Why I'm Giving up on Dating: Love is Dead, Part 2

A week and a half ago, I posted a myTake: Why I'm Giving Up On Dating and Finding a Wife: Love is Dead. That was posted out of pure hurt, anger and rage at how my now "ex" SUPPOSEDLY went on a trip with her girlfriends, but in actuality, she was fucking several dudes in three different states over a span of 3 days. I found out about it via snap-chat & Facebook when she began flaunting several dudes to me, talking about her latest tally. It got even worse when I figured out she'd visited 3-4 states to fuck.

You have no idea how i felt at that moment: Used, worthless, betrayed and ridiculed. But yet, she never once wanted intimacy with me. She probably talked bad about me behind my back to these dudes, and told them she's single. She already has a kid by some random dude, and she doesn't even know who the father is. And i won't be surprised if she came up pregnant again, seeings how i was the one who found out she was pregnant a few summers ago.

Why I'm Giving up on Dating: Love is Dead, Part 2

I've been through this before with previous "girlfriends" which would probably last maybe 3 days at most, saying I was "too boring", "too nice" and all that other bullshit. Others would just turn on me, or ridicule me for being such a gentleman.

I didn't even ask why. I simply deleted her from facebook, Snapchat, and my phone contacts. That was THE HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO. I have a Swedish, and Bengali friend I talk to on Facebook, and here is what both girls said:

"I deserve better"

But I feel as if I'm not worthy of even that

Why I'm Giving up on Dating: Love is Dead, Part 2

I grew up in a household where I was regularly beaten, ridiculed, and ostracized, and viewed as nothing more as a pile of cash (I was adopted), and attended a fucked up school system where I face much of the same, if not even worse. I've come to expect this kind of treatment from everyone. Many of you may know that this school system is located in the famously democrat ruined "toilet" of the nation, and no, it's not Chi-town.

As I said on my previous myTake, I feel like it's no longer worth the hassle of going out and finding a soulmate, because I continuously get burned. I just can't do it anymore.

I don't feel bad about not giving women any more chances. I did that already. I was that guy. I treated women like gold. I didn't even want them for sex. I just really believed in all this equality shit. I believed more in women than men. It was the saddest thing there ever was. And I basically always got fucked over. I was the perfect guy that my ex said she always wanted. Yet she didn't want it. She had to go and cheat.

Why I'm Giving up on Dating: Love is Dead, Part 2

For letting you know how I feel

I too, should have lied

For the fake love of a girlfriend like you

I should have never cried

For taking revenge from you

I too, should have had a fling

But copying your disgusting style

Is really not my thing

I hate you

Now I know why you didn’t pick up my calls

Because you were seeing another guy

If I had known this from the beginning

I would have wasted no time in saying goodbye

Now I know why you always gave me excuses

To not come with me on a date

I still don’t know why you were cheating on me

Maybe pain and hurt were written in my fate

I hate you

I wish I never saw you on that fateful day

When you were looking so beautiful and stunning

Then my heart would have never gone astray

For you, desperately waiting and yearning

I wish the Gods had told me from the heavens above

That from you, I should stay away

With you, I wish I had never fallen in love

Then I would have never seen this day

I hate you

You are stunning

But your actions are deceiving

You are beautiful

But your actions are sinful

You are amazing

But your actions are undeserving

I hate you

Because of you, my heart is slashed

Because of you, my feelings are trashed

Because of you, my conscious is bashed

Because of you, my emotions are gashed

Because of you, my hopes and dreams are dashed

Because of you, my trust has been smashed

I hate you

I hate that I loved you so much

I could have loved you a little less

And if I wasn’t so emotionally into you

Right now, I would have found happiness

I hate the fact that I spent so much time with you

I could have been a little less obsessed

If I wasn’t so addicted to you

I would never have been so depressed

I hate you girl

I did everything you wanted me to

I gave you occasional surprises and bought gifts new

I did everything that could make you glad

I thought I was the best man you could have ever had

But it turns out that you were being impressed elsewhere

And that is the pain my heart couldn’t bear

I hate you girl

Hate is not the opposite of love

It is the opposite of care

Hate is not when you don’t love someone

It is the betrayal that you give someone to bear

I feel victimized for trusting you

So blindly and truly

If I knew that all you would give, was betrayal and lies

I would have behaved accordingly

I hate you

I hate you
Because I love you
But I can't love you
Because I hate you


Most Helpful Girl

  • Man I am really, really sorry you went through this. Being lied to and cheated on has tremendous effects on anybody. Please don't put the label on all of us, actually there are many women who are hurt by their cheating male partners, as well as there are men in your situation. Many of us would never do that. Many of us, such as me, understand and empathize. Stay strong and don't give up on women ok? Take care of yourself :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you consistently get mistreated by the opposite sex, it probably has its origins in something that YOU are doing. It is probably occurring in the selection process. Your last girlfriend had a child, she has no idea who the father is, and you fooled yourself into thinking that she was looking for The One. Perhaps you are rushing into relationships before you truly know your partner. You need a good female friend (NOT girlfriend) to talk to about dating and to get some ideas about what you are doing wrong.

    Give up if you want but I'll bet that you are really, really, really wanting to find a partner for a long term commitment. Dating consists of a (seemingly endless) series of relationships which do not end well, followed by a great relationship that never ends.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Sorry that happened, but why did you post this anonymously if you were just going to link your previous Take that wasn't anonymous?

    • @Elarra I wasn't intending to link to it. Didn't want to. It was edited after I posted, before it went featured

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    • FYI, if anybody is going to post a "part 2" to anything of theirs, the first part should always be linked in the myTake. Otherwise, it doesn't help those who never saw the first part.

    • @Fathoms77 True, that makes sense

  • my reaction : "part 2 ? oh lawd!!" lmfao

  • good*

  • You make terrible choices in women, and blame all women for that. Genius. You're like those women who can never find a good man, always choose these bummy dudes, then start crying "men ain't shit"

    • Are you a feminazi?

    • To clarify, moron, she came to me. I never chose her. She led me on.

    • You chose her by accepting her. Nobody needs to accept anything and anybody who approaches them.

  • EEEEkkkkkkkk well I hope things get better. if you decide not to date that's fine too as long as your happy :D Goodluck!


What Guys Said 16

  • I agree, love IS dead, if not nearly extinct.
    People became too materialistic and (wrong word but something in that range) sexualized. People make a living and joy out of backstabbing each another. These days you cannot trust anyone.

    That must have been really tough. Good luck to you.

    And I will remember, that love is dead.

  • I understand your pain.
    My first (and only) serious girlfriend did something fairly horrendous to me, which left me psychologically incapable of feeling love for a woman.
    For you, I would encourage you to not blame all women for the sins of your former girlfriend.
    Look upon the situation another way: you have just dodged a bullet.
    Things could have been a lot worse.
    You might have married her and she might have pushed out a bastard sired by one of her bad-boy lovers, but passed the child off as your offspring. That happens more commonly than you might think.
    About half of all marriages end in divorce, which suggests that about half the female population might (emphasis on might) be okay.
    The anonymous authorship tag on this article does not give an age range, but I will make a guess that you are probably early 20s.
    I would encourage you to watch some of the videos on YouTube about how to interact with women.
    I would also encourage you to read the following books:
    1. How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie)
    2. People smart ( Melvin L. Silberman & Freda Hansburg)
    3. Skill with people (Les Giblin)
    4. The instant millionaire (Mark Fisher)
    5. Awaken the giant within (Anthony Robbins)
    Not all women are bad, but divorce statistics throughout the Western world suggest that about half the Skittles in the bowl are poisoned. Therefore, if you have a normal heterosexual desire to be with a woman, I would suggest that you proceed with caution.

    • Interestingly, less than half of all Western marriages end in divorce: statistics actually show prove that 2/3 to 3/4 of such marriages don't end in divorce.

      That's still a majority, and it's not necessarily that 1/3 to 1/4 of the women are "bad apples" because of the aforementioned statistics: divorce can happen just as easily on account of a man's wrongdoings as a woman's, so it might be *half* of those 1/3 and 1/4 numbers. There's greater hope when you take those two bits of information into account.

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    • @supernerd99
      This site is about the asking and answering of questions.
      It is not a dating site. . . or have I missed something?
      I might have.
      My own children refer to me as Sheldon.

    • haha. its good you dedicated your life to them. i htink they d love seeing you happy with a woman again

  • I appreciate how you are now giving us a background story. I'm really sorry that happened to you. She was a horrible human being. I wish you happiness and the best for whatever the future holds for you.

  • yeah but it is you that chose and attracted this bad manipulating woman. not a.. women are like that. you'll find a much better one. just let the wounds heal for some time. remember, we get the partners we believe we deserve... .

    • SO now you're blaming me for choosing her? Are you fucking kidding me?

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    • never pedestalize a human. thats the beggining of all sorts of sufferings... .

    • @supernerd99 Agreed. I remember the first time I put a girl on a pedestal, she ended up being on the rebound and when it ended, it hurt like hell.

      I mean I never said she was perfect necessarily but there were blatant red flags that I either overlooked or ignored because she was cute and had much in common with me. There's a fine line between flaws and red flags. And there's some red flags that you just can't ignore. Doing such can result in major heartache and depression like it did with me.

  • You're leaving out way too many details for this to be believable.

    • @mostwomenshouldstfu What details? TF?

  • I got fucking smashed in the teeth by women this weekend. I normally bounce back ok after rejection, but this weekend was a fucking hard hit. But, with blood and determination, I'm getting up again. Round 16389... ding ding ding... lets go.

  • You are choosing right. Be single, it is better for the world that way. All women will eventually hurt you like that girl did. Because they are all narcissists. Guys that eventually settle down with these monsters are permanently damaged in the head.

  • sorry you've experienced such hardships in relationships. i know the feeling. i've been there a few times. even cheated on by a girl i had intended to propose to 3 months later (even had the ring).

    i understand the feeling of wanting to give up but i might just suggest a different path. take a break. allow yourself time to heal. learn from past relationships. indulge in yourself, doesn't mean treat people badly but focus on making yourself happy.

    and come back to dating or the pursuit of love when you feel ready... for me i took 3 years of essentially not being interested in dating or anything

  • "I treated women like gold"
    "I didn't even want them for sex"

    That there is your problem. Did she treat you like a king? Sure doesn't sound like it. You don't treat someone like gold just because they are a women, you make them earn it, man or women. There's no reward in being given something for nothing so no wonder she moved on to other guys. She got bored. You just appear to be a desperate loser with no self values otherwise.

    And guess what? Women love sex too! They just won't openly admit it because otherwise their 'friends' will label them as sluts. Warm them up to it and they'll enjoy it as much as you. So yeah, if you hint at it being cool to not have sex cause she might be offended at you using her, she'll drop her head in her hands and find a guy that go's for it and knows what he wants.

    You're trying to hard to please the girl and live on her terms, live on yours but enjoy how she merges into your life and vice-versa.

  • Life moves on don't figt for women that's what iearmed.

  • Who were the guys? Did she plan it in advance or meet them while she was on vacation?

    • She prolly met them while out of town

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    • Sounds like you just got involved with the wrong one.

      She sounds like a whore.

      Was she black? What are you?

    • I'm black. I'm unsure what she is, perhaps Latino, mixed with Italian, British and Irish.

  • Go MGTOW. It's the best decision you ever make.

  • Rub some dirt in it.

    This is an easy game.

  • Sorry to hear that man. You can't blame all women like that just because of her just like how you can't blame all men because of a few shitty ones.

    What that girl did was wrong, but you don't wanna project that onto other women. That won't help.

    Last month a girl I was seeing not only used me as a rebound but invited me to her place and into her bedroom and there was an empty condom wrapper just laying in the bed from someone else prior to sex. She ditched me despite that we had all plans. I was sick to my stomach but even though I'm seeing other women now and am very cautious, saying all women are bitches or some other derogatory term won't help.

  • At least you are getting you must look fine. I have never had a girlfriend so stop complaining

  • I feel the same except i wasn't adobted maybe it would hurt less than knowing ur own family can treat u like shit... i dont know what to advice you but she is a bitch...


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