Let's Talk About Nature's Most Perfect Creation, Men!


Let's Talk About Nature's Most Perfect Creation, Men!

As you may have guessed this is about the male gender. I was mentioned for the challenge what I find attractive and for me it is the male gender. Since we live in a society where things aren't as before, my standards are higher and there are certain things I seek in a man and wouldn't consider otherwise.

1. Masculinity

Now what do I mean with masculinity? Every man is masculine since they have a penis right? Big nope, a penis doesn't make someone masculine in my opinion. It's more a mindset to me than a body part. The picture bellow kinda shows what masculinity is to me. I'm not attracted to babies who think they're holding back their emotions and neither am I attracted to those who cry a lot. It's a big turn off. I've always believed men are dangerous yet aesthetically pleasing creatures. They're made in a way to handle stressful and difficult situations (look at their physique in their best form though damn). They're more leaning on anger than sadness. I'm not saying sadness doesn't exists, don't get me wrong but in my personal experience I saw guys getting earlier mad than sad in difficult situations and they were looking for solutions instead of crying it out and seeking help like the typical woman does. You may be familiar with the fact that many men refuse and don't ask help.

Let's Talk About Nature's Most Perfect Creation, Men!

2. Maturity

This one is very important to me. Who doesn't like someone who handles situations in a mature way? I avoid every immature person in my daily life because I cannot stand them. Maturity means also to me that one values deep connections and conversations more than the superficial small stuff. It takes intelligence to be mature and intelligence is the next thing I want to talk about! Also, with maturity I don't mean an older person. I'm pretty repulsed by older men. I mean guys around my age with a mature mindset.

3. Intelligence

Who doesn't like quality conversations about whatever subject? I've never understood people who love to gossip and who have those horrible conversations about fashion, celebs and shit. It's a big waste of time and one doesn't learn anything from it. Stupidity is a deal breaker. I need to be intellectually challenged.

4. Manners

In order to attract me, I need to feel respect towards someone. With manners I obviously mean: respectful, honesty, loyalty, etcetera. You know the full package of good things who are needed in a healthy relationship. It sounds like a nightmare to end up with someone who hasn't the slightest of what we call manners. I see people dating such people and I think they're either dumb or just like them.

5. Hygiene

I don't find a high maintenanced man attractive and that's also not what I'm referring to. I absolutely love a man who just takes care of himself (also who takes care of his body, I'll talk about appearance bellow), who dresses neat, doesn't like a trashy house, who uses you know soap and the basic stuff. A trashy dirty person is a deal breaker for sure.

6. High libido

I find it incredibly attractive when a man has a high libido yet isn't into the hook up culture and doesn't do casuals or one night stands but rather prefers to do the thing in a strong committed relationship. I have a high libido so it's smarter if that matches too.

Let's Talk About Nature's Most Perfect Creation, Men!

7. Fit physique

Obesity, steroids pumped up chickens or anorexia won't attract me. Not even in the slighest. I'm attracted to fit, lean, toned, natural, muscly bodies. Abs etc are a bonus but what matters to me is that the person has a healthy weight. Muscles are just a bonus.

Let's Talk About Nature's Most Perfect Creation, Men!

8. Jawline

Every person I've found attractive so far has a chiseled jawline. It's the first thing I look at though and it could play a big role in whether I find someone attractive or not. There is just something so beautiful about it and masculine.

Let's Talk About Nature's Most Perfect Creation, Men!

9. Hands

The second thing you might catch me looking at are hands. I don't have a fetish for male hands or anything but goddamn big angular veiny hands sure do something to my heart. I love to look at them, they're attractive.

Let's Talk About Nature's Most Perfect Creation, Men!

10. Height

You probably saw this one coming. I like my man tall. No, I don't mean at least above 6'0" tall. I'm pretty short and all I like is that I can look up to someone. A 10cm difference or more is alright (170cm+, I'm 160cm).

11. Back

Yes, you read that right. I have an ultimate weakness for the male back just like hands. No idea why but it's really attractive in my opinion. It's more attractive than abs or else. I'm not talking about fat backs but well toned ones or even muscly.

Let's Talk About Nature's Most Perfect Creation, Men!

This was my take of the challenge. I mention whoever follows me (I don't know the names sorry lmao)

Bye bye 👋

Let's Talk About Nature's Most Perfect Creation, Men!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • FatherJack
    " I've never understood people who love to gossip and who have those horrible conversations about fashion, celebs and shit " ... Bravo , I also hate inane small talk , hence I keep mostly to myself !! Surprised to see a female take actually positive towards men , the majority of Western women seem negative to at least some degree towards men , but this is mainly due to being bombarded by feminist and " media " misandrist propaganda.
    Even more surprised at No 6 , most women complain that men are too sex focused , glad that is not me anymore , my Male Curse ( sex drive ) has greatly faded and good riddance , I'm a single dad , working FT , so that = permanent celibacy anyway. Overall great take and thank you for being male positive and not bashing us !!
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  • YHL6965
    I'm glad to see that not all girls are men hating feminists. It's nice to get some love every now and then, thank you for your take!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • ErzasCheesecake
    While I disagree with most of what you find attractive, I am glad about how upfront you are about what you look for in a man. It also really opened my eyes to just how different the men we are looking for can be and it got me thinking about my preferences that had never occurred to me before, backs, hands, etc..
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  • happyhippo
    I like that you've explained your points that well, even tho I don't agree with some stuff on your myTake, one of which is the chart. But good for you for knowing your type and can point it out that easily.
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  • colbycolbear
    Honestly, I've always wondered what the hell you women find attractive in guys. Most of us are gross, dumb, douche bags and assholes. The guys who aren't like that are trying to actively fight that stereotype, or are people like you who are labeling those guys as feminine for being a more emotional and artistic guy. Your propagating a problem, and I'd appreciate it, as supposedly "the most perfect creature" for you to stop spewing bullshit.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    Men are great. I don't agree with much of what you find attractive but we don't have to.

    Men also build civilizations, invent, innovate and are the reason why society is so great. Honestly, I don't see how women are of much value other than baby making.
    • Malik00

      Fun fact actually 2 women were responsible in creating cobol one of the worlds first computer programming languages.

    • @Malik00 yes there's some amazing women out there. But it's mostly men who do the rest

    • Malik00

      You need to have a little more confidence in yourself. It has nothing to do with strength or intelligence, its all about ambition.

  • JDavid25
    That chart is funny.. I mean I love creativity, but I'm also pretty masculine.. But I know a dude don't gotta have everyone of those attributes, or we would be practically robots.. LOL.. But good take..
  • bailey11
    it's ok to be attractive to men but we're far from perfect. 😄 Your standards are reasonable and something to strive towards. Thank you for the reminder of what's important, what women want and need (and are entitled to have). Guys are forever putting standards on women: "she needs to be... and... and...", etc. so it's only fair that women have standards, too. We're happier if we're with someone we're comfortable with.
    Living in civil society you are automatically asking for help with a problem... if you are not completely off the grid living with the grizzly and cayotes, you are asking for help with day to day problems... That is civilization.
    • VIVANT

      Erballt or not. And as far as verbal guys ask me for help all the time... they must not trust you bc you are so judgmental and unreasonable with your expectations.

      My grandmother always says- Better to ask for help then go in a shooting spree..

  • This is ugh... the masculinity thing? inaccurate.
    ~ Mrs Manson
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    Searching for fullness is the mark of scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, etc. these fields are ironically more male dominant than sports, which prioritize winning or losing (didn't read the rest lol)
  • Iron_Pounder91
    Let's talk about nature's 2nd most perfect creation, food.

    Then we can talk about nature's 3rd most perfect creation, animals.

    And then we can speak about women...
    • thedivaa

      You are funny. Too bad 3 women have no sense of humor

    • @thedivaa I know right. I was clearly being sarcastic. It was more of an ironic reference to the fact that the title is claiming that men are the greatest creation, which I was poking fun at. Ironically.

      Men and women are equally the most important creations on earth... after animals. And food.

  • Catholicgirl22
    This is a goodtake and so refreshing from the man battering that I usually see.
  • Selina_Kyle_
    I ll be honest, I am into girls and I only came for the high xp point.
  • kitty71
    I like the chart although tI dont understand one bit of it LOL!!
  • ZELLxoxo
    Men are amazing 😍
  • AlphaMaleTruth
    Men are the prize and life giver. We carry life and spirit in us, the entire generations. Men are spiritual and women material.
  • Jaded214
    What is this challenge though because I can write a whole lot on men 😂😂.
  • madanharsher
    Humans are flawed. Both men and women are average at best.
    Nature's most perfect creations are CATS.
  • sp33d
    They certainly put that extra rib to good use, though.
  • tslavmane
    Whats the name for women who shill for the opposing sex? Poon? wait...
  • SweetgirlNS
    I like my men to look like women.
  • Madkeyra00
    Yes what will women do without men.
  • Shygirl666
    In my opinion, both men and women are assholes.
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • CT_CD
    I love men
  • SketchForger
    Someone was horny lol
  • TheNephilim
    Interesting myTake.
  • leannaa
    the hands are so hot!
  • aa180
    Men are nature's most perfect creation? Yuck.
  • LegateLanius
    Okie Dokes
  • Pauliho
    This is interesting
  • Guanfei
    Well, thank you.
  • mrArcher
    Aw, thank you love :)
  • Nice222
    Great take
  • BirdFan360
    *Am athletic but short*
  • BillieJean1070
    I find some flaws with this.
  • JustCallMeLeon
    Sorry but im taken.
  • armleg
    i wish i was a man
  • zzzondarrr
    Why is nothingness a masculine trait? :D
  • OfDeath
    How about we don't.
  • zagor
    That chart is kind of BS. Sound? Fun?
    • 9teen

      The point is that you get the idea. It doesn't have to be every single thing.

  • yesnomaybeone985
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Nature's most perfect... now you just playing with us..
  • Anonymous
    Haha I have all of those things except for high libido and I was born a female. So I must be perfect 😂
  • Anonymous
    Nice take
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Not all men are good.
  • Anonymous
    Men are garbage.
  • Anonymous
    I completely agree with this. I love men. 😍
  • Anonymous
    This is AWESOME!!!
  • Anonymous
    Pretty standard stuff, but Good Take nonetheless.