3 Signs You Might Be Dating A Cheater


CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER: The saying is recorded from the early 19th century, but a related idea with an ironic twist is found in John Harington's Epigrams of the early 17th century, 'Treason dothnever prosper, what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.' (In the US, the form is often cheaters never prosper.)

Could you be dating a cheater? How would you know? Here are 3 areas of that person's life to really pay attention too.

Moral Compass:

3 Signs You Might Be Dating A Cheater

Their moral compass is in question. Do they cross the line on small things in other areas of their life? Do they defend the behavior of cheaters, liars, and thieves? People who have a broken compass usually blame others for everything bad in their lives. They may treat their mother or other family members with disrespect... hence treating you with disrespect down the road.

Overly Accusatory:

3 Signs You Might Be Dating A Cheater

Cheaters are likely to get paranoid because they will presume you might have the same urges they do. They want to make sure that even though they are cheating that you don't cheat on them. They believe they love you and are scared themselves in losing you. They may be scratching an itch, or a fetish, or an addiction but internally will need to mask that betrayal which usually appears in jealousy and neediness.


3 Signs You Might Be Dating A Cheater

They flirt when you are not around to feed that insecurity and internal validation. It gets so bad they forget you are around but still flirt in your presence. They probably didn't do this in the beginning but all of sudden you see this outgoing, flirtatious personality come out. Always craving ego boosts, never happy no matter what you say or give to them....always wanting more and more that they start seeking validation from everyone. They have a temporary state of mind and never thinks about long term on your relationship or future. Changes the subject when serious relationship conversation is discussed.

Changes in behavior are the biggest clue that you might be dating a cheater. Receiving presents or nice gestures may be signs of guilt if suddenly introduced into the relationship. If your intimacy with the person has lessened but all of a sudden explodes with seduction than you might be dating a cheater. Having intimate relations with others stimulates the overall passion for the act and you now become attractive again where before they barely engaged. Knowing the clues and having some self awareness is key. Ignoring or making excuses why the relationship is the way it is usually puts you into denial for time to come.

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3 Signs You Might Be Dating A Cheater
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Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    You may want to check yrself on that "moral compass" one.

    I mean... Is it ••heartwarming•• to believe that there are Good Guys and Bad Guys out there, just like in the books yr parents read you during childhood storytime?
    And is it an ••ego boost•• on top of that, if you happen to believe you're one of the Good Guys (and, rlly, who subscribes to this whole set of beliefs and DOESN'T group herself/himself in with the Good Guys)?
    ... Yes and yes.

    Does it comport with ACTUAL REALITY?
    ... Ahahahhhahaahahaaa.

    C'mon dude. You're older than ME, and I'm older than dirt. Shit, I'm older than OLD dirt. You've gotta know better by this point.

    I mean, sure, there are gna be some people who are just purely mercenary about everything in their lives. But that's not so much IMMORAL behavior, as just AMORAL behavior.

    But, you think this is some sort of universal thing? Shiiiiittt you think there are ANY universals, across the complete spectrum of any one person's behavior? Yeah, nah. Hash tag nope.

    Case in point: You may have heard of this one dude from the last century.
    —Totally monogamous with his girlfriend (although he didn't marry her until the day before his death, which he definitely saw coming)...
    — Not to mention a devoted pet lover, who kept his beloved doggo by his side until the moment it all ended.
    — Oh, and, he was also perfectly sober his whole life long — no drugs, no drankin', nothin'. (While not a moral issue, these things are also lifelong ••commitments••, not unlike sexual monogamy if you think about it.)
    Sounds like a paragon of impeccable character, right?
    ... His name was Adolf Hitler. Again, I suspect you may have heard of the boy.



    Srsly tho. You give me any person in the entire world, give me 10 minutes to talk with her/him, and I'll find you PLENTY of ways in which she/he is hypocritical, and/or says one thing but does another, and/or does X despite believing that others should ••not•• do X, and/or is just remarkably, completely fucking inconsistent from one area of life to the next.
    ... ESPECIALLY sex. Jesus, dude. SEX. Is, like, THE ONE AREA of life where ••no one•• — NO fucking one — is the same person as in the rest of the world.
    Perhaps most obviously, the stereotype of super alpha male executives craving utter submission to a woman behind closed doors... is a stereotype for a reason. (Oh, the stories I have, boy... as an over-six-foot woman who's also loud, confident, and prurient... oh, the fucking ••stories••.)
    Is this still revelant?
    • generally, people's sexual personalities are pretty much orthogonal to their personalities in "real" life — not correlated with, but also not correlated against.

      In fact, not to keep sticking nails in yr eyes here, but... most of the inveterate cheaters I've known had STERLING records of dependability, reliability, and TRUST — yep, fuckin' ••trust•• — in their professional lives. (They also tended to have basically perfect credit scores, too — another measure of reliability/dependability, in a different sort of way.) They were also very committed to their other commitments, too... fitness, charitable causes, you name it.

      So, yeah, no. Although, again, it's ••comforting•• to separate the world into Good Guys and Bad Guys. Too bad the world doesn't actually work that way.

    • Noted! LOL

    • So by that logic, anyone can be a cheater. And here I was thinking it was something predetermined since birth.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • blondfrog
    Makes sense. I always see number 2 from the Steve Wilkos show lol. When the poor innocent woman who got cheated on or man who got cheated on the cheater always aggressively accuses the actual victim and even starts abusing the victim physically and verbally. The cheater always tells their partner that they are the ones cheating and even isolate them and try to cut them off to the rest of the world. Then the lie detectors come out and they end up being the ones who are the cheaters. So its like who smelt it dealt it lol.
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  • markymark9090
    Cheating is a very complicated phenomenon. Is it good to cheat? No.


    Because you should not be with someone if they're not meeting your needs.

    Are your needs reasonable? Let's assume so.

    If you cheat, you're abusing the trust of your partner, and trying to have it both ways.

    No good can come of it. Which is why cheating is so frowned upon.
  • ArabianPwincess197
    Interesting Take, judging from what I've learnt on this site a lot of the times one of the telltale behaviour of partner cheating is, they change their password or don't give their phones
  • arineunha
    i scared that i might be dating one..

    he can be so hallow sometimes, sometimes i feel the emotional connection. but he's going down that path where he's so insecure to the point of accusing me and looking through my messages. he also feels the need to talk about other girls

    so who knows
    • He's either guilty of cheating or has been cheated on in the past.

  • pretty-kitty
    Most of the times the signs are obvious but people choose to ignore them. Good article, I hope it opens some people's minds.
  • Browneye57
    Spin plates. Date a LOT. That's the only way you'll have enough experience to actually discern whether they're really worth your investment in time and emotion.
  • legalboxers
    been there.. done that. My problem, I do / did too much for someone who isn't reciprocal or even thankful for anything I do for them.
    • I have been there done that too my friend! That's the problem with putting others first.. we taught them we come second... or not at all.

    • this person is sorta close to me (lives by my cousin) I sent her a mass card for her relatives passing.. nothing. Sent her money for groceries and to help her daughter (not my kid) nothing.. sent her a care package of something she wanted.. Nothing. very nasty to me.

    • Was she nasty or she just didn't respond? or both?

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  • godfatherfan
    There is a sure fire way, 100% guaranteed...
    look between the legs... is there a pussy? then she is cheating...
  • DiegoO
    The problem with your MyTake is that we can be morally right in many areas of our life and completely have no moral in one particular area. Albert Bandura did a research related to that and it sets this simple question: why there are people who are good by one hand and evil by the other hand? A cheater can be a cheater and still be a good dad to his/her kids, and be always unfaithful to his/her wife/husband (or an awful partner). Check this APA article:

  • steveguitar
    People who are very flirtatious are almost sure sign of a player and probably a cheater, because try don't care
  • QueenofCups
    Harington is talking about treason against the state, not cheating on your girlfriend.
  • capturemyheartnow
    1. They know how to charm a girl. 2. They always know what they wish to do 3. They always want to have their own way.
  • abundantlyrich
    Actually you can tell the way, they talk to you. Vague words, short speech/ sentences, autistic like behaviour, or just too flirty with other women.
    • goaded

      What if they happen to actually be slightly autistic?

    • I imagine that a combination of "autistic-like behavior" and "too flirty" would just be agonizingly painful for everyone involved.

      (Yeah, I know you wrote "or", not "and". But for some reason I'm picturing all of these things happening at once, and it's... not a pretty picture ahah)


      In any case, I don't agree with this at all. If anything, it's the silver-tongued boys who are VERY smooth, and VERY ••persuasive••, who are gna be more likely to talk a "side piece" into bed without undue time or effort.

      With almost 100 percent consistency, the boys I've met who satisfy your descriptions here (except mb the last one) aren't much inclined to stray in the first place -- and even if they are, the chances that they'd actually FIND an affair partner are pretty low anw.

      Also, liars DON'T tend to use "vague words" and "short speech". If anything, liars tend to be TOO forthcoming with random specifics that no one ever actually asked for.

    • @redeyemindtricks Your answer is funny

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  • fabulouspancakes
    The moral compass one is hit or miss, since people's morals can be all over the place. But the rest is pretty solid, and usually obvious. People just don't want to admit it to themselves usually.
  • TripleAce
    Ou ou let me try too
    3 signs you might be dating a girl that isn't really interested in you

    1. She never offers to pay
    2. She expects you to have certain monetary assets
    3. She never makes you a full spread of breakfast
  • RedVulcan
    The moral compass one could use some correlative evidence to go with it, but otherwise it looks aight.
  • Monsieur-potato
    This was helpful, thank you. All the signs were right there. I should have known.
  • Barrabus_the_Free
    1) You're dating a woman.
    2) She has a pulse.
    3) See 1 and 2.
  • Single-Sexy_Alexa
    Good to know I would be so upset if I found that chase was cheating on me

    Message for a good time ;)
  • jacquesvol
    Been there, done that. I discovered soon I had other reasons not to stay with her thus I wasn't really depressed..
  • Justinaveragedude
    Having been cheated on, I will say even in hind sight, I did not see any signs. She was really good at hiding things.
  • jennyPuss
    fairly accurate if generalized. i learned nothing new here.
  • Kitty_Cat16
    I have been cheated on 5 times. So I know when I am dating a cheater.
  • momo770
    Yeah that and the endless dodging. I've learned my lesson and ty.
  • Abe90
    "Might be a cheater"? so I guess your reason is full proof then.
  • serious
    Excellent my take.
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Good take here
  • Otapse
  • NatalieIsHere
    I'm glad I don't see any of these signs...
  • Chanel1981
    Well said
  • Tanairy328
    I like this👍
  • BertMacklinFBI
  • stillagoodgirl
    Hmmmm good to know
  • Mahaim123
  • goaded
    Not sure if spam. Not a bad take, though.
  • Very trueu
  • chrismarie5589
    Number two is the biggest sign
  • livingthelife19
    This is so true
  • Wow, thank you for future reference
  • dogfish
    i hate cheaters 😡
  • IHaveLists
    They're very easy to spot
  • Halucinator
    What a take!👏👏
  • disgustingweebtrash
    Thank you
  • Thank you
  • VanessaB
    Very cool mytake
  • John_Doesnt
    I disagree with this.
  • birds
    great article
  • User92
    Great MyTake 😊
  • Lumberman53
  • Anonymous
    thank you very much
  • Anonymous
    as long as you are good looking person and has nice body, you will be safe from being cheated on
    • Lol not true at all. My ex said I was the best looking girl he'd ever been with and that I was his dream girl, physically and personality wise yet he still cheated on me. Because cheaters are going to cheat on everyone they're with no matter how perfect the person or the relationship

    • Not true. Just look at the celebs who have been cheated on.

    • Not even close... a person's personality can turn someone off and lead them to cheating... looks don't matter. Huge myth... stay away from myths.

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