It's Okay to LIE!


Here are some common reasons it is OK to lie in a relationship.

1. Your spouse doesn't have to know that you thought that guy in aisle 4 was HOT

Let's face it, just because you thought that guy was hot, doesn't mean you need to advertise it. Even if your sweetie asks, there is no need to advertise your feelings on this one.

It's OK to LIE!

2. Your honey's cooking wasn't that great

If they cooked you a meal, and it wasn't the best- it's ok to sit this one out, with your comments. If you gotta say you loved it, go ahead & order pizza next time :)

It's Okay to LIE!

3. Sometimes you NEED alone time

If you're feeling down and you don't wanna talk about it, no need to explain. You don't always have to be an open book, sometimes "it's alright", and taking an hour to yourself is all you need.

It's Okay to LIE!
It's Okay to LIE!
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  • blondfrog
    Everyones lied if they say they haven't they are lying.
  • Anonymous
    Yes, I agree!