5 Reasons Why I Decided to Reject Girls in College


College. Ah, yes. It was possibly the memorable experience that I've had in the past 24 years of my life. In college, you get a chance to meet so many different people from so many different backgrounds. For all you dudes out there, this, of course, includes dating girls. Here, I just wanted to share my experience of being approached by girls in college (What a shocker! Women do approach men!), and why I decided to reject them.

1. She came across as an opportunist.

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Reject Girls in College

This girl in one of my class used to randomly message me on Facebook whenever she was "just bored," and was "trying to kill time." She would also message me about various class assignments, about how to solve homework problems, hand in her assignment for her, etc. After a while, it appeared to me that she was only contacting me when she needed me for her own benefit. So when she finally asked me out, I was nothing short of surprised, and I had to kindly decline. When I explain to her why, she told me that she did all this because she was interested in me. That is not how you should approach guys. Nobody appreciates the feeling of being used.

2. She was laid back. Too laid back.

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Reject Girls in College

Tomboys. We love 'em. They share so many interests with guys. They're chill, laid back, sporty, independent, and comfortable to be around. What guy in the world wouldn't want them as a girlfriend? The problem is that tomboys can be too laid back sometimes. My tomboy friend and I were having drinks in a bar when the conversation topic turned to sex and relationship. I brought up the topic because I was genuinely interested in her, and was looking at her as a potential partner. But then she said she really doesn't get all hype about sex, and that "relationships sound stupid" as she put it. Maybe she was trying to play it cool and nonchalant as usual, but when you say something like that, you are immediately bro-zoned in my head. My interest in her plummeted that night, and I started to spend less and less time with her.

3. Woah, time out...

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Reject Girls in College

When you think your female friend was just a friend, but then...what? She thought otherwise? This one girl was in every one of my class, so naturally, we got to know each other quite well. We frequently ate lunch together at the dining hall, walked to classes together, sat next to each other, did homework together, etc...The problem is, I always thought of her as a friend. Just a friend. One day when she hugged me by the waist, and tried to kiss me, I had to clear up any misunderstanding. I liked her as a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

4. Just not into you.

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Reject Girls in College

What can I say? I was just not into her. Being nice to girls can sometimes be misinterpreted as "I like you, but I'm a shy guy. Please approach me."

5. She had poor grades.

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Reject Girls in College

I had a crush on this girl from my major since freshman year, and it continued for good two years. She was blonde, she had cute bubbly eyes, and she was shy and reserved. She seemed witty, intelligent, articulate, and this definitely caught my attention. As we became friends, I got to know her better, and it always amazed me how little time she spent on doing school work. It all made sense only later when I found out about her class standing. It was such an ouch moment for me. Remember, in college, being cool is doing well in school. Not going around drinking/smoking, and having sex everywhere. And yes, whether you like it or not, there is a strong positive correlation between your grades and your work ethics/intelligence. This is especially true in university, and being “hot” will only get you through so far in the long run.

Let me know what you think.

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Reject Girls in College
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  • Anonymous
    Aww i feel sorry for the girl in number one. She tried, but was just too casual with it and making fake reasons to talk to you. Loads of guys do that too.
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  • btbc92
    I love how you don't make girls your priority when your education is far more important. It depends on your goals, unless you plan to marry before 30. But honestly there really wasn't anything wrong with #2. She just wasn't into relationships, but that shouldn't have been a turn off. If you would have dug deeper into understanding why she wouldn't, I believe you would of had more respect for her decisions. Just you wanting a relationship more then just a friend, without taking the friendship deeper would be a turn off anyway. I prefer deep fulfilling relationships. I need to feel safe knowing that your not just friends or trying to be friends, just to get into my pants in a dating relationship or use me to get to my friends. I had that done to me more then once, and I'm not dealing with that anymore. That is disrespectful. That's somebody trying to use me and in the relationship for the wrong reasons.
  • rjroy3
    Your reasons are your own. That's about all I have to say lol. Some of these things would be turn offs for me too as far as a serious girlfriend you take home to mom, but "just for fun" girls I think you made some aggressive decisions prematurely. But that's me. I like smart girls too and I've always respected hardwork. If a girl has neither, I'm not interested past a hookup.
    • goodmood

      Oh I've definitely hooked up in college :) These are just 5 instances in which I rejected girls. I don't fuck just any girls.

    • rjroy3

      *thumbs up* there we go lol

  • 666threesixes666
    no. 5 poor girl.
    'Correlation between IQ scores and grades is about.50. This means that the explained variance is 25%. Achieving good grades depends on many factors other than IQ, such as "persistence, interest in school, and willingness to study"'
    it sucks learning incorrect content. it sucks being a student of reality, correcting a teacher, and then getting slammed for it. the only subjects i cared for were math related, because it wasn't arbitrary, it was real, natural, and solid. a bit of science too, but science isn't as recurringly useful as math is. i explained math to math teachers when they didn't understand it. in uni i only floated 1 semester, the parents forced it on me. i'm already smart, paying to be smart doesn't make sense.

    taking a test, where the test administrators don't know what they're doing, or why they're doing it sucks. documentation skills, habituation, rechecking variables, correcting previous mistakes, and finding mistakes are more important than testing scores to prove the school deserves government funding. the government is dysfunctional, and in turn so are their schools. the only people i know who did good cheated, or had visual memory, cheated. no morality, reasoning, or processing, just telling them what they want to hear. "IQ is more strongly correlated with reasoning" when they can't answer why what they're teaching is important to know, they've lost validity. i'm going to fail a class teaching useless knowledge.
    • Ict is very useful engineering is likely to be useful for diy and repairing office equipment if nothing else.
      Written English is useful for emails through emails should be the main part of the syllabus as that really is it's main use then texting your mate or potential girlfriend. I say this being dyslexic

      languages , cem, bio and geography are relatively less widely used and history very rarely
      though languages , cem, bio and geography if to degree level can be worth a lot for a number of very well paying jobs ie doctor vet or patent officer, industrial processes.

  • cth96190
    I will preface my comment by stating that I spend most of my days on an Australian university campus.
    If I was a young man on a US university campus, I would not go anywhere near the women because of the insane 'affirmative consent' rules that are being introduced throughout the USA, in institutions that take the 30 pieces of silver from the Obozo administration.
    The affirmative consent rules are designed to make it too dangerous for males to have anything to do with females. If you doubt that statement, watch the videos below.
    If I was a student on a US campus, I would treat the females as invisible. I would not initiate verbal communication and I would never, under any circumstances, be anywhere in the company of a female without witnesses.
  • 99percentangel
    Totally would've done the same thing if this had happened to me.

    Number one seems too immature to handle a relationship. She made you feel like you were being used. That's like the biggest turn off. If a guy had done that to me I would've done the same thing.

    And number two I probally would've rejected him as well. Hello! I'm talking to you about sex and relationships and all you respond with is not getting the hype about sex and think relationships are stupid. *palms face*

    Number three. I've delt with that before. Was really good friends with this guy, and only liked him as that, a friend. Then all of a sudden he confesses his feelings towards me. Haha no.

    Yup @ number four. If you're not interested in someone, you're not interested.

    Number five with the poor grades. Yeah, no can do. Being smart is something I look for in a partner, and probally won't be interested if you're not.

    Anyways overall great take! I applaud you for not letting relationships be your main priority when your education is more important.
  • vishna
    I've never turned someone down for grades. I know that you can be an A/B student in 80% of your classes and do bad in one subject and still have a shitty GPA. It only goes up to 4. And a B is a 3, which already looks like shit if you had over a 4 in high school.
    I can't give you flack because haha, these are YOUR rules, your life. But GPA isn't everything because a lot of engineering majors (even grad students) have bad GPAs and still get nice jobs.
    *sobs* haha
  • Dim_121
    Number 6 she has no future. She is still living at home and without a job. She is only taking 2 classes to keep her parents happy.
    • goodmood

      It sounds like you've been involved with a girl like that lol

    • Dim_121

      Almost we were friends and I got a crush on her which quickly died because she is also a flake.

    • goodmood

      Gotta watch out who you hook up with brother lol

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  • Stacyzee
    Yes, I see why you rejected some of these women however I am thinking you are a bit too picky in some circumstances , this can lead to you being alone forever.
    • LOL. When a guy is 'too picky' it's bad, but it's ok for girls to be picky. It won't lead him to being alone. It's making wise choices in my opinion. Sorting through bad apples and getting the good.

    • I don't think there's anything wrong when a guy having standards. More guys should have standards. That shows that he's laid back and not very desperate.

    • Panay

      No point settling-would be a bit of a false relationship if you go for it just because you don't think you can get better...

  • Johnnyjay
    this take just sounds like you looking back on girls who might of flirted with you. the girl clearly just wanted to talk to you you say she is using you.
  • tyber1
    I feel bad for number 3 but you were right to reject her, she should have said something first instead of just assuming you were intimate like that. You probably should have given number 1 a chance. Lots of guys and girls do that. She probably really didn't need help but wanted an excuse to talk to you. It seems like a perfectly okay thing in my book, as long as she wasn't actually using you, which she wasn't.
  • LibraGal98
    I don't look for intelligence in a relationship. What I do look for is effort. If that person is willing to work hard and focus to improve themselves to get more opportunities in life, then I may be one of them.
  • giggleswilmington
    You sound like Jerry from seinfeld when he broke up with a girl because she ate her peas one at a time.
  • beebetree25
    I guess these are pretty good... And understandable standards.

    I'm number 2, laid back betch ; D.. but I dont think relationships are stupid.. theyre beautiful.. but I need a lot of Tim to work on myself before I enter on..

    And my grades :x I'm struggling.. but I'm just trying to get in and out of my program.. thats it thats all..

    I'll work like a slave when I get my degree.
  • chc0009
    I only had a few African American women hit on me in college, but that was it. I rejected them, since I don't find black women attractive and only like white women, even more than my own race of women (Korean).
    • Ossasuna

      You sound weird. Black women have longer legs, perfect bodies and more feminine attitude. I love them as an Arab guy. White women are just not my type. I guess you have an inferiority complex about them.

    • chc0009

      @Ossasuna No, I do not. I just simply find white women more attractive. I don't even find my own race attractive.

    • Afrochick

      lol this has barely anything to do with the Mytake

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  • Hannah591
    "bubbly eyes" - ew that went through me. Imagine loads of tiny bubbles on your eyes.

    Interesting take though, good points.
  • martyfellow
    There are so many ouch' moments, these days! This is just one among many.
    Yes, a serious approach in college is necessary.
  • YourFutureEx
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    So basically you're an idiot 😑
    • goodmood

      You think so? Please elaborate

    • No need to. Many already explained why

    • goodmood

      Yes, and they are from desperate guys and butt hurt women.

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  • 10dsw
    HAHAHAHA #1 really rung true for me in my first year of university.

    A really shy reserved Asian girl was constantly messaging me on Facebook and asking me for favors. I asked her out to coffee twice and both times she scheduled the date for a month later. I thought she was just making excuses so eventually I kindly told her I was cutting contact with her.

    Her friend ended up revealing to me that the Asian girl really liked me and talked about me all the time. It turns out she really wanted to date me but her parents didn't allow her to date white people.
  • Unit1
    I wouldn't judge girl 2 and 3 for what they did or are. I don't see any yellow flags there.
    As for girl 4, well, shit happens, so sorry!
    The rest deserved a decline.

    That's what I think.
  • mikemx55
    Here is my like! I also judge a bit on grades/dedication.
  • Slimtight
    You rejected one girl not, "girls." Your title was misleading.. I found college to be an excellent learning experience. I hope you did too.
  • John_Doesnt
    I reject girls in college because my grades are more important than getting laid or finding "love".
  • SnatchFinderGeneral
    how about that they are all sluts?

    I saw a post-it note on a message wall at my uni that was thanking the on-site clinic for diagnosing her STD.
  • TheButterfly
    School fucks me enough, I dont need a relationship
    • goodmood

      If you feel that being involved in relationships will jeopardize your academics, I would say definitely focus more on school.

    • Nik1hil


  • Loveherbut
    Really doesn't have good grades?
    • Silver119

      Well would you want somoeone who instead of capatalising on the opportunity of going to university they're wasting it by getting high/drinking and having sex the whole time? I mean you're supposed to have some fun as a student but it's not supposed to be the whole experience

    • Loveherbut

      @Silver119 but if she is stupid and thats her mental abilities its not fair its just show that he is an egoistic. There are amart people who do this shit I've seen them when i went back to school lately. Thats why I couldn't make friends different background and goasl but i won't hate a girl if she is not doing well.

    • Silver119

      Yeah you wouldn't hate on her obviously, you would leave her to do as she pleases. But, at the same time you wouldn't want to date her because the two of you would have different goals and values and people are generally attracted to others who have similar values, goals, social standing, interests etc

  • OxanaMarkin
    You're picky as a little girl. Shame on you
  • frecklejuice
  • BeastRB
    Shoulda hit it and quit it for the cute ones
  • Jan1ssary_
    You could be f*ckbuddies instead bro lol.
  • TheOneLol
    1 and 2 I have them now
  • Bilal11
    very nice take I loved it 100% true facts
  • Mariann
    I would give one more chance to the 1 and 3 girls.
    • goodmood

      Do you think I should've just accepted a girl even if I had no interest in her?

    • Mariann

      Not really, just to wait some more time.

    • snowangle

      Nobody should date somebody out of pity or as a way of doing something nice. If he's not attracted to them, he can't help that and he was right to politely decline.

  • Anonymous
    maybe u r a gay
  • Anonymous
    Broo this is deep 😀excellent take though especially part of intelligence believe it or not intelligence is truly sexy
  • Anonymous
    I'm thinking about your ideal type and how you would like to meet them
  • Anonymous
    Uh oh I was number 1 with a guy. Though I offered to help him with homework in other classes a lot in return.
    I hope he didn't feel used. I just enjoyed his company and wasn't sure if he liked me and was extremely shy. Lol Poor girl.
  • Anonymous
    A young guy who pays attention to what's going on behind the scenes in the girls he dates!! Great job, fella. Paying attention helps.
  • Anonymous
    It's MUCH BETTER to be single than with a modern woman...
  • Anonymous
    Good take, I agree with all but not the last one. College is not about grades. And ther strong positive correlation between intelligence and grades aplies mostly in school, but not so much in college. College is about having a good time not about the lessons, that's why they don't teach anything useful. The lessons are to just make sure you don't finish too soon
  • Anonymous
    No one has approached me, except one creepy guy; I have approached no one. That's probably because I used to be overweight.

    Now, I'm normal-weight. And no one really cares. I am just going to wait. There is bound to be someone in 10 years, but if not, adopting a child doesn't hurt.
    • goodmood

      I'm sure you will find someone. If no one approaches you, it's okay to approach guys. Girls have better chance at being accepted so don't be so scared :)

    • I'm not sure, she risks being done for sexual harassment if she approaches a guy.

  • Anonymous
    College is a tiem to get your crap together. Nothing wrong with deciding not to date in my opinion.
    • Tiem? What is that?

    • Anonymous

      Spelling error, I meant time sorry.

  • Anonymous
    6. Most college girls are sluts