When it Comes to Dating, Men Are the Biggest Hypocrites on Earth

When it Comes to Dating, Men Are the Biggest Hypocrites on Earth

All this talk about double-standards and hypocrisy on the part of the Democrats after the presidential election got me thinking.

I've been reading a lot of questions and myTakes on here about how men and women view each other, what they think of the dating game, why they're either fed up or frustrated or just plain angry about all of it, etc. That's when I realized that while men are quick to point out all the failings of the feminist movement (how many times has the word "feminazi" been uttered on GaG and the internet in general?), they're not so keen about looking themselves in the mirror.

If they did, they might see a lot of crazy hypocrisy that they really need to FIX before we women start taking them seriously.

Hypocrisy #1: "Women only care about looks! That's all they ever... Oh DAMN, she's HOT!"

When it Comes to Dating, Men Are the Biggest Hypocrites on Earth

We ALL care about looks, guys. You do, too. Especially you. To try to argue that women are more about looks is downright stupid. Take five girls and put them in a bar; only one is really hot while the other four are merely so-so. The one gorgeous chick will get 90% of the attention for the entire night and the other four girls will be lucky if any guy even looks in their direction, let alone talks to them.

I think men believe girls only care about looks because they spend their lives approaching bimbos. Yeah, a lot of times, the hottest girl is also the dumbest and you know what? They're also likely to be incredibly shallow, too, so it's no surprise you guys only have experience with women who care about looks. Maybe if you approached a woman who had some substance, you wouldn't be so quick to generalize.

Hypocrisy #2: "Girls should be feminine...but wait, not THAT feminine...and not THAT mannish."

When it Comes to Dating, Men Are the Biggest Hypocrites on Earth

You guys really can't seem to make up your minds, and no matter what the girl does, it's wrong. On the one hand, you want a girl to be feminine; you want her to have some standard/traditional female traits because, unsurprisingly, that's what you like. Then ten seconds later, you turn around and freak out if a girl wears something pink. The assumption is she's just some ditzy chick or a princess or something, and you expect some over-emotional women crying on your shoulder.

Then you flip around and say, if we're just wearing jeans and a sweatshirt or something, that maybe we want to "look a little more feminine." Okay, so where's the line? No dresses? Or just no dresses of a certain type? And what about color and makeup? What amount of makeup can I wear so you'll still be attracted to me but won't call me a whore?

Hypocrisy #3: "Experienced girls are sluts...experienced guys just know what they're doing."

When it Comes to Dating, Men Are the Biggest Hypocrites on Earth

I know some guys like the virgin thing (though not so many in my experience, especially after a certain age), and other guys like experienced women. Let's face it, sex requires practice like anything else. Guys like to believe they're Don Juans right out of the gate but trust me, you're not, and you need just as much practice as the rest of us. However, if a woman has some experience in this area, that's someone to be avoided and even shunned.

Guys, on the other hand, can be Casanovas because they slept with a hundred women and that's perfectly okay. I can't even begin to tell you how infuriating this is. I also find it interesting that a man's sexual history is apparently irrelevant while a woman's sexual history is critical to any relationship. I'm no feminazi - I'm not even a feminist - but this is still a far cry from equal.

Any other ladies want to contribute to this list? Chime in. :)

When it Comes to Dating, Men Are the Biggest Hypocrites on Earth
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  • OlderAndWiser
    1. "Yeah, a lot of times, the hottest girl is also the dumbest and you know what? They're also likely to be incredibly shallow, too." So. . . men aren't the only one who use shallow stereotypes of women. Actually, guys have an expression: :For every hot looking chick walking down the street, there's a guy somewhere who is tired of putting up with her shit!" Guys who are just out to score and add to their count may be Shallow Hals about looks, but guys who are looking for a relationship know that there is much more to a relationship than physical attraction.

    Still. . . no one will say (with a straight face) that physical attraction is not important in a relationship. That is not a conscious decision on our part; it is just the way that we were wired at the factory.

    2. More mature guys know what we want and I want a feminine girl. I frequently tell my girlfriend, "You're such a girly girl! Please don't change that!"

    3. Girls can be sluts and so can guys. I don't want to be with a girl if I am # 67 but at my age, I don't expect to find a girl for whom I would be #2 or #3. What is important is that she respect her body as something not to be given away just for physical pleasure for a night but only when she is in a relationship where she trusts her partner and has genuine feelings of affection. If she feels that way, she is not a slut. IMHO, the same rule applies to guys. No. they're not king studs; their just man whores and sluts.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Nuala
    I feel like I've said this like a million times... but MEN aren't hypocritics, SOME men are hypocritics but not all. Just like not all women are hypocritics but wait... some are!

    We need to stop making this "men vs women" and start making it "crazy hypocritics vs sane people". Then the sane people can kick out the crazy hypocritics and we can stop this femanizi/maninist BS.
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    • Botchie

      Thank you for saying this. I wait for the day that we don't have to say this any more.

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  • XRabbitHeartX
    Or of course how they want a traditional woman but then hate on career driven women who want to be independent :)
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    • should say NOT want a traditional woman.

      By traditional i mean a woman who lets her man make the money and doesn't mind having a man who pays for her.

    • bobbyxx

      Or women want men to be chilvarous but won't behave like a lady.

    • @bobbyxx Yeah but that's just hypocrisy.

  • AleDeEurope
    Have you ever had any contact with men... like, any men at all?

    1) We men know we're visual, we put importance in looks, just like girls. When you don't know someone, thee first thing that you notice is their looks, so we're very aware that we'll approach a pretty girls before approaching an average one. No guy complains about that. The only thing guys complain about is when girls say that girls don't care about looks that much, cause we all know that's not true.

    2) You do know every guy is different, right? While one guy likes girly girls, the other one prefers tomboys. But I think most of us want girls to stick to mostly the style we prefer, but we want her to know how to dress appropriately. Like don't go with jeans to a fancy dinner.
    I'm more into girly girls, but I wouldn't complain, and I do find it hot, when she's around the house with some sweatpants.

    3) You talk about the "Stud-Slut" double standard, which very much exists, but what about the virgin double standard? A guy can't be a virgin once he's 18 if he wants to avoid being shamed, while a girl can be in her 20's, and be a virgin without a problem. So you can't talk about the "Stud-Slut" double standard without talking about the other one, cause they both go hand in hand.
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    • Actual men are more likely to approach an average girl because they believe she is likely to be single and they have a better shot with her than a hot girl who they might assume already has a boyfriend.

      2. Guys don't mind tomboys or girly girls. Men however, absolutely detest man hating feminist.

      3. The reason for the slut/stud standard goes beyond just it being double standard and make sense when you look at the fact that each gender has their own imperative in mating.

    • I think she said all of this in her mytake, did you read all of it? I only disagree with her last point. Guys idolize being slutty, because most guys... probably can't have the # of options to be slutty themselves, so it's an ideal because it's almost like a fantasy thing. Guys who actually do have lots of partners, don't care about her being slutty or not at all usually. They just see sex as sex, since they get tons themselves.

    • beaves11

      @BubbleBoy69 actually most guys who want something very real myself included have high standards on girls looks, you only want one you need her to look good, there's no shame in just not accepting average in life.

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  • Shorty1991
    I think we can all agree that both genders can be equally as hypocritical and as indecisive as each other.
    Some women say they want to be with a good guy and end up dating douchebags, fuck boys and pricks.
    On the other hand some men say they prefer a plain Jane/girl next door type who can scrub up well on occasions and end up with high maintenance gold diggers who only really love and care about themselves.
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  • NexAngelus

    guys are OPEN about looks. unlike females, who ooo i only care about his personality bullshit... i will tell u right to ur face, if i dont like how u look i am not going to care to get to know u. no hypocricy there. NEXT.

    girls feminine... what girl does not look hot in pink? any guy that says that is a fucking fag. u hang out with a lot of fags it seems. never heard of ur issue u seem to have, but then again u seem to be a fem and u pro do have femnaz fag male friends. they are not real men. thats fine if thats what u want around u, but they are nothing like the actual male population. look around on GAG, everyone admits that they are little princesses. its something u have to deal with if u want a girlfriend. they want to be spoiled and babied to some degree. welcome to haveing tits. NEXT

    SLUTS... while it is much less likely for someone to say something about a guy who knows what they are doing PERIOD. a guy, person is less likely to say a girl is a slut depending on how she behaves and dresses less on her skill. girls get called sluts because of how they act, not because of the actual number of people they have slept with in almost all occasions. a girl can be stupid and sleep with one guy and be a slut. its all in how u behave and go about ur life. what u call slut though, guys have the opposite too though, which u dont seem to realize. if a guy underperforms that badly, he is called a fag ;) lol. so both sides have name calling based on sexual performance or behavior if u want to nit pick.

    in general guys are muuch more honest and u have ur own FEMALES to blame for most of the slut shamming... in society... females are so nice to each other i know.
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  • Rawrzz
    Hypocrisy, yes, but different. It's the same difference as whether you would have men and women maintain the same physical requirements for whatever task. Well, women are innately weaker than men by half per pound. Considering most men weigh more than women, an average woman is like 20-25% as strong as an average man. Not to mention weaker bones, meaning more likely to be injured.

    While you could call it hypocrisy for a woman to say, "You should lift more weight than me, but I don't want to lift that much," that doesn't account for the differing strength levels; and is thus a faulty comparison. Likewise, men and women are different; thus, we are bound by different social rules and obligations. I'mmostly referring to the differing sexual perspectives on men and women. Men are virgin shamed; women are slut shamed. It's not hypocrisy.

    But, I feel like you're mix and matching various things a whole host of different men have said, given your reference point is various MyTakes and comments. It's only hypocrisy if the two conflicting points come from the same mouth.
  • YourFutureEx
    What a wonderful article. Now go back to the kitchen.
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  • martyfellow
    No-one defends these double standards. But it's not just guys that contribute to them.. a lot of girls feel the same way. A guy who is a player is a 'cool' guy...'we like bad boys"... but when the guy dumps the girl, he's a #@%%%%% all the way.

    And girls are as quick as guys to call a girl who has been around bad names and not speak to her...
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    • AriadneSky

      well, people who support them are defending and perpetuating them. they would not exist or subsist, without support.

  • Jayded1
    Allow me to counter all of your points.

    Hypocrisy #1: "Women only care about looks! That's all they ever... Oh DAMN, she's HOT!"

    EVERY human that feels sexual attraction will find someone "hot" Women being more shallow than men when it comes to looks doesn't mean men dont find women hot.

    Hypocrisy #2: "Girls should be feminine... but wait, not THAT feminine... and not THAT mannish."

    You are lookin at the opinions of a bunch of people, of course there will be variance, trying to sum up all men by using points that are individual is impossible. On the flip side to this you do realize how hard it is for men, you can't be "too masculine" or you are a macho douche, you can't be "too sensitive" beause you are seen as a push over. Here is the thing for both sexes. Someone people like macho, some like sentitive, some like feminine, some like masculine. It is individual.

    Hypocrisy #3: "Experienced girls are sluts... experienced guys just know what they're doing."

    Guys don't care if a girl is inexperienced in bed, you almost never here a guy complain about a girl in bed. Girls find a guy is a virgin or inexperienced and its like lady repellent.
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  • front2back
    Let's start off on some positive notes: I really do like your writing style (it's similar to mine), and the point about looks is very true because both women AND men care a lot about looks, it's just how us humans are, perceiving more beautiful people to be better mates.

    However, this article is attributing gross generalizations to others via gross generalizations, which is where I see the problem.

    I'm not saying there aren't double standards, there's some for men and some for women. However the way this was written implies that nearly every man follows these points and it also occasionally pointed women in a negative light as well. For example, back to the looks thing, there are a fair amount of women who think looks are just as important (and sometimes more important) than other qualities. I've met and worked with a lot of them. You also imply that men chase "bimbos" all the time because they are dumb and hot, which I think is backhanding women who are attractive as automatically being bimbos, dumb, and shallow, whereas some of the smartest and sweetest girls I've met were very attractive and their personalities shined just as bright.

    That's really it. Your points weren't off target, but a fair amount of them could have hit the bullseye but fell a little short. It can be improved though!
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  • prettylips101
    If you're referring to the online community and especially the "GAG" community, then yes, what you have pointed out is unquestionably right. But if you are referring to the "IN REAL LIFE" men, then... not so much because some men are more open minded and accepting than others. but yes, some men are straight up awful no matter what.
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  • DrTruth
    What you said applies to both genders. Only difference is average women can get laid tonight while average men are leftover. It sounds like you're complaining that the Don Juans and Casanovas, the top 5% of men, aren't settling for a 200 pound single mom.
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  • Tony1974
    WRONG on so many levels...#1.) YOU do only care about looks because you know we care about looks too. No double standard here. Women will find certain guys sexually attractive just like men will find certain women sexually attractive. The difference is with most men there is a far a shortly list after "sexually attractive" than women except if they are sluts. Women also resort o fake up, push-up bras, breast "augmentation", botox, butt implants and other forms of plastic surgery to "catch" the Mr Right.
    2.) This is bullshit too. When you girls start going or guys in dresses let me know and I'll test your "double-standard." Sometimes we can't tell which team you play for. My bad for guessing your not a breeder. Funny how this completely contradicts #1 though.. We get bs for harassing you so don't be shocked that if you don't dress like a woman we pay you no heed. You ladies only have yourselves to blame for this one.
    3.) A man who slept with lots of woman are worshipped by women not other men; not the vast majority of us. And you're wrong about a man's sexual history is apparently irrelevant while a woman's sexual history is critical to any relationship. When he has little or no experience almost no woman will take the time of day to teach him what he needs to know, while a virgin to most guys is desired, especially for a wife. There's "practice" and having solid relationships. And then there's just jumping form one guy to the next guy to the next guy.. or several guys at once because the stud I thought I landed turned out to be a player. Also, our equipment is very different. When our stretches to the max it's a good thing; your.. not so much. Also, yours is a body cavity which can be highly susceptible to infections and STDs. Women contract STDs twice the rate of men. (https://wonder. cdc. gov/controller/datarequest/D128). We may be looking for good woman to have children with and the more you screw around the greater chances you have of contracting an infection that leads to infertility. Not only that but promiscuous women make lousy wives. See the divorce rate of 42% for first time marriages; 70% of which are filed by the woman. A woman who keeps moving form man to man without taking time off, learns that it's never her fault.. all guys are assholes and that there's always another sucker to take her goods... until there isn't.
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  • Righttobeararms83
    "Hypocrisy #1: "Women only care about looks! That's all they ever... Oh DAMN, she's HOT!" ' men say women only care about their own look and men's money. So thats wrong.
    'Hypocrisy #2: "Girls should be feminine... but wait, not THAT feminine... and not THAT mannish." '
    Men want women to be WOMEN not a man without a penis. So thats wrong.
    'Hypocrisy #3: "Experienced girls are sluts... experienced guys just know what they're doing." '
    Girls go after experienced guys because they know what they are doing, thats not men saying that it's women. Girls find men's sexual history ireleavent. Girls want a confident don juan guy right out of the gate as thats what most women are attracted to. Its really women who slut shame not guys. Guys want a girl with low numbers for a relationship but for a one night stand are willing to go get it on with a promiscuous woman who just wants sex. Men and women go after the guys/girls they want and neither should be shamed. So your wrong again.
    You should really be mad at women as most of these hypocrisies and double standards belong to women not men, you can't blame men for everything lol
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  • CisScum
    Have you finally learned that hypocrisy lives on the Internet?
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    • Yeah, and IRL I don't think guys are this bad. Lots of angry guys on this site.

    • CisScum

      @SovereignessofVamps Pretty much, some guys come on this site to vent about women and basically take out their hatred on women. Same with women sometimes but it does seem more common with men. They absolutely do not say any of this shit irl, they may even be different irl.

    • clubby

      @SovereignessofVamps I agree, I've never seen such venom and bitterness from men until I joined this site.

  • ikissedtheskyonce
    In before a guy uses the lock and key metaphor. I wonder how many men you triggered with this post. It was a great read
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    • bobbyxx

      Yes but have you noticed how triggered women gets when you slut shame her or criticize her preferences? That is just funny and ridiculous and is a good reason not to respect a woman.

    • @bobbyxx i agreed with you until you said that you were looking for reasons not to respect women

    • bobbyxx

      Trust a feminazi to twist my words. I don't need to look for a reason not to respect women, you provide plenty enough reasons already and you just provided me with another.

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  • Grace_Rdz
    My now ex boyfriend flipped out and called me a "hoe" because he found out I used to sext with this one guy before him & I were even dating. When we broke up he told me he was fucking his exes behind my back.
    Like what the fuck? Talk about being a hypocritical asshole.
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  • ClassicRocker
    I think the issue with the "women care only about looks" thing is really just calling out the hypocrisy of women. Men care a LOT about looks, we know this, and those of us that aren't completely cucked will actually admit it. Meanwhile women claim to care much more about other things while still really caring mostly about looks.

    Both genders are guilty of this, but for some reason women are allowed to pretend that they aren't, and no one disagrees with them.
  • Kountry_King
    This take is bullshit to me all it did was generalize guys and put them in a category. How can you say if 5 girls are in a club or whatever and one is good looking 90% of the time she'll get the attention. You don't know that everybody has a preference & as for me I can't be after a woman who has four or five guys up her ass. I don't have time or care how good she looks.
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    • @Kountry_King
      If you don't believe that statement, then you need to do a little research, and I do mean a little, there have been plenty of studies done that prove the simple fact that in a room full of men and women the good looking ones will be hit on a minimum of 50 % more if not 70 - 90% more often than what people would call an average looking person... and it works both ways too.

    • @Idonotgivearatsass idc about percentages everyone has a different way of thinking which is why I said it's bs. Like who Is getting asked this? More than likely the guys who will go after the hottest chick when they walk in. Everything isn't for everybody that's all I'm saying.

  • lumos
    "Girls should be feminine"
    Haha yeah, and god forbid anyone ever tells a guy to man up!
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    • Unit1

      Girls should be like they want to be just like we guys and to be like we want to be.

      But yeah, good point :P

  • actualhero
    I dont think women are about looks. They are about height. there's a difference.

    Overall i would agree that both sides want this stereotype thats meaningless and easy to fake if you have no real character.
  • ProbablyTooMature
    #1 - In my opinion women are MUCH more open to dating an unattractive guy, or guy "below" her. I always date out of my league physically because the rest of me is great.

    #2 - I want my woman girly/feminine. If she's into high heels, purses, mani/pedis, and Hello Kitty... she's my kind of girl.

    #3 - I don't bother to ask about the past because I simply don't want to know. And I also hope she doesn't... because I'm "experienced".
  • blutwolfe
    #2, I like it when girls are feminine, I like it when they wear pink and act like a princess or whatever you called it, I also like fit chicks which some guys think are too masculine, either way this point is pretty invalid

    #3, girls like guys who get girls, where as guys like girls who don't get guys, its opposites really, so when the case arises when there's an outlier to this case its shunned
  • rjroy3
    1 is certainly hypocrisy.

    2 is not hypocrisy. Girls also don't want men being a pussy aka too feminine and it's not like guys want to be that either lol

    3 is a societal hypocrisy not so much hypocrisy of men. Guys who complain about sluts are not the ones out sleeping with girl after girl. It's the guys who can't get girl after girl that are bothered by sluts. Talk to Aaron Rodriguez and see if he gives a damn about girls that sleep around.

  • genericname85
    1: men never say they are not about looks.
    2: girls are even worse. want to be emancipated but still want a boss type guy. what you described men do are just a variance of preference not "hypocracy"
    3: only virgin guys call experienced/promisquous girls sluts.
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  • FakeName123
    #3 - Studies show that people with lots of different sexual partners prefer a partner who had the same. Vice versa those with a low count prefer their partner also to have a low count.

    Conclusion: Selective Perception by you.
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  • zagor
    1 - Guys, and girls, DO care about looks. But guys will ADMIT it. So sorry, but it is girls who are the biggest hypocrites on this one.

    2 - I'll take a girl in jeans and t-shirt any day over some bimbo who doesn't know high heels ruin the feet.

    3- Simple evolutionary biology.
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  • ManOnFire
    I think when men say women only care about looks, they're talking about the overall situation. Men like looks in WOMEN, but women care about looks in themselves, in OTHER WOMEN, and even men too despite them denying it. Men don't care how other men look or try to measure up to them.

    Most men like a feminine woman, and not too much of a mannish one. They want a balance, and there really is nothing debatable about that.

    I hear No.3 a lot and I really don't know what I think. I do know that many women want experienced men and even have their own hangups about virgin guys, especially ones who are into adulthood. For me, an experienced woman is fine, and an inexperienced one is fine as well.
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  • HikerDude
    This is wrong on basically every count. Men do not complain that women care about our looks, we complain that women care about our looks, and our confidence, and our "game," and our sense of humor, and our intelligence level, and our education level, and our social status, and our... everything! A female author reported in a well-known book that women have several hundred relationship dealbreakers that will turn them off. Men have three.

    Women are the self-appointed arbiters of what makes a "real" man, so you all have no room to complain that we express an opinion about feminine behavior. And guys most certainly are judged by our sexual experience. Guys who get a lot are labled as "players," users who seek only sexual gratification. On the other hand, women judge guys without sexual experience to be losers, low-status guys with no value. So this street runs both ways.
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    • Fathoms77

      "A female author reported in a well-known book that women have several hundred relationship dealbreakers that will turn them off. Men have three."

      Insulting. Maybe dumb men have three. I have just as many deal-breakers as any woman I've met, as do most men I know... not surprising that was written by a woman. :P

  • FatherJack
    Hypocrisy & double standards affect EVERYONE... BS is everywhere !! ... this can be my only response to this post ...

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  • lacorine197
    Damn, I didn't want to, but it irritated me, all the generalizations of this mytake, I can go on and on about the generalizations we can make towards women, but it's not going to get nothing done, anyways. It's super useless to keep going or to have a debate because both parties use double standards, PERIOD.
  • realityphil
    experienced girl = slut
    experiened guy = a champ
    no shit.

    Every girl can be a slut, while only best looking/succesful/financially rich guys can be champs. And most importantly, it is wired in our genes that women in a system find 'experienced guys' attractive, while men in a system find 'experienced girls' repulsive. Nr. of sexual partners for a males is indicator of success, while for women it is an indicator of failure.

    It's very simple equtation really.
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  • GarySummer
    #1: This is true of girls as well
    #2: This is only a small minority of guys
    #3: Ok this is a stupid double standard, but girls are just as likely to call a girl a slut as guys are.

    The real hypocrisy is the girls who want equality but still expect the man to chase them rather than them asking him out, or for the guy to pay for all dates, because it's "traditional".
  • JohnDoe3000
    Welcome to the internet! I agree with you on most of these points, but you're gonna need to date a democrat if you want a man who's not like the men you described 😂
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  • SalmonBear
    What always bothers me, is when men say: They try to change me, change how much I see my friends (or even say, "What will my friends think if I spend so much time with my girl and not them?").
    I hate this. Women accommodate a lot of themselves for the man, usually (in my experience). But men refuse to do so, because it would make them 'weak' or that they won't just change for anyone. Yet they expect to be accommodated by their girls at all times.

    They refuse to see them at times, because pickles forbid that their friends might think they are not spending enough time with them. I hate it, when they still behave like they were single but expect their women to not do so.
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  • deusexmachinaa
    LOL they always say they want a good looking girl, but end up with the homeliest one so their manhood/self esteem doesn't get threatened.
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  • Negrodamuss
    A lot of men can be a waste of time frankly. You can speak of all these things but it will just go in one ear and out the other. Women in my opinion should start raising their standards a bit and give less of these guys a chance the moment you smell even a little of the traits you described here. I see a lot of women putting up with a lot of shit for guys and it boggles my mind sometimes. Just demand more from men and they'll be forced to give you more... and the ones that can't compete will stay single for life... deservedly
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  • Harpesian
    Okay, just my two cents, but from what I've seen, #1 seems to be the opposite – boys complain that girls don't care about looks – and #2 seems to be a thing that's just felt because lots of people have different preferences. I also feel #3 is a little outdated, but I could be wrong on that front.
    Anyway. :P
  • NatashaJ
    For the whole sex thing this is why you don't sleep with a guy who slept with over 100 girls. He just a can of fuck up.
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    • Ha. Can be kind of true.

    • NatashaJ

      @mostwomenshouldstfu Exactly if he refuse to commit to one girl that means he has trust issues with women in general and see women less. Or he wouldn't treat every women like a piece of meat.

    • I was thinking he went through 100 girls, and still couldn't get it right. And those girls he bagged are in a similar boat

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  • Unit1
    Wow, who hurt you?

    This is the internet. Hopefully you can find OUTSIDE better people than hypocrites.
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  • Bandit74
    Girls are actually pickier about looks when it comes to casual sex. So for one night stands and fwbs, guys are more willing to lower their standards than women are. For relationships guys definitely care more than women. For relationships its common for the girl to be the better looking one, but for casual sex women rarely sleep with men who are less attractive than she is.

    That just comes down to trying to find a balance. Its the same for men. There is probably an ideal range of masculinity you prefer your partners to fall in. Not masculine enough and he's a pussy, too masculine and he's a meathead.

    Its not a double standard. Men decide what kind of sexual history they are willing to tolerate in women and women decide what kind of sexual history they are willing to tolerate in men. Its not our fault that women are on average, more willing to accept promiscuity in a partner. We didn't force you to do that.
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    • tyber1

      On point 3, most women actually prefer a man who has a decent amount of sexual experience.

    • nalaa

      1) You keep repeating this over and over again. I wish you would actually listen to the things people. Like what she said about guys going for the hottest girl in a group. It's true in my opinion. Even when the other girls are also good looking. And it's not covered by your guys will fuck everything that moves rule
      And I'm not saying that looks don't matter but her point was that guys act far more shallow in that regard. Men care so much about looks that it's objectifying.

      2) I don't know. People like to say things you should be balanced as if that's always a good thing. Personally I don't know what too masculine would look like? I agree with her there also. Women are lot more straightforward and we know what we want.
      And come on "too masculine and he's a meathead" being masculine does not make you stupid

      3) Of course it's a double standard. A different standard applied to the same situation. You might say not all double standards are bad, but don't argue that it isn't one. It is

    • nalaa

      And besides she wasn't just referring to that men and women care about different things.
      " I also find it interesting that a man's sexual history is apparently irrelevant while a woman's sexual history is critical to any relationship"
      You'll hear something like that a lot. Guys that think that girl that has had sex has somehow a flawed personality, that sex screwed her up so bad she should illegible, while his own sleeping around of course couldn't havep ossibly had any impact on his personality. That would be outrageous

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  • Riggers
    1) Haha, And guys dont get judged on our looks too? Girls are just as judgmental as guys, you're experiencing a personal Bias that you're a girl and not realising that you do the same thing.

    We get fisted just as much for imperfections as you.

    2) And guys get fucking ripped on for not being masculine enough, Apparently if were not forging iron with our shirts off with our ripped 8 packs doused in sweat and grit whilst we look up with our majestic noble faces were a feminine pussy bitch.

    3) Guys with a lot of girls are douchebag players, Guys with no or little girls are loser virgins.

    It. Works. Both. Ways.
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  • bente2
    Liked your take.
    Nice writing style, choose of words fits and I generally agree with it all.
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  • skyfullofstars
    I know men can totally not have their life together, pursue you, then look down on you for not respecting yourself enough to choose a man who has his life together. SMH
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  • Scrambledagain
    #3 is true though. Sex is so fucking easy to get for a girl, not for a guy. So the guy who sleeps with a lot of women is a legend. No girl who sleeps around can claim that. A girl doesn't even have to try be good in bed. I know many sluts (I say that positively) that are terrible lays eventhough they have had many guys. A guy on the other hand needs to fuckin good for the women to come to him.

    Women don't get this because it's not a problem you have to deal with. Women choose their sex path, men work for it. Therein lies the difference.
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  • Djaaaaay
    If we as male and female refuse and deny and are rebellious to GODS commands ; Then all of us are straight up sluts in the devils name. ... down votes welcome!!!
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  • Almostoverit
    I find this article to be a gross generalization of "guys"
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    I would agree that if either is overly experienced and doesn't care, the attitude is slutty. I cannot deny good looks will attract my eye, but I dig to see what's beneath the wrapper (and by that, I mean her soul, not the other thing.).

    A gal with little soul will still be eye pleasing, but she may bore me. What I find most contemptible, however, is a woman who believes that "feeling uncomfortable" gives her the right to lie. Which makes things worse for everyone in the end including her. And when the guy gets hurt, it's somehow never her fault, no matter what she does to him. I have little respect for such cowards, who usually go anon on this site. They aren't even honest with themselves.
  • EnteringValhalla
    "women are equal to men!!
    Hypocrisy: But you still have to pay when we go out!
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    • BTeal

      I agree!! - I would say on the first date, the person who asked the other one out should pay (whether it be the man or the woman) and then after that, both should pay!!

    • @BTeal Im glad you see it my way... i was expecting to get destroyed for saying this

  • Spelling95
    You're falling into the same pitfall some men are falling into when it comes to them instantly judging anyone that claims to be feminist: you're generalizing an entire gender.

    Most men know full well both genders care about looks, and that's okay.
    Most men want a woman that is clearly female, not overly masculine, that's all.
    Lots of men don't care if the girl has had lots of sexual partners, some might even prefer it.

    And for the guys that don't agree with those three statements, they are probably fine with you doing whatever you want, they just won't seek you for a relationship, that's all.
  • Bobbyhill1
    and women are the most perfect creatures on this planet, right? do us all a favor and get over yourself. Yes, some guys are hypocrites but so are girls. I wonder, how many females shame men for lacking some kind physical attribute? you want to complain about a girl being called a slut? what about the guys who are shamed for being a virgin? you want to complain about guys not making their mind up in what they want? yet we both know its the same thing for women. its people like YOU who are apart of the problem. you come on here venting about a gender when you know both men AND women do the same idiotic crap. By doing this, you are just as stupid as the people you complain about. grow a brain.
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