Why You Should Wait Until You Are Jacked to Go After Girls

Why You Should Wait Until You Are Jacked to Go After Girls

The inspiration to create this mytake was from a girl I had interest in. We were texting one day and she accidentally sent me a "naughty text" and I found out that she was fucking with other dudes who all had bodies of gods. I told my friends (some the same age and some older) and they said that they are going through the same experiences as me. Why do girls like the Hollywood type body? Why should I wait until I'm jacked to get girls? These are questions that a lot of men are concerned about and today I will answer them:

Why do girls like the Hollywood-type body?

Why You Should Wait Until You Are Jacked to Go After Girls

This is because Hollywood has poisoned the mind of women of this generation. Movies, like Fifty shades darker, cause women to believe that men are normally like this. They become so delusional that they start to only date guys who are of this body-type. Women care too much about what other people think of them. That's why that "nerd" from high school doesn't get the hot popular girls, because if they were to date then the popular girl would get gossiped about and it would "ruin her social life". So they want a really ripped looking guy so they can be proud of theirselves and brag to their friends about it. Now on to the next point...

Why should I wait until I'm jacked to get girls?

Why You Should Wait Until You Are Jacked to Go After Girls

This can be traced back to the beginning of time. Women have always wanted a strong man who can provide. Having big muscles visually shows them that you can provide for them because you are physically fit, which means you can provide for yourself. Don't listen to the girls that say "ew, I hate big muscles, my boyfriend is skinny" because 98% of the time they are lying. Women like to cover up stuff, they never like to confront about something up front, they beat around the bush so that they don't sound like total bitches when in reality most girls are like that. Girls, however, don't like it when a guy is too big, like Arnold in his prime. If you are "too big" then that puts them off, but if you have that Hollywood-type body then you're golden. You will also have a less likely amount of chance that the girl will cheat on you. This is because guys who are jacked are the highest tier and the only reasons she would cheat on you is because of personality reasons or a guy who is facially better looking than you. If she does cheat on you with a skinny guy or a fatter guy, then you can laugh it off because you're stronger than them and you would know that you wouldn't have a hard time finding another woman (sorry skinny and fat guys I'm not trying to make fun of you, I'm skinny myself)

So in conclusion I believe if you are between the ages of 16-28 then you should follow my advice and do what I'm going to do, wait until I'm jacked to get girls, otherwise they are a waste of time. I don't know about you guys, but I sure as hell can't trust girls anymore and I'm only 18 years old. They like to mess around and cheat on their boyfriends and you can't tell the difference between the loyal ones and the ones that cheat. So, to be on the safe side, I would wait until you are jacked, so that in the event that you do get cheated on, then you will know that finding girls won't be a hard time for you.


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  • I disagree. If the girl you are with is only with you because of your looks, she's not worth it. Also, if she's only with you because you're jacked what's to say she won't cheat on you when she finds someone hotter than you or more muscular.

    Did you and your girl have good communication? Do you guys talk when things go wrong? This is on both of you. If she wasn't feeling fulfilled, she should have talked. And if you noticed something was wrong, you should have talked.

    At 18, I noticed most of the girls who the guys noticed and dated were the sluts, the ones who wanted to sleep around. They were the popular girls, the ones with the drama, the pretty ones who wanted a cute guy. Perhaps you are dating the wrong kinds of girls.

    The fact that you're saying 'finding girls won't be a hard time for you', kind of makes it sound as if a girl is interchangeable for another. If your girlfriend broke up with you, even if you know you could find someone else you wouldn't just laugh it off because you cared about her and it hurts. And if you do feel that way, it's no wonder she cheated, you didn't make her feel secure in your relationship or cherished so she needed to fulfill that emotional need somewhere else. It sounds like, being cheated on hurt your pride more than it broke your heart, and this post is a reaction of ensuring your pride will stay intact in the future.

    Also guys cheat too, I've had many friends come crying to me because their boyfriend cheated on them. Everything from new boyfriends to we've been going out for 6 years to we've been married with two kids and he cheated on me with my best friend.

    Be more careful of the girl you date. Look deeper than the surface. You should also talk about what you guys are and aren't okay with (since some people are into open relationships, need to make sure it's clear that it's off the table). Make her feel secure, ensure her physical and emotional needs are met.

    Some tough love, you're 18, get over it. Girls have been cheated on too and we cry, pick up the pieces and learn to pick out the signs so we don't date a douche again. Stop being so melodramatic. Nothing happened to you that didn't happen to millions of girls. And to all the fat/skinny guys out there, don't listen to this guy's bs (although to fat guys, exercise for your health). I have fat, skinny, and jacked friends who are in happy relationships. It's not the physical appearance that matters but the person, who you are and who she is. Good luck.

    • Guys and girls, don't listen to her bs. She's trying to use big words to make you guys believe her. The truth is, you have less of a chance of attracting a girl when you are fat or skinny. Ripped guys get the girls. And to answer your questions. She wasn't my girlfriend, just someone I talked to. We both were attracted to each other and she decided to flirt with my friends and fuck other dudes on the side. It had nothing to do with me, and all of those dudes are bigger than me. She didn't hurt me, she only made me realize that girls like to "mess around" as she put it. Their theory is, why not suck one dick when you can suck five dude's dicks? The only way to beat the game is if you are jacked. Of course if you broke up with your girlfriend and you're jacked, you will be hurt at first, but then you will realize that your chances of getting another girlfriend are huge.

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    • true. unfortunately he'll be disappointed a lot if he keeps thinking flirting and having a good connection makes you as good as committed to each other.

    • @_Atreides Or because it's true? If you are damn near about to be in a relationship with her and she goes off and has a threesome with another dude, then you'd e hurt too. Only muscular men can keep this from happening to them because girls swoon over them.

  • Complete bull...
    Sorry to say. But you keep working out, honey.

    • Please explain why it is complete bull? I'm not being mean or anything I'm just wondering why you think that way.

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