How to Look Hot for an Especially Hot Date!

My experience on how to look amazing inside and out for your next date!


Contrary to popular belief, more makeup doesn't always translate to prettier. Depending on the setting, makeup has to be used appropriately. If the date is taking place during the day, a more toned down and natural look is appropriate. If a nighttime venue is chosen, a smoky eye is more than appropriate. But honestly, whatever makes you feel confident will be the winner.


In this case, less clothes is probably not going to win you the respect that you deserve. Leave a little to the imagination and he will crave you more. That doesn't mean you can't wear a tasteful mini dress, or even show a little bit of cleavage. Keep it classy, or else he will view you as a hookup.


Nothing wrong with being you. But go into the date with no expectations aside from you getting to know the person, and enjoying your time. I know far too many women who expect the guy to fly in on a magic carpet and take them to an extravagant restaurant. Happiness is met when your expectations exceed your reality, but be sure those expectations can be met, or are at least reasonable.

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