Guys who Whine About Not Being Hot are Hypocrites


Guys who whine about not being hot are hypocrites

I'm so tired of the complaining. "I'm not hot enough to get a date" "Being a virgin sucks" "I'm invisible to girls."

The thing is you're being totally hypocritical. You're complaining you can't get attention because you're only looking for attention from the "hot" girls. You whimper and cringe from longing for the Perfect People.

Meanwhile, you ignore the regular, imperfect girls. The girls who are just like you, who you have the most in common with, and who you have the best chance with.

I can say this with total clarity because I used to be the same way. I moaned and groaned about not being able to get a date when actually there were perfectly awesome "average" guys waiting for me to notice them.

Don't buy into the hype. The Internet is such a skewed version of reality. Instead of looking at media images, try for an experiment just walking around campus or a mall and looking at what actual people are like. Normal, real people. People just like me and you.

Yeah, there are a lot more of us than them. Statistically our chances of happiness are MUCH better. Take a deep breath, let go of unrealistic expectations, and go be blissfully, gloriously normal.

Guys who Whine About Not Being Hot are Hypocrites
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  • Scrambledagain
    Um... no.

    There is no trickle down theory in pussy, which you just proved now.

    Men who complain have had NO success with anyone. doesn't matter the type of girl. In fact, I know if I'm attractive to an unnatractive girl, in attractive to a lot girls. You proved it by saying you were the same In looking at hot guys. It doesn't matter what your realisation is, but that's what you were attracted too. Only age helps us men because you women start realising this a bit and give these guys a chance one day. But by then these guys are already too fed up to actually give a shit about love or not.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Let me just point out that beautiful and attractive people are also normal, real and human - unless they had a plastic surgery and fame messed with their brains.
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  • ColinHarvey
    I think, ladies and gentlemen, the problem is the advertising of the, "perfect," male and female forms that make everyone insecure and sway societies general indication of what is and isn't attractive. When men look at the models on the underwear packets or impressionable girls see a makeup ad for the first time, automatically a sense of self-worth and arete becomes societally prescribed.
  • dolemite68
    you do have a good point, girls do it to though they say its hard to find a good guy but there's plenty of good guys that just aren't alpha males or the best looking or have the most money
  • blutwolfe
    well I'm not attractive enough to attract average girls, my friends even tell me my standards are on the lower side
  • BrittBratt2416
    yeah they never considered how girls feel that are considered "unattractive"
  • ptstat
    i don't know what to say , before going with prostitutes i tried exactly with the average girls you mention and didn't work
  • Unorthodox91
    what about if you are attractive and you can't get an attractive date?
    • ... or you are attractive and you can't get a regular girl, even?

  • Isten
    The truth has been spoken! 🙌
  • John_Doesnt
    Both sides of hypocrites.
  • Anonymous
    I'm not perfect.

    But I'm also not fat. And I don't find fat girls attractive, so I ignore fat girls and self proclaimed "BBW"s.

    I don't think that's unfair.