"Friends with benefits" only benefits the man


It's sad to me that hookup culture and friends with benefits is so common with young people my age.

It's even more sad that women actually think this is empowering.

There's nothing empowering about "friends with benefits".


Women. Get some damn self respect.

You are worth more than being used to satisfy his sexual cravings.

He doesn't respect you. He sees you as loose and as public property.

He will use you for sex until he finds a girlfriend whom he actually cares about.

He doesn't give a shit about you.

You're just a piece of ass to him.

We are women. For us, sex is a beautiful meaningful experience.

Stop lying to yourselves that you can have sex without feelings just like guys.

No quality man will ever take you seriously afterwards, much less marry you.

The thing is, guys don't have this problem. Women would willingly marry him but men won't marry you if you have friends with benefits.

"Friends with benefits" only benefits the man
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