Decoding A Shy Guy


What is your name? I am a recovering #shy guy. I have missed dozens if not hundreds of opportunities to date beautiful women because of my shyness. Eventually women gave up talking to me in the real world. It was bad situation for me. I want to help women understand shy guys. I am older now and know all about sex. The female body is not a mystery to me any longer.

I was raised in an ultra religious household. I think you folks can fill in the rest on that matter. I also had an older sister that worked against me to make sure I did not date pretty girls older than me. Many older girls were interested me but I was blocked from dating by my older sister. I had zero self confidence until my Junior year of high school. By that time the damage to my self esteem was complete. There was no turning back though. I would be a recovering shy guy the rest of my life.

Girls were interested in me at a very young age, however, a woman's body was a mystery to me and my home life was real bad. I had no idea how women were physically and how much they like boys. I never could get the hint from girls or was scared that women would not like my unit if we hooked-up. By the way my unit is just fine and I should have used it early on.

Decoding A Shy Guy

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If pretty girls blatantly hit on a shy guy for several days and he does not respond it means he is not ready and you can't make him ready. Probably his home, school or work life is bad and he never was given the self-confidence needed to date girls. This makes girls angry, however, you can't change him. Let him be. Never call a shy straight guy gay. He will hate you for the rest of his life if you do. He will never forgive.

So how do you know if a shy guy is ready to date or hook-up? To start with you have to hope he has at least some self-confidence and is away from his family or co-workers that are abusive. Too much drama if he is still around a bad environment. If you know the guy lives alone and he is shy you have a very good chance of hooking up for a super wild romp if you know what to do.

If you catch a shy guy looking at you, he gives you a half smile and then nervously looks away you know he is interested. You have to do is figure out his living situation though. Do you really want to try and fix his home situation if he lives with his parents or lame roommates? You do not want that. If he lives alone or with all girls then you are in if he locks eyes, gives you a half smile and looks away nervously. If sh.y guy does that you need to pounce like the sexy kitten you are and makes the moves like he is your mouse except the eating him part. No smile from shy guy means he is still too shy to date. You are after a half smile and look away minimum. A full smile and not looking away means he is ready to go to your place right then and do it, however, you have to be the lead and walk up to him.

Now let's talk about when a shy guy stares but does not approach you. Run away from that. Staring at a woman is an insult from a shy guy unless you have already hooked-up with him. Staring is a sign of total direct and disdain of you from a shy guy. In some cultures staring is considered rude across the board. Shy guys look away when you look at us hence the name shy guys. Once you hook-up and he stares at your hot body then it is a compliment but not before.

If you can't get a shy guy too respond move on. Some guys are shy for life because of stuff that happened at school or home when they were a kid. Oh and most shy guys are total horn dogs when they are comfortable around their girl or girls. Don't try and change a shy guy. Only he himself can change. Most shy guys don't change so just go with the flow and go for the challenge of bedding a "healthy" shy guy.


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  • Thank you for sharing this advice. I'm sure the girls are taking note ;)

    • I tried to fix my grammar errors but no way to edit ;post.

    • No, I don't think they let you edit it after it's been submitted. It can probably be fixed by mods or something.

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  • Your story is all true but what I miss is actually that you see girls a bit as to innocent what they are absolutely not.
    Like many woman and man who know very much sisters do know what I say it is true how woman can be even very mean , cruel and evil. So you do not say what kind of woman or girls you are interested in.
    I see not even your age mentioned.
    I think you are insulting woman by saying that you are shy and pretty woman would be interested in you. Why do you not just look for a woman that you like?
    It seems you have gone through a rough time as a christian as many christians do.
    Our society is build to create a low self esteem among christians and if you want to belong to the society and clique you have to become an Atheists and believe in the evolution theory and all over a sudden you can pretend having a good sex life.
    You feel shame because of your background but you should be proud of it and be happy with the woman that loves you the way you are even under such circumstances because many womans head are brainwashed also by how they are raiced by their parents.
    Shy is normal for all people. Many children learn young the society accept them only if they are not shy. But the society is as a wolf manipulative and many people and children are fooled by it. so if you were a christian be happy it gave you protection against what looks good but is not even your life looks not good. Eventually you will learn to apricate it in your life. My live is expanding in growth and happiness.
    So all people are disopointed when they are young things go wrong and feels at the end of the world. This is because society focus the attention on being young as having the perfect life. But it is not.
    The older the better life gets and you bring with you the gained experiences. The best in your life has yet to come and you did lose nothing at all.
    Until you are 20 you are really more a little kid then you know.
    Do not hurry yourself as society pushes you to hurry like diploma, job, marriage etc..
    You have all the time in reality.
    Take just a deep breath and think twice before you think what you think is right. I think children with a good father find more rest in their life because of his support then children with a bad parent or no father who died soon in his life.
    No father is not good for children.
    Because they have a backlog this world does not even mention and those children do not understand why they can not put of the same way as other children who seem to

    • to go better in life.
      Perhaps fathers who see children with no father could treat them a bit as their child could be a solution in the future or look at children a bit who have a bad father. If the race to fight to be the best stops we can start to look after each other instead of beating each other since we need each other and it is better to be together then do things alone and end up alone.

    • Age is a state of mind. Women innocent? Nope. I like a woman called "none of your business." Insulting? That was lovely essay minus the typos. I never mentioned my spiritual beliefs in this essay. Sex life? No woman has sex just to be healthy. Shame? No woman can make me feel shame. Humans are naturally fun loving. Ha, the older I get the better I used to be. Society? You mean the one percent satanists who are large and in charge. Time? What a joke. Kids form their personality by age 7. Think twice huh? Eve 6 explains that.

  • Don't like the assumption of this article that I as a female just wanna randomly hook up with a shy guy. I'm actually interested in pursuing a relationship with one not adding him to a little black book or something. Not everyone is into hook up culture and thinks intimacy is just something you can do for fun. Please consider people who aren't into getting physical with someone until they have a commitment next time.


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