There's Nothing Wrong With Refusing Interracial Dating

"Racist!" "Bigot!" "Sexual Racism!"

It's something you hear a lot online when the topic of interracial dating comes up. Invariable, some groups will try to "shame" others into dating outside their race. Which is both pathetic, illogical, and immoral. Some people protest "It's not racism! It's preference!"

There's nothing wrong with refusing interracial dating.

It doesn't matter what the reason is. No one has a right to question, much less try to shame, your decision to not do interracial dating. Let's break this rotting carcass of a debate down into the stinking parts. (Lucky for you, the accompanying pictures are not gross.)


There's Nothing Wrong With Refusing Interracial Dating

First off, let's acknowledge the simple facts--the vast, vast majority of articles attempting to guilt people into interracial dating, are people who are literally griping that they can't get interracial dates. AKA people who hate the idea of having to date their own race, AKA racists themselves.

Second, let's look at the simple reality--how pathetic are you if you have to attempt to use guilt and shaming to get people to date you? How is that anything but admitting you utterly lack the looks and the character to be a decent mate for anyone?

2. Heritage.

Let's be real. For some insane reason, white americans are literally the only racial group in America who are not allowed to show public pride in their people and heritage without angry mobs attacking and careers being ruined via threats.

There's Nothing Wrong With Refusing Interracial Dating

Your genetics are part of your heritage. That's life. That's reality. Why on earth does anyone have the right to attempt to shame or guilt you if you want your heritage to be passed along to your offspring? They don't.

And Dear White People: Grow the hell up. You're a minority. You don't need to listen to other races claim you owe them, whether it be money or sex.

There's Nothing Wrong With Refusing Interracial Dating

Part of the joy of having children is seeing a little version of yourself growing up again--and let's be real, if the kid looks nothing like you, it's not quite the same. Most people want their children to look like them, and with good reason. Who wants their sons or daughters to look unrelated to them?

There's Nothing Wrong With Refusing Interracial Dating

3. Don't let losers stop you from acting in your own interest.

There are a lot of losers, both online and in the real world who will stamp all over you and have you working against yourself if they can. If you're young and/or sensitive, you might let their insults get to you. But you don't need to. Make your own decision, and don't let some butthurt loser change who you date. Simple reality is--life is better when you shun the garbage.

There's Nothing Wrong With Refusing Interracial Dating

Next time you see someone writing about how immoral it is to only date intraracially, recognize them for who they are--someone who couldn't get what they wanted, and instead of accepting it like an adult, they resorted to attempts at guilt trips and hissy fits. Laugh and continue with your awesome day!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Watching little you grow up? If kid doesn't look like you it's not the same? So retarted. I hope you never get kids.

    • How the f*ck is that bad?

    • Show All
    • First of all its *retarded. If you're going to use that word (in the wrong way) to call someone stupid then you should at least spell it right. And just because a mixed child will have a different skin tone doesn't mean it won't look like both parents. There's a lot more characteristics that make up the way we look. Two extremely white parents can have a child who fakes and bakes because she doesn't want to be pale and will have a darker skin color than her parents. Does that mean that if you have kids (which even though I think you're an ignorant fuck, I would never wish against your ability to have children) and they spend a lot of time in the sun and have darker skin than you, you will no longer be able to identify them as yours?

    • @maya89 So is this rant only for or for the asker too, because I never said mixed child cannot look like your own, that is his opinion though. True, I said retarted, it was kinda retarted but it's been 23 days since I wrote that, you still felt the absolute need to comment about that?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't understand why so many pokemon Gif but oh well..

    Saying no to interracial dating is racist. Its the very definition of racism to give a biased preference to one race over the other. Is being black / white / Hispanic REQUIRED to be a good bf/Gf? No, it's not. So ideally race shouldn't matter.
    Having said that, you don't have a RIGHT to date someone , so even if he/she refuses you because of your race, even though they are being racists, there's nothing you could do about it. Learn to deal with it.

    • Oh, agree, its racist. And there is nothing at all wrong with it.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think it's a problem if you want to date within your own race. That's fine. Just like it's fine to want to date within your own religion.
    The only thing that would be racist is if you think one race is superior to another race.
    But otherwise, no, it's fine to have preferences. Just like some people like tall and dark and some like blond, etc.

  • I'm not sure I understand the meaning of this post.


What Guys Said 3

  • So... I'm racist for dating a black woman?
    And she's racist for dating me?
    And if we have a kid together, all three of us are fucking racist?
    You know, after the year I've had so far, why does nothing about this fuckin' article surprise me?
    Ah, here's bettin' on 2019.

  • It is a personal matter. Texas is a great example. People seem to either hate it or love it. Even in Texas, with all her stereotypes, there has been a lot of big time, interracial dating and marriages. The Comanches in Texas loved killing ANYONE. Only the U. S. Army and local Texas militias could beat them. Spanish colonials, soldiers, and later the Mexicans did not have the juice. Certainly, they contributed, but it couldn't happen under Spanish and Mexican rule. The point is that after the killing, Comanches and white Texans began to intermarry. Many Hispanic Texans married whites. Some the the Mexican and Spanish Texans came
    from old families going back to the 1500s.

  • Thank god, I'm not white.


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