Why I Decided to Give Up on Dating

Why I Decided to Give Up on Dating

So I'll compress my history of dating into one sentence.

"I regret my choice to date the 5 girls I did, I should have waited till such time as I was older and more mature in my brain."

So I decided on being single for a number of reasons.

1. I for whatever reason, just lack any kind of commitment, and thus it's better to be single.

2. Every girl I dated just proved that women are not worth it.

3. I was sick and tired of having my heart broken.

4. I have mental and emotional problems, and thus no girl wants to have a boyfreind with mental and emotional problems, and even if they did, I won't let them. It never feels right to have a mental/emotional breakdown, and to have the girlfriend deal with that.

5. I'm too desperate. I was given very little attention in my life, and this affects me to this day.

6. I'm too clingy. I know too well a girl can leave a guy for any reason, and I don't like the idea of losing someone I love a lot, so I cling on as if it will be the last time I see them.

7. I'm too ignorant. After a while I'll start to lose all interest and I start becoming very ignorant, and that's a trait girls hate.

8. I have no patience. No I'm not kidding, I literally have no patience. I'm like a race car, 0kmph to 500kmph in 0.01 seconds. A great example being on the initial meet of a girl I like, one second I'm using small talk, the next second I'm making moves on her.

9. I am picky, think this I want a girl that looks similar to a supermodel but doesn't come with the "up themselves" personality (there is such a thing as Supermodel-like girls with a great personality, HOWEVER, these girls are a real rarity and you won't find very many, and the ones you do find are either taken or simply not interested)

9. I am a sucker for Big Tits, you go on ahead and judge me on that as much as you desire, but I will never date a chick who's tits aren't all that much to look at.

10. I lack Confidence, thanks school bullies.

11. I lack Self-Esteem, thanks school bullies.

12. I am quite a dictorial guy. This is more so on things unrelated to dating or girls and touches on more political and religious territory.

13. Was getting sick and tired of hearing the cliche "The right girl will come by one day" that is the biggest lie I have ever heard. I have never found the right girl, I always found the wrong one, so don't you go usin that lyin' cliche on me because it's never gonna happen.

14. I can't 100% be myself. Being honest if I 100% be myself I would be such a hermit. I would do nothing sociable, I would go nuts on a hour to hour basis, I would not give a care about anyone (even my own family), and I would make minimal to no chat when doing things like grocery shopping. I don't want to be known as "That Hermit that is a complete asshole."

I wanna be better known as "That really awesome guy who cares about our world, and wants to do something about bettering it, who also cares about the wellbeing of every individual and makes an effort to be sociable despite the fact that he has Autism."

15. Girls that look attractive to me always appear to be taken while all the less attractive ones (attraction is in the eye of the beholder) are single (yes I know the saying, they're single because no one wants to date them, I will say this "I wonder Why"(Rude individual), BUT, I also don't condone a woman changing the way they look simply because no one will date them. Guys in the "RIGHT" mindset will care more about personality than looks. I'm among those who care about both looks and personality.

Sorry if there is a lot to read, but I feel a compulsion to clarify why I decided to remain single.


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  • Well as long as you have reasons


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