Girls Love To Play With Men's Hearts

Bottom line: some girls will flirt, lead on and even date men they are not interested in. Why?

1. We love the attention

Who doesn't want a member of the opposite sex to swoon over them and think so highly of their looks or maybe even personality? Attention is loved by all.

2. It's fun

Going on dates and exploring the world is fun. No matter who the company, even if it is not sexual.

3. Because we can

Yes...we will do it because we can. We know we are attractive and we know you want us.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Next time tell us something we don't know XD

  • And this is why men don't want relationships anymore.
    Just hump and dump.
    You are training us well.
    In the end you only have yourselves to blame.


What Girls Said 1