3 Reasons Why Older Guys are the BEST!

1. Experienced in bed

Let's be honest, older men have been around the block with a lot more partners than younger men. So they will know exactly how to treat you in the sack

3 Reasons Why Older Guys are the BEST!

2. Financially stable

Most likely an older man will be able to take care of you financially, or at the very least be settled down and ready for things like a house, family etc

3 Reasons Why Older Guys are the BEST!

3. Emotionally stable

Chances are, that because the older man has already gotten the "playing game" out of his system, he will be able to handle you on a more emotional level

3 Reasons Why Older Guys are the BEST!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Fully disagree with point 3😈

    Men who played in their youth settle in their 30's and are taken. It's men who didn't play in their youth, that studied, worked hard etc that shines in their older age that are the most potent players. The most sexually deviant guys I know including myself, are in their 30's.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Overall I think dating older men isn't a great idea even if it's really hard to resist the temptation :) . I think guys can be roguish at any age and I also don't think they'd handle you better just because they're older. Assuming the girl is 18-25 and the guy is 30-40 that's a bit of a maturity gap that's hard to bridge; I think you would have a hell of a time keeping your relationship equal. That's just my thought's on the matter, I too like older guys a bit more (Jeffrey Dean Morgan :O ), but I guess you have to be a specific kind of girl to make it work.


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