Why I Absolutely Love Men ❤

Hey! πŸ™ˆ this is a bit of an awkward Mytake, also it's my first one so please don't be harsh on me πŸ˜‚

I choose to do this Mytake because I feel like men don't really get the appreciation they deserve, at least not these days. I want men to see how desired they actually are, as from my little experience, they don't realize.

1. They're physically stronger.

I don't know about you people, but I find strength, both physical and mental, VERY attractive. Knowing that a guy could protect and defend you whenever you'll be needing it, something about that, makes me so much more attracted to him.

2. Their physical appearance.

And no, I'm not talking only about muscular guys with very defined Jawline and a 6 pack. I'm talking about guys with skinny, fit, chubby, muscular and average bodies. I find ALL amazingly attractive. Cute baby face to rougher face, I like it all 😌

3. They've always been great role models for me.

Growing up, I always looked up to my own father. He's always been like the greatest character in my life, despite not being around me enough as a child. Other men I've met I really admired, because of how unbelievably amazing they are.

4. Men have always treated me well.

Men always seemed to be genuinely nice and warm with me. I can't recall many times where I've gotten bad treatment from a man... I know I am still young and have a tiny little experience, but I just genuinely believe men are just so sweet!

5. They feel more real.

Unfortunately my tiny experience with girls hasn't been very good. I'm not trying to sound like I'm self hating, but most of the girls I've known were very fake. Men on the other hand, always really cared for me and never decided to use me just like girls did.

6. They're more chill.

I don't need to explain this one much πŸ˜‚ usually girls, including me, are well... not that chill. We can stress really quickly over things or get dramatic. I've never met a really dramatic man before which is nice. They can calm you down really easily.

7. They're usually dominant.

πŸ™ˆ I love dominant figures. I feel so much safer around more dominant men, and just generally love dominant qualities.

8. They are honestly precious.

Isn't it SO PRECIOUS to see a man smiling at you? Or a man laughing at something really funny, or a man showing affection to you... my heart is melting from just thinking of it. It's so cute and sweet ❀❀❀❀
Or the cutest thing ever, when they hold a baby or play with a baby. OMG! Also when they cry. They're nit even trying to come off as cute, but they just do and it's so... adorable.

9. They're protective.

I personally LOVE when a man is being protective over me. Seeing me as so vulnerable and needing to be protected πŸ™ˆ

10. I'm generally into masculinity.

Just am. Lol

11. Fathers are amazing.

The father plays a huge role, as well as the mother, in their child's life. Men can make great fathers and be amazing father figures, and I find that attractive when a man can be a good father and provide the most to his children.

12. I'm a straight girl.

If that wasn't clear already, I'm 100% straight πŸ˜‚

I think we really do need to show more love to men, because they ARE desired and ARE wanted. Men really are awesome ❀

Awwww 😍
Awwww 😍

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Most Helpful Guys

  • WOW, pitzi. I will say what a lot of men I'm sure are certainly thinking. you sound like you are an attractive young lady and I'm saying that not from your picture from the nose down but from the things that you have said. You are well advanced in your thoughts. In my opinion what you written here says a lot about your personality, your emotions. I'm being selfish when I say it is too bad that you are not 36 or even 46. I would love to have someone with your thoughts, outlook and emotions in my life. You have a great Outlook and I wish most of the women that I have come across and experienced had the same or even one tenth of the same outlet that you have. You go girl thank you for sharing that. It's nice to know that even though you're very young, there's at least one woman out there who has the desires and opinion that you have.

    • Thank you so much sir! This put a smile on my face

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    • Oh nooo I was just trying to be respectful lol I'm sorry

    • No, you were very respectful pitzi, and I appreciate that more than you know. That was my sarcasm rearing it's head that's all.

  • You're genuine. Thank you. I like the innocence in this post too. You haven't seen the darker side of men yet, and I hope you never do.

    Women don't deserve half the nonsense men put on them and deserve a lot more appreciation than they get too.

    I love women for a lot of different reasons, but the biggest I think is that femininity is beautiful.

    You say dominant men are attractive. Submissive women are too. I don't mean do everything I say submissive, but rather knowing that she's *mine* as long as she *wants* to be, and her place is in my arms submissive :)

    Sure we're physically stronger, but a delicate girl is attractive to me. She shouldn't be super strong. It's cute when she's trying to move something heavy.

    I can't say I find the male body attractive. Female curves are far more inviting, but I'm no straight female, so thanks :)

    You know I like this. I'm always hearing about how my gender is terrible to women and we don't care and all we want is sex and then this post slides its way onto my screen and it's like this little breath of fresh air.

    • Thank you! πŸ™ˆ

      Haha yes a lot you can say about women as well but I find men attractive so I wrote it about men πŸ˜‚ I think that because I'm really submissive I like more dominant and stronger men so πŸ™ˆ

    • Also as human beings we share a lot of the same characteristics. Men can hold some feminine traits. Women can hold some masculine.

      There is an ebb and flow to both genders on different days and situations. It takes being vulnerable to show who you are as a person. When you are with someone you trust then the real you out.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Amen! What a beautifully written take. With all those men-hating questions and takes recently, it's so refreshing to see yours. Bless you! Men need more appreciation these days <3


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What Guys Said 100

  • Seriously love this take!!! But because I'm very very much number 9, just remember number 1 still means be careful with my gender!!! Not all of us have good characters. Trust your instincts!

    Love this take, love the male positivity, agree we need more of it, just be safe @pitzi! Your future sons need your influence in their lives!

  • You know I honestly don't know how to feel about this. Its really nice to see positivity and appreciation for positive traits, but of course it's not like all men are like this, or that that aren't women who are. Not to say you don't understand that. I feel almost flattered reading this, but I have a hard time understanding.

    • I'm not saying that aren't bad men out there that I dislike and good women that I like, of course there are. But my point was to show positivity to men who are good, which I believe are the majority

  • It's good to see something different to man hate.
    Not all men cheat.
    Not all men assault
    Not all men rape.
    In fact I'm willing to guess at least 80% of all men will never do any of these.

    Thank you for being positive towards men.
    If you're good towards us we will be good towards you.

    • I'm willing to guess 85% of all men will never do any of these! Lol

      Aw ❀

  • Did i just read something positiv about men? Are you trolling us? Because it's not funny.

  • Thank you!!!

    Each of us only needs one girl like you in our lives. And when we find her we will treat her like gold.

    Your guy is very lucky

  • Wow. I wish someone would post something like this on FB or a commercial or something... if I heard this, say, maybe, once or twice a week...

  • *Applause you *
    Great job Pitzi
    This one is a nice take, girls nowadays try not to show what they love about men, thanks to feminism.
    As for this "12. I'm a straight girl
    If that wasn't clear already, I'm 100% straight "
    What about @sarahhcmarie ? lol

  • Awesome my-take. Feels like men are being dragged through the gutter lately. So thank you. You sound awesome.

  • That is so sweet of you. For once I am actually feeling good to be a man. I hope more men read your take, and bring the best out of them.
    You seem like a nice girl, don't take any men take advantage of your goodness...😊

  • Omg. Finally somebody who actually notices what we men do for this world and it's people! Love this take! The best one I've ever read so far! Thanks!

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What Girls Said 28

  • Men don't understand how we are attracted to them. It's hard to explain, but your masculinity can be beautiful in itself.

    Of course I mean the right kind of masculinity. Not toxic masculinity. Great men achieve a healthy of the masculine and feminine within themselves and I think those are the truly beautiful men :)

    • healthy ballance* lol

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    • We also see that women consistently refuse to partake in certain fields, like the STEM fields. In fact between 1900s and 1930s women accounted for about 4% of all Nobel prizes in the sciences, currently women account for about 4% of all nobel prizes in the sciences. Nothing changed. Its a choice, women are biologically predisposed towards certain things, that's why women dominated in education, specifically childhood education, comprising 90% of it, tend to focus on English//literature, they make up almost 90% of psychology, 90% of social workers, almost 90% of pediatrics etc.(none of which I would point out, have any push for more gender "diversity"). We are built for different tasks, both are important, I never understood the derision given to raising children, they are literally the reason why you exist, they carry on your DNA, they carry on your ideals and they will literally run the world, its an important task.

    • @witchslove
      I don't believe in "toxic masculinity", but I agree with your first part.
      I'd just prefer a man who's mostly if not only masucline, rather than a balance of masculinity and femininity

  • I know this was a take about men but reading it I kept thinking about puppies, maybe it’s your style of writing I don't know πŸ˜…
    And it’s nice you had such good experiences this far, many of us unfortunately weren’t that lucky

    • Aw puppies πŸ˜‚

      I'm sorry if you had bad experience but thank you so much honestly for not being straight up rude here because you had a bad experience

  • Preach it, girl!!! ^_^
    You is speaking my mind lol

  • Well said! I really enjoyed what you wrote and think it’s about time someone posted the positives!! πŸ‘πŸ»

  • I wish I could agree with you on number 4 😞.
    But hey look at my age compared to yours, I hope you never experience what a bad man can do. It still hasn't stopped my from loving a man though.

  • I agree with all of this, especially the masculinity part
    ~ Mrs Manson

    • Don't you like guys who wear eyeliner though?

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    • I'm proud of you ❀ lol

    • thank you <3
      ~ Mrs Manson

  • Great Take! I actually agree with everything you said and somehow all made me think of him while I am reading.. Except he is not a father yet.

  • I agree, men are a blessing. I really can't stand many of my own gender.

  • im fucking hungry i need food before i turn into the goddamn hulk

    • sorry that the lesbian thing didn't work out with pitzi... no worries, Im sure you can find someone else πŸ˜„

    • @i'manasswithnotitties
      I hope you realize how absolutely stupid you are.
      You still act and talk like a teenager and you're 31?
      Also, you seem to not want to leave do you? Keep coming back here tryna fight for no logical reason.

      AHAHAHA you blocked me!!!
      Oh please honey, grow the hell up.

  • Gross.

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    • @azzntittiz Please do that in front of a mirror.

    • That was a joke too. Lmao. What if I told you, just because you can joke like that it doesn't mean you don't have any consequences for it.

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