10 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

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10 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

1. Be Yourself

If you've lied about your interests, your religion, your political views, your love of a sports team you hate, and your regrettable drunken marriage in Vegas...and the guy you're trying to start a relationship falls for "that person," you're screwed because that's not you and you're a liar and you're going to have to do a lot of back pedaling or additional lying. Just be who you are, like what you like, and hopefully the guy will fall for that person who isn't a big fake liar.

2. Stop Obsessing Over Your Body

If any of us has to hear how self conscious you are about your left pinky finger or how you're on a salad cleanse again, we're all going to puke. No one cares! I'll repeat that: no...one...cares. You are hypocritical of yourself because you see you everyday in the mirror and you think everyone else sees the same 'flaws' you see, so you think pointing them out on a loop is going to be helpful, but it just screams to guys that you are an insecure self-loathing basket case. If you must obsess, obsess to your girlfriends...and even then...sheesh.

10 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

3. Be Open

If you are totally closed off, respond to every innocent offer to buy you a drink or to dance with attitude and eye rolls, no one is going to want to be with you because you are your own cock block. Just because you hit the dance floor for one dance doesn't mean you have to marry the guy. Just have fun and if it works it works, and if it doesn't, it doesn't, but you'll never know if your first response is to just ignore any and all guys who are trying to get to know you.

4. Have Thoughts In Your Head

I like staring competitions as much as the next person, but not when it comes to going on a date. The same applies for men. If someone is lobbing you a bunch of softball topics and you have nothing to say or one word answers, its hard to get to know you and what you're interests are. Say something...anything...please...it's getting so awkward!

10 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

5. Be a 21st Century Woman

Most men no longer barter for a wife, ok. You should be making your own money and doing your own thing, and have a world that exists beyond wanting to date. Being that super clingy obsessive stalker type of a woman is creepy and sad. Having the wedding books displayed on the coffee table on the first date is..a lot. Demanding things of men in order to date you, will drive pretty much all of them away.

6. Relax

Having a sense of humor about things can go along way. Bursting into tears at dinner because your drink got spilled on your dress or he's five minutes late and you have a full on melt down about time management is a bit much. What can I say, shizz happens, and rolling with the punches and just being able to laugh at the fact that you just tripped going up the stairs, really goes a long way in the "she's a cool chick" vibe.

10 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

7. Know what you want

You want to see a particular movie, you like a certain food, you don't like going to a certain place. Say so. Stop being the ditz who's always like, I don't know, whatever you want. It's exhausting. It really is. Having to plan every single date and every single thing for someone else who can't seem to figure out what they like is taxing on anybody. That goes for life too. Having dreams and goals of what you want to do in your future is exciting to someone. It makes them want to come along for the ride to see where you're going especially if you are really passionate about it.

8. Care About Yourself

I know this can get a bit touchy for some people, so I'll try and tread lightly. Never mind. F--king take care of yourself. Exercise, eat right, don't smoke, avoid drugs and heavy drinking, ditch the slovenly behaviors, and put some kind of effort into your grooming and beauty routine. You shouldn't even want to do that, "for a guy," you should want to do that for you whether you have a guy or not because generally when one is happy, they take care of themselves.

On the flip side, you can't expect some guy to look good for you, and then have his expectations be less than. Yes, there are guys who like a natural woman with no make-up on, but that doesn't mean they don't care that she hasn't brushed, washed, or shaved, or ever climbed a set of stairs in a while. Not the same thing. Not giving a crap about yourself is completely unattractive. It wreaks of depression, of sadness, of someone who isn't going to do well in a relationship where there is another human being that has to see and smell you.

10 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

9. Narrow mindedness need not apply

As per number 4, you've got those good thoughts in your head...fantastic, but so do other people. If you start a conversation and refuse to let any thoughts but your own be heard or be right, it's super unattractive. Even if you seriously disagree with a guy about something that is not rooted in actual fact, but opinion based, then disagree, but don't then turn it into World War III at every turn. That's not fun for anybody, including you.

Be open to discuss and allow other thoughts into your world. If you're too busy being the defender of always being right, you're going to really miss out on how wrong you really are. This also applies to people in general too. Flaunting what your ego feels is your superior intelligence, your huge bank roll, your level 10 attractiveness, or your too good for anybody or anything attitude doesn't really inspire someone to stick around and generally nor does an apparent hatred of a certain or certain groups of people.

10. Be One Confident Mo-Fo

This list isn't some magic recipe that will guarantee you sheer happiness, but it certainly helps to be the person you, yourself, would like to attract. Numbers 1 through 9 lead you to number ten. When you're taking care of yourself, and being open to the world, and having thoughts in your head, and know what you want, and being relaxed, not being closed off, and not obsessing, and being yourself, it should help you to become that confident woman who is attractive to the men you want to attract. We like to claim that we are so different from men when it comes to dating, but at the heart of it, we want mostly the same things from men, that are on this list.

10 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You
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  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    Great take, this could've been written by a man! Although as you point out, many of these are universally applicable. The point about being open is one of the first things I look for in a woman. I don't need some uptight, close-minded dating nazi who's only turned up on a date to confirm her shitty beliefs about how "there's no good men out there".

    Of course there's always gonna be a short-term advantage to "just be young and good-looking", since that can turn men's heads in a millisecond, and kind of predisposes us to favour those women and imagine them as having good character also (see "halo effect", well documented phenomenon). But the more character-based traits that you brought up here... are what will make the difference between two equally good-looking girls, where one has these traits, and the other doesn't. Actually, I'd wager that a lot of men would take a girl who's a "6" in looks and a "9" in character over a girl who's say, a "9" in looks but only a "3" in character. (I know, I know, you can't rank beauty, but this is the male psyche in action, so I present it without distortion for your consideration)
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    • 100% wemon never do theas, everyone iv been with has deciever me to get my hand. Time shows true colours.

  • doetrioux
    I think this could also be 10 ways to get a girl to like you
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    • BeeNee

      i did say as much in my number 10

Most Helpful Girl

  • LoveJones1
    I totally agree with numbers 2 and 10. Why, I agree with #2 is because I've always had problems with my weight and body size so I sometimes think that guys dont like me or wouldn't approach me because of my weight or size. And I agree with #10 most importantly because I get tons of advice stating that guys think that its cool, sexy, brave for a woman who has confidence to approach them. So thata why I agree with those two numbers the most but this doesn't mean that I dont think the others are true cause they are.
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    • BeeNee

      There is this idea that there is only 'the one' body type and if you aren't that, oh you can't possibly find love or happiness or someone who likes you for you, and not your specific body type, but if we actually look around at the reality of our world and not just a tv show or what someone tries to convince you is true, you see people all the time who look totally different, who are totally different from one another in other ways, that fall in love. You don't need 100 guys to love you, just the one that actually will matter because they like you, the real you. Speech over!

    • LoveJones1

      Soooo true the way you put it!!! thanks a lot that really helped!

    • Mr_Mystery

      shouldn't you like back that person as well, what is the point in finding a guy that loves you if you dont love him. The more guys like you the higher chance that some of them you find attractive, statisticaly speaking.

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  • btbc92
    I agree with a lot of things. Except for how #5 is being used. When I hear '21st Century', that translates as = do what everybody else is doing. When I speak about things that I don't agree with in society or the norms its = This isn't the 50's / This is the 21st Century. Quite the contrary what people believe, this all wouldn't apply if your trying to attract ONE kind of guy. Successful relationships starts when somebody is only pursuing ONE person, and ONE person only. I would never pursue a guy who doesn't look like he would be interested in me, especially when he's haggling tons of girls. Another thing is that my goal if I ever make a decision to date, is to find a marriage partner. A suitable one. Not somebody you just pick up off the streets or a bar! This is how I see it for people to ask an concern about:

    1. Don't waste time on fantasy of what could be or could have been. Not even cover up things you see as a turn off for you.
    2. Be VERY clear about what makes you uncomfortable! If you don't like to be touched, address that. Do not be afraid to open your mouth, especially if they cross the line. Overall just have fun and enjoy yourselves. Don't be nasty towards them. Be civil and calm in a respectful manner.
    3. Always set BOUNDARIES! Again, that includes kisses, touching, etc. If somebody does something that you do not want them to do with you, speak up. If you allow it, your responsible for it. It's harassment if's unwanted! And therefore you can't get upset if you didn't like it later. Just because s. o likes you, doesn't give them a right to touch you. It's harassment if it's unwanted! Say something. Because the moment you fake that around them, they'll sense that, or get the wrong impression, and then its over.
    4. When you plan to become official. Be clear about your sexual belief's! This is extremely important!!! I can't say how many times I've come across girls or guys having issues on this topic @ Yahoo Answers! Make up your minds right now what you expect from this relationship or end it. If you don't want any form of sexual activity, speak now. If he/she is into porn, speak now. What you would/wouldn't feel comfortable about sex, speak now! Do NOT wait weeks, months into an OFFICIAL relationship after a person has said no the first time, refuse to do something, but you went along with it anyway because your figure you could : Change their mind about it. Forget it. You ask me after I said no the very first time. It's over that same day.
    • btbc92

      And people, once again. Please don't take offense to this. We need to accept the reality that we can never force a person to change, or force them to do whatever you want them to. They have to be willing and accepting of their own accord. Or bend the rules just a little if they really like you, not so much of love. If you have morals and values you belief in, stick to them. Nobody should ever have to compromise what another person believes. I can not force a dating partner to go by my terms if he doesn't want to. This is why I would make it clear then, not now. But I will not tolerate the fact that I lay it all out for him to decide either to be official or find someone else if he doesn't like my standards. But sticks with me regardless because he THINKS his going to change my mind into sex, or get me into other things. Or cheat sexually because he doesn't like it. He attempts even ONCE thinking this, he's done that very minute. Don't like it? Take it down the block.

    • btbc92

      I'm happy and can survive being by myself. Done it for almost 25 years of my whole life. If I date you, It's because I want to share my happiness and life with you. Not play games. I gave you plenty of options the very first time I've spoke it. You said yes. If you didn't like it, why waste my time for days, weeks, months? I have to be really stupid to actually let you play me out for MONTHS. Therefore people again. Set the rules and what you want BEFORE becoming official. You are not doing yourself a favor by trying to keep a person interested if they never were. Your just asking for heartbreak and disappointment. Overall. Love this MyTake, agree with majority of it. And hopefully people can be more honest and fight for what they want and need in a relationship. Best Regards and take it easy. And most importantly, if it doesn't feel right, you don't have to rush into something you don't know about. Always use wisdom. :)

  • brain5000
    This is so excellent, but I have to wonder if you couldn't have written it about everyone. Wouldn't these qualities help make men attractive to women also? Not complaining, this is an excellent Take, thanks!! :)
    • BeeNee

      Thanks. I implied as much in my number 10.

  • martyfellow
    I'd advise playing down the confidence part, since for most, that violates your first principle: be yourself! Fake confidence comes across as power tripping or just as being fake!
    • BeeNee

      There is a vast difference between confidence and arrogance, and as noted, your confidence "should" come from doing the things on the list, and knowing who you are, and being who you are, not just slapping on an air of confidence from seemingly no where.

  • LoloWaye
    Acting myself has certainly caused more guys to run from me than attract any. 😂😢 But this was great, I loved it.
    • BeeNee

      Well, thank you. I know it sounds corny telling everyone to keep being yourself, but it's so true because if you find the one, it's going to be the one who likes all of your crazy, and all of your weird, and doesn't mind your habits, or your laugh or whatever. Most people don't believe it until it happens.

  • Waterdragon1867
    Absolute rubbish you can't make someone like you all you can do is be honest and let them know you are interested ----- does that mean if guys do those things we can make the lady we like feel the same way?
    • Are we next going to get magic spells? Either you like someone romantically or not there is no formula we are talking about feelings not a script

    • BeeNee

      LOL, I'm glad you agree with me because as I stated in number ten... quoting myself here: "This list isn't some magic recipe that will guarantee you sheer happiness, but it certainly helps to be the person you, yourself, would like to attract." And again, quoting myself here in number 10: "We like to claim that we are so different from men when it comes to dating, but at the heart of it, we want mostly the same things from men, that are on this list." Thanks for reading my take.

  • Dim_121
    Add forget about how good you are at something. If he wants to play something with you he won't care how bad you are at the game or sport. He will have fun just playing with you.
  • MannySimms
    Nice job and makes sense. Other things are important too!

    Good hygiene.
    mutual respect.
    Doing things you both enjoy. This will lead to...
    Well; you know.10 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You
  • FatherJack
    3. Be Open. Most people , but slightly more women , are constantly plugged into their smartphones. I've noticed a lot of younger women give off a bit of a hostile vibe too , always seem to glare & scowl. It is still very easy for a woman to get a man , the reverse is much harder.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    11. Have big titties or look like this:
  • YourFutureEx
    I was expecting some stupid tricks but I am surprised. Nice :)
  • IceCubedude
    I will be brutally honest, if your looks catch his eyes most of the time they rest is easy, just be normal and nice to him and show him you like him nothing more nothing less.

    men unlike women when they see a woman they categorise her " she's for sex", " she's for marriage", "she's just a friend nothing more" ... so its uncommon to start loving a woman that we never had an interest in , most of the time we think she's attractive but dont attempt anything and our love for her grows, i avoid this by being direct about my intentions , if i want her i will let her know if i dont nothing can make me want her.

    now, looking and smelling good and clean is almost always favored by men.
  • joseyyywhales
    I have a shorter list

    1. Cook
    2. Clean
    3. Give blowjobs

    There, you're welcome
  • Luminifera
    instructions unclear, am all of those things and don't have a line of guys wanting me...

    ... is it because I look like I'm 13
    • BeeNee

      Re-read number 10, and I don't really mention looks because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You don't need a line of guys, you just need the one who really sees you for all of this and for you being who you are whether you look 13 or 30.

    • Luminifera

      ehehe I know. I'm just kidding. thank you <3 you're very nice, and this is a really good mytake! I wish things on this list were as obvious to everyone as they are to me.

    • BeeNee

      Well thank you, and best of luck to you on your search.

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  • Jennifer_32
    All of this is wrong. What you do is don't take a shower in weeks. Allow you natural stinky to flood the room the guy is in because it'll contain your sex pheromones thus attracting the male.

    Thank me later ladies.
  • jems2112
    Show some interest, ambition, and go for what you want rather than waiting around for the guy to do everything.
  • Pacificblue62
    Ways for a girl to get a guy to like them. Talk. Be Friendly. Somewhat Attractive and nothing else. Ways for a guy to get a girl to like them. Be the ultimate catch or pray for a miracle.
  • Luvme66
    great take... would work on every 9/10 guys... as always there are exceptions!
  • Gedaria
    Great I like it. For me in your place is to ditch the rose colored glasses. Like he comes across as a great guy but is wife beater, drastic I know but some are good at this...
  • shimmeryns
    I'm suprised this was posted over a year ago and featured today on g@g!
  • LaVillaStrangiato
    For every couple of texts or DMs he sends, you need to initiate at least one convo.
  • ManOnFire
    Nice Take. I just hope girls won't be too proud to hear it.
  • OrangeBoy
    11 - Be curious, adventurous, lie space, care about people, and dream about changing the world. Then we can marry, lol.
    • Luminifera

      dang it you're a bit too old for me

    • OrangeBoy

      @Luminifera Aaaa... i almost had a girlfriend... : ( It's still not this year Orange...

    • Luminifera

      hehe don't worry. also we probably live very far apart, so it wasn't gonna happen anyway

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  • Grobmate
    Great mytake! Much wisdom here.

    11. If you've been hurt in the past... so has he.. Everyone has. Don't paint him with the faults of those before him or have preconceptions from the sins of those before him.

    12. If you're strong and independent that doesn't mean you "don't need a man". If you openly tell him you are "strong and independent", this is a message that you don't need him and that you could never place any dependence in him, (which is a male need). We need to feel needed and that we can provide and protect you. Men are still cavemen in a sense. This doesn't mean they are against equality or that they will treat you as less than them.

  • NickMtz123
    I feel like this shouldn't be 10 things on how to attract a man but 10 things you should do on the regular simply because most these are common sense and help in a sense of mental health
    • BeeNee

      It's that too, but how many ignore most of the list even though it's common sense. I wager a lot of people.

  • JohnDoe3000
    2, 3, 4 and 9 are spot on, especially 4 and 9 in my personal experience.
  • lifeisbeautifulxoxo
    It's sex , sex and more sex. Well in my experience anyway. I've found that as I'm more flirty and sexual with guys I get him easily.
  • MusicLover8098
    Well done. This hopeless romantic approves!
    • BeeNee


    • You're very welcome! It's so hard these days to find someone with a positive thing to say about love. When I read stuff like this, it gives me the resolve to keep my dream alive: finding true love

    • BeeNee

      Granted you are young and perhaps have not been so screwed over by love the way some people older than you have, but even at 33, I still feel that level of optimism about love. I don't think I want to be the type of person to ever give up on trying to find it. I think when you accept that the world is just all full of horrible people who want to destroy your heart, you become so bitter and ugly that you aren't' even open to the possibilities of finding love around you that may be right in your face. I really wish you all the best on your quest! Don't ever give up.

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  • Unit1
    Beautiful take! I enjoyed it! :)

    Also never be shallow to attempt the first move.
    Good read!
  • Liam_Hayden
    This is the best take I have read in over a month. Bravo!
  • chc0009
    I need 10 ways to get a girl to like me, they're nigh impossible to impress.
    • Silver158

      stop trying to impress them and find a girl that impresses you

    • chc0009

      @Silver158 been there done that and it's too damn difficult.

  • matt1209
    I think number 2 is a big one for some ladies. Number 10 can go for both sexes
  • lisamiller01

    Men are different creatures. Women never understands this. This is the basic problem in most relationships. It’s not their fault. They’re just following common wisdom. Common wisdom says that men only fall for exceptional women. (Exceptional bodies, mainly.) If you see a woman with a man trailing behind her like a puppy dog, common wisdom says you can be sure she has something you don’t. It’s dead wrong. When a man feels like a hero in a woman’s eyes, he swears his undying loyalty to her. I have compiled a journal about this in my blog
    • LoU_Hades

      Creatures? hahaha...
      Men and women aren't so different, maybe those who think the world is only a place where you eat or you will be eaten. But those people don't arouse any deeper interest by the one or another sex.

    • Bollocks exceptional personalities in this day and age or just a person we like fuck exceptional body's I couldn't give less of a crap about a body within reason of course if she's obese then that's not my thing but she don't need an attractive body just an attractive personality

  • 99percentangel
    Nice take.
  • DarkHumorRUs
    1) Be attractive
    2) Don't be unattractive
    • Attractiveness has different definitions

    • @CupcakeQueen2000 if by that you mean "there are different definitions of the word attractive" then no, there aren't.
      But if you mean different people find different people attractive--well, no, to an extent. There are plenty of people who are universally attractive. Everyone who sees them recognizes that they're good looking.

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  • gaaxure
    Sounds like a load of crap to me...
  • Boomboomboom78
    Wow guidebook on how to be a cocky bitch
  • ItsTheNephilim
    11. Be hot lol.
  • Scrambledagain
    Putting out will trump all 10 of those 😂😂
  • LifeEqualsLove
    Love number 8
  • Daniel3035
    Number fucking 11 get up and fucking approach him.
    • That’s why a lot of men are alone now... waiting for a woman to approach.

    • Daniel3035

      @AuroraRoseat Yup and we're going to keep on waiting until you girls do something.

  • MsShyasf
    What I need
  • Panay
    Yep, this covers most of it
  • daddy1995

    Show him some attention from you
  • Silver158
    1 - have boobs

    that's it really
  • Anonymous
    This is a very nice and realistic take actually!
  • Anonymous
    And don't sleep around
  • Anonymous
    stop obsessing over this question. (and article). don't be a knob. attempt to keep healthy. don't be afraid to learn. if someone says 'no', don't be a tw@t about it. this article is all "girls advice to girls", which we know is always useful and never wrong. sorry what's the girls advice to a guy? "get over it"
  • Anonymous
    Very good take. There should be a #9 "NEVER say you are feminist". That's a deal breaker for me. I have met naturally confident, ambitious woman who don't act they are "special". You earn a guy's respect by not asking for it.
  • Anonymous
    I love the list. I do literally all of this naturally except #3. I have to really work on that. I wouldn't refuse to dance with a guy (because I'm there to dance & have fun anyways) but other nice things guys have offered to do for me in exchange for a date, my number, or a chance to get to know me better, usually ends in a "I'm sorry but I can't." I mean, part of my reason for being so closed off is because of being badly hurt in the past but shutting every guy out is not the way to heal & move forward. I'll get there (sigh). Thanks for this list. I so needed to see this. :)

  • Anonymous
    Be yourself?
    But what if guys don't like myself?