How to make a guy fall in love with you!


Are you looking for a guy to date and a make him a boyfriend? Well here are steps to make a guy fall in love with you head over heels and these are foolproof! I got mine when I did all of these and trust me it works.

make a guy fall in love with you
make a guy fall in love with you

1. Make eye contact

When you look at him, you should smile in a way that makes a guy welcome to approach you. And your stare should be at least 3 seconds for him to notice it.

2. Greet him often

When he passes by, wave your hand or simply say hello. Do this for a couple of times and he'll start to get close to you that he'll be willing to talk to you.

3. Get close to him

sit next to him
sit next to him

Not in a way that seems you're stalking him but in a way that you want to connect. Sit next to your crush or at his back during class hours. That way he'll notice you right away and he might start to think of you.

4. Cheer him up when he's sad

cheer him up
cheer him up

I rarely see other girls do this to their crush. Some think that guys are wired to be emotionally strong but in reality, guys have feelings too, they get tired of bottling their emotions up. When you see him crying, make him happy and be there for him. It's important to show him your support and care because you want him to think that you are girlfriend material.

5. Light touches

hug him
hug him

Gentle touches makes him feel loved and he'll never forget the feeling. Hugs or a pat in his back will do.

6. Whisper something in his ear

whisper in his ear
whisper in his ear

Whether it's your secret or a thing that you don't want others to hear, whisper it in his ear so that he'll remember it and will start to melt his heart, because he knows you can trust him.

7. Friendly teasing

tease him
tease him

Put a little humor on your conversation with him so that he'll start interacting with you more because now, he thinks you're a joyful person to be with. For example: When he says his favorite TV show is American Dad, tell him that you used to watch it when you were 12. It's like showing him he's your younger brother. (Make sure not to take your jokes too far though as long as he doesn't get offended you're cool!)

8. Be independent

independent woman
independent woman

Do not depend on his help always as he might start thinking you're using him. Rather appreciate what he does for you and thank him for it. Also, give him space and maintain your connection with other people. Do not play mind games as some guys might actually think you don't like them anymore and will move on. Rather show your life that doesn't involve him while still making time for him. Meanwhile, he'll have his chance to miss you and come back at you.

9. Be polite

polite woman
polite woman

It's so sad to hear that only guys should be polite to girls and not the other way around. I don't know maybe it's because chivalry is dead. If only girls show politeness to their crush then I'll believe about gender equality. For example: He's holding a lot of stuff and he'll enter a room, you wouldn't mind opening the door for him right? Do this and he'll appreciate it.

10. Show him love and respect

show him love
show him love

The last step of making him fall for you is when you show him you're a girl of virtue and your love for him is unconditional. Accept him for who he is and never forget to value what he does for you. When he takes you out, tell him that you enjoy being with him and you're more than willing to reciprocate what he does.

How to make a guy fall in love with you!
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  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    Love this take. I wouldn't say these will guarantee a man falls in love-- since your personalities still need to align, and sexual compatibility can be a big part of the equation too. But these are all good pointers for creating the right 'environment' for romance-- so any "love feelings" that *could* be manifested, are more likely to actually manifest in that environment. But if a guy just doesn't feel that way, then no amount of following these steps will change his feelings. But for the right guy, he'll absolutely appreciate this stuff, and will make it that much easier for him to follow his feelings.
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  • white_fang
    Yes. Much better than the how to make a man cry for wanting you mytake
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    • ha! my thoughts exactly, I had to wash my brain out with detergent after that mean spirited diatribe. This take is like the polar opposite

Most Helpful Girls

  • Lady_Frost
    All these tips are marvelous for finding a boyfriend :) I highly recommend the ladies to follow these.
    Just keep in mind, that this will not make him fall in love with you but for the most part open the possibility of it happening. He'll be sure, that you'll be the right woman. There's always not being his type or him not looking for a relationship.

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  • Koreantransgender
    Give him a comfort
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  • coachTanthony
    Don't forget this little nugget!
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    • For real does it actually work? Hahha you know what I saw this very movie with the guy I have a crush on...

    • @Piscesgirl96 I think it could for sure!

    • Well to be spot on shouldn't I call first? Haha to do the entire scene cause how can that happen if he doesn't call me.. actually i slept with him already and it's unreversable.. There's no way

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  • JSmuve
    These are all really good and will go a long way with a lot of guys. I'd also add some of my own that'll perhaps a lot of women overlook.

    Discretion, trustworthiness, and being a confidante: can he confide in you and trust that you won't go blabbing about it to your girlfriends because you all share everything?

    Give him his space: a lot of guys like their own down-time and if you give that to him without resentment instead of smothering him with neediness, then he'll be appreciative and give you his undivided attention when you're together.

    Be reliable: if you say you're going to do something or be somewhere at a certain time, follow through with it. It'll show him that he's important enough to you and you value his time.

    Submissiveness, femininity, and making him feel masculine: a lot of guys love submissive, feminine women and in the age where it seems masculinity is under attack, allowing a guy to feel like a man is often very welcome. If you can encourage it and show him how much you appreciate it then that's all the better.

    Make him feel wanted and validated: no one wants to feel bad for being who they are, and some guys, if they've had some bad experiences, will be so far into their shells you'll need a pool hook to drag them out of it. This overlaps with your 10th point, but it also extends into all areas, such as his wants, his sexuality, and his identity as a man.
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    • VIVANT

      Why do you think not smothering someone is often considered advice. No one likes to be smothered, it seems like common sense.

    • JSmuve

      @VIVANT My experience is common sense seldom is common.

    • VIVANT

      Do you think you need to be told not to smother people?

      Is that something that would not have occurred to you without being told?

      I’m asking bc I’m genuinely curious. I am not attacking you.

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  • mrsingle
    Actually the most attractive thing a girl could do to me is approach me with a compliment or slight touch, that way I know for sure she really likes me and I’ll feel more enticed to get to know her better.
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    • I actually made the first move on my boyfriend, it worked. After all guys liked to be pursued too. It's just that the gender roles crap is making it unfair for the males.

    • mrsingle

      @beautifuljoan Yes exactly, I wish more women thought like you!

  • Kiran427742
    Being yourself is a great way to be different. It may seem like guys all like the same type of girl, but that isn’t true. If you allow yourself to be different and swim upstream rather than go with the societal flow, worthy guys will notice. And, they’ll fall in love with all of your unique differences.
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  • Kaazsz
    Not true. I got two girls who do these to me. One I can’t stand and her breath smells like dog shit. The other one is hot.

    You gotta have some other qualities that are good.

    But, that said, the girl I do enjoy it from, I wasn’t interested in her at first. I had a crush on another girl. And the girl who was doing these things got me to like her. So it works. Just brush ya damn teeth haha.
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  • BattleKitten77
    How stupid. You cannot make anyone do anything. Stupid fucking advice like this is an embarassment to intelligent women. How many fools eat shit like this up from cosmo and other women magazine feed women this when according to women they need career advice. Oh and how not to cry at work is not career advice it is the reason you dont deserve a promotion
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  • DeshawnMGTOW
    all of this is useless unless he's already attracted to you and if he's already attracted to you.. you already winning all you have to do is not fuck it up
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  • Daniel3035
    This is actually the most accurate way to tell a guy I like you number 2 is extremely important if you don't do it we will never know and think your just a flaker ghoster etc. Number 8 as well independent away from him and in a relationship but when near be dependent.
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  • smølf
    I like this mytake, it won't make him fall in love with you since personality and physical attentiveness also matters at great deal, but following these guidelines is the best outset for forming any romantic relationship.
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  • AuroraRoseat
    Not necessarily. You can do all of these things and nothing happens. That's just advice on how to be an attentive significant other. You can't make someone fall for you.
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  • sean1234
    No offense, but this is stupid...

    How to make a guy fall in love with you?

    -How about pretend like he actually exists? I'm not even sure if I have ever met a woman my age give or take who has ever had a heart.
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  • Syrian_survivor
    I thought this was another feminist Take on how to manipulate a man to loving you and being your emotional slave.

    I'm glad I was wrong, very good take! ❤
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  • ZambieChips433
    This isn't guaranteed to work but definitely do this because it'll set an amazing ground for you two to get to know each other. Guys need to be loved to and you're gonna have to show him some love in order for him to show you love
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  • just_legit1998
    Nice take! I hope the right girl will come to me and do this!
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  • Creepazoid
    I usually try to find a way to mock shit like this but honestly yes, this is all great and simple advice that women especially the younger inexperienced ones should follow
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  • jirwin7979
    i wish that existed dont think there is a girl for me anymore
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    • Don't lose hope! You'll find your girl one day and she'll treat you like a prince!

  • Msnsns
    Make a guy fall in love with you. Sounds like witchcraft and brainwashing. You shouldn’t manipulate a man to like you.
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    • These aren't to manipulate him, rather just steps to show you're interested.

  • MysteriousDarkness
    None of this matters if at least one of you does not find the other person attractive, your personalities do not match up, life goals are too different or you do not have enough common interests if any at all etc.
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  • guilyang
    I hate it when women are strategic with their gazes, glances, and eyes. Like a dozen monkeys with tazers are going to pop out of a broomclosef or something completely bogus weeaboo insane. Actual women don't do them after 12 unless theyre snaring a child for pedophilia sex. Die.
  • DevylasArsaukas76
    wait till he says, you're annoying, but then smiles after saying it, then you'll know
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  • Physics-Man
    Making us fall in love is no problem. It's making you girls fall in love that requires us to buy a "For Dummies" guide.
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  • Unit1
    This is perfect! This is how to be a good girlfriend 💕
    I'd make a woman my girlfriend if she does these things 💝
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  • highjinx
    if a girl does all this and can't get the guy , then he doesn't want to be with her. otherwise he should be putty in your handsHow to make a guy fall in love with you!
  • MannMitAntworten
    Unless there was an initial attraction upon first meeting 'her', all of that effort would go no where. My "friend zoning" is a prison that no women placed there has yet to escape from.
  • Babygirl_S
    You can't make anyone fall in love. It is a natural thing.
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  • Jltakk
    BE UPFRONT. Its not difficult. Guys don't like mixed messages.
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  • Browneye57
    Absolutely irrelevant.
    Guys need three things:
    1. Sex
    2. Food
    3. all that love and attention and respect you spoke of.

    But all that is third place. If you want a guy to fall in love with you then cook him a nice mean, tell him he means the world to you, and then fuck his brains out.
    I guarantee this will work ten times better than your list of touch--feely girl-stuff. Guys are not girls honey - never forget that. They are simply not the same, regardless of what the FI has been telling you all these years.
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    • I don't see your list and this mytake as mutually exclusive. You're both right on the money. And frankly, in this feminist environment where many women are told not to give a fuck about men's needs or desires, I think we have to give fair dues to takes like this that actually promote consideration of what men like in a woman. Yes not all men are the same, so any "how to win his heart" list should be taken with grain of salt. But it's a tenfold improvement over much of what passes as "dating advice" peddled to women who really believe the way to win over a man is to manipulate him and make him submissive.

    • Browneye57

      @SomeGuyCalledTom - Most women think all they need is their golden-vagina. That they can capture a man by having sex with him. And for many that works, but for many it doesn't. A high-value guy will expect a lot more.
      What I see is that women, young and old, look at themselves as the key to allure - it's a self-focus. The truth is that women that will give a man what he needs, his basic needs, just needs to add love for a successful relationship. About half or so either don't believe it, can't be bothered, or simply refuse. Their world revolves around themselves. This take is mostly just about personality, and you really can't change that - and that's why you date. My response is that is all fine and good, but misses the basics - what will you DO for your MAN? What do you bring to a relationship that would be considered HIGH VALUE?

    • @Browneye57 I agree with your broader points about how self-focus can be limiting; "golden vagina syndrome" etc. But I see this post as more about behaviour and habit, which is flexible and malleable. Rather than personality, which is semi-fixed in a sense. It does miss out some of "the basics" as you put it, but I don't see why these pointers can't co-exist along with the "basics". Just think, would a woman really be *more* attractive to you if she did the *opposite* of all these pointers? Of course none of this stuff is a panacea or a "golden ticket" to a man's heart. But it's better than women who think being rude, arrogant, selfish, and entitled is the key to "making men cry for them", as a recent GaG post suggested.

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  • FatherJack
    Overall , this is good advice , but No 4 is very rare , a male showing his emotions to a woman will often be taken as weakness , and she will be repulsed , and / or use this as ammunition against him. Also the seeds of misandry are very subtly implanted into the minds of girls in Western countries , this is all by design , my own daughter has commented on this several times , via the education systems and the lamestream " media " , which results in a lot of young women indoctrinated into believing they are superior to males , hence many never show 9 & 10 towards men , just contempt. This toxic social engineering is all by design !!
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  • jackdaw2345
    Great and detailed explanation. Any thing on how to find a girl friend?
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  • jss123
    I've had someone do all those things and they actually weren't interested. Best thing to do is to tell him how you feel. That works with me.
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  • Thatsamazing
    Not necessarily going to make him fall in love but all this stuff definitely helps.
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  • godfatherfan
    Sorry but you can't "make a guy fall in love with you". You can certainly make him fall in lust with you. You can certainly get him to notice you and do things to get him to go out with you. But the only way you can forceably get him to "love" you is to trick and scam your way into it by doing things that falsely make him think your a different person. I dated someone like that once. Her exhusband what physically abusive. So she basically makes herself seem like the perfect match by pretending to like all the same things, etc... she wants to try and get men to fall in love with her, just so she can break it off and hurt a man. But I was able to figure it out long before that happend as she was just sloppy.
    The fact is either someone is going to fall in love with you for you or they are not. Anything else is just a lie. And why would you want to trick someone into loving you? that isn't real love or a real relationship.
  • Lightning8
    For some reason I feel like this a "how to make girls fall in love with you" guide, except instead saying that it's how to get guys to fall in love.
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  • Rob171977
    Well guess human race will come to an end now since no woman on the face of this planet knows how to do numbers 9 or 10 let alone number 4. So long human race
  • DWornock
    Find a guy that thinks he's doing well. It is that simple. Of course girls won't do that. They want to think they are doing well.
  • Angels-vs-Demons
    You can‘t make a man love you. You can only hope and try to persuade him to love you.

    Also, we are men, not guys.
    • What's the difference? Guy and man fall on the same gender. LOL.

  • Guanfei
    Might work well, but love isn't something you can command.
  • sierzant
    Bs... If the guy say he loves you after 5min of convo that mean hr wants to fuck you only
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  • Dem777
    That are golden rules that work mostly, but not always, if your “scanner” can tell you that this or that guy likes you than he will move towards you, otherwise every whisper in his ear will be a scary experience for that guy 😂 The main idea presented here is “how to get a guy that you like”, not the one that is left over after most beautiful chicks has taken away their cream 😂 So, check the mirror with independent eyes and classify sort of guys that are in your range of reach. Nobody wants ugly looking ones, or too poor, or retarded, girls want the best, but are they themselves so good as they may think about themselves? If a guy is of higher level than you are, you got almost no chances whatever rules you follow! And the same is for guys! Don’t dream too much, life is cruel and you get only what level you are! _”single’ forever opinion”
  • razordx69
    sex. men connect after sex. woman need connection before sex
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  • George261
    Take his mind, with your body, mind and eyes language
  • JamesRandiDebates
    The single most important... Have a snapping gyro and use it often.
  • SMPlSl
    Pretty solid advice I'd say.
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  • Liam_Hayden
    That would probably work on me. Where is she?
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  • Massageman
    Sounds like a winner to me. Good take.
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  • taterthot
    Let him bust a few nuts
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  • KieranByrne
    Pretty cruel to be honest!
    Disagree 1 Person
    • Thank you For the thumbs down.
      More Gove you scenario...

      Guy really likes you, goes through all steps. You fall in love, then he shows his real side! 🤷‍♂️

  • leslieberry
    Step 1: be attractive
  • The6ix
    Thank you
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  • Gedaria
    Yes its brilliant to be there...
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