5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is A Bad Option.


These are the main reasons, why I believe Online Dating isn't a good option. And from what I see in various conversations in different websites (including GAG), Online Dating is proven to be unsuccessful.

(In Alphabetical Order)

1) Disappointment When You Meet Each Other In Real Life

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is A Bad Option.

It's pretty common to happen. Online communication doesn't give you an 100% accurate impression about the other person. So, in other words you might have created an ideal image about the other person, and when you meet each other in real life, and talk for a while, you're going to experience disappointment.

Also there's a good chance for the other person to be fake. It's not hard to pretend to be someone else, when you talk online.

2) It's Usually An Option For Unconfident and Shy People

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is A Bad Option.

I believe it's better to try to build up your confidence and take your chances by hitting on someone outdoors. By choosing to date online, it's more or less the "easy way out". Everyone is more confident online, and by choosing that as a dating option, it won't help you build up your confidence.

3) More Chances To Cheat Or Being Cheat

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is A Bad Option.

Actually I'm one of those people, who don't mind cheating so much. Yet I'm aware that most people mind about it. Well anyway, this is one of the biggest flaws when it comes in online dating. You don't see each other since you are miles away (usually) from each other, so there are no "I saw you with him/her". In other words, both are free to do whatever they want, without having to watch their back.

4) Slow Progress

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is A Bad Option.

You won't meet each other from one day to another obviously. It takes time and many Private Message sessions to get to know each other better, and finally meet each other in person. #4 is linked to #1 actually. You will have a better impression if you knew the other person in real life from the start, than knowing him/her online first.

5) You Spend More Hours On Your Computer (Indoors)

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is A Bad Option.

You have to use a computer in order to talk to that person, obviously. Which means you have to stay in home and use your computer more. It will eventually distract you from other activities, but any type of relationship can be distracting actually.

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is A Bad Option.
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  • Anonymous
    Let me clear this take up. For women, online dating is a gold mine. They get 10000000000 of compliments from random guys. Sure, these guys say a lot of perverted things, but... they are acknowledging the woman and deep down women love it. Women love to get attention, which is why women dominate at social media and can rack up hundreds of 1000s followers just by posting 1 sexy photo.

    Now... online dating is always a losing game for men. ALWAYS. When I was in college, I did a little bit of modeling. I'm not famous or anything, but I have been on some magazine covers and modeled for a few websites, and I am always getting told I am good looking... so I guess I shouldn't have a problem getting women from online dating. WRONG.

    I've tried Tinder with my best pictures, matched a ton of women and maybe only 1-3 max would actually reply back to you. Women just match you and then don't want to talk to you. Ever.

    I've tried online dating sites (POF, OkCupid, Match), put my best pictures and qualities and tried talking to a lot of women I found appealing. They would just "view" my profile, some would reply back to me, some would want to exchange numbers with me... but then they would go silent after 1-2 texts.

    This isn't just limited to me. I have heard a lot of similar stories from other men as well. When you are a man and you are trying to meet women online, you are always going to lose. Online media is a woman's world, and we are just the guest.
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    • Anonymous

      - Those guys are fools in my opinion. And I've done an experiment myself. I logged in a chat room a couple of times with a female name, and I was receiving like 3 messages every minute, from guys.
      - But in real life? I have a feeling you might be successful since you model as you say.
      - As you said they only care about your attention.
      - I don't doubt it. So in other words it's up to women and only to decide who will they date and who not.

    • Anonymous

      "- Those guys are fools in my opinion. And I've done an experiment myself. I logged in a chat room a couple of times with a female name, and I was receiving like 3 messages every minute, from guys."

      Very true... I have heard from my female friend that, even before she posted a picture of herself on a dating site (it was just blank with no photos), she got 50 messages in under an hour from guys telling her how hot she was (she had no pictures up).

      "- But in real life? I have a feeling you might be successful since you model as you say." Yes and no. I am on the shy side. While I can meet women easily, it's usually women I am not really attracted to. So I decided to give online dating a whirl.

      "- As you said they only care about your attention."
      Very, very true.

      "- I don't doubt it. So in other words it's up to women and only to decide who will they date and who not."
      Yup... I've had women view my profile and my pictures and still not decide to talk to me

  • John_Doesnt
    You only need 1 reason: "Date Rape".
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Sara413
    I think dating sites and apps are a good way to widen your pool of potential dates, but they shouldn't be used as a dating mechanism, just a meeting mechanism.

    Like, don't spend 2 or 3 weeks messaging back and forth with someone. Send a couple messages back and forth to determine if you've got enough in common to make it worthwhile to meet and then, if you do, meet!! That way no one wastes their time and energy only to be disappointed when you meet and they're not what you expected.
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    • What Sara413 said! I know of a few marriages off of these sites. Take it as an avenue to broaden your dating, but quickly meet people in person if there is interest. Texting and photos are no substitute for in person.

  • Anonymous
    Online dating is always a bad option
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  • ElissaDido
    I have mixed feelings when it comes to this subject, I think online relationships have their virtues
  • ManOnFire
    Incredible Take! Absolutely agree! ESPECIALLY No. 2, that is the SAME thing I try to tell people. I gave up on the online dating thing a long time ago. You're right, it just doesn't work. People are so lazy from technology and get caught up in how they feel about people they meet online that they just want to put more stock into that as an alternative to meeting a great person than getting off your ass and having confidence in actually meeting people in real life.

    Again, really great Take.
  • JohnDoe3000
    Ok, so if online dating is a bad option and dating co-workers is also verboten then where the hell are you supposed to meet people? Or are you just supposed to grab the first high school sweetheart/family friend/person who looks at you in a bar who shows the slightest interest in you, even though you two probably have nothing in common and want to kill each other after a couple of years?
    • Anonymous

      Yeah sure chances are less to meet someone in a bar (or in the park as well), but I believe it's worthwhile.

    • Really? I think it's not realistic for a lot of people (too shy or not looking for some standard personality type), at least not within the average human lifespan.

  • vonasaurus
    in November 2014, i entered the online-dating world for the first time. i was working 60+ hours/week and i didn't have time to "go out and meet people", so i figured it couldn't hurt to try.

    a few days in, i received a message from a guy who was sweet, intelligent, and took a genuine interest in me. we talked for about 3 weeks before meeting in-person... at first, i was worried that the awesomeness of our online conversations wouldn't translate into real life, but our first date was magical and we've been inseparable ever since.

    now he's my boyfriend. we've been together for almost two years and (spoiler alert) we both see marriage in our future. needless to say, nothing in this take was true for us... or for any of the other couples in my immediate social circle who met online.

    fyi: i would never use a site like gag to try and find a date. lol.
    • MsCookie

      What site did you meet your S. O. on? O. o

    • vonasaurus

      @MsCookie we met on okcupid. some of the questions you can answer there (totally optional, of course) are personal, bordering on creepy, but they really do help you to find better matches.

      if you're looking, definitely give it a shot; be safe, and have fun! :)

  • FatherJack
    In the dating world , women are in demand , men are generally not , dating sites magnify this greatly & also massively inflate female ego's too , which is not good for them or any potential dates Never tried dating sites & as a single dad , never will , I'm real here , NO woman want's a single dad , plus I can't be bothered anyway , working FT & running a family is hard & tiring.
  • kat_gran
    Very interesting mytake... very true. However, this should be called "long distance online relationships"...
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    All good points but I think it suits certain people - A shy or introverted person may appreciate slow progress
  • Anno_Domini
    1) The lady I'm dating now actually looks better in person than any of her photos.

    4) We met in person a week after we met online (she is a college teacher, so weekends are the best time to get together).

    5) We exchanged phone numbers after a few days of chatting on the computer, so we talk on the go now.
    • Online dating is not supposed to be a replacement for in-person dating (unless it's long distance). It's merely a way to meet people, and it's nice for older people who have careers and don't get out so much anymore.

    • By the way, I'm not saying her pictures were bad, just that she looked even better in person.

    • Anonymous

      1) Guess pure luck.

      4-5) Again you were lucky she accepted to exchange numbers and meet so early.

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  • kittykatbrat
    My experience = Men always think my profile is fake. Likewise all of my pics.

    Tbh, I don't have the energy, patience or the time to want to convince them otherwise as their initial doubt is already a huge red flag and road block.

    • Anonymous

      Why? Are you very pretty?

    • Beauty is forever subjective. I model part time. It is not just my pics that guys find fake, it is also my achievements and interests. I am just too different to most people so have now became completely un-relate-able.

    • Anonymous

      Guess that's why. Actually most guys, think a girl is fake if she is very pretty.

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  • aficionado
    Good myTake, but online dating is the best option for people who have very specific dating requirements.

    For example, I'm a vegetarian and I prefer to date vegetarian/vegan women. I can't 'hit up' random women, because I wouldn't know they dietary habits. But I can clearly specify on my online dating profile that I'm only seeking women who don't eat meat. It reduces my dating people, but at least I don't have to waste time iterating over a lot of women before I get to date a vegetarian/vegan.
  • Wanderingheartbeat
    Interesting and I agree that online relationships don't work; and I'm speaking about friendships too.
    It just isn't the same as being friends with someone face to face and it usually never lasts.
    The online relationships that I do know; however worked when both parties lived near one another or attempted to meet right at the beginning of their talk.
    E. g: okcupid friend met his girlfriend on there and now they have a good relationship.
    E. g: my cousin met her husband in Vegas and kept long distant relationship for 2 years. Now married.
    It works if both parties have actually met in real life.
    If you stall and wait and never meet then chances are it'll never work out.
    I had friends I met online hears ago that I never talk to anymore... lol heck I don't even really talk to friends I moved away from!
  • CoolSky01
    i dont date girls online , just came here to say that they're not good quality
  • zagor
    So where else can you meet single women? I'm way past school, my workplace is 85% male, I live in a 'burb full of families so most single women are 16 or 60...
  • takumii
    1 , 2 agree
    3 nah
    5 you can carry an Ipad/kindle instead.

    I think you are confusing online dating with LDR , Tinder / hotornot are online dating apps.
  • YourMonkeyDoes
    I think you are talking about long distance more than you are talking about online dating.
    • Anonymous

      Isn't it the same?

    • No, I used tinder at first with my ex and later on we had a normal distance relationship

    • It's not the same

  • Anonymous
    A guys chance of a girl showing interest is actually worse online than it is in the real world. Most girls are getting barraged with so many messages every day they don't even bother reading through them all and you become nothing more than a number to them. You honestly do have to be like super model hot to catch the attention of a girl online. Because they literally have their pick of like a 100 different guys every day with all the messages they get from different guys.
  • Anonymous
    Great Take-
  • Anonymous
    Yep, that's all true... sadly.