Why it's Important for Men to Flirt With Lots of Different Women

This will be a short myTake since I don't believe it needs to be strung out more than it should.

I see many questions here from women saying "why can't guys go after just one woman?"

Men have a lower success rate than women

Men in society are supposed to be the ones chasing women. Women tend to have higher standards in the dating world so they choose their partners more carefully. In order for a man to be successful, it's crucial he talks to as many girls as possible so his chances of success are higher.

Women can be flaky and suspicious of men, so if a man does not want to waste time chasing a girl who could be using him for attention, it's a good idea to have backup girls to go after.

Can you really blame men for wanting to make their odds better? A good analogy to this would be if you're a fisherman, and you needed to catch a specific fish, would you throw up only one net, or 10 nets?

Women should not take this so personally and accept this. My advice to any woman who finds a man she likes: Stop playing mind games and let him know you're interested. If you act hot and cold, there's a high chance he's going to text that other girl.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I always do think men (more unsuccessful ones) should approach more women because of the success rates of some. They approach 20 and might get 1 number, they approach 5 and probably get none.
    That being said, constant flirting and a guy who is always seen flirting will turn off most women. They dont want to be just another number, or just the one that said yes after he'd tried so many. It's best to go to all different places and approach different women, not just flirt with all those around in his day to day life. Instead, go to bars, coffee shops, libraries, book stores, cafes etc and approach more women.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think if a guy flirts he might have a chance. She would be the one or someone really nice if she reciprocated.

    But most women will act innocent around a good guy and only be suggestive with a guy who is just a player. It's twisted, paradoxical and self infiction logic.

    I. e. a guy who flirts with all her friends, then she'll fuck him. A guy who sends her sweet texts or is boyfriend material? Yeah act innocent round him.

    Check this out and would appreciate ur thoughts on it: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2046147-is-a-woman-more-likely-to-be-openly-sexual-with-someone-who-isn-t


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What Girls Said 4

  • I still don't like those flirty guys I mean if he's not in a relationship that's fine, but if we're together he better not be hitting up other girls.

  • I know... @akadatank

  • flirty guys are a deal breaker... no thanks

  • But when we do it shit hits the fan.
    We are taught to stay away from flirty types. People like exclusivity. If you say the same compliment to twenty girls and she is there to witness all that, it's no longer special.

    • A guy who flirts with a lot of women is a man-whore.

      A guy who flirts with one woman is an obsessed stalker.

      No way for us to win...

    • @zagor I'm not saying go become a priest. if there is someone you have your eyes on don't ruin your chances by flirting with everyone. Especially if you two have something going on.

What Guys Said 4

  • I understand exactly what your saying but I also feel like a jerk doing so if I am interacting with and flirting with others while pursuing one.

    They don't like it,
    Have been told this and I don't want to hurt my chances with one, while being flirtatious and flaky. So I hold back if going on a date or talking to someone..

  • it is indeed a numbers game. just dont do it in front of other women nobody likes to feel that they are being disrespected.

  • Good take. Like I always say don't hate the player hate the game.

  • if you can do it subtly then you can do this. if you can't then take one woman at a time.