Why I'm Giving Up On Dating and Finding a Wife: Love is Dead

Today's women are just too complicated for men to date.

If you are poor, then you are not good enough to date them. If you are wealthy, then all they want is your money. So you lose either way. I am poor and girls just usually treat me like dirt. But when I get paid from my work, they can only think of my money. So it's like when you are poor they think you are cute but just not boyfriend material. But when you're wealthy you are boyfriend material, but you need to pay $$$ for being a boyfriend.

Why I'm Giving Up On Dating and Finding a Wife: Love is Dead

I basically just gave up on women. Plus, with Facebook and Twitter and countless online dating sites out there, women are becoming more and more unstable now. They are more and more undependable now. They never tell the truth and who knows what they are thinking.

All I know is men and women don't need each other anymore in this modern age. Back in the 1920s, women needed to hand-wash cloths and take care of lots of kids and buy fresh meat and vegetables from the market every day because there's no refrigerator. Needed to burn coal or wood for fire in order to cook. Needed to burn coal or wood for bathtub. House chores alone were a handful. Men worked from sunup until sundown. If a man had no wife, then he couldn't eat hot dinner----except himself, and nobody washed his dirty cloths----except himself. So back in those days nobody dares to divorce because if you divorce then you cannot live anymore. Only royalties back in those days can afford a divorce. Nowadays, women no longer cook. They put frozen TV dinner in microwave. They let laundry machines wash their cloths. Therefore they can dump one man after another and even if they found a man they still keep shopping for another man on Facebook daily.

The bottom line is this: There is no more love nowadays. Women don't love anymore. They simply shop around on Facebook for a good deal. And they shop daily even when their status on Facebook is "married". Love is a thing of the past. Back in the days, a wife would stick to her dying husband until said husband dies. Now with Facebook and Twitter, forget about sticking to the husband. New husband everyday actually. Every man on Facebook is her husband. No more love for you.

You can be open with your feelings and all that as well. I think it is one of the natural self defenses mechanisms to make it very hard to be a friend to a girl you love. I couldn't do it and I tried, I just get angry at the situation and quit trying. I don't know about others but when I seek out a girl, it's because I find her attractive and want her sexually and emotionally. I have couple of girl friends and they're just friends and the girls I love, I keep at a distance if they don't love me back because I can't be friends with them. There are too many feelings involved and one heck of a roller coaster ride. Out of sight and out of mind.

Why I'm Giving Up On Dating and Finding a Wife: Love is Dead

In my experience, a man's looks can significantly affect the way women perceive him. A witty remark can be charming or it can be annoying. Any question can be tenderly answered, or rebuked harshly. A woman's heart is a very shallow thing. As a game, dating is rigged, and lying is one way to rig it in your favor. Maybe spreading your seed and moving on is the best way for men with fewer options.

Part of the problem is American culture and our media here. The media plays a large role in how people lead their lives and their goals and dreams. In America our media places women on a very high pedestal and men far beneath them. Women are portrayed as intelligent sex goddesses and males as simple idiotic dummies who must battle endlessly to gain the attention of one of these supreme female beings. The media also constantly shows women with super good looking muscular men who are very sexy and mysterious. Often these males are shown as "bad boys" who live life on the edge and are super confident and also extremely romantic. So, is it any wonder why girls turn down average guys so often. Granted we all know TV is only TV, however we all are still influenced by it more than we know sometimes. I've seen it first hand. Most girls want an attractive, confident, romantic, assertive, bad ass guy. However nice guys generally are more shy and not at all bad asses. I myself am romantic but not good looking and such, but that is only 1 out of 5 major things. No wonder why I have problems.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the effect the media has had on the female population in the United States. Also let me note that males have been effected as well and there are plenty of females out there having issues. At least we know what it is that these women are looking for. That's a start at least. Now THIS BY NO MEANS means all women want this. However it is quite clear by the difficulty so many men are having that nice guys are having significant problems in this country.

If a man shows completely no interest in a pretty woman he might be considered * gay *, and that is not fair. As these dull games keep going on and on in our society where we * pretend * we don't care. We lie , we ignore someone we care about EVERYONE loses no matter how many books you guys read. Everyone loses.

Why I'm Giving Up On Dating and Finding a Wife: Love is Dead

I'm 31, have a job in downtown Detroit, no kids, dresses comfortable, and an introvert. I've had 0 dates, near as I can count in the past 15 years, And no sex, and no relationships either. About 75% of women I meet are solely interested in dating/dancing/dining bullshit. They are either commitment-phobic, or have put themselves on a pedestal. They're all waiting for the perfect guy to come along and will find a reason to reject anyone else.

Oh, I know, I know. "You're too bitter." Yeah, I wasn't always. After you do everything that you can, and you're still screwed, let's see how positive your outlook becomes. Then we have the "just wait". Just wait. Good things come to those that wait." Yeah, I'm 31, bub. How old are you?

Then we have the guy who said "get a prostitute". Thanks, I think most people can 'service' themselves. How do they get anyone to care for them? I've heard all the dating techniques, confidence-building routines, lower-your-standards, all the BS from people.

"Go to church". Sorry, not a religious Jesus freak. And when I was, people were there to worship, not hook up. Go to classes. Yup, did that. People were there to learn, not hook up. Try online dating. Yup, did that. Try singles activities groups. Yup, did that. Try speed dating. Did that. Just chat up women in supermarkets, coffee shops. Yup, did that. I did mention that i was respectful to women and still ended up with no dates, right? No? T`hen there you go.

Tried being a bad boy. Tried being just me. Tried being sexual. Tried being chaste. Nothing works. Each woman has a different reason for rejecting the guy (even for each guy). I finally figured out the problem ISN'T ME. It's the psychopaths out there that want to play and manipulated and get their egos stroked by 50 guys who all want them. Tired of the mind-games, the liars, etc.

I give up. Women don't want me, so be it. I can't do a god damn thing about it.

Why I'm Giving Up On Dating and Finding a Wife: Love is Dead


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  • My boyfriend works a part time job, and makes less money than me, still with him. In fact I make about double his pay, and it means nothing to either of us.

    @redeyemindtricks I believe also makes more than her husband annually, and guess what?

    We're all in love, we're all happy. Not all women are evil gold diggers bud, might be time to look in the mirror and find the real root of the problem.

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    • 7d

      “Not all women are evil gold diggers bud” you over exaggerating his points to make it sound ridiculous.

    • 4d

      I think the like and dislike ratio says a lot. So many men are so insecure, and instead of just doing a bit of self reflection and, I don't know, fixing the problem, they feel this need to lash out and be angry.

      Grr I'm a man and I'm angry because women don't date me. Look at my biceps!

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  • Oh lord, look at all the haters, especially all the bitter women who are so upset with your decision. Ignore them. It's okay it's your decision and you're happy with it. Maybe one day, I'll give up too because most women won't date a guy like me and there are so many shitty people out there who don't deserve me.

    • Giving up is learning to let go of those delusions and desires, because in the end that's what it really is. The pretty gorgeous sexy girl that you see today, well it's not always going to remain that way because people age, so it's like flowers, they are so pretty when they first bloom, but then eventually they wrinkle up and dry up, and then finally and inevitably they also die. Same goes for people and pretty much every other living thing.

      Look on the bright side at least he ain't the only one here that's been single for a long time.

      Besides, you, me and @Unit1 had all agree on one thing, and that is antinatalism, bringing life into existence into this word brings guaranteed harm and suffering to someone that never asked for it in the first place. That's the main reason why we don't agree to having any children, what is the point anymore after we had realize how bad and terrible this mess of a world is?

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    • @JudgmentDay I completely agree with your views, in fact after having going through a process called genetic quantum leap and having recovered past life memories here and elsewhere i know for a fact that this planet, in the last 15000 years has been turned into a concentration camp ruleb by evil aliens and their occultist followers, and because of that it is this shit, its all parasitic alien social engeneering that lead this wonderful world to be turned in this hellish concentration camp planet it is now and for sure i can´t know for how much longer will it still be a concentration camp, but lowering birth rates is one of the things that will surely alleviate this problem.

    • Women don't deserve you, and it si them that are the problem.

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  • Couldnt agree more... lol every girl is pretty hippocritacal cause they're hating on your Take and yet there doing the exact same thing in the comments by saying it's not good enough LOL I agree with the guys comments... Sorry but it's true, this society is screwed up now with this generation

  • Stepping back, a lot of women on here have little to no sympathy for this. I mean, you did nothing but drag women through the dirt and blame us for your predicament. But a lot of guys resonate with what was said, which is sad. And not to be mean, but then I remember I'm on GaG. Guys :/ I wish you could see how good it can be with the right girl. I know there are some really good guys on here, and I really hope you guys find your perfect person. <3

    • No, You say i dragged you women through the dirt. You're wrong. I am brutally honest and i will tell it like it is. People don't like the cold hard truth.

    • You haven't the spoken the truth at all :) Or you just have incredibly terrible luck with women (which doesn't make me a bad woman or girlfriend) it just makes you unlucky.

  • That's what you get when men and women don't need each other anymore and sleeping around and acting like a kid your whole life is socially acceptable.

    I will not deny that I'm very picky when it comes to men and won't settle for someone. He needs to be attractive to me, have a great personality, be intelligent, have a job that at least pays average wage, we need to have things/interests in common and we need to have the same dreams and values in life. But that's because I am looking for someone to be with for the rest of our lives.

    Because I am so picky I already know from the start of our relationship that this is a guy a I see a future with. However, after years of dating and one longer relationship I've realized that's not how other people do it. They get into relationships with no real thought of a future together. Instead they're thinking "we'll see where it goes". They also do what you said and continue looking for something "better".

    If I'm with someone I'm honest, 100% loyal and faithful and take the relationship very seriously, but I've been lied to by almost all guys I've dated, I've caught many guys on dating sites lying even before we even met and I've been cheated on in extremely brutal ways. And no, it's not obvious bad boys. It's very different types of guys but they have all turned out to be the same liars and cheaters.

    So I've also given up now. Although it's sad it's also a relief. I'm tired of dating and I'm tired making an effort and being serious when the guy is not. I'm tired of getting hurt and always wondering if I'm being lied to or cheated on again. I've realized I don't actually need a man. It would be amazing to have a partner to share life with, but I don't NEED it. I have my own friends, family, money, apartment, education, career etc. I have even started the process of having kids on my own now. I know people have different opinions of that, but honestly I don't care anymore. It's my life and I know that if I want to be a mom I will have to do it on my own since I can't find the right guy. To never have kids is not an option for me. It's what I've wanted my whole life. Family is very important to me and the only thing I really care about in life. So now that I have given up on dating, and know that I probably won't ever find Mr. Right, I don't see a reason to wait to have kids anymore, so I'm not. I'm going to live my life and do what I want, not pause it to wait for a man that may or may not show up in the future.

    • I guess you became Single For Life but not by choice then? Completely involuntarily.

      I've given up a long time ago, more than a dozen years, forget the age displayed I'm not 19 years old.

      I have a negative outlook on life, this world and reality altogether, but I do not blame the other gender for me being Single, and over time I just think Single For Life is the only real option left for me, since it's unlikely I'd ever find the right girl. Different people are never going to similar or the same no matter what. because different people think and feel differently about things, have different interests on mind, as well as different goals and objectives in their lives which may or may not become conflicts of interests in their relationships.

      I'm very deep and unhappy about the way things are in this world and reality, if you read any of my comments above, as I've already made a ton and maybe you'll understand why.

    • Good for you for going after you want and puttign yourself first... that's great! I wish you all the luck in the world on the mommy front... it is the best!

    • @Rinalira Can't help. Either find another boyfriend and move on and heal and keep hurting by not letting go of the past. There's a reason why things didn't work out and he's your ex now. Just let it go.

  • The fact that you've given up on dating/finding a wife is nobody's fault but your own. You can put forth as many reasons as you want (women get 'complimented too much', are 'too religious', etc.) to make yourself feel better and less at fault. Nonetheless, most of the population seems to have not nearly as much issue with this not so complicated topic.

    Sorry sweetpea, but it sounds like you've given up because you've decided you're better than anyone else. That no woman is 'worthy' of your narcissistic views.

    • loool, the male vs female votes on this opinion

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    • lol you're great. I love how all I did was leave my fucking opinion and your reply is to right away dismiss it and call me 'just another feminist'.
      Love the irony! Never fails to make me laugh.

    • @kaylaS91 I think they may have gotten me confused with you lol, which just goes to show you that reading comprehension is dead haha

  • If seems less like gals are generally 'awful' and more like gals don't want you so you regard them as 'awful'. "Most girls want an attractive, confident, romantic, assertive, bad ass guy. However nice guys generally are more shy and not at all bad asses. I myself am romantic but not good looking and such, but that is only 1 out of 5 major things. No wonder why I have problems." If you don't want to date gals go ahead but I find it off settling to make create an entire theory around it implying the 'blame' is one gals with some extreme delusional claims rather than simply state you're bowing out because gals don't want you. Incompatibility dude. It likely happens to most people.

    "They never tell the truth"
    This is an extreme delusional claim.

    "In America our media places women on a very high pedestal and men far beneath them."
    Studies show otherwise. Most heroes are male. Most speaking characters are male. Most female characters are generally ''eye-candy" or serve no to little other pursues than the heroes' sexual or romantic interest. Unsure how it's a pedestal to often have no other purpose than to fuck or date the hero... only if she's attractive of course.

    "The media also constantly shows women with super good looking muscular men who are very sexy and mysterious."
    These women are also super good looking. It seems your issue is that super good looking gals want super good looking guys.

  • My only issue with this Take is that you aren't really reflecting on your own actions. Not all women are the way you describe. Maybe you need to date within your circle? But there are women looking for love and I'm one of them. And we're in the same boat as you so please don't group us all together like that because a lot of the things you stated men are just as guilty of doing as well.

  • IF woman don't work out, you can always try men, since they seem to be better in this case.

    • Very good suggestion but... I was about to try a man and it made me uncomfortable. I wish I was gay or fully bisexual. Life would be easier for me.

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    • If it's not your thing, don't do it. It was just a suggestion. If women don't work, try something new.

    • Well men are better all round really. Glad you realised that.

  • Oh cry me a river. As usual you weaklings only see your own problems and from your own point of view, you never even stop to think, if maybe all men aren't that great either and maybe, just maybe, women are different from each other. They problem actually is you, maybe it's your personality, maybe it's the way you present yourself, maybe it's the kind of women you approach, I don't know, but the problem is you.
    No one feels sorry for you, crying about how horrible it is to be you won't help.

    • All us men ask is for you to stop being a whore... whys it so hard for you?

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    • @Mrwoo99 That's like if I said all men are weak-willed, spineless, sexist pussies, but luckily that only applies to a few pathetic specimens, like yourself.
      In all honesty, there are lots of great men out there, it's a loss to no woman that you're not on the market, we won't miss you.

    • ignore this precious entitled femnazi princess. Cry me a river that men treat women so bad. It is filth like you that causes it.

  • I don't really care what you do, but I'm intrigued by your definition of 'love'. It seems like 'love' to you is needing a husband/wife to survive? That seems like the opposite, that seems like getting married because you have to, not out of love, and not divorcing even though you maybe cannot stand your husband/wife, because you wouldn't survive?

    Isn't it a good thing that you no longer need to be married as soon as possible, but can actually look for love?

  • You say that girls like confident and romantic guys because of media rather than biology. Confident is sexy, romance is alluring. You might not have either and the issue with insecurity in males is that it causes girls to dislike you which makes you even more insecure. Terrible cycle. You should cut out of the cycle by figuring out how to be confident.

  • Dude, you can give up on whatever you want to give up, you don't need to explain why you chose to do that to anybody especially by portrying other gender in bad colors only. If you think giving up will bring more adventages to your life than disadvantages, then do that, it's your life, and you live it.

  • basically social media has turned both men and women both into commitmentphobic assholes who are either too scared, or too afraid of missing out to love.

    people these days treat others like they do cell phones- they upgrade each other on a whim, to something shinier and newer, even if one they had would have sufficed, with just a little tlc.

    i went through tons of shite relationships and only met my soulmate at 28, after years of heartache and soul-crushing rejection. but he's been worth all of it, and we do plan on staying together "until death do us part"... we're not rich, and we both have scars of our own; we just refuse to give up on each other.

    so please do yourself a favour and don't lump us all in with those faux kardashian-esque idiots. either change the type of woman you're looking for, or where you're meeting them; that's about all i feel qualified to offer, since you've likely made up your mind to tune out anyone who doesn't agree with you.

  • It seems like all of these failed relationships have skewed your perception of women. I get where you are coming from, and as we move forward in time, it seems that everyone, man or woman, are becoming more apathetical.

    Please do not blame every single woman out there becuase you were with some shitty woman. Not all of us are like that. Not every woman cares solely about money or looks. Love is not dead. Love is still out there if you look hard enough. I know that seems cliche but it's true. Keep looking and don't give up.

    • This is why I love you ☺️

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    • Never said their was not shitty people. But when a sizable population states their is a problem, when a man states how he tried everything he could for fifteen years and nothing, it seems rather absurd to simply dismiss it out right as him simply not trying hard enough or it being an isolated incident. Men everywhere are saying the same thing, we have MGTOW redpillers herbivores (Japanese equivalent of MGTOW) men stating that they want to learn how to be an asshole to attract women, men stating how they can't deal with women any more, marriage rates have dropped dramatically and men everywhere are stating the same problems. And womens response is to claim their is no problem. Doesn't that sound a bit absurd to you? If the vast majority of women claimed their was an issue do you think it would be acceptable for men as a whole to dismiss it out right and say its clearly on women not men? Their are a lot of problems in our society, statistics show this, anecdotal evidence shows this.

    • Being positive isn't going to fix the problem, acknowledging that their is a problem is going to help fix the problem and so far no woman wishes to admit to it. They don't want to acknowledge that men are now shunning women because their afraid of what she will do whether it be destroy his reputation or have him arrested. Afraid to marry because she will divorce him (because almost all divorces are initated by women) and take away everything he has from his money to his children. Women don't want to admit that their is a very big problem and as long as women keep pretending like everything is fine we are going to continue to suffer, all of us. Women need to step up need to admit that something is wrong and work with men to fix the problem, if only women are listened to then clearly we are not communicating and that's exactly what your statement was, a refusal to truly listen to what is being stated. Yes he shouldn't give up but its also true that their is a problem.

  • Oh hun, you are thinking wrong. Do not beat urself up. Maybe you are looking at the wrong girls, I dont know? Women in general are not that complicated... Seriously.

  • But when this constantly happens to you maybe you picking these type of women? I meant there so many people who if this person is this or that they off my dating list right away. I meant hey if your not attractive your not attractive but I heard a statistic that women in America are having an issue finding guys now most girls are going to be single. Because of the fact they are refusing to look at guys without university/college degrees.

    • Right now I'm trying to find guys I'm attractive too but I'm trying to be reasonable. So maybe look if you doing this without knowing it?

    • 7d

      But there isn’t someone for everyone

  • I recommend you find an Amish colony or move to an Islamic country where I guarantee you the wives will never leave or be able to leave without your full consent. And you won’t have to worry about the girls rejecting you for looks. You should work on your financial status, but it’s not like the women of the places I mentioned would be as picky as the women in America.

    • The wife would stay because she’s forced to then. How’s that any better than being alone

    • @Kit_Kat88
      Because he is complaining about how it’s so easy for people to leave a marriage. Well, if there are more strict rules put in place he won’t have that problem.

  • Boohoo. Women are the worst, love is dead. Its not because I'm a sorry ass who cry nice guy and whines constantly.

    Well cool, I just don't understand why these guys always have to write these damn articles. I mean you do know that even pity party will not get you a girl. lol

    • 7d

      Love is dead though he ain’t wrong about that

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    • 6d

      @Mi2mi2a Because no one, not guys nor girls, wants to actually build a bond with someone and grow close. Not just through sex. Through experiences thick and thin. Everyone's a goddamned window shopper, ready to split at the first sign of a 'better choice', rather than working to make the love that they have now the best of their lives.

      People have become property in every sense of the word in the dating game. There is no more love. Just sex.

    • 4d

      @Onidandal Is there some data? like a comprison data of love; before and now.
      You know why you can"t put love in a data, because you can't quantify it. You can't say there is no longer any love because through your persona lenses you don't see it.

      and maybe if you actually believe in what you said, why don't you become the change? why not look for love? it can not just be dead, love is something a couple creates it doesn't exist beforehand.

  • The prob is that you have met the wrong women
    Not all women are like that. There are good ones out there who love you for who you are. I heard today from a friend of mine that he's 21 , lives alone, doesn't have a work, doesn't even have something to eat sometimes and he has a rich girlfriend who loves him so much and helps him to live. She can't do everything for him bcs of her parents but every money given to her she spends them for her boyfriend who is trying to find a job. So there are also good women who love your personality most

  • It's the environment you are exposing your self to. If all you date or pursue are women who watch reality shows and closely follow the lives of said celebrities of these shows then that's the problem.

    You have to step outside of the box and seek out like minded individuals such as your self. Where there are like minded individuals there are bound to be someone of the opposite sex that feels the same as you do.

    Society does indeed play a role in the overtly dramatized lifestyle of sex and beauty. However a REALIST knows that it is all for the camera that REAL PEOPLE have REAL expectations.

    So seek out REALIST rather than WORLDLY women.

    • I should also add I am a black female and I in no way conform to these character traits you have described.

      I'd suggest immediately ditching women who even in the slightest resemble these traits. It doesn't matter if their a friend or not. You need to get into the habit of surrounding your self with people who view the world as you do.

      That requires uprooting your self from certain environments.

    • Very good point miss PMR, sometimes a real change requires an uproot and putting yourself where you belong. Exciting too

  • My current boyfriend is in college and has work placement. He is nice. Not all woman a same. Look into your self or read mytake. My type of traits that make me be in a relationship to begin with a guy ↗

  • not all women are like this... i dont care about money and only meet men who treat me like crap too and im hot... dating does suck though

  • Dude you're wrong. My boyfriend has no job and no money and he is overweight but I am still with him! You know why? Because I LOVE him and know I won't get the same bubbly and glowing feeling with anyone else. I am engaged to him and we will be getting married as soon as I turn 18. He told me that I am marrying a poor man, but I told him that we are rich in soul and rich in love and that is all we need :) he is going to be 22 once I'm 18 <3 I don't know which girls you're talking to, but it seems like the only problem you have is you're looking at the hot thots who wear too much makeup and are OBVIOUSLY gold diggers! You're not going for the average girls or ugly Betties. You're looking at the models and you're getting mad once you can't get your dick wet because they're married and won't send you a titty pic xD

  • Sorry that it did not work out for you. But you also have to see from the girl point of view. It might be some other reason whý she left you. If you are the reason or not, is not something i`m going to judge. But to say EVERY girl is like that is just plain mean and incorrect.

    I´m not like that, no one i know is like that. I think you have just met the wrong ones in your life

    I think you should keep looking and you might find the true one. Good luck and don`t give up!

    • The hard part is they (in my experience) never tell you why they want to stop seeing you. I understand to an extent why they do that (Some guys can be super clingy/obsessive or aggressive/mean) if they find out why. But to do it after one date, then ghost me all together, it kinda leaves a huge whole in my confidence. Rinse and repeat this a couple of times and so it gets hard after a while to keep faking the confidence when there is a giant gaping whole from all the other times of being rejected/ghosted for seemingly no reason.

      I do agree with you that it's not fair to say every girl is like that. But the odds of finding a girl who 1) likes a guy and 2) isn't like that is extremely slim, especially since they are usually taken. I know girls have the same problems that guys are jerks and they can't find a good enough compromise either.

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    • @Blanchmess I 100% agree with you that it's a cultural thing. Yeah, I personally have had bad luck with dating, but I think for the average guy on here with the same issue as me has it because of the culture the women we try to date are from. I also believe that independent women are arguably better to date. My ex was super dependent on me and I felt more like a parent than I did a partner. Attractiveness is another issue, but that's another topic for another day. And lastly, if the other person told the reason they were uninterested (as long as it is legit and honest), we would know the answer to if it's the person being shallow or a character flaw in myself.

    • @Botchie Yeah i agree in what you said last. We would still call the person shallow no matter what. But i would rather know the truth than just being ignored. Which is how many guys feel. Sadly some girls just tend to not have empathy for the guy and leave the guy wonder instead, vice versa

  • 4|2
    • Get more creative buddy 👎🏾

    • Pointless memes really, cannot come up with anything constructive to say. shouldn;t have bothered, it is the same old story and complaints because it is does basically sum up women.

  • Very poorly written. Not all women are like this. You just keep finding the bad ones out of a whole bunch.

    • yup, my cousin doesn't work and his wife keeps him :P , true love haha. You just need to know how to make a woman love you

  • 2d

    Yeah there you go in your hard way
    Now you're bending fundamental rules of reality
    Can you calm down just for a while
    Are you brave enough just staying on safe ground
    All I say, do what you want to do

  • 6d

    Woe is me! Just be yourself & you will eventually find someone that accepts you & loves you unconditionally. Work on yourself & enjoy life Until then.

  • Winners never give up. Therefore you'll never be a winner and neither will you ever find love.

    • Stop spitting non-sense left and right.

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    • @NessMess i think that is all women can do these days.

    • @Cyhhgg It is her that shouldn't have bothered.

  • Marriage is not for everyone. It seems like you are too young and not ready for it, because a lot of what you wrote is very immature. Take a break from dating and don't think about women at all. Work on yourself, have fun in different ways that do not involve trying to find a wife. When you approach something with such a negative mindset and expect the worst of course it is not going to work out. Dating is supposed to be fun. You are taking it way too seriously. You are young, go, have fun, dont take it too serious and overanalyze it. Becoming bitter about women or dating won't help you. Relax a bit, have fun being single, the right girl just might fall for your smile and genuine good energy. Your obsession with money is getting in the way for sure. I've never cared who makes more money, me or the guy, and I never will. Many other girls I know are the same, so you are focusing on all the wrong ones.

    • 7d

      Dating use to be fun but this generation is all about instant gratification

    • 5d

      @TheUglyMan well if you view everyone as 'this generation' instead of focusing on each person individually of course you will be disappointed. Happy marriages still exist even in this generations, you just choose to ignore it to keep feeding your misery. guys like you wouldn't have a good marriage anyway, because marriage takes work. if you can't work on making yourself less bitter and just focusing on the right person, of course the marriage doesn't stand a chance.

  • I think you just haven't found the right one, there are a lot of woman out there. Stop searching in the wrong places.

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  • Same here buddy, welcome to the club of Single For Lifers. I actually had been single for more than 30 years, never had any dates, didn't really care anymore either.

    Don't feel too bad. Look on the bright side, at least we don't have to worry about being cheated on, or any other unwanted drama, we can prioritize and save most of our hard-earned money for ourselves, we have more control over our finances and resources.

    The way I look at it, it really don't matter anymore. If people really want to follow the tradition of raising a family and passing on their genes, then they can keep trying and keep taking risks with "love" and relationships.

    Otherwise, dating, relationship, sex, love, etc. is all more or less redundant.

    Besides with automation technologies on the rise eventually people can just have machines become their assistants and servants in the household, why even bother having other people around you that may not get along with you and fight with you all the time? I just hope that reality happens soon, and hopefully that it's reasonably affordable.

    Because things can be problematic as we single for lifers head toward the end of life period when and if we survive and live in our elderly years all on our own though. We may not have anyone else to to really look after us and take care of us, but if automated machines can do that then we're all good.

    i realized that "love" isn't real anyway. All those desires and feelings we have for somebody else from the opposite gender are all the work of chemicals, hormones specifically within our brains and bodies, it's just doing it's work to try to get us to mate and procreate just so that the chance of us all dying out becomes reduced, because without those attraction and desires "effects", then nobody would have ever mated or procreated and we all would have died out long time ago.

    So all in all I know that Love is all but Illusions and Delusions. Romantic Love specifically.

  • How does this garbage get featured? I guess for clicks...

    You can say whatever you want to make yourself feel better, but not having a single date in 15 years means you're obviously doing something wrong, and your self-serving bias isn't doing you any favors. It's not the entirety of the women gender - it's you.

    Self Serving Bias - people's tendency to attribute positive events to their own character but attribute negative events to external factors

  • You want to be gay or single, good for you. No need to inflict that decision on others. We don't care.

    • Opinion owner How constuctive , why did you even post an opinion?

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    • Wow* speaking of dicks... looks like you have finally evolved into one. Dont worry tho, someone will eventually shove you up someone ass.

    • Opinion owner This here with all this anger pointed at each other , is why men don't seem to think bonding with each other is benificial. This is the way , that those who oppose men have krept in between us to pit us against each other. we need to bond together instead and stay strong together so this doesn't happen. Not interested. ?

  • Maybe it's just a Detroit thing. After all, I hear bad things about Detroit all the time and now I've heard about its women. Must be a terrible place to live.

    Anyway, you might want to seek a counselor of some type if you're truly "depressed and unhappy" like your profile states. They might help you become a happier individual, which will certainly reflect in your daily life and help on this quest to finding love. I've dated women before who were depressed and I can tell you first-hand, it's difficult to tolerate. I was only able to because I have patience. You seem to be equating your happiness with finding love, when in reality, you just need to figure out what it is that you like doing when you have the free time when not working. You shouldn't need to validate your existence and happiness by involving women into the equation. You're going to be miserable for your entire life if you convince yourself that you absolutely need female company and this just makes you look desperate when you say you need something and then complain when you can't get it.

    You explain that you're introverted, so if that is the case then I can understand you probably try to avoid social gatherings or don't stick around for very long. This might be part of the issue. Introversion is not necessarily an attractive quality unless you're also looking for a woman who just likes to sit at home all day and read books or something, and when you look for specifics in dating, like an ideal body weight or a certain annual salary, is when you have less options to choose from.

    If you have chosen to give up, then that is your decision. In my experience, the best things in life have happened when I least expected them to. The more you search for something the more desperate you become every day that you didn't get it. I don't believe that if a woman approaches you, you're going to immediately assume she is a gold-digger and wave her off. You'll probably give her a chance and see where it might lead.

  • Have you tried being jacked, alpha and fun?


    You know the old saying "girls just want to have fun and get fucked really good"

    • That guy reminds me of Zyzz

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    • So apparently I have to be fitness expert to get a single date? Let me guess I should be alpha too?

      Pass, they need to curb unrealistic expectations.

    • This gen doesn't care about mass, front to back thickness. Just being ripped.

  • Hey dude! I feel your pain. I can see that you've been on a long and brutal losing streak. However, it seems like you've made a decision that you really don't want to make. FYI, the next step in your evolution is to just not give a fuck.

    I'm a half way decent looking guy and when I was younger I was rejected by several women who looked like absolute dogs because they thought that they deserved the almighty alpha male. I made the mistake of setting my sights low in the hopes of finding someone who had more realistic expectations. No such luck. In reality, I was seeing 10,000 young women lining up for every one alpha male, and they wouldn't settle for anything less. Then, when these women reached their mid 30's, and they're obese and never married, they'd ask "where have all the good men gone?" Well sugar, by that time all the good men are either married, dating younger women, or have gone MGTOW.

    Nevertheless, you're making the right decision at the right time. These days relationships are disposable anyway, and it's usuially the women who end up disposing of them. Think of all the money you'll save by not having to make those child support payments. Maybe it's time for you to explore the prostitute option? Chin up and don't get down on yourself! The dating scene is a cesspool and the marrage trap is financial suicide. What I'm saying is that your situation could be much worse than it is right now.

  • Given that there are 7 billion people on this planet, there are plenty of people who find love. Those who don't need to do some soul searching to see what exactly they are offering.

    For every gold digging woman, there are hundreds who are not. The basic pyramid structure of our society will tell you there's a whole lot of poor people and a handful of rich. There wouldn't be enough wealthy men to go around.

    When millions of people have no problems finding someone to love, that would seem to me that the problem lies in the individual. Just by my observations, those who are on the extreme side of introverted, social awkwardness and social incompetence will be the ones most likely to be alone forever. These people tend to be highly intelligent and technical, but lack any emotional understanding - hence they do not connect well with others and work best alone.

    You may need to do some soul searching and reflect on the type of person you are. Often, one's own perception of themselves is based on their over-inflated ego. Basically, when you are the only one who thinks highly of you, you're probably the dick who nobody likes.

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    • "Most felt bad for me spending too much on them." 😂😂😂
      And they managed to convince of that loool

    • "The asker seems to have a long string of failed relationships"
      I don't think he has had relationships at all.

  • Lots of money is key to long lasting relationships and great supply of sex boyo

    • But what happens if something unexpected occurs and you become bankrupt or in serious financial debts such as from some unexpected and serious illness or trauma. Those medical bills can drain you quickly. Unless somehow the BOTH of you are wealthy this might not be a big deal, but if your partner wasn't financially stable and had lots of financial debts too then that would be problematic.

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    • @JudgmentDay This financial/economic collapse you speak of, i pray to Agni it happens. Maybe then, everyone will come to their senses.

    • @Speedbird_747

      It is inevitable, history repeats itself. There will be another large scale global conflict, but before it can occur, it always starts by building up from the tiny problems that grew out of control. Once it collapses a whole great depression will occur, much worse than before and then from there eventually ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. It just takes a spark to trigger the dominoes to fall as that happened in the last two World Wars. One major event that will trigger a BIG conflict worldwide.

      We're not gonna make it. Humans aren't going to change the way their nature are. They will ultimately destroy each other, this planet, and every other living things as the result of their greedy ambitions. Even if another global war doesn't end it for us, climate change will because humans fucked up the environment and compromised the integrity of the ecosystem. It just sucks that we are dragged into this crapsack world without our consent.

  • I'm sorry about your experiences dude, but love isn't dead, and it's not right to blame everything on the girls. Almost everyone seems to be less willing to put in the effort these days. But love is still out there. In fact, after everyone here has gone, love will still live on.
    All this being said, good luck in the rest of your life. I hope you find happiness eventually. If not from love, then from other things.

    • Relationships and dating aren't for everyone, and if they want to give up, truly give up, then they will. It all comes down to what your goals and objectives are, and what your priorities are. I personally think it's really all worth the risks if somebody is serious about having a family of their own someday and raising a traditional family otherwise, it can either be delayed as long as possible or avoided completely altogether if they aren't fully up for dating or establishing a relationship with anyone else. I still believe it's BETTER to call it quits completely on dating, sex, relationships, etc. than be someone that sleeps around with other people for fun, but that's just me.

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    • 7d

      Love is dead the rest is spot on though

    • 6d

      @TheUglyMan Pretty much. It's all but illusions and delusions more than anything else.

  • Generalizing is the worst possible thing you can do when speaking about the opposite sex. You may have come across some bad apples, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the whole gender is flawed, i'm sure you know what kind of girl you are interested in, whether she is attractive, smart, wealthy, whatever, but you know what you want. Since relationships are mutual, what do you have to bring to the table? We are all looking for someone that we are able to communicate and share a relationship with. Put yourself in the woman's shoes, are you going to be interested in a guy that has low self esteem and spends all his time complaining about whats wrong with others, but doesn't take the time to reflect on his own shortcomings? The type of people we attract are the type of people we can relate with the most, if you continue to attract shallow money hungry women, what is it about you that makes you a prime target for such a lady. Is that the vibe you give off? if so then you should focus on taking responsibility for your failed relationships and find ways to improve yourself, don't just play the blame game. Relationships are a two way street, both of you have to bring something to the table, there has to be a reason for you to be interested in her, and vice versa.

  • 4d

    There are two things I wanna say about this. I'll start with the good one and hopefully the bad one will sound... less bad.

    Giving up on dating is your choice, and there is nothing wrong with that. You are an adult, I think, and as such you are capable of making your own decisions in life. If you don't want to date because you're not happy with the current dating claimte, completely up to you.

    However... I think you need to get over yourself and look in a mirror, then maybe you'll find the root of the problem. It's easy to place the blame on others because you don't want to accept that you might have a bad attitude or you might be doing things wrong. If you can't be friends with a woman simply because you have the butterflies for her, that's a sign that you are the problem, not the women.

    I think you just need take a bit of time for self reflection and think about the real reasons women may not want to date you. Forget about the money, forget about social media. Take some time to look at yourself and your attitude, the way you act, the way you talk to people. And just because you had a few bad experiences doesn't mean they're all going to be bad. Like, 50% of America's population is women and there are a lot people live in America, so maybe give it some thought. I am of course assuming you live in America, I don't know where you live because your profile is private and America has a lot of people so.

  • So women are shallow - some of them, anyway. It's not Facebook's fault. Nor is it the laundry machine's fault. Narcissism is growing, but that was predicted long ago. (2 Timothy 4, to be exact.) That train will not be slowed down, even if we were to suddenly find ourselves knocked back to the Oregon Trail days you so glamorize. The guilty will always find a way to defy what's right - even if it kills them.

    I recall one woman who was willing to lay it all on the line for me. But I knew I could never bring her what she truly needed. So I urged her to give someone else a chance. It devastated me, and she too felt hurt. But it was the right move. She is happier and more in love now with the other guy than she could ever be with me. Love is not dead. It's just rarer. A lot rarer. Nobody loves, because nobody has faith in anything. Faith is dying, and love cannot exist in a faithless world.

    A woman who turns me down for a shallow reason is one thing. I save the bitterness for the kind that will lie to your face, lie to your loved ones, make a scene about their betrayal of you, or otherwise prove that they were the enemy the entire time, playing the lover as a means of sabotage. Or if they cheat dramatically. Or if they abandon you to join some demented cult.

    As I've aged, it's gotten easier to see these red flags, and cut these types of women loose before I get too emotionally invested in them.

    One way to view your own losses: Luke 18:8 paints a similarly dim picture of humanity's future. (Will there not be one left left that believes?)

    Will there not be one decent human being left on this planet? Yes, there will be. But they will be a minority such that they will almost seem to not even matter. 55% of the globe's population is female. That's a lot of women who've reserved special spots in Hell for themselves. All of it predicted. So don't act so surprised that you've uncovered so many hell-bound.

  • This coming from a guy who has been with his wife for almost 4 years now. If you don't want to date just don't. I don't believe everyone is meant to be in a relationship and that's fine. What isn't cool is some of the women on here trying to shame you for that. It's your life, live it how you see fit.

  • One solution more men are choosing is building relationships online with foreign women. Specifically Latinas and Filipinas. Not because they are "hot" or "exotic" but because they retain religious faith (Catholic), love of family and children, are proud of domestic skills and are far less contaminated with the sexual politics, psychodrama and the cynical deviousness of Western women. I am not philosophizing here. I did this, she's here and we are into "happily ever after". Western women hate and fear this because it ruins the scam. Let them die alone with rabbit vibrators in the drawer beside them.

    • That and foreign women don't have it in their head that they have to let the guy initiate everything. Maybe I've had good luck in friends with foreign parents but the girls who aren't "Americanized" (hopefully that comes across how I intended) tend to focus on the more important things rather than petty stuff like "He made eye contact with me for longer than 4 seconds, what a creeper".

  • 6d

    For the majority of female's it's true.
    Why do you even bother with damaged goods with neon sign (that they are) in the first place.
    They aren't ready for anything but something sexual in the first place even if the think they are.

    Do your own shit, stop paying attention to the main flow. work on your inside insted.
    The right one's will emerge, put a lot of effort that they are the one for you.
    Stop caring about those that tries to get attention, wants you to do thing's, prove things.
    They aren't girlfriend material in the first place.

    Widen your ground where you get exposed to people, in areas you want to be for yourself, not to get a potential girlfriend/wife.
    Be more open towards people and stop wasting time on those that doesn't put some effort, or for that matter are real. stop letting people use you no matter gender. stand up for yourself.
    Stop doing shivolery shit in general, they are creepy behaviors.(that doesn't really get you the right one, only users).
    Stop sucking up to other's.

    Be nice because you want to be it without getting anything in return.

    Stop winning, or what you deserves.
    Go for what you are after.
    The pity victim raise is creepy for most people when it comes to it.

    Treat others according to how they behaves. not what they want or aspects you to do.

  • Ha. Oh man, girls in here on tilt. Remember, girls hate a quitters, some guys love it (less competition). That's why women (good ones and sluts alike), HAAAATE wars. Overly populated world, resource competition, best way to sift to the cream is better yourself. Girls will follow.

    Trade secret, "bad boys", suitors, or snakes, stole their techniques from good, productive men who had to keep women in check so they could depart and gather resources to provide for the both of them. And women pulled and selected these men upon return for reunion to ensure continuity of the species. Endless waltz. "Bad boys" mimic this behavior to get perks without legwork, and "dumb sluts" mimic the behavior of good women for the same purposes. Just lazy. Gotta be both, brah. D*** when you have to, and kind when you have to, and to who needs it. And here's the beauty, sooner or later, people can change, despite their history, they may be scarred, but all leaves fall regardless.

    Even if you never find someone, find something passionately that you love doing. Stick with that. Will never betray you.

    • That last sentence you wrote was all that mattered. Find and make something worthwhile and worth living for to pass the time here, because it's really much shorter than we all thought or expect it to be.

  • @RainbowFanGirl said it best.

    Don't give up, though. That's quite the global defiance; never to love again?

    Also, it's your personality they rank as most important (not getting into a back and forth on this one... I've experienced enough to know it.). All else is a bonus.

  • Seems to me you didn't have good experiences in your love life. But don't give up and don't blame all women for that.

    For a long time I was broke, I ~never~ owned a car and I still had my fair share of girlfriends who I truly believe loved me.

    I think you're investing time in the wrong relationships, maybe hanging out with the wrong people. There's love out there. There are plenty of nice women who want a guy despite any of the things you mentioned.

    Good luck. ;)

  • Do not blame technology advancements and all girls for being unable to establish love and relationships. It's the people, who are fault.

    Yes, love is nearly extinct. We live in a very materialized world, where the economy is a sad joke and the way to potentially live is by backstabbing other citizens through faked-love (love for money), breaching trust, blackmailing etc.

    Many people care only about themselves and it's all about me, me and me. That they are actually messing with potential people is bad.

    But do you know what the good news is?

    If you have no girlfriend because everyone is not real and abusing love and are after money, then you are damn lucky you are still single. Wouldn't want to fall victim for that!

    • I advise anyone that wants to be single for really long time till the day they die to prioritize in maintaining their health and as well as their finances, have to save for retirement somehow, and it should be much more efficient and easier without children or a spouse to take care of, though not absolutely. Other than that, their education, although the current education system is a big fucking mess, too much regurgitation of information tossed back and forth between instructors and students.

    • @JudgmentDay True that! It's the only way to live in fullest possible potential, as much as this world allows us to.

    • Also look at the women being close minded to this decent mytake. I thought women were better than that and shaming the mytake author. I was wrong obviously and I won't deny that.

  • i agree with you because for as long as i can remember, i've always hated, detested, despised, loathed, on how it's always the mans job to approach and make the first move, be the initiator, take the lead, in the dating/mating game, i wonder if the reason why i feel that way has to do with my parental upbringing or childhood social experiences, or if i'm just a genetically natural born Beta or Omega Male

  • That was an Excellent take man , because i haven't seen a professional take for long time.

  • You don't really understand what women want. The most important thing in a man is not his wealth or hotness. It's his ambition and his confidence. You'll never be attractive to every girl, but you can be attractive to a large enough number of them if you have those two qualities. Blaming women's progress in the workforce or a few gold diggers here and there is a cop out. You're just making excuses to make yourself feel better about your choice to abstain from women. If that is your choice then that's fine. Just don't lie to yourself in the process

    • Didn't you write a question saying women don't like ambitious men just the after effect of men who are ambitious.

    • @BubbleBoy69 nope

    • NEVER blame the opposite gender. But DO blame the system. If it wasn't rigged and corrupt and a big fucking mess, we wouldn't be suffering from large amounts of unemployment and instability which is a big factor to all of this in the first place. And with all those problems it only further made things difficult on finding and holding a stable job to even maintain and sustain a relationship or even a marriage and a family.

      I do have to agree that NOT every single woman on the planet are gold diggers.

      But if he is really that concerned about being ripped off, then he should just save all of his money as much as possible for things that he actually needs, save it for retirement or something, because once someone has become single for so long it will become very hard to impossible to ever have a relationship, thus no traditional family or children to support them when they are all on their own.

      All depends on what your priorities and goals really are.

  • Sorry for not reading your entire, very nicely done piece, but I know where your coming from. Just stop playing but don't stop what you're doing. And one day, out of the blue, the right one shows up and bites you in the ass. You'll se.

    • people always say love will find you. But that's only if you are willing to give it a chance. But if your heart and mindset has already gone cold, uncaring, and have anger built up within you, you'd realize that it's better to completely avoid any girls that feel any interest at all in you romantically for THEIR own good. They can chase you all they want, and even that is unlikely to happen, but if you really don't care to even try anymore then the battles already been lost, inside you had already crumbled into pieces, you wouldn't give the other person a fucking chance and would only deny them completely and push them away constantly. They become constantly more angrier and grumpier which would make them want to go away and look for somebody else. He's already in his 30s, it will take time, eventually I think people will become used to being on their own, no partner, no sex, no dating, no love, and no relationships at all for the rest of their lifetime.

    • @JudgmentDay yes, you're right, that's why I suggested a timeout. Don't want or seek a partner for a while - until you feel good about things; all things. And slowly become open to it with you're new perspective. It worked for me and it wasn't easy at first

    • @Aqualung

      but if guys become bitter, cynical and jaded or even disillusioned about relationships, dating, sex, "love", etc. they may never recover from it. The only difference for me is that I DON'T blame the opposite gender. I just find that there really is no point to take any of these risks unless you are really seriously up for taking your chances to try and raise a family of your own some day.

      I gave that up long time ago once I realize why things are the way they are, as in why we mate and procreate and it's all very deep and I only became even More Unhappy about it all. The thing is if you're not already happy with yourself, then a relationship won't make you happy, the other person can't make you happy, at least not forever. And when and if something happens eventually and the two of you split and breakup, the results would be even MUCH WORSE and put a really unhappy person into even further depression. I realize I CAN'T truly be happy, only Less Unhappy or More Unhappy.

  • Geez, thats some hardcore MGTOW stuff. I mean I get you, sometimes I can be bitter af too. Maybe when I'm at your age, I'll be the same way, who knows. In the meantime keep your head up dude. Maybe we should try and stop being so damn edgy.

  • I have said for a long time now that if me and my fiance ever split up then I am more than happy to just not bother with looking for a relationship unless I am approached by someone, there is only so much effort a man can be expected to put in after all!

  • I just think its too hard to find a women whos not a ragging whore.

  • Thank god you for you. You no longer have to deal with most BS that comes from falling in love, so be happy and free man.

  • Hey mate save your pennies and go to Thailand, meet nice girls, make sure they are not party girls, because they basically prostitute themselves to stay alive, meet her family, immerse yourself in another culture, and get out of the funk you are in. You just need a holiday, shake your world up, and find yourself and what you really want.

  • Best thing to do is don't take women too seriously. Go into a realtionship as casually as possible. If you put your hopes up too high you are bound to be screwed over. Always be prepared to move on because that will be most likely the case at some point. Most relationships are temporary so enjoy it while it lasts and keep your options open.

  • Can not blame all women. Yes a lot , maybe most are like that today. I experience a lot of that bull too. But, I still believe there are some great women out there, somewhere.. Hopefully all this waiting will be worth it in the end, right? And I get social anxiety. Hope is all we have left. I try to worry more about myself. Improve myself every day while I wait.. and wait.. One day someone will give me/you a chance, and will see what great people we are. Good luck.

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