You Wanna Play Games? Bye Bye!

You Wanna Play Games? Bye Bye!

This goes for both men and women, if you're gonna play games or string someone along, I will cut you off right then and there. Nothing is more disrespectful than someone wasting your time when you have honest and serious intentions for a potential relationship. So here is my personal experience.

When I meet a man and things are going well, if he starts to portray the following; I say BYE BYE

- hot and cold texting/calling/seeing....... 1 week he is there, and the next he has disappeared

- you are constantly paying for him...... it's not even 50/50 when it comes to the bill, you always cover

- he isn't ready for a girlfriend, and just can't commit to anything

- he says one thing but does another

- little effort to keep the passion alive

- he sees you when he feels like it

- you're not his priority, in fact everything but you is

- making plans is impossible, and he tends to flake

- he is full of himself and craves female attention


So the next time you're dating someone who portrays a lot of these signs, don't waste your time and tell these people goodbye.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm after the spiritual part of her, her personality, and her response to hard situations. I'm single today cause where I'm at girls fail to meet that. All I ever wanted was to start with
    -open minded
    - work on her insecurities

    That's just to start.

  • ... And yet any guy with half a brain knows this is exactly what women go for. If that wasn't the case then every boring, drama free, stable guy would be flooded with female attention.

    Everything you listed is like a playbook on how to get female attention and how to keep them interested.

    Just telling it like it is... Guys become what is in demand, and they do what works mostly.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd say pretty much accurate. There just really isn't much point to going on with someone like this. If they don't seem to have time for you to even make the most basic of plans or constantly flake as you say, then if they truly do want something more, they would get it together and wake up, but if not, and it's just game playing then saying bye, is no love lost.


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