How to Spot A Narcissist on the Very First Date

1. Impatience and self entitlement

If you date is rude to waiter, or is constantly impatient waiting for his food and is simply a jerk... then that is a clear sign.

How to Spot A Narcissist on a First Date!

2. No interest in you

If you feel like you are interviewing him, and that he doesn't fire questions back at you to get to know you- sure sign.

3. Critiques everything

If he/she is already critiquing everything around them, including the poor quality of food, and what the woman at the next table wore, and her lack of style... you probably got yourself a narcissist.


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  • 1 and 3 are true!

    2 can be a sign of someone who just has poor social skills or isn't used to talking to people

  • cool.