3 Things You Need to Know Before You Decide to CHEAT

1. Someone will always find out

Your partner may not know that day, week or even that month...but eventually someone out there will find out. Whether it gets to your partner or not, is another story. But it is stressful to have that over your back, especially if you want to keep your S.O.

2. You may regret it

Truth is, at the time it may have seemed like a good idea. But you may find yourself feeling very guilty about hurting your partner. You are your own worst enemy.

3. Karma is a B*tch

You may think that no one would ever cheat on you, or that things will go unpunished, but as it turns out, coincidentally there is a balance of energy. For some reason things may come back to you.


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  • Yeah cheating is pointless

  • if she's ugly then it's okay to cheat


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