How to Be Invisible to Women

How to Be Invisible to Women

1. Be broke

No money, no honey. Simple as that. You can't buy anything. No dates for you.

2. Be jobless or underemployed

This problem is feeding to problem number one. If you can't work or you actively decide to not work, you'll never have money to make a living for yourself. If you cannot support yourself, how are you going to support someone else?

3. Be ugly

If you look like a dumpsterface or you have ugly spots on your body, then women won't be attracted to you. They will always look away because you are aesthetically ugly.

Sadly there is no known cure for ugliness. But there are surgeries available to alter your appearance.

4. Be fat

No, really, I don't blame women for ignoring fat guys. If you are fat, then you have to lose weight or date within your means. And that means you can date mostly fat women.

Somehow you accumulated that much excess body mass. It's also you, who has to lose it if you want to be visible to women again.

5. Have little or no ambitions

Be lazy. Don't do anything. Sit on your couch and watch TV or netflix all day and night long while drinking your beer and then complain in the end, that you cannot find a girlfriend. Hmmm. You will repel women away quite effectively but then you are already invisible to them because you didn't go out.

6. Be short

Bad luck pal. No need to even think of asking women out, who are at least as tall as you are. Ask only shorter women out because otherwise you have near zero chances. It's just that women will always want to date guys taller than herself. My condolences for your handicap.

How to Be Invisible to Women

7. Be a misogynist

Hate women just because they are women. Be a MGTOW. Hate them because the few, who you'd like to have as a companion have never smiled at you Mr. Rodger! So go online and whine about how all women date only jailbirds and jerks and rich sugar daddies while ignoring such nice guys like the one you are and then call them shallow bitches and gold diggers. UNATTRACTIVE AS F~CK! You'd be surprised by the results.

8. Try too hard to be "alpha"

Yep. Be the alpha douchebag and label every other guy you see as beta because you need to prove your dominance since this is at your very stake you big boy! Because if you don't then women might bang the betas and that means less pussy for your alpha dick.

Or... just use these terms like alpha male and beta male. This works too.

9. Be a girls ass kisser

Kiss the ground she walks on. Kiss her feet. Kiss her ass! Pay for everything for her and agree with everything she says. Allow her to stomp on you like a doormat. After all this is all you are: Disposable.

10. Be the average guy - yourself

Yes, you heard it right. You can be yourself but you are really like most of us are - average. We average guys are by default invisible enough to women. You don't have to actively do anything to be invisible to them because you and me we just are.

How to Be Invisible to Women

If you qualify any of these 10, then you are effectively invisible to women.

Have a nice day!


Most Helpful Girls

  • 1.) If this were true, band guys would never get laid, and they get more girls than anyone. So, wrong on that one.
    2.) Again, see #1
    3.) Ugly, though, is in the eye of the beholder. Girls have varied tastes, so that "ugly" guys get laid all the time. Even that millennial loser guy who got kicked out of his parents' house has a kid, so some girl let him bury it.
    4.) Fat guys also get laid all the time. Skinny guys are actually unattractive to a lot of women.
    5.) Guys with no ambition get laid all the time. You apparently haven't met many frat guys.
    6.) There are tons of short girls out there who want a guy who doesn't tower over them, so this is incorrect.
    7.) Misogyny, like attractiveness, is in the eye of the beholder. Most of who gets labeled a misogynist are guys who get in internet debates with feminists.
    8.) Potentially, but this doesn't explain the fact that lots of try-hard guys get laid. Bars are full of these kinds of guys, most of whom get laid at some point.
    9.) Now you're getting somewhere. Ass-kissers usually come off as manipulative little shits, but even ass-kissers get laid.
    10.) Most girls end up with average guys because... wait for it... the girls are average, too.

    These are all just stories, useful little schemas you tell yourself about why things aren't haven't worked out in your dating life. And they're all basically bullshit, because guys with these issues still get girls every day. There was a guy at my hs who was born without arms, and he dated several beautiful girls. He wasn't tall, he wasn't Brad Pitt, and he had no money. So stop telling yourself this crap and start making things happen.

    • Even short girls do NOT want short men

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    • @guyuser2 your response to #7 was probably the best thing you ever posted on this site. Keep up the good work, There is hope for you after all. *S*

    • I love your response here. What someone finds attractive is different than what another person finds attractive

  • My boyfriend had no job for the first year we were together. He had no drive to get a job because he was single and didn't feel the need to, since he didn't have anyone to impress or take care of. 4 years later I still make more money, but he's been working in a hard labor position for 2 years, and has been promoted 3 times, without even trying. He pays almost all of the bills, and we use my money for savings or fun.

    We hooked up initially for sex, and I later fell for his personality. That same personality which won him all those promotions at work. And before you try to say that I only fell for him because of the sex, he was one of 3 guys I would randomly hook up with, they others both wanted to date me, and one even wanted to take care of me financially. I wasn't interested in any commitment at the time.

    I prefer long hair on men, he's bald. I prefer white men, he's tanned dark like a Mexican. I prefer over 6' tall, like most women, he's literally only an inch taller than myself, 5'6". In short, I should find this man ugly.

    Fat women need love too, and if they think it's okay to pass over fat men, they deserve to be single. Double standards.


Most Helpful Guys

  • none of these apply to me yet i’m still invisible 🤧

  • I think the underlying reason for 1 through 5 is take no responsibility, self pitty and no will to better yourself.

    Alpha is not a thing. But it often translates to extremely stubborn and ass kisser is the other side of the coin.


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What Girls Said 7

  • I live in the hood, where a lot of men are poor, jobless, ugly, fat etc and they still get relationships. I don't disagree that it makes it harder, but I don't think it makes it as hard as most men think.

    • Well, in the hood there's really not that many options if you're looking for the opposite of all that. But a lot of women from the hood like loud guys with strength and an attitude so if they got that it can compensate.

    • @dontknow12 regardless of how these women are, point is you can be fat ugly and poor and still get relationships and get laid.

    • I mean, you can but they won't be decent quality women. Only very few guys can be like that and pull it off. What you're saying are just exceptions. The average guy would be screwed unless he fixed himself.

  • 1 & 2:
    If you are good looking you won't be invisible to us. We will still find you attractive, just probably not for anything serious. But maybe a hook-up.

    3 & 4:

    This is actually a much bigger factor than 1 & 2. Being unemployed/broke but ambitious is still net-attractive.

    See 3 & 4.

    Yeah, not exactly attractive when someone hates you.

    The irony is not only that "alphas" or pseudoscientific nonsense, but also that men who try hard to be ones are always deep down the most insecure ones. A confident man doesn't care about this immture alpha/beta talk.

    Nobody likes an ass kisser. (Unless it's literal, maybe.)

    Being a boring, uninteresting person will make you invisible to pretty much everyone.

  • I disagree with #7. Those are usually the visible assholes. At least they have an opinion.

  • i don't care about height, money, jobs
    alpha is good though

  • Because if you don't then women might bang the betas and that means less pussy for your alpha dick. i"m dead af HHAHAAHAHAHA

  • I mean, pretty accurate, with minor exceptions.

  • Great take.

    • stop it. go back to Portmore

    • @AdmiralBailey What did you say to me?

    • Go back to Portmore?

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      Portmore. svg
      Nickname (s): The Sunshine City
      Portmore is located in Jamaica PortmorePortmore
      Coordinates: 17.9499936°N 76.879921°W
      Country Jamaica
      County Middlesex
      Parish St Catherine
      Founded 1960s
      Municipalities Act grants municipal status[1] 2003-05
      Population [2]
      • Estimate (2011) 147,152
      Time zone EST (UTC-5)
      Area code (s) +1876
      Website portmorejamaica. infocom
      Portmore is a large coastal town in southern Jamaica in Saint Catherine, and a dormitory town for the neighbouring city of Kingston and Spanish Town.

What Guys Said 22

  • Yes most of those are 100% true unless you are lucky enough to meet a very open-minded female but they are in the 1% to 2% range. Money is a deal-breaker for most women and you must play the validation game. If you don't play along you won't stand a chance with 98% of women. I was rejected once for not having a car when she didn't have a car either. Different rules apply with men versus women.

    • You dodged a bullet. Don't date women, who can't hold up to their own standards. They are terrible bro!

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    • I agree but guys for the most part are idiots. I know a woman who has cheated on every guy she has ever been with and it is common knowledge. I live in a small town and she is quite famous for her cheating but she is still hooking up with guys just the same. Women like this do deserve to be single forever but it won't happen while there are suckers out there that are willing to fall for their bullshit. You know what they say about the 'power of the pussy.' It is a real thing and the bitches know it.

    • Yup. That is proof, that some females are just bitches and some guys are unable to think with the right head and just too horny.

  • Bateman's Principle at work , the female , having the much greater and riskier reproductive role , is nearly always the chooser. This is why an average woman will have far more options , if she so chooses , than the average male. Men are simply much less desired than women , that's life.

  • This must be a joke post. And MGTOW are not misogynistic.

    • I thought MGTOW are invisible to women by default. There are those so called MGTOW Ghosts.
      But most MGTOW are misogynistic anyway, so that's twice the effectiveness of being invisible to women.

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    • @demonics i Never said all MGTOW are misogynists.

    • When you cite (((The Forums))) full of incels and TFL's calling themselves MGTOW I have a hard time believing you.


    I see what you tried to do here but a lot of these things don't actually make you invisible to women, just less attractive perhaps. Maybe a combination of these things will make one invisible but then again, probably not...

  • OK, 1 and 3 applies to me. Damn, I've thought it will be more.
    But I also have the feeling that this list isn't complete. Damn, even the numbering is wrong. Numbers starts at 0.
    Best part, and I'm saying this while getting the joke, so don't worry: Such list doesn't really make sense.

  • How to be invisible to women:

    Develop morals, character, and respect.
    Earn a successful career.
    Maintain a stable, productive, positive, healthy life.

  • Thank you, I was getting too visible my 4 gfs was getting jealous of my celebrity lifestyle.

    Lol. This is actually one of the more enjoyable my-takes haha.

  • The irony is, the author of this an 'anonymous', so he's kind of invisible himself. LOL!!!

  • With all the ass-kissing you did in this take, you must be in another dimension with women.

  • Correct. You need these three things, and some game...
    confidence. Irrational confidence.

    So you work your hardest at 1 and 2 - hit the gym hard, get a great job, and 3 will come from the effort. And you'll have best pick of what's out there for available women.

    Never forget, YOU ARE THE PRIZE! Women will come and go but a real MAN is a prize to behold.

    Go here and read:

  • LMAO Women would happily date a rapist if he's cute... and HATE any guy who was 1/25th as shallow.

  • Just be 5'6 25 years old and look 18 like me easy way to make sure nobody will love you

  • I think even if you aren't these things you're invisible 1/2 the time lol.

  • Everything is accurate except for 3,4, and 6. Appearance doesn't matter to women as much as guys think it does.

  • 11. Never go out. Then you are really invisible to the world

  • I just do it all the time and i have succeeded

  • All of those are pretty easy to do..

  • be autistic

  • I agree

  • You forgot to mention shy guys. We're last on everybody's list. Wait I take that back. We never even make the list.

    • There will be part 2! You will see. It will be part of it.

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