Why I LOVE Married Men


I don't know how it came to be, but I find myself attracted to married men. For some reason they seem to have their s**t together. Responsible, organized and mature.

Guys these days don't seem to act more than 12 year olds, and that just isn't appealing. I know many women will agree with me on this one.

1. There is a certain charm about "wanting what you can't have"

It's true, I find it appealing to want the man that I can't fully have. Whether its the whole secrecy and the fun of doing things behind someone's back?

I LOVE Married MEN!

2. Have fun without any strings attached

Yep, gotta say that if you're looking for a good time, without being worried of a relationship or the idea of someone becoming stalkerish and clingy, chances are a married guy is for you

Why I LOVE Married Men

3. A man who can commit is good material

A man that has taken the step towards married and possibly children is a guy that can commit. If you're looking for that a married guy keeps getting better and better looking by the second

Why I LOVE Married Men

Why I LOVE Married Men
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Most Helpful Girl

  • TheDevilInside
    honey, do you realise how fucking STUPID you sounded?

    1. "For some reason they seem to have their s**t together. Responsible, organized and mature"
    - If they are cheating, they DO NOT HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER. Responsible? Pffffft yeah. If you can call ignoring your responsibilities as a good husband and father "responsible"... You're so fucking delusional. "Mature"? A mature individual can curb his desires. Not go off doing shit he KNOWS he is not supposed to do and hurting his wife and children the most. It's when the kids get hurt, that's when I wish both the guy and the mistress would get ripped apart by horses and their body parts fed to sharks.

    2. " the idea of someone becoming stalkerish and clingy"
    - OH PUH-LEEEESE!!! Like anyone would want to stalk you! Again, delusional.

    3. "A man that has taken the step towards married and possibly children is a guy that can commit."
    - Right. Cause a guy who betrays the one he promised to cherish til death do they part, is "someone who can commit" in your book. Honey, if someone can commit, he wouldn't be cheating.

    What the fuck happened to you when you were little, huh? Nobody is this stupid without some sort of trauma...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    If you like married men cause they're more mature, why do you act like a little kid? Any mature and respectful woman would stay away from married men, as she would respect the marriage between the man and his woman.
    You're just another one of those women who want older men (married preferably) cause they think they're too mature to date men their own age, when in reality they're just babies looking for the father figure they never had. I feel sorry for you and for any girl that thinks the same way as you... which unfortunately, there's a lot.
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    • Jamesol1

      That's is the realist shit I've read all week lol. You can bet she won't try debating that.

    • ninjast4r

      Daddy issues. That's all I can say. She wants a man to take care of everything in life because she's so inept at it. The irony is she wants a man who is mature and responsible, but is willing to throw his life and livelihood in jeopardy for some young pussy.

    • @ninjast4r Exactly lol

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  • enis_Penvy
    You must have extremely low self esteem to pursue a man who is already in a committed relationship with someone else. That says more about your own lack of self respect. This was a horrible myTake attempting to justify your inadequate lifestyle. Ridiculous.
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    • Jamesol1

      It's like she gets pleasure and an ego boost from knowing a man cheated on his wife to have sex with her... how fucked up and insecure is this girl... jees... I don't think she is in a tiny minority either.

  • englisc
    I've seen girls mention the third reason. It makes no sense though - wouldn't him going behind his wife's back and leaving her for you actually mean that he's not good material and that he isn't really committed? When that's what attracted you to him in the first place?
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  • sailorjupiter
    "For some reason they seem to have their s**t together. Responsible, organized and mature"

    maybe they're like that because they have a wife to make sure everything is taken care of? you're just shallow
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  • Library
    This is fucked up trolling on a whole different level.
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  • Browneye57
    This is called 'preselection' or 'mate-poaching'. In any case, it's a bad way to go and you're gonna get your heart broken over and over. DAMHIK

    Find a special guy that isn't already attached and make a life with him. Don't steal someone else's husband. That's about the lowest level a woman can stoop to.
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  • JohnDoe3000
    2 and 3 contradict each other, also 3 is only half true: he can commit, but then cheats. Guys don't act like 12-year olds: maybe the ones you chose to hang out with (or the only ones who want to give you attention) do.
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  • brain5000
    This is a sexual fantasy, not something that is feasible. If you actually got a married guy, you would lose interest in him faster than a dog who caught the car he was chasing.

    People who are commenting about how (3) contradicts the rest don't get it. People don't sexually fantasize about lifetime commitments.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    I wonder how a man can have his shit together and cheat at the same time. Its either having your shit together or being a cheater there's no doing them both.
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  • pavlove
    i think you should just date single guys and fantasize about them being married while you're having sex
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  • FýrdracaDócincel
    Your third point is counter-intuitive to this entire Take.
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  • Tony1974
    And she was bashing the guys for acting like 12 year old!!! Exhibit A on how delusional women can be...
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  • Prettygurl12
    You. Are. An. Idiot.

    Jesus Christ.
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  • Unit1
    I will never get married. :P
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  • Adigelunar
    thats bad
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  • StickStickity13
    Women will FREAK out about this take
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  • CT_CD
    I'm married
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  • Nice222
    Great take thanks.
  • Anonymous
    better be a troll than a home wrecker... .
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  • Anonymous
    This just proves that the VAST majority of women (The 80% of women only find 20% of men attractive) are attracted to the same SMALL pool of guys and its crazy because guys are always accused of being the shallow sex when its the majority of women who don't have a broader spectrum of what's attractive. This is why its easier for overweight unattractive women to thrive in hook ups, fwb's. relationships and the dating game in general than it is for their male counterparts and even guys that are average looking to below average looking unless the guy has the money to satisfy women's materialistic cravings
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  • Anonymous
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