Signs He's Playing You


Beware of "players"

I just went through this and I honestly knew I couldn't really trust the guy but I did not think I was being played this way. The guy used me to look good to his friends and to boost his ego/self esteem.

Player guys
Player guys

1. He talks about his plans for the future.

He might even try to incorporate you in them. - this is to draw you in. I didn't understand why he was talking about what he wanted for the future nor why he asked me. Something did seem off. If it seems too soon then it is.

2. He texts you a lot in the beginning and then the texts either die down or stop completely.

To some people it makes you wonder what happened or what you did wrong

3. They send generic text messages.

By generic I mean, " good morning", "good afternoon", etc. They can be sent our to a bunch of people, which increases your odds of getting a reply. ( I used to send wyd to a bunch of people while bored at work).

4. They keep conversations short.

They may send out those texts but you'll probably get a one word answer or maybe a few words back. They don't keep the conversation going, which means they may have got someone they really wanted to talk to, to reply.

5. He'll try to tell you things you might like to hear.

Now this one I definitely called him out on. He even tried to neg me and thought I'd agree with him. So I did it back and he tried hard to redeem himself & come back from it.

6. Another one is the last day I talked to him which is the day I blocked him, I told him he had the "right plan, wrong person".

He made a comment about me missing him and I said he knew I didn't give a damn about him. When I was on the phone with him he joked and said "I love you" "baby", and I hung up after that.

I called him out on trying to play me, because I noticed some inconsistencies. I only put up with it because I thought he was planning something bigger, all along this was a part of it. Now I feel so damn idiotic for letting it happen and not noticing, especially because I'm pretty and I know a lot of guys were interested in me. I played into this knowing I was out his league but I was thinking I could get him to buy me stuff eventually.

Signs he is playing you
Signs he is playing you

The thing is, the interest was genuine in some way when I was around him. His own friends tried to encourage him to talk to me at first. I think it was more physical than anything. I feel like beating his ass or getting him killed now. This was a lesson though. Don't try to play the game, just cut off contact.


Signs He's Playing You
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  • EHS20190
    I’ve noticed I do 1. (Though I don’t incorporate the girl into it) and this is just because I’m a really ambitious person and plan a lot. I also do 4. cause I suck at texting and just prefer face to face communication or over the phone or something
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  • Ellie-V
    This is just common sense
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  • Anon-ymous1
  • JustTheTrue
    Damn this sounds like the advice people give to guys to get a girl lol
    • Really?

    • Yup, you can google all of that... guys getting this kind of advice... I never follow it since I don’t like to pretend that I’m someone else that I’m not...

  • CocoDana
    It seems like you played the player, nice job
    • My mother literally thinks he's didn't do anything wrong instead of minding her fucking business, like I'm thinking into things too much.

      I told him to stop, so when I'd see him in person he kept trying to be buddy buddy, I gave him a warning about having my cousins deal with him. Come to find out he told my mother and tried to make himself look like a victim, I guess so that nothing would happen to him.

  • The_Revolver
    Thanks, I will beware of "players"
  • Anonymous
    I am glad you blocked him.
  • Anonymous
    I hear ya, hon. You're preaching to the choir, here. A think a lot of us have gone through something similar. I hate the mind games some guys play. But I'm wise to them now. What helped me was reading "Are Men the Weaker Sex?", free from kobo books. It touches on what you've mentioned here. If you get a chance to read it, I'm sure you'll be able to relate.
    Thank you posting this. I hope you'll find a real man, one day. Real men aren't players.
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