Girls: How to be Wifey Material

Girls, so you want to be wifey material. Gather around and learn a few things to help you beat the odds (the USA currently has the lowest recorded marriage rates in USA history) and get a guy to want to put a ring on it. What brought this on? Dating a girl who had the guts to basically say that she didn't want to date unless I thought marriage was a strong possibility... but who lacked the brains to make the changes to be a wifey material.

Thing is, any man with the looks/game/skill to get dates and get laid... can basically get whatever he wants without being married. A lover? Check. Lots of hot sex? Check. Kids and a woman living in his home with him as a family? Check. Marriage offers men no promises today, just risks. So let's go over some things that can help you, oh wifey-want-to-be, encourage a guy to ignore the risk and make the dive with you.

1. Be attractive, not slutty

It's a balancing act. Work on your looks, but keep it both somewhat modest yet cute. And yes, looks matter MORE when you want to be a wifey, because the man has to think not just about how you are now... but how will you look in five, ten years, possibly after kids? No one wants to be married to a land whale! Exercise, eat healthy, keep your hair long, avoid glasses... a few good tips.

Also of note, don't be slutty. Dress like wifey material. Attractive, but not slutty. Here, let me show you how different looks are on the same girl.

Below: Wifey Material Candidate. A cute young girl who looks like some good, handsome guy would happily propose.

That degraded too: Hot, might have Herpes: plenty of guys would probably take the risk and bang her. Possible girlfriend for a convict or definite FWB/booty call.

See, you want to go for the proper look and lifestyle if you want a guy to imagine spending the next decades with you. Don't try to just inspire lust: you're a woman. Be feminine, and it will inspire masculine attitudes like protectiveness and caring. And obviously when you dress modestly, he won't think you've been with 10 guys. (From a man's perspective--if a girl has had a lot of partners, why should I make some heavy commitment to her if ten other men already had her and didn't need to?)

2. Be a Sweet, Loyal Girl

I know, you're probably told a LOT how if you're sassy and "don't put up with crap" men will respect you and like you. In the short term, that might make you entertaining to be around. In the long term, a guy might get tired of that and the thought of dealing with that for 20 years is a turn off. Be a sweet girl, not "sassy."

Also importantly, be loyal and constant. Don't be dramatic and flip out. Don't give pretend break ups to see what he does.

Realize: no guy is going to be giving you the tingles at all time. Just as you're going to be boring sometimes to him, some days he's going to seem kinda dull to you. That's life. That's also because unless he's an experienced womanizer who is putting the moves on you 24/7 to keep you on your toes, the hormones will not always be surging.

Or to reverse roles, would you want him to dump you because four days this week you came home tired from work, had a snack, and relaxed with a movie instead of giving him a strip tease ending with... a downward dog stretch for his pleasure?

3. Be willing to oblige for him

Okay, so you probably won't need to drag anyone with one hand while shooting with the other. (Relationship goals for self: find someone great enough that would happen if needed!)

Point is, we men view marriage as a huge responsibility, a massive commitment that yes, involves being responsible to provide and protect for a girl and be there for her. If you show you're willing to do things for him, it helps make the idea more appealing. Such as, if he loooovves long hair, be willing to have long hair. Or if he loooooves when you wear red, be willing to wear a lot of red. If he loooves when you send him cute pics (even not nude pics) then send him cute pics. When a girl shows how much she cares through little things like that, it has a big impact. (I actually got a remarkably well handmade card this year for my birthday, that looks like something Harry Potter would have found in the Hogwarts gift shop. My heart melted and my opinion of that girl went up a LOT.)


So in review. Maximize your looks, but don't be slutty. Be sweet and loyal, so when he imagines spending the next decades with you, it's not a scary thought. Remember, no decent guy is going to be giving you the tingles 24/7, just as you won't be giving him a strip tease and pouring a drink every single evening. And lastly, be willing to oblige with little things to show how much you care.

Have a good one!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • "Avoid glasses" - LMFAOOOO. Welp, guess I better throw mine out or else my husband will leave me. I won't be able to see him or anything else clearly again, or read again, but hey sacrificing is part of love, right? At least he'll be picking out my clothing for me so I won't have to worry about looking like a train wreck. I can't get Lasik and I can't wear contacts so I'm shit outta luck.

    Lol, seriously.

    • This!!!
      Loved how you described it :) Haha, so true!

    • Hahahaa "I won't be able to see him" don't do that otherwise you will accidentally kiss someone else

      Seriously but your eye number is that high?

    • @singlebee Eye number? Like my prescription? It's not super strong if that's what you're asking.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Wow.. points for knowing what you want but definitely not a perfect description of what I want. (Good job dragging that poor girls name through the mud, takes a real man to do that, not, I think they call that cyber bullying)
    But what do I know that is just my opinion

    • πŸ‘Œ this

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    • Who are we to judge? Making a judgment call is part of life. If I go to the store, I'm going to make a judgment call on what products are good or bad. If I date, I'm going to make a judgment call on who I should approach and who looks uninterested and who looks like they are psycho. Your wife should have made a judgment call that meth is horrible.

      What's next? Should we refuse to "judge" someone for having herpes and refuse to be intimate with them just because they have an STD and you don't?

    • Seeing as 9 out of 10 adult in America have some form of herpes it is a good bet you already got it. (Didn't you say in your article you ex might have it?) Lol
      Judgement is different from taste.
      I approach woman according to my taste in women, I shop according to my taste in food. Big difference
      But what do I know that is just my opinion

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What Girls Said 44

  • So what I got from this is I have to be loyal, not wear what I want, and serve a man. Great take bro!

    • Girl why do you take it PERSONALLY. You are not his wife

    • @Ksjsg He's saying it should be this way for all wives, not just his own. And I just shared my opinion didn't really take anything personally.

    • All wives? Lol so? Everyone has different standards

  • "Don't try to just inspire lust"? Is this a favor from the perverts?

    In all honesty, I think that the concept of lust is all in someone's head. A person's fashion statement has nothing to do with how he/she inspires lust. One can dress decently and some individual would still lust over him/her.

    • Lust isn't the problem. You gotta send a positive message with it, otherwise you'll seem disposable. If you wanna be wife material you can't be disposable.

  • Okay some of things your saying as way off base and is not even what you call a wife. You talk about not inspire lust, yet you want her to send you nudes. That is why she will still send nudes to other men without you even knowing. That shouldn't even have to happen. What about dignity and respect for your potential wife!

    I agree in a sense about not dressing slutty, but if that is the kind of women other men want to marry, they will marry her as a slutty woman. You can't tell them what to do. I am not going to oblige to a man who doesn't think like I do. The key word is EQUALLY YOKE. If you end up attracting crap in a person, what does that say about you? Look in the mirror once in a while. Because the person you end up with will reflect both the good and the bad about you as well as themselves. At the end of the day, if a guy doesn't like how a girl dress or talk, or walk or thinks. He does NOT need to date her or nether marry her. Period. Don't like it? Stay single.

    • He has his own preferences. You can't tell him his preferneces are wrong

    • @datgirl
      Listen girl. I am such a confident girl who doesn't gett butthurt by guys' standards. If you got a little male attention you wouldn't be this bitter.

    • @Ksjsg It's the lust part. He's telling others how to be a wife when he isn't even considered a husband material in my eyes. But if somebody wants him, let them take him. All hell included. Of course you can't tell him what to like. But when he ends up with hell, it isn't going be my problem. Tough luck.

  • I can't believe you're an editor lol GaG really picks the dregs sometimes.

    This is more like what YOU consider "wifey" (ugh, hate that word) material. Not every guy wants a little girl who will not cut her hair just because he likes it that way.

  • Good god you are controlling. Rather stay single with no kids while having two to three dogs, my perfect tiny house, a great job as an EMT, and travel somewhere I have never been every year.

    • You are butthurt for not fitting in his standards? Lol. You sound bitter and insecure.

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    • I would rather not meet your standards. Thank you god I don't.

    • Oh, no doubt lmao

  • Um...

    How about... find someone who shares similar values and interests as you and a mutual attraction, and then treat each other with respect, trust and dignity?

    • nice and simple
      and lets be real
      this generation is so messed up
      why would i want to wife up this generation

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    • @relaxrelax

      You want a woman to care about you for no reason? Like, you don't want to be a partner... you don't want to offer women good solid reasons to be with you?

      You don't need to offer a woman the fuckin world, but obviously no good woman is gonna love you and want to commit to you if you don't want to put any effort into building something with her.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds to me like "women" are not the problem here...

    • no i never said that
      i will offer something
      but i want her to think a certain way

      she has to have a certain thought process
      im different from other guys
      my whole family tells me

      and i can't change her thought process its her choice and only her choice
      and there are women who think the way i want
      but there either taken

      haven't found one yet that's not taken
      lucky bastards lol

  • Thanks for telling me all the things I shouldn't do ☺️

    • You are butthurt for not fitting in his standards? Lol. You sound bitter and insecure.

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    • Then dont attack people for having preferences

    • @Ksjsg I attacked nobody lmfao

  • Is this satire? I'm going to dress how I want. If my creativity bothers him, he can find someone else. I'm going to be with someone who likes who I am, not how I put on an act for him. I could never respect someone who doesn't want me to be myself.

  • Yeah that's nice and all but not everyone defines "marriage material" in the same way. If this is what you want that's fine but don't try to pass it off as what every guy cares about.

    And for the record some of your points actually imply some shitty things about men that if a guy read this and actually thought about it he'd be offended. Lol

    • Do tell. What shitty stuff am I implying?

    • " ? No one wants to be married to a land whale! Exercise, eat healthy, keep your hair long, avoid glasses... a few good tips."

      Sure yeah we all wanna marry an attractive person but this just crossed the line into shallow and superficial. Avoid glasses? Really?

      " From a man's perspective--if a girl has had a lot of partners, why should I make some heavy commitment to her if ten other men already had her and didn't need to?"
      Hypocritical. So women can't have multiple sex partners but men can have casual non commitment sex and it's ok.

      Don't feel like copying and pasting, but in the beginning you also said an attractive guy can get whatever he wants so why should he commit. That's implies men don't want meaningful relationships, just sex.

    • " Or to reverse roles, would you want him to dump you because four days this week you came home tired from work, had a snack, and relaxed with a movie instead of giving him a strip tease ending with... a downward dog stretch for his pleasure?"

      Oh god this is the worst of all. Breaking up w a girl bc she acted like a normal human being vs your personal stripper? Women are human beings. Sure sex is a thing, it's important, it's nice to be sexual for your partner. But expecting her to prance around like your private dancer instead of EATING AND RELAXING is ridiculous

  • So you're saying that I have to act and look a certain way for guys to love me? Why can't I just find a guy that loves me for me?

  • Lol so much for being a "rational" male. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • You are butthurt for not fitting in his standards? Lol. You sound bitter and insecure.

    • @Ksjsg LMFAO seems like you're more butthurt and insecure. And by the way stop pretending you're a girl frikkin creep.


    What she said ^^^^^

    Your alias is hilarious. And ironic. Rational male? Ya right more like irrational male. The world doesn't revolve around you last I checked and that wasn't too long ago bro. So why don't you get your head outta your ass? And stop telling womankind how to act or behave for that matter.

    These are contributing factors to a unhealthy and abusive relationship. Oblige your man? Fuck you. if you want a Equal PARTNER. And not a ABUSED DOORMAT. Then don't listen to this. It's bullshit. I can smell it from my end of the world.

  • Good luck of finding a girl, beacuse you want to control her.

    • Maybe his girlfriend will want him to control her? Who are you to attack him?

  • This is a joke right?

    • You are butthurt for not fitting in his standards? Lol. You sound bitter and insecure.

    • Show All
    • How does that hurt you? I love looks too. So?

    • @Ksjsg it's shallow. What if your dream girl with the best personality you loved wasn't up to your physical standards

  • Nice to meet you control freak

  • Thanks for the laugh

    • You are butthurt for not fitting in his standards? Lol. You sound bitter and insecure.

  • Ehh... I think this came off a bit shallow, but I get what you're saying to a degree. I prefer to think of this as more of a give and take. Dress attractive, I understand. I find it disrespectful to my husband if I walked out dressed like a hooker. Leave the hooker look for the bedroom. But glasses? Long hair? I mean come on. Let her be her still just as she shouldn't demand that you not go bald or allow your hair to grey.

    Point 2 pretty much makes sense. Not a fan of drama or the revolving door relationship.

    Point 3 makes sense. Again think it's give and take. Women also view marriage as a serious commitment and 2 people doing those little things goes a long way. It's just honestly natural. When you love someone and care for them you both find yourself wanting to do things that put a smile on their face.

  • Do you actually think women are lining up to have kids and cohabitate with men who don't marry them? I think you need a reality check.
    The only reason I would ever get married is because I want to have kids with that person. Otherwise there is no point. And no need.

    • And a girl can dump you if you are not giving her what she wants. No need to write a condescending take to make yourself feel better about being kicked to the curb.

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    • It is just a take. He doesn't ask you to be his girlfriend.

    • @Ksjsg
      And why are you speaking for him? Are you trying to be his girlfriend? Because he's all yours if you want him

  • Wow, this Mytake is very disturbing

  • My future husband sure as hell isn't going to tell me what I am allowed to wear. Do guys really stress about how "slutty" their wife dresses? That just reeks of insecurity...

    Im curious if this is actually written by someone who is happily married or if this is just a wish list to someones particular tastes

    • Oh, I am not married. This mytake is inspired by a girl who was very forthcoming and up front about she only wanted to spend more time together if I was interested in marrying her.

    • Show All
    • I do have to admire her guts in being up front so quickly. Though it calls for a very fast decision making.

    • I feel like that just makes her seem desperate. wouldn't she want to get to know you first before she decides if she would want to be married to you? But I suppose she could have been hurt in the past

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What Guys Said 24

  • You should never be controlling in a relationship, this isn't the 1970's where the man owns the house and can tell you what to do. Marriage works only if you work as a team and if you have equal amount of commitment.

    • He shouldn't change for becoming like every man.

    • Show All
    • @Ksjsg In a religious point of view, but having sex does not deem you less respect or honor depending how you conduct yourself.

    • Sleeping around does

  • Just be a team. You think my parents have a wonderful marriage become my mother bows to whatever my father wants? NO! they are team! and support and admire eachother. that is a true wifey husbany marriage. lecturer on the internet won't change their minds.

  • bless you and your palm for that is the only wifey you shall ever know:p

    Just my opinion

  • I will not tell my future wife what to wear. I'm far from a control freak.

  • Better and less complicated advice:
    Be yourself. There's someone out there you're compatible with. Not saying you can't work on things. But don't work on things to fit a mold of what you think men (or women) want. Work on yourself to be the best you that you can be and present the most accurate picture to men (or women) of yourself that you can. To someone out there, you're everything they've been looking for.

  • Dude like WTF!! Have you ever had a girlfriend? If you treat your girl with respect and you love her, she will probably do anything for you not because she "has" to, but because she really wants to. Thats the difference.

  • Should be interesting to see what the girls have to say about this πŸ™ˆ

  • Someone writing a take about good manners.
    Take about girls:
    Girls opinions:

    No, will not change for the better

    Take about guys:
    Guys opinions:

    I should have started yesterday~

  • These are your opinions. My opinions are a little different but nonetheless these aren't my opinions they are yours.

  • 1 should be modest and attractive, not slutty. Good my take

  • The female opinions are half the reason I'm going to probably end up marrying a Polish girl.

  • Well stated.

  • Maybe Wifey Material means something different to different people. At this point Id settle for a beautiful girl who understands the way my mind works and has patience. Knows not to bother me when I'm painting, or ask a lot of questions during sports. She'll be well compensated. I have my moments of boyfriend awesomeness.

  • I only agree with a few things but I want to point out, that dressing slutty/revealing isn't appealing to me. She of course can dress anyhow she wants as long as she doesn't look like a get-n-go-fuck-target for the creepy perverted pigs.

    But why even marry? We lose everything when we marry.
    Just do NOT marry and live happier.

    Marriage is useless.

  • Wow... I can't believe you used the word "wifey." Smh

  • Take was on point.πŸ‘Œ

    • Forgot to add. That glasses aren't a big deal. And you shouldn't try to control how your should dress. You can try to talk to her about it, but not control her.

  • LOL. Mate, a girl with common sense and self-respect knows what to do and what not do to.

  • none of those chicks are attractive.

  • That's definitely not my type of girl... lol :P

  • "Or to reverse roles, would you want him to dump you because four days this week you came home tired from work, had a snack, and relaxed with a movie instead of giving him a strip tease ending with... a downward dog stretch for his pleasure?"

    Wowowow, are u serious? This is a joke take right, cause you can't be this retarded.
    I can't believe such shit is featured. GAG only cares about traffic, not quality, not a surprise to me...

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