Top 20 Dating Bloggers

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Dating is not what it used to be!

These days, when it comes to dating, more time is spent online rather than offline, from online dating, to chat and communication, to relationship advice, to serial daters blogging their experiences! Here is our list of the Top 20 Dating Advice Bloggers:

1. Baggage Reclaim - Baggage Reclaim is a shared journey in understanding what you can do to have better relationships and a better sense of self. I empower people to put boundaries in their lives, opt out of painful situations that detract from them, and to have better relationships.
Twitter: @baggagereclaim
Facebook: Baggage Reclaim

2. Dating Advice From A Girl - I’m convinced the most satisfied and content people are those who make their relationships (with their family, significant other, friends, people in their inner circle, even a stranger they meet on the street) their priority.

3. Geek And Jock Blog - Geek And Jock is a place for everybody to come together and do exactly the same so we’re able to face challenges and live our lives as they was truly meant to be – in harmony with both genders and the world as one.
Twitter: @Martin_Cooney
Facebook: Geek And Jock Blog
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4. Dating Thoughts - Dating Thoughts helps to provide some support and maybe advice for those who often find the dating process to be daunting and stressful.
Twitter: @datingthoughts

5. Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 - I continue to search for my “one,” but I have learned a lot along the way, and my single and not-single friends have loudly encouraged me to share my experiences and lessons in the hopes of helping others navigate the adventure of dating with more success. And to have a delicious time while doing it!
Twitter: @DatingGoddess
Facebook: Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40

6. Dating Is Weird - Dating is Weird is a community blog about dating in all its weird, funny, romantic, odd, random, out-there glory.
Twitter: @DatingIsWeird
Facebook: Dating Is Weird

7. Ms. Single Mama - Musings on love, life, and motherhood
Twitter: @mssinglemama
Facebook: Ms. Single Mama

8. Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me - Some of us wind up home and alone on Friday night with a bottle of wine, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and the remote control. This is what’s happened to me…but you know? Being dealt such a hand certainly leads to some very exciting and fun stories!
Twitter: @Catherinette
Facebook: Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me

9. And That's Why You're Single - Enlighten and educate people are how the opposite sex thinks so we can all avoid the confusion and frustration so common in relationships.
Twitter: @atwysblog
Facebook: And That's Why You're Single

10. Love Amigos - A blog about love, relationship, dating, wedding, marriage and more.
Twitter: @love_amigos
Facebook: Love Amigos

11. Fieldwork in Stilettos - Welcome to Fieldwork in Stilettos! Kat’s the name, dating’s the game, and no, I’m not kidding: I have an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my love life.
Twitter: @KatRichter
Facebook: Fieldwork in Stilettos

12. Date Hotter Girls - As the name implies, DHG exists to move men toward dramatically improving their dating success. Whether you need a quick tip, lifestyle overhaul, or just some drill sergeant-style motivation, Date Hotter Girls will get you dating hotter girls.
Twitter: @TheRobJudge
Facebook: Date Hotter Girls

13. Dating Diva Daily - Dating Diva Daily came into being in an effort to return the “fun” and “feminine” factor to dating via a lifestyle interactive blog-zine where women can commiserate about their foibles searching for Mr. Right in a supportive cyber community while also enjoying advice on everything that makes a gal feel worthy of a quality relationship.
Twitter: @DatingDivaDaily
Facebook: Dating Diva Daily

14. Sex, Lies, & Dating in the City - Real stories about dating, relationships and sex in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.
Twitter: @simoneGrant
Facebook: Sex, Lies, & Dating in the City

15. Dateless In Dallas - I am an independent, strong, young woman.. in search of finding true joy and purpose in life. In the meantime, I will tell you about my dating/past relationships.
Twitter: @datelessbella
Facebook: Dateless In Dallas

16. Romantically Challenged - well, hello. i'm little. and this is my little blog about my little life, my little friends, my little loves, and my little relationship(s).
Twitter: @lovinlittle
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17. LifeBytes...Real Stories - LifeBytes Real Stories began with us (Sharon and Mariann – or Sha and Mares when we’re feeling to lazy to pronounce our full names) sharing the angst and hilarity of being single and dating men who we meet online — with each other and whomever else we managed to trap into listening to us ramble on.
Twitter: @LifeByteStory
Facebook: LifeBytes...Real Stories

18. Breakup Girl - Breakup Girl is the superhero whose domain is LOVE or the lack thereof! Her blog combines new comics, observations and dating news with classic advice letters--now blogified for reader feedback!
Twitter: @breakup_girl
Facebook: Breakup Girl

19. The Urban Dater - The Urban Dater is a blog that cov­ers the top­ics of dat­ing, sex, relationships, love & every­thing in between. The idea was to chron­i­cle all the dis­cus­sions on those top­ics & place them in one blog for all to read.
Twitter: @theurbandater
Facebook: The Urban Dater

20. Singlefied - An informative and entertaining blog solely dedicated to bachelors. Whether you’re a veteran single, newly single, or simply single-at-heart, Singlefied provides valuable dating information from a chick’s perspective.
Twitter: @SinglefiedYue
Facebook: Singlefied

Top 20 Dating Bloggers
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