Why Girls Only Like Muscular Guys

Have you ever wondered why that girl rejected you for that buff jock? Or why girls sometimes just won't speak to you? The reason is because you are not muscular and if you choose not to become muscular, then you are going to have a much harder time getting women. Here are the reasons why the majority of women want a guy who has some meat on him.

1.) Sexy

The majority of girls and women out there prefer a guy who is more muscular because they find that sexy. Girls have always love the built, muscular look for generations. There are of course, the minority of women who enjoy someone who is skinny or fat, but very few do. It's simply logical for the girl to want a guy who is muscular because it shows that they are healthy and active.

2.) Comfort

When girls cuddle up with a guy, they want the guy's body to feel like a pillow. They don't want a bony guy that is hard to rest their heads on and they don't want a fatter guy because they would find it unsexy (which ties back to my first point). They want to rest their heads on a guy's muscles, it's their dream pillow.

3.) Showing off to their friends

When girls get together with a guy who is muscular, it becomes an achievement to go and talk about with their friends. Kinda like how if a guy talks to a hot girl it becomes an achievement. It's less of an achievement for a skinny or fatter guy.

4.) Good in bed

For some reason, girls and women alike have the delusion that muscular guys are all good in bed. I believe that it stems from the comfort factor because a guy with more meat isn't going to be as painful as a bony guy, and the fatter guy is slower when in bed. That is the belief for a lot of these girls/women.


If you aren't muscular, i'd suggest that you start going to the gym, otherwise you won't get much results with women. You can always try because there are going to be some girls who don't care, but just know that a lot of girls do. For me, I don't even bother talking to girls because I'm a skinny 123 pound dude. I'm 18 and I've been working out since I was 16 and I'm still skinny. My plan is to just wait until college and when my metabolism slows down, then I will gain some weight. If you are fat, you have it a lot easier. As I like to say, it's easier to turn shit into diamonds than turn nothing into diamonds, so get to that gym. As for me, I am fucked until college so I will just wait until then. Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave whatever comments down below and I will try to get to them.


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  • i don't look for physical thingy, as long he is confident to his body that's all matter i don't care about if he got abs. what matters his personality and being a respectful guy

    • That was just pure chronic supa-dupa unbelievable biggest croc of epic BS.

    • So if some confident guy rolled over to you with a beer belly, wobbly arms and man boobs that bounced in a figure eight each time he ran, you wouldn't mind... we all know that's utter bs hahaha.

    • @Truthatanycost i don't care as long he is a cool person and nice to talk with, i don't judge people base on what they looked like, as long they are a good and respectful

  • Haha nah

  • im a girl and im not fan of muscular guys

  • never cared about muscles or height.

    face, face, face.

    long neck.

    broad shoulders.

    broad chest & back.

    muscles don't matter.

    the end.

  • I don't like muscular guys. I think it looks kinda weird. I don't want a obese guy either. A normal guy is fine :)

  • I'm neither that shallow or petty to want a guy like that

  • I am definitely attracted to muscular guys.
    My boyfriend is skinny but muscular. Makes no sense so I'll explain.
    He had very very little body fat. So all the meat on him is muscle. When he fills it out I'm sure he'll still look amazing

  • lol I don't find muscles sexy. Skinny guys all the way. And no, having muscles does not make you better in bed... I know.

  • Number 4 is funny.
    Most muscular guys are horrible in bed. Guys who are fit are generally self absorbed meat heads and have no idea how to do it properly or care to learn.
    They are generally in it for themselves or are to overly aggressive and cause pain as a means of getting a response from us.
    I like the physical look for a fit guy but I avoid them now.

    • HAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAH, this comment will only encourage muscular men and make beta males feel inferior if you can infer the lines to any degree.

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    • @Chico_brah Having endurance doesn't make you better in bed, it just means you can suck at it longer.

    • and No one was talking about fat males compared to fit males.

  • Muscular guys are generally more confident and do sport which keep them healthy. It's a good point. better than staying in front of the tv doing nothing

    • Exactly my point. Go to the gym for two years and come back and get girls.

    • Even just by doing a sport like Football or rugby you can be muscular a bit which is good.

  • yeah it looks sexy that's my reason


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