How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!

I Broke Up with my FIANCE, to be with his BROTHER!

When I met Paul, I was an impressionable, young, and somewhat naive 22 year old girl. He was 38, owned his own business, was super kind, and made me feel special. I had just graduated from University, and was working at a men's clothing store. He walked in- and we hit it off!

How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!

From day 1, Paul would take me out to nice restaurants, we would travel together, go shopping, and it felt like the possibilities were endless. We would have long conversations about anything, and I saw that in Paul's eyes, I was hilarious, witty and just the most exciting person he has ever met.

7 months into our relationship, Paul took me to meet his family for dinner. Paul wasn't exactly close to his family, since his parents divorced, but I imagine since I emphasized how close I am with my family, that he wanted share this value with me. I met his dad who was an extremely gentle soul, and his brother Weston, who was 31 and worked for an accounting firm. I didn't realize it then, but I certainly do now... I was about to hurt Paul in more ways than one.

How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!

Dinner consisted of fun, and raunchy jokes by Paul, followed by an interview session, where I was seeking acceptance into the family. A few hours later, we left.

A few days later, I received a friend request on Facebook from Weston. I accepted and he sent me a quick message, to let me know that it was nice to meet me, and we continued on to chat about how hard it is, to find a job after University.

How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!

A week later, Paul proposed after knowing me for 7.5 months. I was taken back, but said "yes". Paul was very excited, and we started discussing the plans. He insisted that I change my last name to his, and that we hold the wedding in his home town as it has a meaning for him. I hesitated, and told him that I do not wish to change my last name, and wanted to keep the wedding in town. We quickly got into a heated argument. "Don't talk down to me, you're not my dad" I told him. "You're acting like a spoiled brat"- he said back to me. I took the ring off threw it on the table, and stormed out of the house.

I called my girlfriend and told her what happened. She was shocked, but told me to keep my distance from him for a bit and take time to think things through.

Paul called me repeatedly the next day, but I ignored him. That evening, Weston messaged me to ask me whats going on, as his dad told him that Paul was upset. I told Weston that I really don't want to discuss it. Weston offered to go for coffee the next day, and I agreed.

How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!

I went to downtown to meet him, beside the coffee shop adjacent to his work. Weston walked in with a suit on... and I know it was wrong but I thought "wow, he is just so handsome"! The whole conversation was about giving Paul a chance, and what a great guy he is, and how much he loves me. I watched Weston talk, he was so articulate and intelligent. I just looked at him in awe. Maybe I was over thinking it, but I had a gut feeling, an intuition you can call it, that he was looking at me feeling what I was feeling?

I don't know how to explain it, but have you ever had that feeling, when you look at someone and you don't have to talk, your eyes do the talking for you. You share some sort of unspoken bond that you just adore that person? That's what it felt like with Weston.

How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!

"Thanks Weston, but I need time apart from Paul, I am going out with my girlfriend to Marquee (a dance club) tonight, and I just wanna relax". Weston nodded, and with that our coffee date ended.

That night, I was telling my girlfriend about Weston, I was crazy about him, it's like the forbidden fruit! We were getting ready and she joked about inviting Weston out, and I don't know if it was the jack and coke... but I messaged him on Facebook asking if he wanted to come. He was quick to reply "maybe i'll pop by with my buddies".

We got to Marquee, early and we were drinking away. I was laughing at my gf's silly jokes, and 1 hour in- I was completely in a carefree state. I was about to order another drink, and as I turned around I saw Weston and another guy at the other side of the bar. I walked over and said hi. Weston smiled and introduced me to his friend. I encouraged them to walk over to meet my girlfriend. She started talking to Weston's buddy (who was pretty hot!!!), and Weston and I walked over to the bar- as he suggested shots!

How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!

5...4...3...2...1 my relationship with Paul was about to end. I had taken a few shots, and was wobbly. I was feeling super courageous and my censor was off, "you're sooo hot" I screamed at Weston over the music. He smiled and replied with "you're sexy". We laughed for a bit as I was getting nice and close to him. I was leaning on his chest, and he wasn't pulling back. He spun me around pretending we were dancing, and then my back was to him. I could feel him breathing against my ear... it seemed like seconds, before I turned around- and we KISSED. It was so hot, and passionate and if sparks could fly...

My girlfriend and I went home not too long after, and when I told her what happened- she was shocked. "What are going to do?" she asked me in panic. In reality, I knew that I didn't want to be with Paul. He took care of me in a fatherly way, but this comfort wasn't the spark that I was looking for. I didn't know what could be with Weston... if anything at all?

How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!

I called Paul and told him that I wasn't ready to be in a relationship with him. He tried to probe why, but I kept it simple saying that I want to be single. We were done for good.

Weston and I hung out a few times over the next 2 months (in secret without Paul knowing), and eventually we talked less and less.

Paul was a good experience, and Weston was a good distraction. I am glad that I didn't make the mistake of getting married to someone that provided me with something I THOUGHT I wanted.

How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!
How I Broke Up With My Fiancé...To Be With His Brother!
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  • Elarra
    Okay, well, you didn't break up with him to be with his brother because according to you, you simply used him as a distraction. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the very thing we get mad at guys for doing to us? Doesn't make it any more right for you to do it to them.

    And all you did was try to romanticize cheating. You're still a cheater. Stop cheating. It's gross and disrespectful.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • coachTanthony
    I will never get those 4 minutes back... WOW
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  • blondfrog
    I can't believe they haven't removed this. That is truly disgusting all you did was ruin a brother's relationship and tore a family apart. What a terrible world we live in, its people like you why others are so cautious to get into relationships and who others have to protect their children from. This is why I don' feel bad when I see terrible people get tortured to death.
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    • Rissyanne

      You know this isn't real... it's just a story she wrote.

    • Djaaaay

      Even tho this story might be fake , this senerio happens all the time in the real. Stupid cheating sluts do this quite often. So I'm going to agree with your opinion. A Cops wife did this down the street several years ago and he shot her to death.

    • Djaaaay

      Opinion owner

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  • rjroy3
    Assuming this is a true story...

    You did wrong. End of story. This is kind of like trying to write a revisionist history of Hitler and what he dealt with during World War 2. From his perspective and what he felt along the way... still the bad guy. Still a horrible person. That's what you are lol.
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  • Vindicated
    Both of you and him are shitty with shitty personality. Oh but i´m sure that either you or him will end the relationship sooner or later. As bad as it sounds you deserve it.

    I darn hope that this "take" is fake. It might restore my faith in humanity. That there is only few like you!

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  • Hal2002
    You are both shit.

    I can't say anything to you, this is something women seem to make a habit of. Getting with a guy, than getting in a situation with his brother or best friend.

    His brother is a rat, for snaking in on you his brothers girl. I can understand, why he is not close with his family. I would put money on it, that you are not the first female that Paul has snaked behind his brothers back.

    I have to give Paul his due, he is smooth the way he moved in on you.
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    • Hal2002

      sorry meant to say Weston, Paul was the one that got played.

  • JuicyBrain
    Why did you have to hurt me so bad ! Whyyyyyyyyyy !
  • GraveTruth
    Shallow typical gold digger... oops, did I say that.
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    • Unit1

      At first, yes:
      "Paul would take me out to nice restaurants, we would travel together, go shopping, and it felt like the possibilities were endless."

      One of the traits gold diggers have is listing the most expensive past events, that they found exciting.

    • GraveTruth

      @Unit1 or sure. She was basing their relationship on what the guy was worth and what he spend money on firstly.

    • Unit1

      Aye! That's what I said.

  • ThisDudeHere
    Nice fake stuff. Solid 5/7.

    That or it's people like you why we can't have nice things in the world.
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  • troychapman
    I am glad that I didn't make the mistake of getting married to someone that provided me with something I THOUGHT I wanted.
    glad you didn't make a mistake seems like you didn't really give a fuck about his feelings
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  • spoonman2014
    Some of my friends got on me for going HAM in my early 20's but one thing I did they never did was couple swap. How can you be eyeing up your friend/relatives girl or guy like that? Then have the audacity to try to take them? I plan on kicking the bucket without submitting to this kind of behavior
  • Robin48
    Honestly, women do not know how to have a relationship. They drop someone to go to the next person because they can do more for her. Your behavior is very inappropriate. Lack of morals, values, ethics. Lack of self-respect for yourself and others.
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  • Bandit74
    This is one of the reasons why I wouldn't seriously date a girl who drinks. I know I am limiting my options a bit, but it's totally worth it in my opinion.
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  • JSmuve

    Cute story. Nice clickbait.

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  • chigurl33
    Obviously tis is a troll but I wouldn't even read a story like this... cmon Girl, you can do better than a stupid cunt with no self respect and no common sense either as the main character.
  • Tdieseler
    Sigh... brings me back to why i tell men two things...

    __Dont give too much of a fuck about women's feelings when making your personal decisions, because when it comes to her making a personal decision... she Definitely won't give a fuck about yours, (while saying she gives a fuck)
    __Most women (if not all) dont fully know what they want in or out relationships, they only dwell in what looks good At The Time. Thats not the kind of person you want making long term major relationship decisions for you. refer to example 1.

    Call me sexist, i call it truth. And this is one out of the thousands of examples I've seen and heard about.

    Good Take.
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    • Afro-dite9


    • Tdieseler

      @Afro-dite9 i know hon... but this is the truth.. and i see it too many times to count. i mean, if a dude had done this... whoo... he would have been crucified.
      whether this is truth or fiction... probably truth seeing as the person is hiding behind the filter, this and so many things are the reason why i tell men these things.
      And many women, being the relationship clueless morons that they are, refuse to see things from a guy perspective. When something happens to a woman, its front page news and when its to a guy, he should just man up.
      Of course im gonna be labelled a lot of things because of some of the beliefs that i have, but that again is a method women use to control men so they (women) can get what they want. And they wonder why the are the most cheated on gender.
      I say the truth... and women HATE me for it.

      Keep the down votes coming girls, me and a group of other guys on here know that the more female down votes... the more true the quote/post.

  • Rissyanne
    This is a pretty good story... you could make it as a fiction writer
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  • Sunflower19
    Lol your mistake was jumping into a relationship you thought you were ready for... THEN confiding in the opposite sex about it... His brother. No just no.
  • Chico_brah
    This is just a fantasized written story. Just a story of fiction and nothing else.
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  • Afro-dite9
    Just by the tittle alone... THAT'S COLD BLOODEDDDD! lmao
  • HarrisonWells
    considering you didn't cheat, i see nothing wrong with this. What I don't understand is why you didn't discuss things with Paul earlier about wedding locations and last names.
  • NessMess
    This is why i don't approach women... I don't want to take a chance of ending up with a cock jumping slut like this whore right here.
  • Unit1
    You made it out of there just in time I would say. Things could have been MUCH worse if you think about it.

    You evaded a possible disaster.
  • Negrodamuss
    wait what? no secret sex behind a dumpster? i am disappoint -_-
  • Browneye57
    Yup, hypergamy at its finest. I would keep all that crap to myself. How embarrassing.
  • Djaaaay
    The chronicles of a slut... And the metaphorical case of a cheater...
  • This_is_my_username
    wow. WOW..

    DAMN. This needs its own book
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  • TMarissaWL
    Lol this is obv a fake story
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  • CheerGirl38139


    Thanks for the xper ✌
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  • juststrollin
    Omg yasss i live for this!!!
  • John_Doesnt
    You suck.
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  • helloitsmethere
    Oh... it's you again.
  • Centurion20000
    Where's the "You're disgusting" button?
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  • macix670
    Good for you girl. You made the right decision.
  • __Victoria__
    Fake story
  • Anonymous
    Weston just wanted that pwwussy. he and paul must really dislike each other
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  • Anonymous
    This is pretty obvious.

    I mean it's not as obvious as the guys who write incredibly ludicrous stories of sexual escapades. But it was still pretty obvious.
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  • Anonymous
    i hope this abomination doesn't walk amongst us... .
  • Anonymous
    this has to be the biggest troll, i think I've ever seen
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  • Anonymous
    Paul was a good guy but obviously bad at picking women. His brother is a scumbag for betraying his brother, I had a cousin do this to his brother years ago and even his own parents have disowned him. Paul is lucky to find out exactly what you are before he gave your grubby hands access to the fruits of his past and future labour.
    I recently moved to America and im shocked by the lack of morality here, were every low deed is done by people with no shame and will seek to play the victim and justify their actions no matter what. Nothing is sacarad anymore.
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  • Anonymous
    You sound like a well adjusted person who makes good life choices. If I may ask: how much better is the sex with Weston than Paul?
  • Anonymous
    Female Hypergamy. It cannot be reason it, doesn't feel sympathy or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop until you are dead.

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  • Anonymous
    You are both complete assholes.
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  • Anonymous
    Anyways paul is asshole lol