Why I Won't Date a Girl Who Doesn't Pay for the First Date


1. I want a sugar momma

Look, I'm lazy, I know it, and so does my mother. So I'm looking for a lady to take care of me, buy me video games, and all my food. Why? Because I deserve it damnit. I like to set the tone early on that I am a helpless creature who constantly needs to be taken care of.

Why I Won't Date a Girl Who Doesn't Pay for the First Date

2. It shows she is financially fit enough to make up for the fact that I'm not

As stated previously, I'm lazy. So I'm looking for a girl that has a good job, good enough for me to go without one for the rest of my life.

Why I Won't Date a Girl Who Doesn't Pay for the First Date

3. It's romantic

Who doesn't like to be doted on? Never mind showing me affection through your actions and communication. Only your purse speaks to me, and if your purse doesn't speak... Get lost.

So that's it, short Take. Leave comments below.

Why I Won't Date a Girl Who Doesn't Pay for the First Date
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  • Icyfire101
    Lmao 😂 satire, right?
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  • Whaaaaa
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  • CeciliaMaria
    Hahhah this is so funny but also so sad. 😂 I would literally laugh at a guy if they told me that, and then I would call them a cab because clearly if I'm paying for anything it's to send your childish ass back home with your mother. 😭💁🏼
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    • Take was satirical, but honestly would never expect a girl to pay for the first date. If she didn't offer to pay for her half, even if I paid it still, that would be the last date.

    • The point was that there is no real logic behind women expecting men to pay for dates in this day and age, aside from dated and obsolete gender norms.

    • Haha that's crazy because I'm the same way 😂 I always offer because that rude just to expect it but if he doesn't pay for me that would be the last date. Also if I insisted I pay then that's the last date too, because I would never have a guy pay for me if I wasn't serious about pursuing him. I mean you do have a point but that's just how it is. You know just like guys get paid more for doing the same job haha that's life it's not fair.

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  • Napoli
    I don't mind paying at all... as long as you're not arrogant or obnoxious about it.

    My daughters dad and I aren't together anymore, but we spend a lot of time together, and when we do, he's always saying how broke he is, so when we go out as a "family" or just go for dinner together, which we have done a couple of times, more often than not, I pay for him.

    If he was doing it as some kind of stance, I find it a bit weird. What would be wrong with halves?
    • Lol, really nothing is wrong with halves. My pov is that it should be half regardless. These gender norms make no sense.

  • animus1988
    it should be split 50/50. if i meet a girl for the first time and pay for a $20 dinner i better be getting something in return. like a bj
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    • Afrochick


    • Unit1

      Men pay with money
      Women pay with sex
      Fair is fair.
      Still like traditions :P?

  • davisgirl89
    Sad part, I meet a guy like this. He told me about a friend he had and how he wanted to have his life style ( He told me this around the 5th date) . Obviously I ended up paying for the 5 dates we had and once I understood his motives I blocked his number. Unfortunately, I am not the type to do the half and half thing. If I pay I will pay for the whole dinner, it's not going to break me to spend the money. But I have had ever few experiences with guys whinning on spending 50 dollars on a meal and some drinks. Generally they are more than happy too.
  • Unit1
    This could have been a good take but you missed, that it's satire. Now we get people to believe this.
    • I'm not sure why I need to label it satire for it to be satire- should be pertinently obvious haha

    • Unit1

      Nope. Not everyone can tell.

  • anonman32
    its also very chivalric of her and its a nice thing to do. it shows that she cares too.
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  • soosooboo2
    lol good luck finding a girl who pays on the first date buddy it's like finding a needle in a haystack.
    • Lol, the take was satirical, but yeah I don't think the needle is actually there

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    • Touchmehxx

      I would pay on the first date

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  • Library
    I can sense the satire in this lol
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  • Puppydog12
    What is this Lol
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  • Rissyanne
    I have a feeling you will be very lonely...
    • Maybe if I actually believed this, more just a reflection on how absurd it is that women want men to pay for dates. There's no logic or reason behind that anymore

    • Rissyanne

      Then don't pay. What's the big deal

    • tyber1

      The big deal is that treating women like equals as a guy means that you're shooting yourself in the foot.

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  • Afrochick
    Good luck with that pal
  • Anonymous
    Good luck with that girls who pay on first dates are rare