GaG User Video: Should Men Always Pay on the First Date?


Here in this Take - and my video below - I will be discussing what I and others think about the debate of men having to pay the bill on a first date with a woman.

I think that just as long as both of them are okay with how the bill should be paid, okay then it should be no problem; to me I think they should just split the bill. Here in my video, you will see me going up to random strangers I didn't know at all with a video camera and asking them whether they thought the men should pay the bill on a first date.

I got some pretty interesting responses at bars and in public out in the streets!

GaG User Video: Should Men Always Pay on the First Date?

I think maybe if they don't there is not much of a commitment there is what one of the ladies said


I hope you enjoyed this mytake of mine.


GaG User Video: Should Men Always Pay on the First Date?
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  • the_rake
    you basically failed at blurring that guys face. but good job overall.

    As for the question you asked, there's no way men should have to pay. Women are supposed to enjoy the man's time as much as the man enjoys their's. That's the whole point: you can't PAY somebody to share an experience that's meant to be mutually beneficial. The whole, "if the man asked the woman out, he should pay" dogma is bull: either you want to go on a date and share valued time with somebody or you don't. It becomes even worse when the man's expected to pay for the date to get sex: these guys are stuck in the 1950s.
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    • blondfrog

      Yeah I agree with you too. And yeah lol I know but I got better at bluring his face near the end :D.

    • the_rake

      " I got better at bluring his face near the end"

      too late, lol. what programme did you use?

    • blondfrog

      Just youtube blur lol. Do you know any better programns?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Puppylove94
    I think it depends on who asks who out. I personally would never ask a guy out, i wait until he asks me on a date. Therefore guys have always paid on my first dates. It's also very attractive knowing somebody is able to take care of you-- I'm a very independent person and it's nice to give the guy the upper hand... Let go of that control a bit
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  • ElissaDido
    Yes I know it's different in the West but if I date a guy from my area and he doesn't even ask to pay then he's a cheap ass.
    Nice video:))
    • Slikmix

      So are you for expecting him to pay.

    • blondfrog

      Lol your gonna get a lot of hate for that comment.

    • GrapeJuice

      Cheap ass? Lol. W

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  • Bandit74
    Nice job dude. I commend you for being the first one with the guts to actually make a video 🖒

    Anyways, I hated how they all said yes.

    "I think maybe if they don't there is not much of a commitment there"

    How come that doesn't apply to them? Why is it the man has to prove his commitment by paying for date while they don't =.=
    • blondfrog

      I do live in a somewhat hick town too lol like more conservative state so that's probably a factor like environment and age? The one woman at the very end said it depends who asked who out on the date.

  • DaniaMQ
    I personally think that as long as they agree it doesn't matter. They shouldn't fight coz of that after all XD its nicer if the guy pays, it just how its been for ages, but there's nothing wrong if the girl wants to pay or if they want to divide it between them. Who cares as long as they agree?
    • blondfrog

      Yeah I think its a stupid rule money shouldn't measure love right?

    • DaniaMQ

      Absolutely right. 👍

  • Yes, men should pay. Women have to spend tons of time, money, and energy on looking good to appease men's "visual" senses; it's only fair that men spend money on women's gustatory senses.
    • blondfrog

      Not all women wear make up some are naturally attractive what is your argument towards that?

    • ForScience

      What? The only people who hold women to such a standard, is other women. I can almost guarantee that almost every guy would prefer you to wear a ponytail, sweats, and a tanktop.

    • @ForScience studies show the opposite "Male judges were less favorable when the women were cosmetics free; female judges were not differentially affected."

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  • BelleGirl21
    I'm old fashioned so yes I think the man should pay. Bring on the downvotes.
    • blondfrog

      Just the first date or all of them?

    • Just the first.

    • blondfrog

      Is it because you think the man wouldn't value as much if didn't pay on the first date?

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  • Xseed
    dating is a dance, it requires both to be on their feet. paying for the first date is pretty simple i think. its just the start. i dont really put too much attention into it. but for the sake of the argument. Men should pay, yes. however, women should ask to pay as well. someone said that men paying first shows his commitment to her. not really true. a guy who has a lot of money could take out 5 different girls in a week with change out of his pocket. does that mean he's committed to all those women? no, paying doesn't mean more commitment. besides, no woman would want to see a large level of commitment on the first date anyway.
    dont measure a guy by his ability to pay for stuff. while i believe men should pay, dont EXPECT that of him all the time. someone also said that women spend a lot of money already to make themselves presentable to men. but makeup and fitness stuff that she spends money on, is for herself to look good for "men" and to look good in general. So she may already spend money to look good but its not for just that one guy, its for everyone that looks at her. including herself. That poor college guy who only had enough money for just one date decides to spend it on ONE girl. see the difference? you may say, "well if he's broke then he shouldn't be taking girls out." good point. then how else will he have any meaningful relationship? must be 5 years later when he's out of college and has a good job with money but no time to take women out.
    my point is, yes the guy should pay for the first date. but women should also appreciate this gesture a lot more because you dont know if he just spent his entire week of food money for you because he likes you.
  • raspberry0416
    The thing is, if the guy doesn't pay I would tend to think he's not really interested in me, or he doesn't have his financial shit together, or what not. It doesn't look good. Unless you're willing to take that risk or have a conversation about gender equality on the first date, it's safer to pay. Or at least offer to pay and see if she declines. And no this isn't "fair" to men but it's how it is.
    • blondfrog

      You could say the same about a woman.

  • desidoll
    Interesting :)

    Different culture, different view. Here men will always pay for the first few dates. If he doesn't, he'll able to get a girl to be with him, but I'd say not a girl that he really finds attractive. I'm very traditional so I guess I live at the right place, right country :)
  • LaVilaine
    Is it weird that I can't really understand what anyone is saying, despite knowing that they're speaking in very clear English?
    • blondfrog

      Is English your 1st language?

    • LaVilaine

      It is, strangely enough. Either that one guy was drunk and slurring or the sound quality isn't good.

    • blondfrog

      The first guy was lol the others weren't its probably their accent.

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  • LouisvilleGirl826
    I think it would be nice if he at least offered to pay; if he insists on it then I'd insist on paying the next time and we could work out an alternating system; He picks the movie, I'll pay for it, I pick the restaurant, he pays for the dinner. I'd feel bad making him pay for everything, I don't like feeling like I'm taking advantage
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Well done - That might start the ball rolling on the contest - Someone had to metaphorically break the ice.
  • RainbowFanGirl
    I bet this will be the only entry. It looks like nobody else is entering.
    • blondfrog

      I think that rgravey train girl is entering and dangersdodge guy.

  • YourFutureEx
    Good. Could have blurred the face better. He was the greatest contributor.
    • blondfrog

      He was really nice to me he even bought me a drink I nicely declined and thanked him, but he insisted again so I gave in.

    • Yeah he seems a cool guy.

  • Relentless_Hippie
    Amazing video, I absolutely adore you for submitted your take! I hope it inspires others to do the same, this is so exciting!

    As for the question, if it's the very first date with a complete stranger then it'd be weird for me. I would probably get his number first speak to him for a few days to get a feel of what he's like and then perhaps go on some fairly simple and cheap/free dates to begin with.

    If it's a guy who is asking me out then sure he could pay, but I also don't mind paying for my own stuff or splitting the date if we're doing several things in one day. My boyfriend and I tend to split bills all the times, usually when he covers everything is when he wants to treat me and vice versa but if it's a mutual thing then both people should.
    • blondfrog

      Haha thanks! I would have put myself on film but I didn't have any cameraman with me or friend who would. But yeah I think that if you do let someone pay for you for whatever it maybe you should at least return the favor later besides just with sex lol.

    • Oh, well for me personally I don't have sex haha so I'd just return the kindess with paying for my own stuff or getting them gifts or something. xD

    • blondfrog

      Lol good to know :D

  • SovereignessofVamps
    You are fucking awesome dude. I <3 your posts so much! And your vid. I hope you win.
  • GrapeJuice
    Men are expected to pay for the prostitutes service.
  • Phoenix98
    I can't speak for others but I was raised traditionally and properly so I find it right to pay.
    • blondfrog

      What would you think if she dumped you after your first date you payed for?

  • Fearless_banana
    I might just do this on my campus lol how long do we have?
    • blondfrog

      17th lol I was going to but that day my school was closed.

  • godfatherfan
    The one who asks for the date should pay. That being said, even if the woman asked me out, I would still feel that the man should pay for the first date. I do believe that each should take turns after that. If the man has the money to pay each time, then I would rather that happen. Unfortunately, I don't. I am not even dating currently because I don't have the money to date. And the truth is that the man usually gets stuck with the first few dates. Women are lucky in that they can just date for free. So I just don't have the $150-$300 that it takes to get past the first few dates until she is comfortable just hanging out at each others house instead of going out.
    • Ok $150 - $300seems like a lot for a date to me. Is she ordering lobster and champagne every time or something?

    • Totally agree

    • I didn't say $150-$300 a date. I said it takes several dates to get to the point of being able to mostly just hang out at each others houses. The woman needs to know the guy well enough first and wants to meet and go out somewhere public the first few times. Those "first few times" will easily add up to that much. Just 1 dinner for 2 is going to run you $30 to $50 depending on where you go. a movie is $20-$22 just for tickets. Add another $20 if your getting pop and popcorn.
      The cheapest date I have ever had was the last one I went on. Tough I don't consider that first meeting a date until there is a 2nd date. I met her for drinks. It came to $13 plus I left $5 tip since we took up a table for 3 hours. But the restaurant was almost empty the whole time so I didn't feel too bad. If I go to a busy restaurant, I will leave a larger tip.

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  • devilish-cutie
    why we need the rule? why not pay whoever wants to pay?
  • AlphaMale1
    The first meeting is not really a date. It is to see if there is a shared interest to spend more time together.

    On my online dating profiles I include in the part of what a first date should be that it is dutch. We each pay for what we ordered. The main reason is I had a woman tell me a few years ago that see sees dating as free food. I am serious. That is about as selfish as it gets!

    If she really can't afford to spend money on a light lunch to talk over then there are ways to have an initial meeting that does not take money.

    If I am considered a cheap bastard because of this then we would most likely never get along and it is best we spent the time on an initial meeting with someone who does not revolve around the love of money.
  • DandelionGirl
    I dont expect a man to pay for my meal or my coffee on the first date, so I dont mind paying for him and myself. But in the past, guys were quicker than me to pay for my meal.

    So it really depends on the person you're out with. Today people dont want guys to pay because its a new generation, new rules and new standards and everyone can fend for themselves.

    So in my opinion, men should pay for the first date just to be chivalrous. But the woman can also chip in. But that won't always be the case. You will always have that question and wonder whether men or women should pay.

    Good myTake :-)
  • xHoneyxBeex
    This is awesome! You got a fairly good variety of opinions there. Great job! :)
  • Chief16
    Dayum boi, someone finally got the gall to do it. Good job!
  • Fathoms77
    Woo-hoo! First video for the contest... hope we see more! :)
  • howzit2015
    I usually do dinner, and a movie. Women pay for the movie, and I pay for the food
  • Afrochick
    Yeah I prefer the man to pay for the first date.
  • jacquesvol
    The one who asks the other for a date should at least offer to pay or both should chose to go Dutch.
  • Ratiocinative
    Assuming the man actually wants the date to go as well as possible, then duh. Of course he should pay. Even if a woman doesn't need a provider, she is still subconsciously attracted to a provider. Spliting the bill creates a "you're on your own" vibe that will only decrease attraction.

    If you don't want to spend money on a fancy restaurant then don't go to one. Or don't go to one at all. I reserve food and drinks till several hours into a date, and if things go well, and they usually do, we'll have kissed by then and $30 on drinks and a meal is fine.

    No woman I've ever been out with has complained, most can't keep their hands off me, so you don't need to spend money to have fun and attract a woman. If anything, I think being able to have a great date without spending much money contributes to her attraction.
  • datgirl
    Man should always pay. I miss chivalry.
    • Ujsjsks

      Why can't you be normal and pay for yourself? I guess chivalry disappearing means you have to act like a bug girl now?

    • datgirl

      Lmfao I don't give a crap about your opinion. So get out of here.

    • ForScience

      And women should always cook, clean the house, stay at home, watch the children, etc.. Call me old fashioned.

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    good job froggy !
  • Muhammad1999
    Good job , dastxosh bra :]
    • blondfrog

      You know Kurdish?

    • Lol im kurd

    • blondfrog

      Zor supas dakam. Awa lara ka peowaka zhini dabay jakaya zor kas lara awa barwa daka daby peowy para bida lobo nany hawardan.

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  • cherrymarina
  • coolbreeze
    Great video and great interviews.
  • LittleSally
    Good video. Nice job. =)
  • Blonde401
    Well done on having the guts to do it, cool vid!
  • Mustachekitteh
    Awesome take and I LOVE the video. ^^
  • LoloWaye
    I would want to split it.
  • Dipsy
    Awesome! Good job :)
  • akadatank44
    This is awesome you got some good people!
  • Jayson101
    YES! I hate it when women pay.
  • Anonymous
    Short and sweet answer, no unless he asks her out. Even then it seems fair to each pay their own, especially in the beginning. It's not 1920 anymore.
  • Anonymous
    No never again should we have to pay on the first date. They've whined and complained for equal rights now they get to have equal responsibility by paying for the first date.
  • Anonymous
    And women should always give sex on the first date?

    Watch this and you might think of it differently.

    by the way OP, you didn't censor the guys face.
  • Anonymous
    Whoever asks pays in my opinion. My Husband paid and planned the first date and I paid and planned the second :D
    • blondfrog

      Nice! :)

    • Anonymous

      The only time I used to split the bill was if I really wasn't interested and then I really used to push it, that way I could feel like it was just a hang out with a friend and not feel so awkward. When I am really into him I have paid first and if he is really interested then he makes the effort to take me out next to show that we are in the same place feeling wise. My Husband paid first and planned everything and I paid and planned everything the second time around to show him that I really liked him and wanted to get to know him too!

    • blondfrog

      I guess that sounds fair. I believe it should be equal equal rights right? I probably should have went to younger people and asked them but it was weird it just so happened that I couldn't find any that day.

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  • Anonymous
    I ALWAYS pay even if I don't like the girl. I've been taken for a sucker a few times (girls looking for free meal tickets... cunts). However if I want to get physical with the girl I have no choice. Only exception if she is really REALLY into me. I have had girls buy me drinks before.

    Also I think a "feminist" should never EVER have the man pay for a first date. She should say "we are going dutch" before the date even starts. If she does milk the female benefit she is dbag cunt hypocrite. Sadly there are many women out there milking the double standards.

    With that said I have the most amazing girlfriend ever right now that sometimes gets me meals, buys me gifts, etc. I do most of the spending but she is absolutely no freeload at all. She is also way younger than me and not making that much money. Love her a lot for her thoughtfulness and fairness. I don't think twice about treating her out... ever.
    • blondfrog

      Hhaa yeah man there is def a double standard there with women and with men as well. Hey at least you had come across some amazing women.

    • Anonymous

      for every 7 mediocre women, 3 Dbag women (yes this includes you feminists) I occasionally run into a decent girl.

      My current girl is beautiful, motivated (pre med student), giving, very into me (including sexually), responds to my kindness with genuine kindness. She is also way younger (21) which makes it even more surprisingly interesting.

      We've only been dating for about 4 months. So I'm not going to speak too soon. But so far so good. So for all you frustrated guys out there remember not all women are bad, it's a numbers game. Just takes a lot of trial and error.

  • Anonymous
    OP, where did you shoot this? Did you shoot this in Iraq or somewhere else?
    • blondfrog

      Hahaha lol no way I would get killed in that type of environment :P. I don't want to give away my location for privacy reasons but just somewhere in PA.

    • Anonymous

      PA? Pennsylvania?

    • blondfrog

      Yes there

  • Anonymous
    If the guy is paying for everything he probably expects something to happen which basically makes it indirect prostitution with a bit of roulette chucked in.
    Personally if things didn't go well and I thought before hand she expected me to pay because i'm a guy Id excuse my self early to leave her with the bill without even feeling bad.
    If she said before hand to split though id split, but being expected to pay just annoys me. I don't like feeling used.
  • Anonymous
    I'm tired of women expecting more than they offer. "It's chivalrous." It's bullshit. Anyone can afford to buy one meal. That proves he knows women expect it. That's all. "I want to know he can provide- its evolution."
    So is a woman's ability to dig for roots and tubers and the ability to carry water. Yet I don't require a silly demonstration of that, to see if I'm attracted to her, I can more accurately determine that, through time and conversation together.

    They just like free shit which undermines the 'I'm a strong independent woman' bull.
    If you like getting free shit your just using someone.

    • blondfrog

      Hmm yeah I can see why you would think that. I think some were just raised that way cause they were told that's like showing manners if a man pays.

    • But then you disregard every man who said it's the manly thing to do too?
      So you're just attacking women?
      No... sarcasm...

    • Anonymous

      @LittleSally the only reason I specifically addressed women is because that's who's meal I have to cover. The fact that many men feel this is somehow a show of manliness speaks to a truth we all know and accept: many men are morons. No real pressing need to address that. But so we don't have any ovaries out there feeling unfairly criticised for an antiquated tradition turned free meal; I offer you this: any man who figures paying for a meal proves manliness or is a requirement of his 'male duty' is probably more suited to living in a cave anyways, eating the bear he wrestled and enjoying the roots and tubers you collected for him. Maybe he won't club you for sex after. Maybe he will. But at least he will fend off attackers from the water supply and he will suffer your existance just because he has a slightly better chance of survival if your around. And occasionally he has urges.
      This in turn allows for your survival and the ability to fulfil your genetic urges as well.

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  • Anonymous
    the only gagger who has some balls to do it so far XD.. awesome