Why Dating is Easy!


Dating is an issue for both genders. Men and women have a difficult time navigating dating. However, this is because many people in general don't have the mentality necessary to approach dating. My mentality is that dating is a process. I date plenty of women that don't want to pursue anything further with me past the first date. However, on the other end, I also date plenty of women that do agree to numerous dates.

I may contact 100 woman using tinder, match.com, and bumble, but I only end up getting 61 connections. I have 61 conversation and only 27 women to respond. Out of those 27 women, 12 agree to dates. Out of those 12 women that agreed, only 4 continue dating me.

Why Dating is Easy!

I used to get angry about all of the rejection that I was taking and the fact that I was failing to find the right woman (like most people, male and female). However, I adopted the mentality that dating is a process and I will have to date numerous women to find the one woman that is perfect for me.

My mentality now is to enjoy each date, no matter how bad I don't match with the potential woman I am dating. I am going to enjoy the time spent in general.

Why Dating is Easy!
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  • JSmuve
    Shit bro, good luck trying to convince someone to do something when there's at least a 96% chance of them failing spectacularly. I agree, dating is easy when you enjoy the process more than the result. But if you tie too much emotional attachment to the result and beat yourself up over and over again after each and every failure, then it's hard.

    Serial dating is for people who genuinely enjoy talking to random people and don't care if they see them again or not because their self-esteem isn't tied up into whether there's a connection or not. For those who do value a connection and put too much emotional investment into it, then serial dating is utter agony.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • JessForAdvice
    I find it hard to find any men interested in an actual relationship.
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    • alonzo100

      Really? There are definitely men out there that want one.

    • I find it hard to find any women who are interested in a actual relationship. Most of them just wanna be friends, and they like calling me late at night after they have been drinking all night at a bar. lol

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  • Onlythisone
    Once in a great while I'll put up a dating profile for a day, pick ten dates, those dates remind me I hate dating... I go back into hiding while those guys keep leaving progressively more emo voicemails... Eventually i forget that and do it all over again
    • 10dsw

      I think female online daters are ridiculous... But I will admit that I, for the life of me, don't get why male online daters leave voicemails and all this other weird crap...

    • @10dsw it seems a better option than going to a bar by myself.

    • 10dsw

      That is very true

  • -Beonkia
    Anyone who says dating is easy doesn't know what it's like to be a girl who gets rejected constantly
    • alonzo100

      It's probably the guys that you are going after , and as you can see, I get rejected as well.

    • Unit1

      Or being a good, single guy, who can't get a girlfriend. Those exist too.

    • steevo

      As you can see, it is a numbers game. This guy got rejected 9 times out of 10.
      Women are more picky than men. If a guy is shorter than you he knows he will get 100% rejected straight up.

  • MsMusic
    I have about 80 matches on tinder right now

    6 got my snapchat

    3 got my numbers

    1 got a date

    lol I'm ok with that though
  • Barrabus_the_Free
    Hitting myself in the dick with a hammer is easy, too.

    Doesn't mean I want to do either of them.
  • EnglishArtsteacher
    "I may contact 100 woman using tinder, match. com, and bumble, but I only end up getting 61 connections. I have 61 conversation and only 27 women to respond. Out of those 27 women, 12 agree to dates. Out of those 12 women that agreed, only 4 continue dating me."

    If this is your general experience, consider yourself lucky. I've probably contacted over 2,000 women in my online dating career, and had about 100 connections, and maybe 30 respond. I've used Tinder, Bumble, Plentyoffish, etc.

    Dating is harder for some than others. Men are more picky about looks, where as women are more picky about income.
  • milettescheepers
    Cause it won't harm you to be nice to someone and even if its just to make a friend
  • Unit1
    It's easy for you because you enjoy the process. 100 women are a lot and 4 of them continuing dating you says that dating is actually not that easy and that getting a girlfriend is challenging.

    This reminds me of someone saying, that dating is supposed to be that difficult in order to weed out the so called "weak males" who give up after 5 or maximum 10 rejections or having something like 3 sour experiences with bitches before going MGTOW.

    Anyway the point is the bigger the number of women you meet, the higher the chances of getting a girlfriend are. And the base number is really that low.
  • Urstupid
    Its just spending time with another person. Easy if you have time to spend
  • Angelina25
    "Dating is easy"
    Me: "Only if I find a man."
  • RedPillGirl
    Dating is dead, not easy
  • opurba
    U can expect a breakup on weekend.
  • Krumpir
    But is it cheap?
  • Anonymous
    Dating is boring and no, not very easy either.
  • Anonymous
    It’s never easy
  • Anonymous
    Too many shit girls
  • Anonymous
    Dating is hard. They like you but you don't like them. Or you like them and they don't like you. Or neither of you end up liking each other. It's hard to find that connection were your both really into each other.
  • Anonymous
    I think I"m too picky on tinder. I have a certain type.. But also, always having to initiate conversations as a guy is boring. And if there is nothing to go off in her profile to start a conversation, then its really hard to start one
  • Anonymous
    Interesting, but I still wouldn’t say it’s easy...
    • alonzo100

      I think it is. In the sense of finding the right person? It might take a while, but it will happen in time. It's all just a process.