8 Reasons Why Men Are Obsessed With Moroccan Women

8 Reasons Why Men Are Obsessed With Moroccan Women

Since I went to pursue an MBA in Switzerland, I had house mates who came from United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Turkey and Italy. I am Canadian.

What all of them had in common is their obsession with Moroccan women. As in they could be talking to a girl and would get 10 times more interested in her if she just says that she is Moroccan. Like that could increase her sexiness a hundred times.

I myself hadn't met many Moroccans in the past, just a few men in Canada who didn't really leave a good impression.

Out of curiosity, I hung out with a few Moroccan women (many) with the only aim of seeing whatever was special in them. And not long after starting my fun experiment I ended up falling in love with a Moroccan woman (my 4 years girlfriend and soon to be wife).

After years of being close to Moroccan people, here is what makes most Moroccan women very special:

1. Many of them are very beautiful

I used to think that Moroccan girls were mainly brunettes with olive Skin and sexy curves. But NO, there are literally all types of features. Morocco is like where Europe, Africa, and the middle east meet. But typical Moroccan women have dark hair, big almond shape eyes, sumptuous lips and very, very appealing curves.

2. They are strong and confident

Many moroccan women are not fans of drama, and certainly not the fragile kind of women. They have strong personalities and a lot of pride. They're usually capable of taking care of themselves, they are cautious and don't trust others easily. Amazing tribes used to have female leaders and women are mostly the ones to manage the household even when they are not the providers.

3. They are very tender

Strength does not make them any less sweet or feminine. Moroccan women are known to be the best care givers. They are taught at a young age to take care of others. They know what to do, and when to do it.

4. They are AMAZING cooks

Another thing they are taught at a young age. In almost all the Moroccan families, it's the women who cook, and they REALLY KNOW how to do it.

5. They are good lovers

Yes, most of them have a crazy sex drive ,have artistic bodies, and are VERY open to trying new things in bed. Moroccan women take their men's wellbeing as a priority, without actually being weak or submissive. They are probably the best sex partners you will ever have.

6. They are outgoing and social

The right kind to introduce to your family and friends, to hang out with and party with. They know how to have fun and to adjust to different social situations and engage a conversation.

7. Most of them speak 2,3 to 4 languages like it's no big deal

While it may seem like it is impossible, women (people) in the north of Morocco mostly speak Arabic, french, English and Spanish. What's sexier?

8 Reasons Why Men Are Obsessed With Moroccan Women
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  • TheMoroccangirl
    Thanks, I appreciate your mytake, but I think it depends on the individual. Many things you mentioned are culturally rooted. We grew up learning different languages. Moroccans are basically like Brazilians. We are a mixed race, so you´ll find blonde blue eyed, Asian looking, gingers, arab, African looking moroccans. There is basically no typical picture of an average moroccan, because it´s so diverse, and you´ll literally find anything. My mother´s side looks white, theyre pale, blue eyed, blonde/ginger. While my dad´s side looks arab, strong features, tanned, dark eyes and hair. It´s hilarious how almost everyone in the comments are like oh moroccans are ugly blah blah, because there is basically no stereotypical view, because no moroccan looks like the other, unless theyre from the same mix. Yes you can deny hoewever you like, but mixed babies are attractive. That´s generally known, and there is no discussion about it. However I´m not saying we´re the most beautiful. Beauty is everywhere. It really depends on the individual. What I think is attractive, might be unattractive in someone else´s eyes, but you really can´t generalize a whole population and call it ugly especially if it´s very diverse and mixed.
    The way our parents raise us up depends on the gender. You´ll find many moroccan guys who behave like alphas, because they get taught at a very young age that they are masculine and should act upon it, whereas females get taught they are feminine and should act upon it.
    It´s culturally rooted.
    Also may I add for the ignorants in the comments. There are no Moroccans who wear burqas. Get out of your cave, and explore. Morocco is a very liberal country. Not every moroccan is muslim though, there are christians, atheists, jewish moroccans as well. Look up the moroccan queen. She is muslim, doesn´t cover up, and she is a green eyed pale ginger, yes she is completely Moroccan. Lalla salma is her name.

    Here´s a random pic of moroccan girls, diverse huh told you ignorants so8 Reasons Why Men Are Obsessed With Moroccan Women
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  • kaylaS91
    you and your cronies must've been basin your opinion of all Moroccan women off of a very select few from the upper crust.
    8 Reasons Why Men Are Obsessed With Moroccan Women
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    • kaylaS91

      lol @you guys getting your panties in a twist when the image was simply one of the top results when you google 'morrocan women'. Oh the irony of you guys not liking reality.

    • MuffinHead

      @AnastasiaKing That's hurtful thing to say, you don't know this person.

    • @MuffinHead And this woman isn't hurtful when she blatantly discriminates on women of different ethnicities? Do you even know how racist this ugly skank is?
      I know enough about her to be here and rant my ass off. She is one garbage human.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • 404filenotfound
    This is literally the first time that I'd ever heard about anyone being obsessed with Moroccan women. Ever.
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    • Same... along with everyone else on here who isn't Muslim.

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  • Astoriana
    I think this take would be better titled as "8 Reasons Why My Housemates and I are Obsessed with Moroccan Women."
    • Ersacol28

      Well said

    • Astoriana

      @Ersacol28 and more likely, “8 reasons why my housemates and I are obsessed with one Moroccan woman in particular who would never go out with any of us if her life depended on it.”

  • TacosRAwesome
    I've never met anyone who said they're into Maroccan women. Usually its Asians or Russians where I'm from.
  • Warmapplecrumble
    Yeah you made me really sad at point 6. I have social anxiety so... it made me feel shit of a girlfriend... must be the worst girlfriend in the world :-(

    Blah... I am not Moroccan but I really like Moroccan tea.. can any one tell me what's in the tea.. yeah thanks ♥
  • blaircare214
    I never heard about guys being obsessed with Moroccan women. Not a lot of them live in the U. S. anyway
    • This is a stupid post. I never even thought of a Moroccan woman.

  • BrittBratt2416
    cool, since i live in the states i don't hear to many men talk about Moroccan women, even if they travel outside the states. Majority of men here seem to like or prefer white, Asian, or Latina women.
  • LittleSally
    They are?
    I've never heard about this... i guess it depends on where you live...

    But good points!
  • CasaNorba
    I guess I must not be from this planet because I never had any interest in Moroccan women. not saying I have anything against them but if they all look like the one in that pic you used as an example then I feel bad for them because I think she's very unattractive, she looks like an overly-aged owl
  • ObscuredBeyond
    I know a gal from Monaco who's like this. For some reason, she's also a masochist that likes to let other artists tell stories depicting her in torture situations. Strange duck, but I like her regardless.
  • springocelot
    maybe arab men are
    because where i'm from no one is obsessed with moroccan women
    it's usually Asians or latinas
  • RetroAlpha
    I've never met a Moroccan person, but I'm positive they don't all look like the owl in that first picture. I'm also certain that being a polyglot doesn't make my junk stand up. Next.
  • steveguitar
    Um, I do t think you can just post traits and clain it for most or all or any group of people. Here are many people from different ethnicities and cultures that Shar the same traits. And many that do not share the same traits
  • annie2016
    Wow, that's a nice take about Moroccan woman. Hope all men will be able to do that to a certain girl they hang up or married with.
    Hope that all of them are just what you have said.
  • Z-Spark
    Its easy, morrocan girls who move to Europe are different and some are attractive, they have this culture shock and suddenly are exposed to a new culture and new men that they did not have back home, as a result they start sleeping around something they did not do in their home country.

    and nothing, literally nothing is sexier than a hot girl who is inexperienced and innocent and is letting you use her body to jack off
  • TripleAce
    I don't think men are obsessed with moroccan women

    But sure we like arab girls yes. Obssessed. Not really

    Obsessed id say more towards latina, caucasian and Asian girls. Those are always highly sought out the most
  • Botchie
    I didn't know I was obsessed with Moroccan women. But after reading how you describe them, it sounds like I should be.
  • CaliforniaDreaming80
    Good for them. Whatever makes them happy and floats their boat. :)
  • LN8946
    I'm Algerian, we are like Moroccans, BUT I'm not sure I've got all these qualities. lol
  • Jemini_Crocket
    I'm hearing this for the first time. There's always some continuity that drools/is obsessed by some specific group.
  • Bleh-___-
    You sold me at amazing cooks. Gotta find me a Moroccan woman.
    • jacquesvol

      The ones I l know cook very well indeed

  • Kuraj
    Muslims are the last kind of people I'd be "obsessed" with.
  • MarcoIsAFailure
    So people love moroccan women because of the same reason they love women in general.
  • Dme500
    So im almost positive that the "all men are obsessed with Moroccan women" is simply a title and not based on fact. I dont know why everyone is giving you shit about it.
  • PlzFuccOff
    Lol I'm not obsessed with any ethnicity or race of woman specifically. Nor even women from specific cultures. I think all women are fundamentally the same. AWALT. It seems silly to me to idealize any human being.
  • lovedcursed
    Hello, I can relate to this story, I am an Arab girl, who exactly look like that,, I met my American boyfriend and soon to be fiance XD two years ago when i was on an internship in an European country, and when he first met me, he was so curious as he never met one in person,, we started going out and then he fell in love with me, we have been together for 2 years, and he says about me all the things you said,, he has totally lost interest in dating girls from other race now XD ,, I am flattered !, we are getting married soon too,, but we are having many troubles with the family :( ,, So, i wonder if your girlfriend is Muslim? and what did you do about her family? any advises would be appreciated ,,, we love each other dearly ,,
  • Wolframium
    8 reasons in title, 7 in article. :-D
    Do I missing something?
  • ArabianPwincess197
    Interesting Take, I never knew men loved Moroccon women to such an extent
  • DizzyAster
    Honestly, there's only one reason.
    "1. Many of them are very beautiful"

    Take DONE... lol

    good take.
  • CubsterShura
    I'm Bengali but Moroccan women are fucking goals. I agree!
  • BlueEyesWD
    Really? never heard of that before... so I cannot agree with you. Seems very stereotyped thing because girls are the same everywhere, you have good looks and bad looks, it's not a country thing.
  • YHL6965
    Well, I didn't know I was obsessed with Moroccans. You seem to know more about me than I do.
  • DodgersGM
    I don't care if they're Moroccan or not. Just make me some chicken tajine and I'm yours. lol
  • rjroy3
    I'm shocked too. I wasn't aware that men universally liked hot women. Crazy lol
  • blondfrog
    I've never heard of this not trying to offend you, but no offense I don't generally find Moroccan women attractive. It's not fair that you used a picture of a model. I mean yeah sure there are some attractive women in Morocco, but there are attractive women in every country. I accidentally mingled with one wrong woman on here a few years ago and it was a huge mistake she was a fake, clingy, manipulative, and terrible person. When I rejected her after finding out how bad she was she got so mad and told me that I can't leave her keep in mind we never met in real life. I finally gold her okay I will stay with you then after a few hours she said she was breaking up with me lol. Then afterwards when I just accepted it that wasn't good enough for her because she saw it didn't upset me so she kept on typing vulgar rude comments to me and I told her if she didn't stop I would block her. I still have the messages too if you don't believe me.
  • Asad1ONE1
    That woman is adorable!! 😊. But personality/beauty depends on the individual not their ethnicity. Everyone really is their own race lol.
  • naraku
    So these are your opinions. And you're trying to convince other people to like them too.
    Advertising Moroccan women huh?

    each to there own.
  • Zechs
    I'm obsessed with beautiful girls, I don't care where they're from
  • metalsucks2
    Morrocan girls are racist they say Indian men are pervs @MorrocanGirl
  • Bezbozhnikustanka
    4) How many ways are there to cook sheeps' eyeballs? Never marry a foreign girl, you'll have to eat disgusting foreign food.
  • babyblueeyez
    the person that u posted is ironically unattractive its hilarious
  • Lukej044
    I think Scandinavian women are the best looking women in the world.
  • JustCallMeLeon
    didn't know that guys are into these women. Also where is the 8th reason?
  • BronzedAdonis
    All major generalisations. You can have them I"ll stick to White girls.
  • Liisjak
    Dunno, I'm more into blondes with blue eyes or red heads.
  • zagor
    Only met one ever, that I know of - she wasn't beautiful, but OK, and seemed nice.
  • Trump2020
    Although I cannot speak for all men there are many reasons I personally find them unattractive or not suitable to date:
    1. They often are Muslim, personally, I dislike the idea of dating someone wearing a burka or being unable to eat pork.
    2. I like cooking myself, as I took multiple cooking courses I would be a waste to marry a cook.
    3. Personally, I find their features to be far from my idea of attractive is so I cannot help not finding them to be most unattractive.

    That being said if I could find a Morrocan with a nice personality who is not Muslim I could be interested.
  • StickStickity13
    Latinas, Japanese, Koreans, Eastern European women are all better
  • windknowsmyname
    Fuck that Asian women iz all the rage.
  • goodsoul
    Dnt knw
  • Outofthegrey
    What's a moroccan woman?
  • archiz
    I dunno but that first girl is 😍