Girl tries two Tinder profiles: One where she tries to look her best, and one where she tries to look ugly. Fascinating results!


So a YouTuber by the name of Alyssa Ruby decided to go on Tinder for the first time.

She wanted to test the difference between an ugly girl’s experience on the app and a pretty girl’s experience on the app. The way she decided to do this was to try her best to look ugly in one profile and then try her best to look pretty in the other profile and compare which got more matches with the same amount of swipes.

Here’s the video:

So here’s the quick summary. The ugly profile got more matches.

I love this result.

The reason I love it is it supports my theory that the 80/20 theory where 20% of guys are getting 80% of girls is wrong.

I also love that she seems kinda offended and hurt at realizing that just maybe guys are just swiping on anything with boobs. And that’s exactly what I think is going on.

Tinder data shows, unanimously, that women get way more likes and much higher match ratios than men. And that women swipe right way less frequently than men. And by way more likes I really mean way more. They get somewhere between 4-10x as many matches per swipe than men. Combine this with statistics that male sexlessness for men under 30 is skyrocketing exponentially with female sexlessness under age 30 remaining constant you get the 80/20 theory that somehow 20% of guys must be having sex with 80% of all women. But I’m no longer convinced. Why?

Two reasons. One, hot guys only get at most a 25% match ratio on the app. And it’s probably somewhere between 15%-25%. Average guys get about a 1% match ratio on the app. Each hot guy matches with different women. Not the same ones on every profile. But the same cannot be said for women. They’ll all get liked by the same men regardless of who the girl is.

And two, and this is what made me sure I was right, when the same girl made an ugly profile and a pretty profile the ugly profile got more matches than the pretty profile in the same number of swipes for each.

All this suggests that rather than a few guys getting all the girls, all the guys are swiping indiscriminately at all the same girls above a certain minimum threshold that probably only requires one not be overweight, have boobs and not be dead.

Thus, women can actually all have exactly the same men like them all at the same time. Effectively making it as if the swiping process never happened! Think about it. Say we had a bag of colored ping pong balls and we wanted people to choose the color ball they wanted by looking at cue cards with photos of the available balls. They can either like or dislike the cue card to save their preference. Then the ping pong balls can choose among the potential people by seeing photos of the available people on cue cards. But their choices haven’t been narrowed down at all cause all the people all chose all the ping pong balls.

So anyway, the ping pong balls don’t choose like the other group. They each pick different people, with the occasional accidental overlaps spread out somewhat randomly.

Each person is chosen by very few ping pong balls, if any at all. While all the ping pong balls are all chosen by tons of people. And yet, no particular person is getting all the ping pong balls. That’s because all that happened was all the people in their end chose all the same ping pong balls in the beginning. Literally makes no difference.

The people the ping pong balls choose are distributed somewhat randomly with occasional small overlap. And also has nothing to do with the way that people all chose all the ping pong balls.

I believe this is exactly what’s going on with Tinder. Girls have a lot of casual sex, but they don’t have that much. More than guys? Yeah. But one girl sleeping with with the entire male Tinder population, or the entire hot guy male Tinder population? Nah. I don’t think so.

Think about it. A girl with 700 matches could have sex with 700 guys. But how often does that happen? (Read: like almost never). How many matches do hot guys get when fake profiles are tested? 15-25%, not 80%. Even if all the girls of that 15-25% fuck him, and maybe they do, that’s a far cry from 80% of all women going after 20% of all men. More like 15-25% of the available women accidentally overlapped with each other cause’ this one guy was widely appealing in that way.

It could be that for any and all overlap, it happens always with a hot guy. Sure, but does that mean 80% of women are going after 20% of men?! Well, given make sexlessness is 30% this year for men below 30 and 18% this year for women below age 30, it is possible that 12% of women’s choices are a overlapped randomly across 20% of men. But that’s still not the same thing as saying that 80% of women want 20% of men. In which case 78% of women are sexing 70% of men. That makes much more sense.

Again, more evidence to suggest that the 80/20 rule does not apply.

Can 25% add up really fast? Yeah. Take 1,000 swipes and you get 250 matches. Most men will never have sex with 250 girls. But maybe a hot guy could. Sure. But 800 girls out of 1,000 swipes?!? Nah. Not happening. Definitely not 80%.

Girls going after 20% of guys?!? 200 men out of 1,000 swipes (some girls maybe, yes). Most girls?!? No. I don’t think so. Many girls tell me they are either in the 10-20 range, or the 20-40 range. Rarely more than that. We’re they all super hot guys? No.

When asked, most people with high partner counts (20+) responded in a poll that the majority of their sexual partners were average or below in looks. Again, more evidence to debunk the 80/20 myth.

I just don’t see it adding up or playing out. The only possible way it could make any sense is if the same guy gets a bunch of virgins. Then, maybe. And that might actually happen irl. But I thought most girls lose virginity in relationships. Which makes it very hard to pull something like this unless the guy was a serial cheater — which could very well be.

But outside the virgin hypothetical I don’t see it being a possibility.

Kinda terse and whatnot but there ya go. I will be testing four profiles in the future. One hot guy, one average guy, one hit girl and one average girl and all do the same number of swipes on all of them and compare the results. I need to do it for science! Stay tuned.


Girl tries two Tinder profiles: One where she tries to look her best, and one where she tries to look ugly. Fascinating results!
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  • I have always assumed that the 8/20 "rule" is just an excuse used by socially inept guys so they don't need to take responsibility for the fact that they are social failures. Much easier to simply blame your failures on women having unrealistic standards; nest step: send in your dues to MGTOW!
    • 😂 🤣
      "Much easier to simply blame your failures on women having unrealistic standards"
      Oh well. This does sound sort of like me (minus the blaming part i suppose). MGTOW. com here is my inquiry 📜

    • Robertcw

      I mean, yeah. But what failures? You just upload a photo, write a little bio and that’s it. There’s not really anything to fail at.

    • That is one of the failures! You think you can upload any photo and write anything in a bio and a girl should just fall for you. There is an art to posting an attractive profile.

      I am an attorney but I never reveal that in my profile. I'm 64 years old, and am average in the looks department. I have done online dating three different times in my life and never had a problem getting dates because I learned how to present myself in a way that would attract female interest.

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  • MrOracle
    No one said that the 80/20 rule applied specifically (or exclusively) to Tinder - Tinder is a unique environment with a specific subset of people.

    Also, the 80/20 rule talks about the single people HAVING CASUAL SEX - it excludes the people not single, or not having casual sex at all. That right there makes a lot of your assumptions and subsequent math invalid. Sure, it's still probably not exactly 80/20 - that's a generalization - but it illustrates that of the people having casual sex, it's a relatively small group of very attractive men who are having sex with the much larger pool of women (but, still, limited to women having casual sex - it's not out of "all women").
  • DDpsy
    "One, hot guys only get at most a 25% match ratio on the app. And it’s probably somewhere between 15%-25%. Average guys get about a 1% match ratio on the app. Each hot guy matches with different women."
    Those two stats alone do not say anything that either confirms or disprove the 80/20 premise if we do not know the total number of matches that happen , the real proportion of hot guys and the number of actual swipes the two groups do.

    If we do however use 20% as the percent of hot guys which I don't think is so binary and if we assume that all men swipe roughly the same number of times. The premise kind of holds.

    If every hot guy gets 15-25 matches for every 1 the non top 20% gets then for every 100 guys we have.
    20*(15 to 25)= )=300 to 500
    Then we get 300/380=0.78 to 500/580=0.86

    So if the proportions would be so clear cut that the top 20% get 15%-25% matches and the rest get 1% matches the top 20% would get 78% to 86% of all matches. Provided they all swipe the same number of women. This assumption is probably not true but probably not very far off either.
    • Robertcw

      Good points. You should test this out.

  • Glue-Sniffer
    Obviously, anyone who sees the bad make up pic knows this is a joke.
    She should have gone with uncombed greasy hair, a few zits here and there, dark eye rings or eye bags, a few acne scars, and bad eyebrows instead if that silly make up that only makes this look like a joke.
    This is not an experiment this is a another silly YouTube hungry for fame.
  • devilman666
    The 80% going for 20% isn't meant to be exact on the numbers or even necessarily close, it is about the statement. High percentages of women are fighting over the highest status/above average males to the point that average and below average males will swipe right on anything that resembles a woman in the hope that they get laid. They dont try to go for the attractive woman, if anything, then I think this shows that average men are more likely to go after an ugly girl because she is more likely to be into them.

    I think the most importsnt demographic/statistic here is males swiping right 45% of the time and women swiping right 14%

    Take a look at this too
    • I'm not necessarily agreeing with the 80% 20%, but i definitely think this inequality exists to some extent, where high percentages of average males are fighting over below average attractive women where as high percentages of average and above average attracive women are fighting over above average attractive men.

    • Also, this social experiment is a fail. I just watched the first couple minutes if the video and she seems to be swiping right to everything. This will obviously screw over the data in terms of the 80%20% rule because she is saying yes to all men. Of course when you swipe right only 15% of the time you will get few matches and messages.

    • Basically, she got more matches because she swiped right to everything.

  • blondfrog
    I remember reading a reddit thread with a lot of comments about Ok Cupid. It basically said the same thing what you just said, but about OKcupid. Dating sites aren't effective for men, but effective for women, but for the wrong reasons. Men actually try to get dates on their with very little success and most women use datings sites just for the attention. Women by choice don't date or have sex with most of the men because it's too risky or and they don't like most of the guys they match up with.
    • Robertcw

      “or and they don't like most of the guys they match up with.” I know this is true. Girls have showed me their likes on okcupid and they don’t like what they see most of the time.

  • RustyTinCan
    Yeah, Tinder's a terrible way to find whatever you're looking for in my opinion. I've noticed that both guys and girls on there tend to have poor quality profiles, so if you're like me and you don't swipe on girls indiscriminately, you tend to be competing for the more interesting and attractive women on there when they get so many matches that it's not really practical for them to look through all of them.

    If I remember right, let's say 60% - 80% of profiles were something along the lines of "looking for my The Office romance", "idk just ask", or "give me your money", so I was naturally swiping on 60% - 90% of profiles. As you can guess, I got few matches and they never went anywhere.

    in my opinion, if you're a guy (probably even if you're a hot one in the eyes of many women), the odds are stacked against you getting matches even if you really lower your standards and if you're a girl, you're probably swimming through dick pics and bad pickup lines in the DMs. I suspect there are a number of reasons for this, but a big contributing factor is Tinder's fundamental design, which tends to favor flashy profile pics and a metric shit-ton of pickup lines. Really, it's like speed dating but without actually talking to a majority of the people involved.

    Thanks for the MyTake, by the way; from what I've seen elsewhere, this seems pretty solid.
  • monkeynutts
    I think your reading into these numbers and inventing reasons for these statistics. Most girls will tell you they get a lot of hits, but 90% of them are rubbish time wasters, just after sex, they lie about their occupations. Look nothing like their profile pictures.
    • Robertcw

      “just after sex” it’s a freaking hookup app. I don’t understand why this surprises people.

    • All dating apps are the same.

    • Robertcw

      Not really.

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  • SjE78
    tbf Tindr isn't exactly the best place to do a test like this, and for those of us who've used dating app's over the years, it's hard to swipe on anyone and make it meaningful or a reasonable choice if all you get in their profile is

    "I hate hi, hello, hey" or pretty much any form of greeting...
    or some other bs that is supposed to be in the 'About me' section I wanna learn about some one and hopefully be able to approach them but many profiles are filled with either nothing or so much negativity which makes them unapproachable that it tends to turn off any of our interest in them...
    as for the many many many who are only interested in hookups but claim they are interested in 'only' serious relationships, yes i met so many of those online it's almost like a damned pandemic...
    and then the worst are the scammers who seem to manipulate you into feeling sorry for them to then try and get money out of you...
    met so many of those too, unfortunately the issues are that those sorts are getting smarter and more mistakable for actual genuine profiles, sure some or most of them you can see through their profiles and spot them, but nowadays it is much harder to do so...

    I have had both equalling results in both online and real life dating methods
    and the one's i only see a pic of if i like something about them physically i click maybe (if the option is there) or pass or like most the time though if they dont have anything about them i click pass...
    if i gonna date or be with anyone i wanna get to know them first and the 'about me' section gives a rough idea of whether they are compatible or interesting enough to make that choice

    if it's only got "Ask" or "just ask " and when I ask, and get the usual "Stuff" or "why you ask?"

    then yeah that's gonna be a no from me
    • Robertcw

      I think ordinary dating has always been way easier to get and find. Hookups are way harder.

      And that’s why Tinder is hard. Guys on the app aren’t necessarily looking for actual relationships. They could just find someone in real life for that. They want multiple people coming over each week.

    • SjE78

      thing is with ordinary dating and online dating... each method works for specific people where as the alternate doesn't, I've know women on Tindr who have found their life partner's and even settled down with... not all are out for a hookup, as for guys have a couple of friends on there who one met his girlfriend on there and the other isn't having much luck... but like any dating app or in real life meet ups etc you can get the same results from both or get varied results depending on what you looking for and availability of who is genuine or not

  • BeMuse
    In one she was a bland unattractive girl with normal make up. In another she was a bland unattractive girl with a sense of humor that made her make up look ridiculous to get attention which made guys laugh. Thus she won on personality alone with the “ugly” and lost by being bland and average on the “pretty”… That’s all there is to that… She peacocked...
    • Interesting. Now which would you prefer?

    • BeMuse

      @Supernatural_fanatic I don’t find her attractive looks wise. She did make me laugh with the funny make up though. So she scored 1 brownie point like that.

    • BeMuse

      But that’s what peacocking is all about, be bright, be loud, be scene. Guys use confidence, humor/wit, intelligence, etc. all the time to be scene. Guys respond to that sort of thing as well...

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  • standardguy
    Well. That was a long expertise. Can I deduct from it that in a society where sex outside of a marriage would lead to death penalty would lead to a lower number of se less men under 30 years? So modern liberal society is harmful for the male sex.
    • Robertcw

      Uhh, I think what I was saying is that instead of a few hot guys competing for all the girls, it’s actually a lot of guys all wanting all the same girls but the girls choosing men highly specifically.

      The point here is that guys swiped on both her profiles, and the ugly profile got more matches suggesting that men are swiping indiscriminately.

      That explains how women get so many likes. Point is that’s not meaningful because they’re all getting liked by all the same men, which is what you’d expect.

      It serves as an ego boost to girls, but it shouldn’t because the swipes from men are nearly meaningless.

      Now, girls, on the other hand, swipe on guys less frequently. And since we know hot guys aren’t getting tons of matches, or not as many as I thought, then it becomes clear that the notion of a few guys getting all the girls is a facade created by the illusion of women drowning in hot men.

      In reality it’s just all he men like her profile, and she likes about 25% of the hot guys back and about 1-7% of the average guys back. And there isn’t a whole lot of overlap between who girls find hot or else hot guys would have a match rate well beyond 25%.

    • Modern liberal society is harmful to the male sex, correct

    • @No_Archons Trumptards blame the liberal boogeyman (or boogeywoman) for everything. Sadly for them, it's a schizophrenic delusion :(

      The Trumptarded community is the saddest community on planet Earth.

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  • ForbesMagazine
    However, in March 2015, the website Medium published a statistical analysis quantifying the degree of inequality on Tinder as a dating market. The analysis concluded that "the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men.

    The Gini coefficient for the Tinder dating market based on 'like' percentages was calculated to be 0.58. This means that the Tinder economy has more inequality than 95.1% of all the world's national economies. In addition, it was determined that a man of average attractiveness would be 'liked' by approximately 0.87% (1 in 115) of women on Tinder."
  • Kas19
    I guess that explains why I got like 400 guys interested in me after a few days of signing up on POF.
    • Robertcw

      You are lucky to be a girl. You could literally have as much sex as you want. Literally tonight. It's actually comical how vast the gap between men and women is when it comes to options. Just message 50 of them, you could have 30 over in a snap of a finger.

      Would appreciate if you could share what attributes cause you to pick from those 400 guys, so that I could boost my odds.

      by the way, you're not really ugly in your profile photo. Men define ugly much more realistically.

    • Kas19

      I don't know about lucky. A lot of men react terrible after being rejected (rape and murder threats, insults, etc.)

      But I see what you're saying.

      Yeah, I'll go through them and get back to you.

    • Kas19

      Okay so um, it is actually over a thousand... uh... I don't know if I'm gonna go through all of them...

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  • themomo84
    Tinder is about sex, not about getting to know someone.
  • aannddrreeaa
    I think this video is kind of bad in execution. Of course no one is going to want to go out with someone who looks ridiculous. She should've done it when she's all made up, good clothes and hair vs when she isn't wearing any makeup and "frumpy."
  • Dragonstarterplus
    Experiment is kinda flawed since i think its just based on swipes on Tinder. Im sure most men have figured out its best to just right swipe any female you find remotely attractive and then go from there. There's no usewasting time reading the profile of a girl that might not even right swipe you to talk to her. So basically men have learned to just right swipe any thing remotely attractive
  • Red-Blaze
    I have to say that at least from the video can't take much
    Main issue is she written the "ugly" profile and give photos of it that together really just look like a joke, its pretty clear its makeup done really bad, and with the text below it looks like its a joke
    Meaning that over all most will likely think she dose not look bad, and that its a joke how it looks there
    So ya they will contact her as of that

    I really don't think that this shows much on anything at all on the matter, and beside that its on a dating app, that shows very little over all, if I got it right one of them even faked there location so they can't really meet, so as much as I can guess sounds like some of it is not going any where

    Its a cute idea, and the myTake is interesting but just from the video I really take nothing really
  • mistixs
    She's not ugly in that picture though. She just looks silly
    • Robertcw

      Yeah. But it’s hard for any girl to be ugly.

  • CandacePerry
    I tried a one dating app called meetme but didn’t get me any where. It was all idiot guys l by the way the i already been cheated on by more then once in my past relationships experience. I therefore probably why I prefer to find a guy that I know from a friend profile.
  • Sometimes pretty chicks on tinder you see just some fake account so guys actually smart these days lol
  • TenPoundTabby
    So, you've confirmed that Tinder is a cesspool. I hope you don't think that such an obvious observation indicates you should get a PHD in stats or anything. :)
  • bamesjond0069
    Some men absolutely have huge counts. I'm one of them. But i don't do that well on tinder. I don't even bother with it. The girls have huge egos where they put down and block a dude just to feed the fake self esteem they have. Any girl actually hooking up off tinder is a hoe. GUARANTEED! Every girl i ever met off tinder fucked the first time we met and most had boyfriends. They all ho bags on there for real or just getting likes with no intention of ever meeting a man.
  • sean1234
    What a joke. I myself would get practically zero messages regardless. Why is it only men who talk to women on dating sites, why not the other way around?
    • Kas19

      I'm not sure about other women, but I'm really nervous to message first. I have gathered the confidence a few times and messaged first but it was scary, haha.

    • sean1234

      @Kas19 I really wonder how many women actually get messaged by guys. Like Hey baby mua... and they get 10,000 messages like that. Assuming they are real. Makes me wonder if they are real. Ever use PhotoTracker Lite? I just right click and realize that many womens accounts are fake. and I mean many! POF almost never gets rid of them.

    • sean1234

      I was talking ti this girl on pof because she put all over her account that she got STD's and pof deleted her in the middle of my conversation with her AND like I said, I reported like 20 other fake accounts that are probably still up.

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  • Sweatyotterr
    God look how many desperate pathetic men are out their it’s so god damn embarrassing. When will men learn not to be such simps
  • LuWe22
    I don't know anything about online dating. Never used it. I found my partner in real life. I never had casual sex. Only Sex with him and no one else.
  • Smegskull
    You see "ugly" profile and "pretty" profile.

    I see "sense of humour" profile and "average girl trying too hard to look pretty" profile.
  • JustWorthlessMe
    the simple truth is that she's not even ugly when trying... an ugly 300lb woman will get 50 times the responses that your average guy gets... of course this simple truth being pointed out pisses certain women off
  • TripleAce
    Brah, it’s just an expression to indicate that the handsome guys generally get any girl they want...
    It’s not a taking actual numbers lol
  • Liam_Hayden
    It doesn't matter to me. Even if it were true and I am not in the 20% of guys, that still leaves 100's of millions of women available.
  • MLGbreezy
    Okay so which one is where she tries to look her best
  • DollySummers
    I think the reason is cuz the uglier the women the more vulnerable of a target
    • ωнαт υ мєαи?

    • Easy. If they guy looks at her as less pretty than he will put his moves on her. The guy will think he can score sex with her easier. Same reason why you will see a guy make a girl feel ugly before trying to hook up.
      It is one of the many underhanded dirty tactics some guys use.

  • DWornock
    The experiement fails because she was pretty regardless. He lipstick was messed up, but so what? It's not her lipstick that I'd be after.
  • HereIbe
    Stupidly designed non-experiment. The "ugly" isn't "ugly", it's "Obviously intentionally different and weird", and the "pretty" one isn't all that pretty. It looks just "off", somehow. Maybe she SUCKS at makeup so badly that when she intentionally tries for "bad", she manages to not do such a piss-poor job of it. Look at her face in the left vs. the right. On the left, the makeup blotches look silly, but her face actually looks like it has a BETTER SHAPE! On the right, she looks really uncanny valley, almost inhuman. Too sharp, too angular, too PLASTIC. This is just another piece of bullshit.

    Likewise, the poses: On the left, the whole package says "This chick might be worth getting to know just because she's really put herself out there, she's not just another plastic barbie wannabe." On the right, it says "Made-up, hard, harsh-looking, tries too hard, plastic."

    Amateurs screw up science so badly. I could design a proper experiment, but I only do that if I get paid.
  • Giggletr0n
    She does realise that most people will look at obviously dodgy profiles as trolling right?
  • rlivston
    I believe you're overthinking and overanalyzing this. The answer, in my opinion, is a little simpler than statistics and swipes. I believe that the ugly picture got more swipes because the men saw the beauty in you waiting to come out and felt like you were less likely to reject or ignore them and therefore had a better chance with the "ugly" girl than the "pretty" girl on the assumption of that and also that there would be less of a chance of competition among other men for you. Men dont like rejection or competition and avoid those things when pursuing a women. It's a matter of male ego and psychology not statistics. And men often see beauty in women they themselves cannot see.
  • Mamamialetmego
    20/80 rule suggest women will fight eachother to get 20% of men and these men will have easy access for sex because women throw themselves to them.

    But it isn't like that becuase women don't trust the internet that's all. Or they are too insecure and scared by rejection so they never initiate.

    Women prefer live connection because they evolved to look more behavior rather than how men looks when choosing partner.

    They just use online dating to boost their ego or get some money or followers to their social media. There are women look for sex and get sex i've encounter them a lot but majority aren't like that. Majority women don't trust the internet.

    Average looking men with little bit confidence can have much much higher chance in the real world.

    • Also women play passively they try to look desirable and sexy as much as possible and then wait guys to approach them.

      And last, what i realized women don't spend online dating as much time as guys. I've seen women answer me or matched with me that i've messaged or swiped months ago.

      So just have confidence and develop communation skills and go out to real world. That's more quick, effective and fun.

    • Real world has less competition because all these desperate, needy guys do online only. Online is easy, real world is hard.

  • I put myself on Tinder 6 months ago. Only 1 swipe right.
  • ChefCurry
    You need to find some better to do with your time.
  • thefutureisfemale
    Looks the same to me in both.
    ~ Mrs Manson
  • Nice take
  • scooogy
    Okay seriously, neither is her best.
  • Anonymous
    Many guys swipe right hoping to catch more than stopping to think about swiping, so whether the ugly girl got more matches or not is moot
  • Anonymous
    You must understand that the 20/80 rule does not apply universally everywhere. This is just one experiment. More are needed to draw a definite conclusion.

    The truth is that men love women but women do not love men.
    So in effect women are swarmed by likes and matches while men have a serious deficiency in those. This proves, that 80% of men do love women but only 20% of women love men.

    It's much simpler to say that women do not love men.
  • Anonymous
    To try to keep it polite, your interpretation is bad.

    "80/20 theory"
    This number is taken firstly from an OkCupid data analysis and the actual conclusion was that 80% of men are considered below average. This was a very wild number and it got muddied over time and interpreted by some as 20% of men "get" 80% of girls. This was backed up by later tinder and other data that had similar numbers. It's not quite right, but it seemed a good rule of thumb.

    tl;dr you straw-manned the whole 80/20 thing.

    Turns out that more recently there have been investigations into rising sexlessness among young men and the actual number of sexual occurrences for men is really 20% of young men are involved in 60% of male sexual occurrences. It's not 80%, but it's still very wild to consider.

    "she seems kinda offended and hurt at realizing that just maybe guys are just swiping on anything with boobs"
    All she had to do was ask and she would have learned that it was the case. I don't even think it's necessarily about boobs. When I used tinder I wouldn't even look at the screen I would just run my finger across the screen to the right repeatedly for a minute or two until I ran out of likes. This is not some spontaneous thing, this is very much contributed to by getting that 1% like ratio: It's just not worth the time.

    "How many matches do hot guys get when fake profiles are tested? 15-25%, not 80%. Even if all the girls of that 15-25% fuck him, and maybe they do, that’s a far cry from 80% of all women going after 20% of all men."
    This is only looking at matching data. This is different than asking the question "is this person attractive?" There's a ton of reasons girls swipe left on an attractive guy. Plus women in contrast to men's over-swiping, tend to swipe less as a response; they are unusually discriminatory here. There's cultural attitudes about tinder to consider.

    If we're relating this to the other numbers then we should also be looking at this number of match ratio for average guys. Getting 15-25% of matches verses 1% is still a wild difference. I think that speaks to the same problems.

    "In which case 78% of women are sexing 70% of men. That makes much more sense."
    I think you meant 82% of women. So having a 12% margin in a population is going to be noticeable. That's not just something we can shrug off.

    "most people with high partner counts (20+) responded in a poll that the majority of their sexual partners were average or below in looks. Again, more evidence to debunk the 80/20 myth."
    What are you even saying? That doesn't debunk it at all. 80% would include average and below women. But even using the 60/20 values, that's still true. I think you've mistaken that all attractive women must be in that 80% or 60%; they don't need to be.

    "The only possible way it could make any sense is if the same guy gets a bunch of virgins. Then, maybe. And that might actually happen irl. But I thought most girls lose virginity in relationships."
    Virginity doesn't need to be involved. These justification are just not holding up.

    " I will be testing four profiles in the future"
    It's fine if you collect the data, but please don't do any more write ups on them. This was bad. Just give us the raw data.
    • Robertcw

      I am speculating. Of course. There’s no way to prove that i’m right. But based on what i see that’s what I believe.