Part 2. The Friendzone: Why you are in it and what you should do about it!

I recently wrote a myTake on friendzone, but realized that I left some information out. If you want to read part one please go here.

This is written with the same purpose as the original. I will discuss why girls friendzone and what you should do. Numbering will continue from the first article.

5. Intimidation factor: “He is too good for me.”

Part 2. The Friendzone: Why you are in it and what you should do about it!

Yes this happens. Sometimes a girl feels that the guy is too good for her. For example, I’ve met girls (receptionist) who felt that a guy (investment banker) was too accomplished compared to her. She felt as if she couldn’t keep up with him.

Note: This often happens when there is a large discrepancy between the girl and guy’s income, education and family background.

What you should do: I’d probably stay away. You could try to make her comfortable by doung things (dressing down etc) but the girl probably has a low self-esteem. The relationship will be tiring for you.

6. You didn’t move fast enough

Part 2. The Friendzone: Why you are in it and what you should do about it!

You only really have about six months to make a move before a girl “friendzone” you. If you wait more than that, your chance of being friendzoned is high.

What you need to do: I would distance myself from her for some time (6 months to a year) to “reset” the relationship and then approach her again. It’s wise to shape up and take care of yourself during this time.

7. A word of advice:

Try to not see the girl that often. Once a girl starts seeing a guy friend everyday, she will see him like a brother. You do not want to be in the “brotherzone”. It's like friendzone on steroids.


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  • I'm sorry, but this is entirely stupid. There is nothing wrong with being friends first to find out if you're compatible to be dating. In fact there is no such thing as waiting too late. You are the compatible or you're not. You are to be honest with what it is that you're looking for or you don't. It's up to both parties to decide whether or not they want to become something more than just friends. But healthy relationship always comes from friendships. So if you have no desire and maintaining a friendship into halves you shouldn't be friends at all let alone even try to date that person. Nobody deserves to be hurt. This is why a lot of girls especially if not just a few guys the first date strangers because every time they try to have a friendship with somebody there's always that one kind of push for something that the other person may not be ready for. A person is trying to force you to get into a relationship with them when you not ready or still trying to figure them out and decides to cut me off because they feel rejected is not the kind of person you want to date or have in your life if they choose to leave let them leave. Good people wants to be in your life not want to be in it when it's convenient for them.

    • I disagree. It depends from person to person. To some girls starting as a friend will leave you in that friend zone forever and some fall in love during that friendship. So if you think that you should build friendship first nd then a relationship that's fine. But that's not necessarily the case with other girls

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  • I'm surprised number 5 was worded that way because normally it's guys who get placed in the friend zone because traditionally guys do all the heavy lifting in dating


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  • who cares :D all you need abotu the friendzone is that nobody forces you to be their friend. cut them out of your life and you're free.

  • Good take..

  • #6 sorry real love doesn't move fast


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