5 Powerful Reasons to Work with a Relationship Coach


As a Dating and Relationship Coach, there are singles out there who do not have a good understanding of what I really do, and how I and other relationship coaches like myself can really help people. So I have decided to answer, then take a little time to answer some of those unanswered questions.

I think one of the biggest reasons the “Coaching” profession as a whole is so misunderstood is that it is such a young one. Where a discipline like Psychology, the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, dates as far back to the Ancient Greeks thousands of years ago, “Relationship Coaching” as a term and profession really didn’t come into light as a discipline until the1980s as an extension of sports coaching and business coaching.

5 Powerful Reasons to Work with a Relationship Coach

Today there are tens of thousands of relationship coaches worldwide working to not only help people achieve their relationship goals, but also get a better understanding of who they are, what they want from love, and life in general.

So as a way to give you a better, and more thorough understanding of what a Relationship Coach can do for you, I have come up with 5 Compelling Reasons to Work with Relationship Coach.

1) Improve and Learn Relationship Skills

As we grow up we are constantly learning things from other people. We may learn to ride a bike from our parents, drive a car from an instructor, or how to do a job from our boss, but rarely along our path of life is there someone to teach you about relationship building.

Maybe your family or friends offer up some advice, but it usually ends there. Until now. Relationship Coaches are specifically trained in this area and armed with all the studies and information to improve things like your conversational abilities, dating acumen, and overall relationship skills overall.

2) You Can Find Lasting Love

If your ultimate goal is to find that one special someone to spend the rest of your life with, then a Relationship Coach is exactly who you want to work with.

By removing the blocks (Limiting Beliefs) that prevent you from dating in an authentic way and just focusing on the qualities you require in a relationship (Non-Negotiables), we set you a path to eliminate the unsuitable partners and only focus on meeting quality singles.

3) Stay Present to Create Your Future, Not sit in the Past

Where many other psychological disciplines tend to spend a lot of time on the past in order to help you, Relationship Coaches are much more about the future and where you want to go. The past is generally only talked about as it relates to achieving your goals. Since coaching is about getting what you want and goal setting, that is where the majority of the work is done.

4) Gain Clarity of What You Do Want and Don't Want in Life

Knowing exactly what you want and where you want to go in life is so key to finding quality relationships, and a happy life in general, that without that knowledge most people just flounder.

As a Relationship Coach we work with clients to develop a well-defined Life-Purpose and set specific Life Vision statements that help you figure out why you are here on this earth and where you want your life to go. Armed with this, realistic goals can be set in realistic time frames to allow for you to not only achieve the goals, but improve the quality of your life overall. As a result confidence is built when you continually move forward step-by-step.

5) You Get an Accountability Partner

Many daters out there set relationship goals for themselves, but what so often happens is they fail to stay on course or they stop trying to reach them entirely when things get tough.

When you work with a Relationship Coach you are also getting a true accountability partner for dating. This is the same reason people hire personal trainers to help get them into shape.

Sure, you can work out on your own, but by having a personal trainer to guide you, push you, and hold you accountable, better results can be achieved. And when it comes to goal setting, there is empirical data that not only backs this up this importance for an accountability partner, but showing that when you have one it can help on a grand scale.

A study from the American Society of Training and Development reveals that when it comes to achieving a goal (like being in a quality relationship), if you decide, adopt an idea (i.e. Conscious Dating Program), follow a plan, and have a regularly scheduled accountability appointment with a person to whom you committed to achieve the goal (Your Relationship Coach), you have a 95% chance of achieving that goal.

With a success rate like that achieving your relationship goals is no longer probably it is an almost certainty. Wondering if Relationship Coaching is right for you? I've helped singles and couples all over the world experience the love and commitment they desire. Connect with me and let's see if relationship coaching is right for you.

5 Powerful Reasons to Work with a Relationship Coach
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Most Helpful Guy

  • MarkRet
    A Relationship Coach would be a good idea for some people. It's nice to have somebody in your corner giving advice and guidance.

    As for me, I had to fight my own battles. I had a pretty crappy childhood growing up. No brothers or sisters to trade notes, so to speak. My parents were even more messed up than I was. They were stern, closed-minded, and had no interests in anything. I had to teach MYSELF how to ride a 2-wheel bike!

    In school, I was very withdrawn, and didn't have any friends, other than a couple of nerd guys in the same situation. I didn't do any activities, go to dances, or even talk to girls, because I was simply afraid of them. By the time I graduated, I was about ready for suicide, not so much over the relationship thing, but just because my whole life was all jacked up.

    After high school, I did a lot of growing up, and started doing activities that gave me a feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence. As far as dating, I didn't know what I was doing, and was scared shitless, but I learned from the experiences. I've been married for 30 years now.

    It would have been nice to have had a friend who could have helped me along, but I figured a lot out by myself.

    I did a Mytake called Virgin Guy Advice, that pretty much outlines my life, and has some advice I learned.
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    • Wow Mark, thank you for your wonderful story. It's so empowering to hear that you had the strength to do it alone. You are an inspiration to other singles here. I'm so happy that you found someone to share your life with.. thank you for taking the time to post your story here.

Most Helpful Girl

  • PrincessPie
    I think for some people it could probably be a good idea.. i think the main problem people might have though.. is that i'm assuming its expensive and if it doesn't work out for them they feel as if they've chucked money away.
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    • I totally agree. That's why if you work with any (business, dating, fitness) coach. There has to be a level of trust involved. Just make sure you ask a lot of questions and screen them. There are a lot of coaches out there some good some not so good. Before you commit to anything its important to vet them.

    • by the way may i say i watched some of your youtube videos and think you seem like a good coach :)

    • Aww thank you so much. 😍😘

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  • SmartButBroke
    I have a fairly good idea what relationship coaches do. I even went to grad school with someone who is basically in your field and started up his own company "coaching" people, though not solely on dating relationships.

    I think it's weird that GAG has relationship coaches (I've seen others aside from you). The main reason I wouldn't work with a relationship coach is money/cost. The vast majority of people on GAG can't afford a relationship coach, mainly because the majority are age 25 or under. I couldn't even afford one, though you offer a few affordable things from what I've seen (checked your site)--and the average coach will come out with a book, which is usually affordable--but it's absolutely best to work one-on-one with a coach like you'd do with a psychologist, and that's too much money.

    I've always had the sense that you guys predominantly help successful career people who would absolutely be able to get someone if they would just get out of their own way... and, that being the case, I'm not sure they're the people who need help the most (because they often have nearly everything that others are seeking anyways while the majority of the rest of us po' folk don't, especially the poor men--I know, "limiting belief")... but they're the ones who can *afford* it.

    As for what you guys have that is affordable... you know, you could go on YouTube and find other relationship coaches who are giving a lot of the same info away totally free to us. Same with evanmarckatz. com, basically, especially if you've followed him for years. But most of the time, as I'm sure you know, those things can't do for you what working directly with a relationship coach would do, i. e. some of the 5 things you listed, such as accountability.

    I will say, though, this is a pretty well-written myTake, which is more than I can say for most myTakes. Good job on that.
    • Wow this is very well written too! But to answer your question, this is exactly why GAG has Dating Coaches on here so that we can help people as many as we can. It truly brings me joy that the time I'm putting in here is helping people.

  • pavlove
    1 Powerful reason not to work with a relationship coach

    they prey on the insecurities and vulnerabilities of young, socially awkward girls the same way the "seduction community" preys on socially awkward guys who can't get laid
    • Eek... that is far from the coaching I'm speaking of. You have to be trained professionally and certified to be the type of Relationship Coach I mentioned.

    • pavlove

      and who gives out such a certification? charm school academy?

    • Well, I'll use myself as an example. I'm a Master Certified Relationship Coach trained at feel free to take a look. Coaching is about empowerment and working with learning skills to be our best selves in life and relationships.
      We are taught many things in life, but so few of us are taught healthy relationship skills, that's why we're here.

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  • Rebornation
    I would like to have some thoughts on what do you think of my current situation.

    You've enabled personal messages from only those you are following, kindly follow back.

    Thank you for your understanding :)
  • Jen_Jen
    I'm just thinking about the movie Hitch. lol
    I think some people do need guidance in a relationship, but they usually turn to friends because hiring a Relationship Coach might be too expensive.
    • Jen, thanks for that.. yes... it comes from a good place and heart centered.

  • Lman3000
    Yeah good idea having someone teach you pointless shit and make profit off your loneliness and misery of being single gee sounds totally worth it I hate the way things work in america it's complete bullshit they feed people here when in the hell did you need to pay for your happiness try to explain this shit to me cause I don't fucking get it all
  • brain5000
    I would be curious to know what you might say to this guy. He and I are more or less in the same boat. I suspect lots of guys are now.


    I also posted an opinion and two links on that. I would be interested to see your reply to that as well.

    Speaking personally, this is my own biggest dilemma:
    • Thank you for sharing your personal journey. I agree with you, society and media puts too much pressure on people, making us feel like were not living up to a standard. I say throw out the society standard!

      We are all unique, we decide on our own standards. No one can tell us what to be or like. The key is to feel strong and proud of our uniqueness, that is what makes us interesting.

      The ladies I coach always say... I have to lose weight before I can date. I ask, based on who’s standard? Men love all shapes and sizes. Once size does not fit all. And anyone that tells you that you have to change to fit their standard… well.. it’s the universe telling you the person is not a good fit for you and it’s time to move on.

      Also, I'm a true believer that love starts inside out. It's okay take time and nurture yourself. After years of bad dating, I took a break, worked on developing myself and learning skills to help me be confident and authentic. In a short time after, I met my husband.

    • brain5000

      Thanks for your comment. I do agree with you about weight. Some guys like bigger women. I know one or two guys who are not as big and that seems to be all they ever have relationships with.

      One of the things that keeps me from going back out there is money. Dating is expensive, and when your standards are very narrow like mine have to be, dating feels like buying the world's most expensive lottery ticket: you are paying essentially for a brief fantasy, because the odds of winning are minute. What do you think of this?

    • No problem at all... here's an article I did on dating on a budget... - www.bustle.com/.../187323-11-tips-for-going-on-affordable-dates-that-are-actually-fun

      I think this will help you find creative ideas.

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  • Lopezz1999
    Nicely said. I've always known that many relationship coaches have learned a great deal of psychology, since they usually tend to give reasonably wise advice. I'm really only good with flirting, so perhaps I should look forward to some dating advice instead lol
  • Browneye57
    That's a lot of happy horseshit that just ain't gonna happen with a real guy. Sorry toots.
    • It's not for everyone. I think we go through life learning a set of skills through our upbringing.. some are good, some hurt us in finding the love of our life. To me it's about taking an awesome person and upgrading their skills. So they can be be their best self. Thank you for your opinion. 👍 I appreciate it.

  • abundantlyrich
    How are you not part of gag as an expert badge here? ☝🏻
    • I think you are better than all the stupid PUA teaching guys to prey on gurls for a one night stand or to be a playboy

    • Its teaching to people to be deceitful and dishonest

    • I think you may be confusing me with a "hook up" coach.. I am a "relationship" coach... I work with people who want long term commitments or marriage...

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  • TomBradysJersey
    I imagine hiring a dating coach would work for most. I feel like it might not work for me, but for others who have better luck with girls than me it might.
    • Tom... you're a great looking guy. If you don't mind me asking, what are your one biggest challenge?

    • My username is not my real name. My real name is Sam, and Confidence is my biggest issue.

    • Hi Sam... ahh... so it's mindset work. Tell me what is the belief that goes through your mind when you find an interesting girl standing in front of you? What usually happens to you.

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  • Barrabus_the_Free
    "Lasting love"... LMMFAO.

    Aye, and a homeless bum can help me hunt down and slay a leprechaun, if I give him a bottle of vodka.

    The difference is, at least the bum might share his vodka, so at least I get drunk.
  • OfDeath
    Lol what a load of shit. "relationship coaching" I almost spat out my beer.

    If you're coached to manipulate dates or partners into the relationship YOU want, it's not real love.
  • Things were going great with my relationship coach until she took me down to the mall bathroom and said "Now this is how you don't touch people".
    I don't think she was a licensed relationship coach now, because her office was just a shack on the beach.
  • JustCallMeLeon
    Very good take. Unfortunately i dont support dating coaches.
  • zagor
    Hmm how do you deal with people who don't even meet women anymore?
    • Great question. What's in the way of you meeting women right now? Could you be more specific in your challenges?

    • zagor

      My workplace is 80% male, and anyway I don't feel appropriate approaching in that environment. I do a lot of outdoors stuff, but most of the women there are part of a couple, and again, that would not be appropriate. That pretty much leaves bars.

    • Let me help you with some tips and I have some articles that can help you. Go ahead and message me.

  • JoyGirl
    Let me be honest here... lol
    I feel like dating coaches may be a waste of money, time etc...
    Well, done on your myTake, tho! 👏😊
  • Iraqveteran666
    5 Ridiculous Reasons to Work with a Relationship Coach
    1 you have a lot of disposable cash You can waste
    2 you have trouble functioning in the real world
    3 you are a slave to trends and what people tell you is fashionable
    4 you are so feeble mentally that you need to pay someone to tell you what you want and how to think
    5 you are a self absorbed city BOBO and believe that spending money will male you successful in a relationship
    I'm sorry but Relationship Coach sounds like you made it up.
  • I-am-a-nobody
    Arnie, I don't doubt that your services could help. However, a lot of the people who need your help couldn't afford to pay someone for help. The guy in his parent's basement, who needs direction, probably can't afford your service.
    A quick sampling of responses here seems to indicate that women are more interested than men and they'd probably be helped by talking through their goals.
    I'm sure it would be a better last resort than going MGTOW (Men going their own way).

    I'm seeing that, for women, there may have to be some career compromise to get a man (or man compromise to maximize the career. Life does involve trade offs and I hope your letting your clients know that.

    Please feel free to respond (or set me straight as necessary).
  • Dumbbong
    Good one. Thanks for sharing.
  • Love_Is_Eternal
    Nah, it's all bullshit
  • Chico_brah
    I trust me own judgement over you tbh.
  • Anonymous
    Sounds like a self-serving mytake to me. Isn't this considered spam?
  • Anonymous
    In the initial stages , men need all the help they can get , women are much less attracted to men overall ( & also have a much lower desire for sex than men ) , than vice versa , one little mistake from a man in the initial stages of meeting / attempting to date , when first meeting a woman = game over !! Men will forgive small flaws.
    Another factor is the " media " / feminist anti male propaganda , that influences women to view men in a negative light. This is the age of " I don't need no man " , all the single women I know , are all single by their own choice , I believe this is the case for most single women , men are simply unwanted in their lives , men are easy to get & overly abundant in female lives. Women also have the advantage of ultra close inter female friendships , meeting emotional needs , that the very differently wired man cannot , men do not have an equivalent to these friendships, men are generally less social.

    However , finding the RIGHT person & not " settling " is a challenge for both genders , even for women with their more abundant male options.
  • Anonymous
    Nice ad. Looking to make money off our struggles. Great.
    • We all have the right to believe what we want. Thank you for your thoughts.