Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile


**Stop Acting So Cringe**

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

Just lmao @ bitter guys who get butthurt after rejection. So much that they need to make themselves look even more butthurt by insulting them.

Hey you're really pretty, let me take you out. You're not like the other girls.. So beautiful!

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

Sorry, I'm not interested.

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

Oh well... you're a whore and an ugly sloot anyways.

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

Didn't he just say I was pretty?

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

**Way to make yourself look even more insecure and socially retarded**

Guys, if a girl rejects you take it like a man. The amount of fucks that you give to a situation like that should be described in integers. It’s their mistake.. Get on to the next 10 chicks that are ready to jump into bed with you.

Stop Thinking With Emotion and Think With Logic

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

Logic checking in here. If a girl rejects you that means she is not attracted to you. Why would you want to spend time and effort on a girl that is not attracted to you and doesn't value you? Do you have no sense of self value at all? If you do this then you pretty much conveying to this girl that you no self respect and you're a weak desperate man because if you weren’t desperate, you would of moved on like it was nothing.

Accepting the Friend Zone Will Turn Her Vag Bone Dry

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

You are prostituting your feelings by accepting her invitation to the friend zone. You should demand respect and hold yourself to a higher level than that.

This girl just told you that she is not sexually attracted to you but responded with- "we can still be friends though..." You submissively agree and say to yourself "Okay, that’s not what I want but I guess I’ll settle and hope she changes her mind.”


Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

That is so WEAK. You’re actually doing yourself a disservice if you submissively agree to the friend zone. I promise you that will dry out her vag very quickly and ruin any chances you have with her. If you get rejected, playing it cool is literally the only possible way she will change her mind in the near future. Don't be her emotional tampon.

Here You Are Again Boyo.

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

Be Straightforward About It

The most powerful negotiating stance in a relationship is the ability to walk away and mean it. This will actually turn her on. If you get friendzoned try this conversation with her...

I really do enjoy my time with you and genuinely like you but I'm not going to be able to see you anymore. I don't want to just be your friend and I feel I'm disrespecting myself by settling to that. I really hope everything works out for you.


Her Reaction...

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile


If you have the balls to say this you just earned major points with her. You just told her that you have value and other options. You told her that you will not settle for anything less than what you want. You let her know that the door is still open if she changes mind yet she knows that it's not the end of the world for you if she doesn't. You just told her that you're a man on a mission and don't bullshit around. You did this in a mature way without being a dick. Bravo...

When you do this you need to follow through. When she hits you back up through text be cool and casual about. If she asks you out then tell you're busy that night and reschedule. She is now working for your time and trying to impress you. Dat dere is a beautiful and empowering feeling boyos.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been initially rejected by a girl and conveyed to her I didn't care only to have her send a text of “Hi” two weeks later. A pretty girl's mind will go crazy if their rejection literally meant nothing to you. 1000 scenarios will run through her mind and that's a good thing because she will be thinking about you. She will be mad... then she will feel insecure... then she will feel mad again... then she will start asking herself questions about you.

Once you start taking rejection with this mindset integrated in your head it will in time become reality. You genuinely will not care anymore after time and time again. I get rejected almost every time I go out lol but I still come home with a girl because I didn't let those other girls bother me anymore.

Stop Acting So Beta With Your Cringe Self Pity

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile

Just Lol... ^

Do you see me on GAG making questions "Why are women so cruel.. should I join MGTOW?" every time I get rejected? Stop digging yourself in a depressive hole by hanging around girls that are not into you. It's much more fun and emotionally healthy to date girls that are really into you. Stop dehumanizing these girls and becoming bitter- everyone has their own taste. Know that often times women will reject you just to test your strength. Women will often have these little shit test for determining how strong a man is. Stop acting so defeated because it's a huge turn off.

I'm telling you the truth when I say it's much more fun to be with a chick that's digs you. Nothing is better than having a girl text you after sex almost begging to get it again after she gets done with her shift at work. Just lmao @ dudes chasing after girls that don't want them. Wake up boyos.

Men, Learn to Take Rejection With a Smile
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  • IamLouise
    Most girls don't outright reject men and say they aren't attracted. They tend to hold men on a string with false hope that she is interested but timing just wasn't right and if he ask her again she will go out with him. So men end up in the friendzone without even realizing it.

    I believe most men if women stated she wasn't attracted to him would cut their loses and find another girl but most girls don't do that because they like the attention and special treatment they get from these men without having to put out any sex.

    Is this still revelant?
    • Boppy

      The last girl I asked out said she wasn't ready for a relationship as she had broken up recently. She then invited me to talk in private online and was very sexual and flirty, but after a few months stopped responding except to mention she forgot about me.

      I should've left that much sooner.

Most Helpful Girl

  • RJGraveyTrain
    And this is why I said you need to keep writing.

    Beauty my friend, beauty. Rejection should be taken as a learning experience if anything, turning around and being a little shit about it only further proves to a gal that rejecting you was the CORRECT decision because you don't have the nerve to handle negative reactions with an ounce of tact and pride.
    Is this still revelant?
    • this comment is another example of why YOU need to keep writing too, girly <3

    • @redeyemindtricks Oh I plan on it my love fear not. I'm planning on actually entering that video contest as a matter of fact, provided all goes well.

    • He says some helpful stuff as a lot of dudes need to chill out when being rejected. But I'm surprised you and other women were fine with him dropping women who friend zone a guy and just want to be friends. I thought a lot of women felt guys and girls can be just friends and don't like how some guys seem to just want the only to do with women is romance or sex and not just a friendship. I think friends is fine in some ways, but yes can be a problem if a dude keeps falling in it. It's probably him being to passive or just needing to work on himself. But I think guys aren't seeing the big picture too if they are ready to just end a friendship a girl wants because she's not attracted to him when he is to her. The biggest think for people getting dates, relationships, sex, etc is meeting new people. There's different ways, but many meet... well through friends. The big picture is opening it up, like networking. If a dude is cool and said girl who just sees him as a friend, but she thinks he'a good dude. She might like introduce one of her cute gfs who is single and may be attracted to said guy.

      Or her meets out with the girl that friendzoned him as girls often come out with their other girl friends. I don't think a guy should be a lap dog and just be there waiting trying to change a girl's mind that isn't interested and wants to be friends. He can do his own thing, but it might be foolish to always through away a friendship or cut it off just because a girl is not interested. He could close off a nice friendship and like I said plenty of possible opportunities from his friendship with said girl. Like I said before, networking.

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  • ElissaDido
  • YourFutureEx
    That rejection counter line was really cool.
    *adds to bucket list*
    • ahah the line about "I don't want to just be your friend and I feel I'm disrespecting myself by settling to that"?

      I mean... that's not even a "line" dude. That's called "telling the truth".

      Revolutionary concept, hm.

    • @redeyemindtricks I liked it but it's so hard to use it. Here, girls don't friendzone that much. Most of the times, they'll reject you and won't talk to you again (unless you try again, then half of them will say "yes" duh) or they'll become "more than friends" and then gradually get official after testing you. Friendzone is a rare case in this conservative country. So, that's why I am so desperate to see what kind of reaction she'll give. I'm not going to use those same sentences, but I know what to say. Sounds fun.

    • Interesting. You should post back with an "update" lol

  • Puppylove94
    Look at you on a roll with your myTakes.

    This one was completely accurate, great advice. I don't know how much of an impact it will have on the guys of gag tho lol everyone's so bitter on here
    • The myTake owner is another pathetic white knight. White knights are not real men.

    • @Careless_Whisper white knight? Lmaooo he def is not

    • lol. w0t?

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  • teawrecks
    Truth. A lot of dudes (and admittedly females too but this is a dude take) need to learn to read situations too.

    Like, I wouldn't have had to deal with HR today if a dude could read a situation. Save me the hassle, and save him the hassle of almost being fired.
    • im actually surprised that guys hit on ugly girls

    • teawrecks

      @naturaldeven4 lmao as if your opinion matters 😂

    • it should because im a guy. And you look overweight too lmao.

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  • fleur-de-lys
    Well, we have to take rejection as much as you do. It goes both ways. Go after the girls who do show some interest, look at you, smile at you, get closer, etc. If you're 5'6", while with a grey beard and the girl is the same height and posted on her dating site that she is looking for a Latino, clean shave who is taller than 5'9", don't go after her. There are many women 5"-5"5 and other options. Everybody has different tastes and interests.
  • ManOnFire
    Funny, I just wrote my own Take about why women are more sensitive to rejection, lol.
  • akadatank44
    Lmao I had one bitter guy on here message me. Told me he knows his girlfriend is ugly like wtf? 😂 like change your self image lift and ask other chicks out if you wanna a better girl lmao
    • lmfaoo. Don't understand these people man

    • Lmao I just saw one guy call you a white night. Same dude I was talking about did the same thing. 😂 he's like you need to come down to real life white night like wtf? Just cuz he can't get tail and we can? 😂

  • JudgmentDay
    The only guaranteed way to avoid rejection is to don't take initiative to ever ask anybody out. Just have the mindset of that you'll never really be friends with any ladies, that they're all pretty much already taken anyway, much less even partners. Don't bother making any more time and effort to chase after any one, and just focus on other more important things with your life.

    Instead be preoccupied by shit tons of other things to do and worry about that you totally forgot that you had been single for more than 30 or 40 years and by then you should have gotten used to being single that you'd probably won't really give a fuck any more as you've already given up long time ago.
    • This sounds depressing as fuck boyo.

    • Depressing? It's all a matter of perception. I think it's not much of a point unless guys absolutely want to marry and be somebody's father or something. Each to their own. Besides everyone and everything eventually will die either way, it's almost like as if nothing really ever mattered other than because that we wanted it to matter. Depressing either way right?

      Anything in life that is meaningful such as the "good" things like sex are only because we think that they are meaningful and want them to be meaningful in the first place.

      For some "not dying a virgin" is their absolute goal in this world and life, well there are always many other ways they can accomplish this and not have to worry about "rejection".

      They can always pay for the sex if they want lol.

      I guess being single just isn't for the non-deep thinking crowd or those that aren't able to think so deep about things. Because if and once you do think real deeply, then it becomes very difficult to NOT be single.

  • ThisDudeHere
    When I broke up with my first girlfriend she asked me, "could we remain friends?"
  • evenlift
    I agree with much of this.

    But, firstly, have the girls applauding this article actually read it? I'm surprised they haven't condemned it as 'misogynistic'.

    Secondly, almost all guys fit into one of two categories. Either rejection doesn't bother them much, or they basically never approach anyway. So, the target audience of this article is rather small.
    • evenlift

      Also, shrugging would be more appropriate than smiling. A failure is a failure, even if it is a rather unimportant one.

  • Phoenix98
    I agree, rejection is part of life and if anything it helps develop thick skin, if a girl rejects you it's not the end of the world I mean there are only billions of them around world, literally everywhere and chances are at least 100-1,000 of them would go out with you or not outright reject you lol.

    And if for some reason being rejected does cause you pain go to the gym and turn that pain and mush ( if you have any ) into muscle.
  • Pacificblue62
    I'll act however I well please during rejection. If I feel the urge to call her a b**** because she is actually being one so be it. Don't care if that makes me a bad guy. Honestly really dont care in general how I look to her.
  • the_rake
    good advice except for friendzone part: more female friends = more opportunities. social networking, etc. you just got to be stoic about the whole thing.
  • Abe90
    lmao i always try so hard to not laugh when guys tell me that they blow off by trash talking to chicks that rejected them. I've met some sour women too but it doesn't compare to men ratio hahaha
    I've been embarrassed after being rejected once, but i just accepted it and moved on.
  • FatherJack
    I could not have put this better , never been in the " Zone " , once simply said to one woman , " OK , enjoy your life !! " & walked off. Years later , she came up to me in the street & remembered me , but I had long since forgotten her , so she looked a bit embarrassed by my seemingly cold reaction , so another incentive for keeping it gracious & non-needy. Semper Fi @FearlessBanana , excellent take , a salute from a former British paratrooper..." NOW GET ON YOUR FACE ! "
  • Maverickj
    "Just get over it!" only works for successful men. Rejections make you stronger, but only if it eventually leads to success.

    *You* try being rejected time and time again, while smiling all the time. You can't.
    • NickMtz123

      Yeah... You know I actully got a joker smile tattoo on my wrist so when im feeling down and depressed I cover my face with it and it reminds me to just move on and fake a smile.. It makes people laugh amd others call it stupid not knowing there's a deeper meaning behind it personally for me. It represents how I go through life smiling even though deep down im faking it cause most people look at me and think im the happiest person in the world lol

  • Daniel3035
    These are all pussy stuff agreed. But guys shouldn't accept being made a fool of either. When your being honest about your feelings to her showing some honesty back isn't a lot to ask for. There's a difference between no and being made a fool of. If a girl responds to me with lies like "I have a boyfriend" when I actually checked if she did yh i'm gonna be pissed off at her.
    It's also ironic because girls don't want to be on that end and well if they were their reaction would be far worse.
  • Goodwifie
    Why am I only just seeing this now?
    Everyone needs to stop being butt hurt after being rejected.
    I had a guy get angry at me because I wouldn't stop and talk to him.
    • or jus not give anyone the option to reject us in the first place and never talk to the opposite sex

    • Goodwifie

      Mate I'm married I wasn't going to stand around chatting with a guy while my husband was at home with our kids.
      Do you think that I was never rejected when I was out in the dating scene?
      Rejection happens.
      Would you stop going to job interviews because you never succeed in getting a job?

    • smartman12

      I did stop for a while going to job interviews because I was rejected too much. The same in dating, a lot of men will give up because so many women only want the best of the best to approach them.

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  • Beaver19
    True however if all you know is rejection it can be disheartening you have to realize that. Not saying I've ever done any of this but you get my point.
  • ginny_weasley
    OMG if I could hug you right now I would. Don't want to brag or anything but the last time l got rejected, I didn't put myself in a depressive hole. I just said, "cool no hard feelings."
    • evenlift

      I keep hearing about these girls who can allegedly handle rejection, but I have yet to see one in real life!

    • @evenlift rejection is a learning experience. I already know not all guys will want to date me and once people realize they aren't everybodies type, it gets easier.

    • flypaper

      "rejection is a learning experience. I already know not all guys will want to date me and once people realize they aren't everybodies type, it gets easier. "

      Exactly, well said!

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  • HereIbe
    I used to refuse to believe that there were "men" who did that shit--then I was allowed to read the correspondence that a few women received on their dating profiles (by the women in question). Oh, my. Well. Okee dokee. Maybe some people shouldn't just do them.
  • Marinepilot
    I always threw it back in their faces. When you tell them you won't settle, invariably it takes control away from them. Women hate that.
  • buttcrackjoe
    So true on friend zone, you are below the value of cow shit at this point she doesn't really want to be your friend she says that to not be a total bitch.
  • soschris
    Anyone who thinks expressing your feelings openly and getting a flat rejection in response is easy to take should try being on the receiving end sometime.
  • Nik1hil
    We are hunter if you target a women!.. Its gonna be a long chase.. If you target a group!.. In beginning of chase you will easily spot the desperate weak one the easy target!.. That is how lions cheetah and jaguars hunt!.. Most guys don't even know how to hunt!..
    And it's not like that if today the girl you like isn't open nothing wrong with that!.. If your dream Is not achievable today!.. You better give chance to the girl, whose dream is you!.. Make it special!..
    👆above terms and conditions don't apply to👆 real gentlemen and lovers who will only chase one women and will like to win her love everyday, this is just a way to get more laid
  • EllieLexis513
    ... will you marry me?
  • Avicenna
    Getting turned down is not the end of the world and is often not even about the guy in the first place.
  • zagor
    Yeah, I never understood guys who get all bent over a simple rejection. She isn't obligated to fuck you. Ten minutes later I don't remember what she looked like.
    • smartman12

      I get angry at receiving consistent rejection from women.

    • zagor

      @smartman12 Maybe you need to reconsider who and how you're approaching.

  • Liam_Hayden
    I don't care about rejections, only hits. If I get rejected 90 times and get ten hits, I consider than better than the guy who gets hits 2/3 of the time but who only tries thrice.
  • Lance1965
    Rejections have made me stronger and helped me to develop a "don't give a shit" kind of attitude but it took many years and countless rejections to get to this point.

    Great Mytake.
  • MrAssHat
    damn why didn't i see this before.. anyhow spot on mate
  • MaLifeBeLikeOooAaah
    Exactly, get rejected accept it, smile and walk away lol. Simple as that
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    Friendzone me? That's fine. I'll just fuck your friend and give her the most awesome sex you could've had. Your loss.
  • Evil_Chuck
    I don't complain to others about the disappointments in my life, but I don't smile much either. I'm too busy thinking to plaster a lot of fake expressions on my face for other peoples' benefit.
  • TheSpartan
    Obvious tips that should be obvious to everyone, but aren't. Nice take, man.

    If there is one thing I could add: never be friends with a woman that rejected you. That makes you a slave.
  • 666threesixes666
    bro, im gonna freak out on her, pump iron, and fight her next dude. #MERICA
  • timbergag
    When I get turned down, I usually just say "thanks for letting me know. take what I said as a compliment."
  • hotstuffSRD
    😂😂😂 love this take bro
    Cause I do exactly the same after I get rejected and the things happens to me after that are awesome 😜 LOL
  • Polocrew
    Dang nice guys, bak at it again with neber getting laid baha
    • You should ask one of these nice guys to lend you a dictionary.

    • Polocrew

      @EllieLexis513 I don't know bout em but u sure asking for a wedgie up till ur face

  • stormbreaker06
    Rejection is good because it's best at the beginning than to be rejected in the middle of the relationship or during marriage.

  • Syrian_survivor
    I feel like this is obvious shit but sadly most guys don't know about it 😂

    Very well-written, I love this 😍👍
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    Fucking amen. The only thing I'd add is that if a guy isn't used to *real* rejection (ie: he's actively meeting women and playing the "numbers game"), then those initial rejections may hurt in the same way physical pain does (neuroscientists have proved this). So he needs to develop a healthy sense of loss adjustment and develop a tolerance to rejection... so that he ultimately can process it in the healthier way you describe. (Although loss adjustment implies he's "lost" something, which isn't really the case at all, as she was never "his" to begin with... but I digress). Good take.
  • tyber1
    I came to this wanting to hate it but I kinda agree.
  • mystintri
    Adding to your ending...
    ... when there are 100% many other girls who do want you and your deliciousness :)
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Or be me play it off cool and make sex jokes in the next days class to make the broad feel redcheeked AF. #worthit
  • Giggletr0n
    So your saying employ logic and not emotion? Sounds pretty normal to me.
  • wagonssupy86
    I wholeheartedly and completely agree with you, just for experiencing this and doing as you described. Way to go man!
  • MoscowMitch
    All good points. Girls are actually doing you a favour by rejecting you. You couldn't deal with them anyway.
  • BigJake
    If you take rejection with a smile, you have no self-respect. Nobody should melt down over a rejection, but that doesn't mean it's good to smile about it like some Asian who's trying to "save face." That's like the door-to-door salesmen who go around begging people to buy some junk nobody wants. They'll also tell you you have to learn to take rejection with a smile. Those people have so little self-respect that they're willing to make themselves look like fools and don't care that they put themselves in a position to be constantly humiliated and run out of people's neighborhoods.
    • Its advice like this that is so goddam passive aggressive in nature that it actually causes the writer to grow a vag gain 20 lbs and question their attraction to their cousin who is a Male slut I mean thanks for really being there for the men actually beat you punk ass the men dont need a bitch like you around throwing in your 2 cents just to what get a sympathy lay

    • BigJake

      @valentine74 If you're actually 45 years old, I feel sorry for you. You should be mature enough by now that you don't melt down over other people's opinions on the internet.

    • Utah I see your point it's not very cool when I allow words to salt the wounds I get it but still did you see any of the point I was attempting