot of bad apples too from the lady side as well naturally, but sadly a lot of males have kinda grown into the belief the more woman the better mentality. So generally speaking they are more likely to just live life without settling down and to maybe be faithful as well. Thus to find a nice guy who dosent live by this and are faithful is a catch. Which leads me to the next point.

    2. Emotions. So many guys again are taught to basically become rocks, supress their emotions, be tough and so on. Generally speaking again women dont really have this problem, its always been more okay for a girl to cry than a guy as well as showing emotions. Its more commonly accepted anyway. Which naturally again, can lead to a lot of stupidness from males again, either they may always deny what they feel or they dont won't be able to grow to be able to show other people feelings like they should, love included. They may understand it all even, but be unable to express it. Why another reason a decent guy again would be a catch, someone who has found this balance against the odds. To be able to be a nourisher and a proper provider emotionally.

    Anyway, guess dont really have enough room to properly explain it all, but few was a few thingies anyway. I kinda wish so too anyway that many guys who are decent, if they are as such anyway, wouldn't worry so much that they can't find a girl, cause a girl should be finding you. Cause nice guys, real ones dont grow on trees sadly. they can be a gem, thus again a catch.

    • In regard to your point #2. Women also tend to lose respect for men who show their vulnerable and emotional side to them.

    • True they do, yet they need it and won't accept a lifelong partner without it, while not everyone do it, too many ridicule a guys feelings no doubt then wonder why they dont talk about their feelings to them etc, lol.

  • Wow, welcome to the butthurt olympics. You win the gold medal.

  • I know I am.

    While women act like we're disposables, we hold the key to marriage.

    We chase you but we're the one giving away our money so we can work, so the family can eat


    You females won't every carry the weight of dating down but men do it all the time. Who is the one living love?

    Females today like to make themselves on a pedastal without realising that attraction may get the guy but your substance (character) will keep him. At the end of the day, women aren't the ones holding the keys as someone so dependent.

    Men jsut pretend to give you power because we know ur less capable... and need things to feel secure like control. Even tolerating ur shit makes u feel secure.

  • It doesn't matter if you look like that guy, life has been unnecessarily complicated in some ways and oversimplified in other ways. People are more than surface deep no matter how shallow your perception of them is. Finding the "right" woman is hard, women either feel intimidated by men who look like that, and if they aren't stereotypical "studs" they get all wierded out if a man doesn't fit into a prefabricated category that cosmo and society tend to put people in. Everyone is guilty of these types of judgments. Relationships between men and women have been complicated by the bad philosophy pushed by bankers / the elite (also the industrial revolution and other factors).

    We are more than how we look on the surface, it takes patience, love and understanding to really get to know someone. There are so many easier paths a person can take, selfish paths. Ironically in this era of social media, we are becoming more alone, it isn't just me, but there is something truly wrong with society. I am happy for those people who have good family, friends, significant other (usually a wife or husband) but its human nature to be a bit jealous, we all need to learn what love is and help each other out more. People obsessed with how they look are hurting, they are longing to feel accepted and desired, but no one taught them morals when they were younger and that it is our actions, sure being healthy and presentable at social gatherings is fine, but this obsession these days is Victorian elitist era type of madness, it isn't unique and original its narcissism to the umpth degree, we need love and you can see it, read it on your FB feed. People are hurting.

    • I agree with your premise, women are put on such a high pedestal and if you don't have a beautiful girlfriend its like you are some weirdo, its funny how complicated and reversed life has become, it is against biology and you can see the poverty confusion and despair all of it causes people. The genders are not equal and they should not be competing on all levels because we are not equal on all levels, I mean this from a purely factual and scientific pov. Equal rights does not mean that a person with two arms and legs who knows how to swim is no more obligated than a crippled person who doesn't know how to swim to save a someone who is drowning, common sense would say that the person who can swim should be more obligated to save the person, it doesn't mean that the person who can swim has more or less rights than the person who can't swim.

      I'm bored, it was a great take.

  • I don't gym for chicks lol I lift for sport I do, hot bod and chicks are just things that come with it. And hell yea I know I am catch lol

  • You know, You must be quite a catch]
    Thats the most sexist thing I've read today
    Of course the night is still young

  • A bit of a gay take that one. I don't give a shit how I look or present myself that's why I only care about how the women I want look and present themselves. Trying to better your appearance to draw the opposite sex twists your sexuality. Your brain interprets it as you liking your own sex and the feelings follow. That's why so many good looking people are gay. Too vain. I'd never rate another man or myself, that's a woman's job. Just like rating women is a man's job. You think a tiger practises it's scary face before hunting? It knows what it is and what it wants. That's all that matters

  • 1. A date shouldn't be a way to win someone over, it should be to get to know each other better. It shouldn't be a way of showing: "look I have money and a nice car and i can entertain you, you like me now?", it rather SHOULD be "hey, we actually have quite a lot in common, i think i like you".
    In the first situation you focus too much on looks (or social status) in a girl alone, in the second, you really want to get to know a girl. To find out whether she is right for you.
    And to be honest, you should be glad if she DEMANDS you to pay, because then you know she isn't worth dating anyway. A good woman will always offer to pay, no matter what. And you want those women, because they don't reject someone based on status or money, they seek for someone with a good personality, not a bank account of 6 numbers

  • You people and your problems. LOL.

  • Women have a much harder burden than men, giving birth.
    It's expected to at least be supportive for that. We aren't slaves though, the guy on the video had a choice, he didn't have to make her walk to all the way to a restaurant only to talk? Actually he's pretty cool for a self centered guy. Gave me some laughs, didn't think anyone could end up like him.

  • This article is full of crock; and I am a dude. A gay one at that, but still a dude who has dated women in my past life and who has befriended mostly women, so I've heard all their stories about their love lives; and I am quite confident in saying that this diatribe is from a dude who has insecurity issues and a hatred of women... wait... not just women in general; but goodlooking women! The men who bitch about women not wanting them and complain about women being superficial are so hypocritical because they are just as superficial, ageist, body elitist as the women he is bitching about!!! As for women preferring "muscular" men, he is so wrong. I don't know what women he is hanging out with or pursuing (maybe he deserves superficial, arrogant women), but none of the pretty women I ever consulted with about muscular men have EVER preferred muscles... EVER!! If anything, when I've pointed out men in muscle mags with veiny bodies, they almost always say GROSS!! That it does not turn them on. If anything, it's gay guys who are attracted to bodybuilders and muscles. What I CAN say is that those same women did have a preference for lean, fit guys, but that is far from preferring bodybuilders and muscular guys, like the author claims. Again, he must be pursuing cheap, superficial women with marbles for brains.

    As for young women mostly preferring older men; that is crock too. Again, he needs to stop generalizing because just like men, women are a complex varied group. Yes, they do want a man who is stable, but that is because women are tired of dating scrubs with no aspirations. I would expect straight men seeking a wife/gf to have just as high standards... like why would you date a woman addicted to meth or prefer food stamps and multiple baby daddies over a job/career? Ummm, hello! If that is being superficial, then so be it. No one wants to date a loser; either male or female!

    No doubt this guy is just mad at hot women because all I read in his diatribe is how women in general are ugly without makeup, women get old, blah blah blah. Dude, women have more societal expectations to live up to than men do anyday. Those societal standards like wearing makeup? Who made those rules? Men. Not women. Try dating cute women who are nice, kind, have good morals instead of the arrogant superficial Spring-break hoes you keep pursuing and maybe instead you will find a relationship and fidelity. But if you pursue hot women, you best be hot too.

  • Man what's with all the girls complaining? Not a single time I read "offensive" or "hateful". I completely agree with you, but I also read @ConsultantIsBack response and I agree to what he said too. Very few men are actually what you would consider a catch in every sense, each guy is responsible of placing their value both in looks and financial stability.

  • Vaginas beat penises every time.
    They're like kryptonite.
    Penises are defenseless against them.

    • Not true. The puperior man will keep his dignity and jerk off to keep his stance and keep her from being obnoxious to other men.

      Men who are helpless when it comes to pussy train women to be on a pedastal and fuck it up for old school men Ike me

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