Accepting That Women Are Starting To Act More Like Men


Men and women are indeed acting like one another now and it's frustrating a lot of people...mainly men but some women too.

Women are making more, women are more focused on their careers than their relationships with men, women are more logical and less emotional, women cheat just because they're bored, women are often rude and disrespectful...remind you of anyone? These were all criticisms lodged at men and as a man who's had these criticisms lodged at me I can say it never made me care.

See, these "bad behaviors" are a naturally result of being free to express oneself live for ones self interest and not care what anyone thinks or how it makes anyone feel. You can't have freedom without it. (see handmaidens tale for a harsh but great representation of how threatening the mere thought of a womans freedom is to men.) They don't hurt probably because they aren't seen as bad things to the person doing them. In fact, they're probably seen as compliments!

The answer then isn't to try to "shame" women into acting like we want them to act. It's to accept that we are living in a time where they're just as bad as us and adjust. We don't know how long this will last if ever and the reality is there's this behavior and there's muted behavior but inside they wish they could act this way so at least this is real. So what to do?

-Lean More Heavily Into Your Careers

Women who respond to men with big careers are often not really career women themselves. In this way, they're more "traditionally feminine" by our standards but of course they have expensive tastes and they expect you the man to provide. By leaning more heavily into your career, you lean more heavily into a lifestyle where your focus is your work and during playtime you have the money to take these types of women out

-Learn Seduction Not Pickup

Pickup is a man's game--no not the frilly hat weird line kind of pick up more the walk up to a woman at a bar and chat her up kind of pick up. It's a numbers game be friendly approach women who seem to want to be approached and hopefully one wants to go to bed or at least go on a date with you. Yet, the insurgence of cheating shows that women have similar appetites to men and what was thought of as enough for a woman, a loyal man, isn't always enough. Seduction is far more complex and requires patience planning and time. Think strategically getting boxes of chocolate, sending her flowers, sometimes being available to her and sometimes not, appearing vulnerable and then appearing hard to read having amazingly intimate sex and then turning cold. These things EXCITE a woman though excitement doesn't always make someone happy. Pickup is when you objectify women, but now with women objectifying us just as much as we do them, it's time to play a more sophisticated chess match.

-Wait Longer To Get Serious

The modern woman doesn't need a title so quickly anymore. she's find just being cool and this can even extend to sex (though i wouldn't rush it if she's not really into it yet) the point is only get exclusive when you truly want to be something serious. otherwise, allow yourself and her to see other people, you probably won't, but today's modern woman is afraid of commitment just like you are. Don't feel hurt by this, embrace it! You now have the chance to date multiple women and only after a very decent amount of time has passed choose who you would like to be exclusive with

Accepting That Women Are Starting To Act More Like Men
Accepting That Women Are Starting To Act More Like Men
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  • Anonymous
    That's not a problem, as long as they look hot, I prefer tomboyish girls anyway ;)
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you for MHO

Most Helpful Girl

  • karahiri
    This doesn't sound right...
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    • pavlove

      lol you're soooo smart thanks for this

    • Z-Spark

      thats the problem it doesn't sound right but this is our reality

    • GAG is full of butthurt, socially inept males.

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  • Astoriana
    Your grammar is terrible. There’s hardly any punctuation, so the whole thing reads like the diary of an excitable tween girl.

    Secondly, the premise is ridiculous. “Women are acting like men so you have to be even more manly to attract a REAL woman.” Why don’t you tell them to take steroids and beat the shit out of everyone they see also? Very healthy attitudes you’re pushing here. 🙄
    • Secondly, the premise is ridiculous. “Women are acting like men so you have to be even more manly to attract a REAL woman.”

      I don't understand why you're denying it.

    • Astoriana

      @FýrdracaDócincel because everything he churns out is drivel, and his flunkies lap it up like the obedient little lapdogs they are.

    • I'm pretty sure women don't want someone who's less masculine than she is.

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  • levantine99
    That's sad. Women will not evolve by becoming men with vaginas. Feminism is a bankrupt ideology. i'm a feminine woman serving my man in the countryside and there is nothing more empowering to me than that. Feminazation of men and Masculination of women is not the solution.
    • pavlove

      us city dwellers don't have a choice

    • MzAsh

      Empowerment means being free to live life as you please. You are doing that, and that's great for you. But the lifestyle you chose can't be expected on everyone else. Please respect the fact that women are made for different roles in life.

  • MzAsh
    Women aren't "acting like men," they are finally becoming more comfortable acting like themselves. Men and women don't comes with owners manuals. Men can define for themselves what it means to be a modern man, and women can define for themselves what it means to be a modern woman.
  • Nyx_85
    What. the. fuck. SO the solution is men should be even LESS willing to commit? I don't date around and I don't respect any guy that is a serial dater. And with STD's on the rise. No thanks!
    • LeoLionEye

      I think that was kind of his point. As in if men don't find any women really desirable or worthy to commit to, then they are best off just trying to get what they want from these women with no actual desire to commit to any of them.

    • pavlove

      yes, synergy not anger. just because a woman isn't traditionally feminine doesn't mean she has no value or that you have to change her. take her where she is and find mutual benefit

    • Nyx_85

      Everyone's idea is feminine and masculine can vary.

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  • Beibhinn_Princess
    Wait, what? Are you ok? Since when has it been "manly" for me to have a job? I do not lean on a boyfriend or husband to fuel an expensive lifestyle because 1) I can live cheaply, it's easy and reasonable, and 2) it's not fair on him. I do not have to try to be a 'traditional woman'.

    I am not ok with being 'cool'. I will either be in a relationship or not, clear borders between them.

    I don't go out using pickup lines, but they are *not* a male only thing.

    I do not try to be a man, I be me.
    • pavlove

      you're missing my point. women today are venturing more into what has previously been seen as traditionally masculine positions (being a provider, forgoing relationships for work, etc.) A lot of guys are frustrated by this. My point here is that we shouldn't be frustrated because a lot of women don't want to be tradtionally femine, we should adapt to modern females such as yourself and look for the positives that come out of women who are more independent and career focused

  • Sowhoawolf
    The only issue i see that bothers me is *women who act like man whores. There exceptionally flirtatious, uncommitted, and they take care of there body's. In other words when a hot girl all of a sudden wants to talk to you. Chances are, she's only interested in sex... meaning your sharing her vagina. And she can easily replace you. That pisses me the fuck off. Why do the got girls always gotta be the whores
  • CammyKattt
    I think you made a lot of great points, but, personally, I think both genders should be expected to be faithful... I'd never date a man whore.
  • Uhhjsshshdh
    I want women to act more like men, that way less gender issues.
  • JustJules
    There are women who do more jobs that men do because some of us have to. I'm an only child and so I help around the house. I know how to chop wood. I have to in order to be able to help out.
  • Sylvesterstweets
    oh, wow I am starting to look like one too. :P please dont believe everything you read folks.
  • raspberry0416
    You have this half right. Yes it's true you shouldn't try to shame women into acting the way you want them to, because women are free human beings just like you are and are free to act in their own interests.
    But your advice for men is teaching them to be douchebags, which will not serve them well. Dating is about being honest and having respect for the other person. Don't play games and try to manipulate the other person' s emotions. There are women out there who are good people and act with integrity. Find them.
  • arineunha
    meh with time comes change..

    I like how it is now, if it extends beyond this society will be fucked.
    women are no longer financially dependent and don't have to wait on a man.. are free to do what they want. however, some values are still there..

    but I can see how this is causing problems in real life relationships.. we are all acting like we don't need each other. that's why a lot of relationships are short.. nowadays, there's no real passion or true love
    also women downplaying their feminine side and men downplaying their masculinity

  • Jayson101
    I don't believe that premise. I think it's encouraged but I think it's faulty, and tI think the people who encourage it are dogmatic and misguided
  • Asad1ONE1
    *Correction: both men and women have always been that way. The differences are among individuals.
  • They have penis envy. They want to be men
    • pavlove

      that should mean more lays for all men

  • troychapman
    thats shitty of both genders
  • msmagenta7
    society is f'ed up
  • Anon-ymous1
    ... I don't get it. My eyes kind of glazed over.
  • MidnightCowboy
    I like tomboys, not those preppy girly girls
  • Anonymous
    I really wish it would change since I honestly don't find most modern women attractive. There is a few exceptions. But it's hard to tell the difference between them just by looking at them. So I don't really see the point in putting the effort in when I might never find a women like that. Modern women can do as they please, but they won't be getting my interest anytime soon. I'll just focus on making myself happy and if a women I find desirable comes along awesome if not oh well.
  • Anonymous
    Modern women are confused to what they want. On one hand the want equal rights while on the other they want they want the same special treatment and free stuff given to them. Thank God modern technology and medicine allow us men to throw off the burden of women as now they can "hunt" for their own food albeit 25% less effectively.
  • Anonymous
    I have no interest in dating women who act like me. I have encountered many women who talk the equality talk, but don't really want to be treated that way in an intimate relationship... work life and other realms are different.
  • Anonymous
    I have dated both sexes. If men and women did not want to be objectified as sexual objects, they shouldn't act like dicks. Modern innovations make us less rely on one another. It is a godsend but also a flaw, if you look at how we treat one another in the dating. People just go around having sex and use social media and texting as a way to get the emotional needs they require at a specific time, rather than commit to anything.
  • Anonymous
    I think a point has been missed here; in today's economical climate it's ideal for both partners to contribute money wise, so it makes sense for women to have careers, that doesn't mean she doesn't want a good man to be a part of a team with? It just makes life more ideal for both, as well as children.
  • Anonymous
    Men aren't men anymore.. They are the new pussies
  • Anonymous
    Acting like men, acting like women, meh, I think it's all individual, gender roles are just made up by the society.
  • Anonymous
    Just because women act like men doesn't mean men will want those women in the way women want men. Ultimately, gender relations suffers and if society can't adapt then shit's fkd, yo.

    "You now have the chance to date multiple women and only after a very decent amount of time has passed choose who you would like to be exclusive with"
    Biology doesn't chance that fast. You can't just wait to have a family until you feel like it. Also.. can they actually date multiple women? And I don't even mean all at once. It's weird that we live in a world where that statement is strange. It just doesn't feel realistic at all right now, but whatever

    Criticisms logged at men aren't necessarily valid just because they were logged. It's entirely possible women are doing a better job of being assholes when put in the same position.