The Cold, Honest Truth of Why You’re Single That the Internet is Too Afraid to Say


Work is abnormally slow, so to keep my writing biceps strong, I’m utilizing this sub-par site to prevent myself from getting rusty. I rarely get to write opinion columns or editorials, so I figure this is the next best option.

This site has some of the most “interesting” people I’ve ever seen. Never have I seen a more unrightfully entitled group of folks in my life. I don’t know if an overall lack of social experience causes people to make up expectations in their head or what, but from what I’ve seen from the radical singles on this site, delusion is my only conclusion.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, all of the points I will list apply to men and women. So, if you call me a crazy feminist or anti-feminist, read this, reconsider, and trip down a flight of stairs.

Here are some of the REAL, BRUTAL, COLD reasons why you’re single but no one on the internet wants to say.

The Cold, Honest Truth of Why You’re Single That the Internet is Too Afraid to Say

Peeps on G@G. ^^

Your expectations are too high for someone of your caliber

I can’t stand it when I see these openly “always single” people without an ounce of dating experience with a laundry list of expectations. While I see it with females on this site, it does seem to be more prominent in males when it comes to stupid expectations, while women want what they usually want: a mind-reader with ambition who will pay for dates but still respect them as a strong, independent feminist.

- She can never wear makeup.

- She can’t have dyed hair.

- She can’t wear pants or thongs, because they're not womanly and slutty.

- She can never have liked another guy other than me.

- She can’t have male friends or female friends I don’t approve of.

- He has to make money and be educated, but I’m allowed to work at McDonald’s part-time.

- He can’t acknowledge any other attractive females other than me, but I’m allowed to ogle Justin Timberlake and fantasize about him during sex.

- He’s not allowed to get angry or yell at me when I have a psycho shit-fit because that’s abusive and he needs to understand I’m just so passionate.

- He’s not allowed to ever jerk his dick off because that’s basically the same as cheating.

These are a few of the stupid things I see people say.

Most shockingly, is a lot of these gents and gals have never even had a successful relationship. What’s more, is they are typically the most average, unoriginal people you could possibly meet. Nothing about them screams: I CAN HAVE ALL OF THE EXPECTATIONS IN THE WORLD AND I WILL HAVE TONS OF OPTIONS! BECAUSE I AM SUCH A CATCH!

Well, the painful truth is … you aren’t. Sorry.

You may not be a bad person, you may be a good boyfriend or girlfriend if given the chance, but you aren’t “the shit.” You’re an average person like the rest of us, so for you to have a strict code of conduct a person has to adhere to with military discipline is fucking stupid. You are never going to get anyone who fits the absolute PERFECTION you expect.

This isn’t a fairy tale, I get you haven’t experienced a relationship before but it isn’t like the movies. Relationships are sloppy, your partner may not check off every single box in your head. They’re a person, not a Build-a-Bear, you don’t get to choose every little detail your partner has. So, if you meet a great girl who likes lipstick and you don’t, get over that tiny speed bump. If you don’t make a lot of money, maybe don’t expect a guy to make six figures.

At the end of the day, you can choose your expectations. I just suggest you check yourself before you begin raising the bar above your own head.

You’re ugly

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” true … but every society has a general consensus of what is or isn’t ugly. Sometimes, you’re just born ugly and no one is willing to tell you. No one is willing to tell you because it’s deemed taboo and they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Even I admit discomfort when acknowledging someone as ugly, since I believe most people can improve their appearance or fit someone’s more eclectic taste. As well, most people who proclaim their ugliness are either attractive or average, so when you really find UGLY-UGLY, you may not know how to actually tell them if they ask.

I’m sorry, but the cold, hard truth is there are physically ugly people in the world. What’s worse is when these people have very high expectations, kind of like the people I mentioned above. If you’re 300-plus-pounds, missing teeth and hair, you can’t expect an Instagram baddy with a fat, plastic ass, okay?

Ugly people don’t have to despair, chances are, there’s someone out there who will love you, they just might not be the cream of the crop themselves. Look at Mama June, back in the day she had dudes fighting over her, and she used to look like an overweight horse. You just have to find your Sugar Bear.

OR, you could improve your appearance instead of adhering to this: “EVERYONE MUST LOVE ME EXACTLY AS I AM,” bullshit. Everyone needs to change as they grow, and if you think self-improvement is wrong, that’s half of the problem.

You’re creepy and fucking weird

If you have a habit of internet stalking people, obsessing over them, speaking to them inappropriately, following them around the office or school while you talk about how you had this weird dream that you two eloped to Mexico … you’re a fucking weird creep and it’s the reason you’re single.

I have had first-hand experience with dudes who were outright being creepy with no shame. I’ve seen women do it as well, they aren’t innocent since they seem to think men are so sexually driven that they can just grope or sexually harass them without consequence. OR they think it's totally cool to add all of his exes on social media and grill them about their past relationship before even formally meeting the guy.

It’s never not creepy to force nudes or sexual talk on someone who says they aren’t interested, and it’s never innocent to stalk the actual fuck out of someone and pester them about a relationship, especially if they’re already in one. If someone isn’t interested, leave them alone. If you barely know someone, don’t start the conversation off with how perfect you think they are for you or your weird fetish for licking used panties.

You’re a pussy, flat out

You never make a move. You never indicate you like someone. You never even hint at your feelings towards the person you like … and then have the nerve to get upset when they end up with someone else. You turn into a bitter incel faster than a race horse can piss.

Girls are especially guilty of never making any kind move, since they still think they can just sit on their asses and men will flock with the single bat of an eyelash. This isn’t our world today, men need SOME indication you’re interested to avoid being labeled a creep and wasting their time.

Fun fact: sitting on G@G all day bitching about how single you are is not going to make pussy and cock fall from the sky. You have to go out there and get it like the rest of us.

That is all.

Love Jane. <3

The Cold, Honest Truth of Why You’re Single That the Internet is Too Afraid to Say
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    Great take though sometimes you can also say we’re into the ones who don’t like us back and vice versa.

    Like you said, there is no perfect person that is gonna meet all of the requirements on your “checklist”, but you can’t completely lack physical or mental attraction.

    I’ve had dates where the girl was cool but ended up not being physically attractive at all, and I’ve had ones where the girl was cute or decent but super boring to talk too.

    Can’t completely lack chemistry and you should never settle.
    Is this still revelant?
    • True anon.

    • Anonymous

      I’d also like to add location and lack of opportunities also might be a big role depending on one’s situation. For example, I live in the suburbs of Chicago but work in the city and it’s hard to meet women where I live, at least ones I’m into.

      I use online dating and there’s very few options out here but in the city there’s tons of women but a lot of them expect you to live in the city which does make it tough. Is it the sole reason? No but it does play a big role.

      Even though I still use online dating, I’ll admit, it’s not that great of a resource.

Most Helpful Girl

  • azzntittiz
    GAG is full of these people we know that, but I think it's a true window to the world, being here has helped me to understand why people in my everyday life might do what they do. And you better not be talking about me because Nick and I will be together so and everybody else can stop fighting against our love, okay?
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  • coachTanthony
    Well this sub par site JANE... just made your take MyTake of the day. Congrats! Good take!
  • Logorithim
    Well, I'd certainly agree that a lot of people's expectations are unrealistic, either in part or in whole, but I also believe that there is someone out there for everyone.
  • Bluemax
    The internet is not at all afraid to say anything you just said. In fact, just the opposite is true. Now, IN REAL LIFE, that's a different story. Granted, in real life, people are afraid to say what you've said. However, I've read every single point you've made, countless times, in the same abrasive tone (and abrasive is what you called yourself to JZ909) by MANY people on GAG and the internet. If the internet is afraid to tell you, why have I heard every single point you've made MILLIONS of times before?

    Now, also to JZ909, you said you believe, "Also, being compassionate is often how people downplay harsh truths and the same old behaviour continues." I believe that's profoundly wrong.

    I've read MANY gagers and other people on the internet who are capable and have said EVERY SINGLE POINT YOU JUST MADE in a way that shows they care about the lonely as fellow human beings, in a way that engages the other human beings by using language that isn't likely to drive them away, AND THEY HAVE NEVER SUGAR COATED A SINGLE WORD. Yep, it's true. They do it routinely. They seem to understand what you don't seem to understand. How you say something is at least as important as what you say. And whereas you might think it's not possible, I not only think you're wrong, I know you're wrong. It is possible, albeit more difficult, but I've seen them do it. I've read them state everything you just said, only better.

    "A kick in the ass is sometimes what people need"
    No, the truth is what they need. Truth, by the way, is neither cold nor hard. It simply is. And when you tack the words "cold" and "hard" in front of truth, you're likely to just make people defensive. And putting "honest" in front of truth is straight out of the redundant office of redundancy. An abrasive kick in the ass with people who already are in pain, who think very little of themselves, and who battle depression almost invariably pushes them away and makes things worse.

    As for all these people saying, "Great take!" or "Awesome!" or "Congratulations, well done!" I'll wager my life that the majority, and by that I mean probably all of them, agreed with these points prior to your writing this mytake.

    That being said, I agree with much of this mytake and I think your points are quite correct.

    I'd like to touch more on the ugliness issue, and this is something I've dealt with quite a bit, having grown up with people who were born disfigured, I'd like to talk more on that. However it must wait.
    • Honestly, I was too lazy to read all of this. If you disagree, you can just disagree. I don't care why you do.

  • JZ909
    Valid points, but being intentionally abrasive isn't really my style. The approach has some merit, but in my opinion, it's used excessively. You may draw attention to an issue by being abrasive, but rarely will you change someone's mind about something by doing it because it immediately puts people on the defensive. Mostly, it just seems to enhance echo chambers that already exist.

    Speaking hard truths doesn't have to be combative; it can be compassionate. It just requires a different approach. One of the most effective techniques is to simply state your view, rather than attacking the other side.

    For example: This article could have made the same points, but in a much more palatable format. The title could be "How to be Successful at Romance in the 21st Century" and then go on to explain how people generally prefer dating people at or above their income level. This is implies that you probably won't have a lot of success trying to date people who are a lot richer than you, but doesn't directly attack anyone, and therefore is unlikely to trigger a defensive response. Would the article be any less honest or true by using a more palatable tone?

    However, like I said at the beginning, an abrasive tone does have some merit. This is just food for thought.
    • I don't intend to be abrasive. I just am. I see no point in pretending to be something I'm not. I won't fake my personality and sugar coat my opinions for the sake of other people, because I'd be lying.

    • Also, being compassionate is often how people downplay harsh truths and the same old behaviour continues. A kick in the ass is sometimes what people need, and if they don't want that, they shouldn't come to me lol.

    • Bluemax

      "they shouldn't come to me lol."
      Correct. They should go to people more capable.

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  • jellyroo
    "Never have I seen a more unrightfully entitled group of folks in my life." I don't know dude, go deep enough into tumblr and you'll find a whole new level of entitlement.

    Aside from that, nice take. Always enjoy the honest brutality from you.
  • Aynsof
    Fantastically rich supermodels with nice personalities aren't going to throw themselves at my ugly self without me having ever said a word?
    Well that's just depressing
    Thanks a lot
  • DumbandDumbber
    Good take with good points.
    I myself always credit it to 2 points:
    - First one is people think the world arounds them, people need to understand the world doesn't owe them ANYTHING.
    - Second one is people forget that we basically live like animals, if you don't FORCEFULLY go after the stuff you want. You won't get it and be left out to cry.
  • EnglishArtsteacher
    I'm involuntarily single, and none of this is true for me. And for the record, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder for MOST people. Of course, there are conventionally good-looking, and conventionally ugly people, but those are rare exceptions. Really, most straight women aren't that visual. That's why Hugh Hefner, Biggie Smalls, Zach Galifinakis, and every other "ugly" rich man can get a trophy wife. Why? Because women tend to value money more than looks. Some women only coin a guy as "hot" because of his money.

    I have very low expectations-almost none at all to be honest. I've actually had people tell me I'm not picky enough. I consider myself good looking, but I'm sure other people think otherwise. I'm not on either side of the conventional attractiveness scale.

    As far as being "creepy", or "weird", I'm not creepy, but I can be weird at times, but in a good way. I don't have much of a filter when I talk, and I have weird opinions. I doubt this is why I'm single though.

    And finally, Millennial women like feminine, and "pussy-like" men. It's party of the "biological sex is an opinion" movement (Plot Twist: It's not actually subjective), and I've noticed Gen X'ers, and older like masculine men, but definitely not this generation. For the record, I do make a move, and I like being bold-and it often backfires.

    I suppose this take describes single people on GAG, but not single people in real life.
  • JimRSmith
    Cracking Take.

    You're bound to get shit for this, but as far as I'm concerned you are absolutely spot on.

    The entitlement on this site is often astonishing.
  • OliviaDenny2000
    I fall into none of these categories, and I'm single.

    While I don't consider myself pretty (and I'm too fat), I don't find myself "ugly"-just plain. Bleh. The other categories on here don't fit me at all.

    You can't make huge generalizations as to why someone is single.

  • Cool take, except:

    3. The dating world is a dangerous place with many liars in it.
    2. Just throwing letters together doesn't make real words; the letters have to make sense together.
    1. You have uttered many inconvenient truths.
  • bubble_tea
    I like your truth mixed with humour. I'm looking forward to your take on how to change your single status.. for those who care ofc.
    • I can do that, sure.

    • What humor? I didn't see any humor. I saw a salty little girl that got a little too comfortable behind the safety of her computer monitor.

    • bubble_tea

      ChronicThinker, I'm sure it's gonna be awesome!

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  • MsMusic
    I am guilty of some of this lol

    although I don't expect a perfect person for a partner. definitely not lol, I'm not perfect.

    however I do agree self improvement is important, and I was laughing at the part about weird and creepy because I've met my share of those too lol
  • dancing_in_nebulas
    The sad part is, they are too high up on the "woest be me" horse to accept the truth, or so down in the dumps of self pity this isn't even English to them.

    You made the best point of all, the most obvious and easily fixable point... that its the person. Thats right, YOU.

    Fucking brat society conforms people to blame everything but themselves. Its so bad, even fucking atheists blame a God they dont even believe in for their dating woes lol
  • QueenofCups
    The Internet is not like the real world. Most guys I interact with irl are not like this.
  • Pyrofox
    I think the real reason is tooo many people just dont understand till its too late just how high maintenance relationships are if they are at the core fake.
  • SarahsSummer
    At the risk of having many, women are all lesbians-men, say AHA!, I think I love you. Lol
  • FatherJack
    I fall into an entirely different category... single dad !! Also work FT still , and simply do not have the desire to date , do not have the time , money and above all , the inclination. Maybe it's my subconscious telling me " 2 children is enough.. no more !! " ... plus the memories of the ex wife I dumped !! I like your style , I 'm a former British Army soldier... you don't get more brutally blunt than that !!
  • SketchForger
    I'd say that most of it comes from being creepy and unsociable. People who don't choose to socialize are usually alienated as an option for other people. You can't flirt with people who aren't there, and you can't expect people to like you for you personality if you're not expressive or outwardly interesting. I've seen people who are "ugly" get into relationships with attractive men and women. To be honest it's a lot harder for women who aren't attractive to find partners, but ultimately people see through than more than people think. Hell I'm ugly and I've dated people who I consider very attractive.
    • Bluemax

      "I'd say that most of it comes from being creepy and unsociable"

      I very much agree. Now why do you think that is? What has made them unsociable?

    • @Bluemax Now you're being a party pooper tampon princess. Goodnight.

    • @Bluemax not desiring to go outside? not being independent and still living with your parents? Being isolated to the point of having unrealistic standards from increased pornographic consumerism?

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  • zaipei
    good take. :) especially the part where you said self improvement is important, it surely comes from self examination. We all need to self examine ourselves and be honest in everything in order to improve what is good.
  • Blonde401
    The internet says this shit all the time. Nobody will say this to your face however.
  • irrationally97
    I mean you aren't wrong at all. Good take. Although I feel you could have added points on how to improve these points. No single person is gonna fix themselves without knowing how.
  • ericclayton
    Seems that most people who are very active on sites like this (including myself) are actually really introverted in real life. They're not "doers". So maybe they just sit around and over-analyze things, and often become bitter, and cynical toward the opposite sex because they're frustrated on the lack of interest they receive. Which is their fault anyway because you have to actually walk up to people and socialize, most of the time (this is true for both sexes, btw).

    I'm guilty of it myself, but I don't think I'm bitter or cynical. But I suspect many are.
    • Glad to hear you can acknowledge your circumstances. I couldn't judge you.

  • llPurpleSkittlesll
    You need to write a fucking book! This is so freaking beautiful!. This is motivating me to stop being a little pussy and get what I want in this freaking world.
  • Cosytoasty

    The secret to success in life in general... every day do something to put yourself in just a little bit of a better position than you were the day before, Trust me it works. Work out a tiny bit, study a little harder, try and strike up a convo with at least 1 new person etc. etc.

    There's no reason why any western born person cannot end up with the millions, the lifestyle, the friends, the beautiful wife and family etc.

    Have to go out there and get it folks.
    • Shadow44

      I agree completely, and this is the best comment I've seen for anybody who's ever wanted to achieve anything in life.

  • Svengodofman
    You are completely right. Issue is the people who need to hear this most are the ones who will just tell you to piss off, and will most likely keep doing this self destructive shit
  • NoFcks2Give
    You forgot to point out the eventual monotony that is the institution of monogamy. I like the last part though, everything else is too subjective, to evoke any real edification. We can surely be more pragmatic than a list of platitudes.
  • Girls shouldn't make a move besides a slight sign here or there. The man should man up and go try to get the woman.
    • I have no issue making a move, my vagina isn't a disability preventing me from doing so lol.

  • monkeynutts
    Hahaha, you tell em, I'm progressing into senility, I can't do the partner thing. At least I'm not trying.
  • MiddleEasternGirl01
    God this mytake wasn't helpfull at all. It looks like you just wrote that to bully the users of this site
  • LokiWhite
    That was brutal, and therefore completely refreshing! Good take, don't know if I agree whole heartedly but you nailed a lot of it. Good on you!!!
  • D_Bone_Steak
    You've definitely been on this site a while. I too resort to this site at work... usually when I'm stuck on a computer and expected to look like I'm actually working. For all the incel's going crazy about not getting puss... I always just tell them to lift weights and quite being a pussy. As for the chicks, they might have 99 problems but getting a dick ain't one.

    At least from what I've seen in general, but the chicks can be so demanding they come on this site demanding to know how to get their demands out of their dude. Annoying.
    • Millennial women don't like masculine men. I lift weights, I'm a huge dude, and I'm stronger than almost everyone I know. Women these days like beta men who act like whimps.

      Gen X'ers, and Baby Boomers like masculine men.

    • @EnglishArtsteacher You might be right about that, and my masculine outlook might have a lot to do with being a gen-x. I mean I've snagged up my fair share of millennial women, but it always seems to run into almost political like conflicts with their mindsets. Women closer to my own age range to think I'm Gods gift to women unless they're the feminist types... which are pretty unattractive more often than not, so no biggie on that loss.

      What you point out resonates with me along with something Rich Piana (R. I. P.) was saying before he passed. He was trying to point out that an ideal figure to attract women in general isn't to become a monster like himself. I think it was comparisons like the waist to shoulder ratio as the waist to hip ratio works for women. His words... it's an optical illusion.

      All I know is if I pack a little muscle and keep the fat down... my penis gets served. Not the best choices in women (as far as character [thot's]), but choices nonetheless.

    • You make a good point. I've noticed women in their mid 30's, and older like masculine men. They tend to like me more than women my own age.

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  • AlphaGhost
    No one is ugly and the only person calling someone ugly is the observer, who is incompetent to consider the whole picture. The whole pic decided the person is ugly or beautiful and if only physical looks matter than Jhonny dep or Angelina won't have been divorced.

    You can't expect anyone to stay loyal, when you can't lower your own eyes while staring at girls booty.
    I will accept I have the same problem but I am good looking but still I have to make compromise with height.
    I am 6.2 while She is 5.7 and I know it will look funny but you don't know her. She is" jewel and Created for me" and I am not worried about height cuz his father and grand father (mother side) are 6.1. She got good genes so my kids are safe.
    • Jon_25

      Don't worry you won't look as weird as we do.
      Sounds good. Take care of that, it's definitely worth "looking weird" for a jewel you're right.

  • Emma_240302
    I’m single because I’m still young and I don’t want to date 😂
  • Browneye57
    Haha. You start out with a wholesale insult of every damn member of the forum. Nice.
    Some merits here, but the condescending attitude is a giant fail. Good luck with YOUR dating career. :)
    • If I grew up in your generation, I wouldn't be single. Millennial women have ruined dating. They are wayyyyyy too picky.

    • Browneye57

      @EnglishArtsteacher - Happily married for 25 years. Well, mostly. :)

      Yes, their girls have been raised to feel they have a sense of entitlement, that they are way more attractive and desirable than they really are. And they're so brainwashed into thinking some prince charming is going to swoop in some day and sweep them off their feet - hell even disney got into that shtick. So yeah, it's all puppy dogs, rainbows, and pink unicorns. They're so far from reality that no relationship is going to meet their expectation, which leads to boredom, frustration, and the classic "I'm just not hhhhhaaaaappppppyyyyy" And you'll hear "I'm not going to settle" and "where have all the good men gone?"


  • Cowgirlforever
    Expectations set people up for disappointment. Keep the expectations lower. He or she is human. They make mistakes. No one is perfect.
  • SirRexington
    I mostly agree with this, but I have standards. I've had a pretty uneventful romantic life and prefer she also has had a boring one. Plus I'm looking for a best to share my life with.
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    If all women gave input like you do, we ((meaning both guys and girls)) would be all set.

    Good job.
  • bacca400
    I'll just wait for all the snowflakes to cry "hate speech". But I do agree with what you said. People waiting for someone else to ask them out? Ridiculous. My dating life didn't improve until I seriously looked at the role of ME in my dating life. And my role needed improvement. So I improved myself and I found the bestest wife ever. :)

    Improvement and happiness doesn't come from staying in your "safe space", it comes from getting out of that safe space. Miserable, bigoted, hateful people tend to stay that way. Their hate is their safe space. It's what they know best.
  • LongWhiteBeard
    Left one thing out.


    Dw you all still got hope.
  • -Beonkia
    Stuff like this makes me wonder if I'd rather be dead. I don't have high expectations yet never get looked at, I'm somewhat overweight for my age, despite me not looking it, I have red bumps and black spots on my face that never go the fuck away, I don't make a move because of several things: because of how my face looks, because of how I feel in public, and because I just sound obnoxious every time I open my mouth. Even when I'm silent in public I feel uncomfortable. I feel like I'm living in a body that's not mine. Yeah.
    • Jon_25

      You could try Biore for the red bumps. It worked for my brother anyways.
      You don't sound bad. Why do you think you sound obnoxious? Is it something that bugs you all the time, or just in public? You could just be hanging around the judgy people. They can make anyone feel uncomfortable and ugly, even if you're really just fine.

      Either way you're just 18. TONS of 18 year olds sound obnoxious, you aren't the only one. Your voice kind of shifts at that age, so it may sound weird to you at first. Stuff on your face is also largely common for teenagers, and feeling ugly.

      Your body just grew a lot at once I'm guessing, so it's natural to not be as comfortable in it for a while, and even feel unnatural a bit too. Don't worry. Lots of people go through this kind of thing. I know a lot of guys do at least.

    • -Beonkia

      @Jon_25 Well you're engaged, as this mytake person happens to be. I don't know any girl who has trouble like I do. They said not to worry but they've already experienced it at least once. But I sure know plenty of girls who have a kid

  • Orangeblossom92
    OMG now that’s brutal , harsh , ouch but then it’s true and accurate , very honest take , well done Jane !
  • NYCQuestions1976
    Spectacular Take... but honestly, I'm not any of these things listed in your bullet points (except maybe barely average looking... but my beard is fantastic). My issues are lack of adult free time (full-time single parent with full time career), not wanting to introduce someone new into my son's life (if it doesn't work out, my son will wonder where she went), no single friends since my divorce (important, because in my experience, if you go out and approach a group of girls as a group of guys, it's fine... if you approach a group of girls by yourself, it's considered creepy), and walking the line between truth and tastefulness when searching for a physical relationship (because of first two reasons listed above). So I'm curious what your non-sugar coated opinion would be about my specific situation. I'm pretty sure I've heard it all, so I can take it. 👍
  • OpenWine
    "You’re creepy and fucking weird"

    I have sum real good stuff on my phone wanna check it out?
  • Sensmind
    Nice one Jane - A freezing cold shower this morning - I am in a good mood this morning and feel more benevolent - For 95% of the "Reality Challenged" users on here, it is just getting it out of their system.
    Ok say site changed overnight and core base was 41 rather than 21, the question is asked "What do you think of the life expectations you had at 21 and what/if anything changed?"
    95% of the response would be "I was such an idiot then with an impossible list of demands and over the years without having a revelation, I am now happy in a suburban home with 3 kids, a dog and a average husband/wife which is probably my subconscious dream come through while conscious dreams were full of crap"
    Anyway great take , no harm in using comedy to let the air out of some very over inflated self important people on the internet or here.
  • Benedek38
    Wow, so mature...
    Another idiot who thinks she's invented the next best thing after sliced bread.
    I'll tell you something.
    The reason you make deliberately offensive and harsh posts is because you have unfulfilled sadistic desires, and you enjoy picking on less fortunate or less successful people to feel good about yourself, and to keep you own fragile confidence intact. I have to say, this is one of the most pathetic things I have seen in a long time.
    To quote you: you aren’t “the shit.”. You are not the oracle of the Internet just because you can insult and step on people in a semi-hostile manner.
    All you are is an insecure little girl with Napoleon complex - I suggest finding a better hobby. Find someone in your own weight class. It's easy to pick on losers. Try to do it with people who can hit back, you pussy!
  • Jxy95
    A very honest take that highlight some important points about why people are single these say.
  • candycanehearts
    I agree, people have way too high expectations haha good mytake!!!
  • MysteriousDarkness
    I am weird and have a girlfriend of a little over 4 years 7 months so what is your point
    • Shadow44

      I din't think she meant weird as in you have interest and hobbies that aren't really popular. It seems more that she meant weird as in creepy, have no boundaries, and don't respect normal social edicate.

      As for being weird we're all weird in our own ways. Finding a good relationship is finding someone who we can mutually put up with each other's weirdnesses.

    • Jon_25

      @MysteriousDarkness Same here man, just 7 months ahead of you. ;)

      @Shadow44 I can come across as that kind of weird at times with my girlfriend. She doesn't seem to mind unless we're in public.

    • Shadow44

      @Jon_25 lol nothing like embarassing your girlfriend in public

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  • tartaarsaus
    True, the internet doesn't tell me these things. People irl do