Guys: Why you should pick the average-looking girl over the pretty girl in the room!


If you've hopped into Google or G@G and you've typed "Why do I always get rejected by girls" (or something along those lines)...

Guys: Why you should pick the average-looking girl over the pretty girl in the room!
I mean, really?
I mean, really?

...And you might've even felt the embarrassment of even having to admit that you are getting rejected, but you know you're not alone. Because most guys face rejection anyway. And a lot of theories have been made as to why this happens.

Reasons given include:

- "He's just better than me"

- "Girls just like guys who don't treat them well."

- "Some guys are just more alpha or better suited or more socially adept"

- "Some guys simply have more status or money than me".


Do you know what that is called? A Bias in Attribution.

In Psychology, Attribution is the way a person explains certain situations or events. For example, if I keep getting bad grades in all my assignments, a bias in attribution would be me saying "I know why I keep getting bad grades. It's because the school is not suited to teach us properly." I'm overemphasizing the dispositional factors (i.e., the environmental or external factors around me, rather than looking at myself.)

And no, I'm not about to tell you to be more confident. I know you've already heard that a million times before.

Within the field of social cognition, there have been various studies conducted trying to understand how socialization occurs from a very early age. Women are especially socialized to behave and think in a different way than men. For us, we have been told by everyone in society to look for a guy who can provide for us, the guys who are popular or rich, the handsome guys, etc. Guys, on the other hand, have been influenced by society to look for the pretty girl in the room, instead of looking for a girl who will be there for him, who will be loyal to him, a girl who is a good person.

Im sure youve seen this image before. It has a lot of truth to it!
I'm sure you've seen this image before. It has a lot of truth to it!

So why does this happen?

There are social, cognitive and biological factors that work together in this dynamic. But I think most of us can agree than men usually choose a girl based on her looks first (as influenced by his culture, family, friends, etc.). The catch is that these same girls know they have so many options, which is why they take full advantage of it!

If you think girls just passively wait for guys to approach them or if you think girls just "choose" guys... I wish you the best of luck, because that's not the case. Women are more subtle than guys in this area, but the more options the woman has, the more power she has to control these "options" (YOU!) and to get whatever she wants from them. It's how women "play the game".

Many men think it goes like this:

*Man approaches woman*

*Woman accepts his invitation for a date*

*Woman sees if he's a good guy and if he's confident enough to feel that he's worth it*

*Man tries to prove himself*

*Man fails to prove himself, and wonders why he got rejected*


Sorry to inform you, but that's not how it goes. At all.

More like:

*Man approaches woman*

*Woman already knew a man was going to approach her*

*Man asks her out on a date*

*If she senses that she can get something out of him, she accepts*

*They go on the date, and she is 100% sure she can at least get some goodies out of him*

*Man thinks he went on an actual date, when in reality the girl just played the role of "judge" rather than "date"*

Theyre the same person, but if they werent, which one do you think would be asked out more by a guy?
They're the same person, but if they weren't, which one do you think would be asked out more by a guy?

The Average Girl vs. The Pretty Girl

I know that these days, a lot of men say that they prefer average-looking girls. But, if the girls above were two different people, who would you ask out first if they were both in the same room with you? Or, which one would you at least be more interested in (without necessarily asking them out)?


Why? Looks.

But, see, girls who are highly attractive know that they are. And they really do understand their power. Which is why in the end, they leave you hanging, making you feel like you did something wrong.

"Maybe I should be more confident"

"Maybe I'm not good enough".

Do not beat yourself up like this. Stop doing that.

Most likely, you did nothing wrong. It's just that they know their power. In their mind, you're easily replaceable. (You aren't, and you should know that you aren't).

The "Average" Girl

Seriously, take my advice. Go for the more average-looking girl. She's probably a better person and won't want to manipulate you like this anyway. I've noticed that average-looking girls still get male attention, but they don't try to manipulate it like the "prettier" girls do. (This doesn't always happen, there are of course highly attractive girls who are good, genuine people. But I'll be honest with you - I've seen everything and done everything, and I rarely see a pretty girl who doesn't manipulate the guys at first).

Alternative option: you can also do something amazing that can't be replaced, like something very valuable that you can give these girls, only so that they can pick you over anyone else. But... that would be you lacking self-respect and being so eager to please women that you've lost your sense of self.

Choose wisely guys. <3

Guys: Why you should pick the average-looking girl over the pretty girl in the room!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Bribree18
    I loved this piece. This is exactly how most guys (especially younger ones, more in my age range lol) are. I’m just like dang, y’all really want a girl who’s gonna do you dirty when you could date me, an averagely pretty female, who will treat you infinitely better because I haven’t had the same attention from men all my life that made me think it’s a birth right. I, or the average girl, is way more likely to value a good man than the pretty girl is because of the knowledge that they don’t get every and any guy they want. So, men, approaching the more average girl is definitely safer in regards to protecting your feelings, having insurance against cheating, etc.
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    • TremorJay

      You're pretty cute, but men aren't looking for the safe route, they're looking for motivation

    • Bribree18

      Averagely pretty should still be motivating, you know?

    • TremorJay

      This is true, the real motivation comes when you actually get to know the person and things click. So yeah, men should broaden their horizons, but before this post I had no reason to believe that they didn't consider average girls.

      Basically I look at a girl and I'm either attracted or not. If I am, then I ask myself if she's attainable. I'm way more likely to talk to an average looking girl than a near model

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  • Wowgirl30q
    Nice miss I agree
    Looks fade
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    • Girl you know whats up! It's a general Take, I know there are lots of people that aren't this way. It's just a very general thread. I encourage everyone else to not take it too seriously!

    • I didn't see anyones damn name on it?🤷
      Weirdo's my chick. Straight up living in the basement weirdos and girls that need a midol it seems.

    • I'm proud of you. About time someone besides me got the guys on here's panties in a wod. Right one about masculinity if you really wanna laugh❤️👍

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Most Helpful Guys

  • DanOh2018
    Interesting read, it's pretty accurate, as soon as the manipulating behavior starts though I'm usually out, as women aren't the only ones with options, though it is true that men come by them harder.
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    I like long hair better. 😎
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  • DiscomfortZone
    Good luck, average girl, I'm sure this will finally get guys to pick you :)
  • BeHappy1985
    Some of us here get what we want. But this might be a good read for the less fortunate ones in the looks departament.
  • RHK36
    So what, this applies to guys as well. You can take a guy and do the same. Him dressed like shit looking like he staying in and un-groomed vs him looking nice ready to go out. It's perception. How you look says a lot about a person. Not talking about levels of attractiveness, just your appearance. I could clearly tell that was the same girl. Just that in the first picture she looked comfortable and also like she didn't give a shit.

    Bottomline don't base your decision on looks, talk to the girl.
  • febinbpy
    Boys choose by the size of the boobs and body shape
  • esotericstory
    It largely depends on make up these days who is pretty and who isn't.
  • Kdude010
    Never trust the prettiest girl in the room. there's the saying, "if something seems too good to be true, then it isn't."
  • jonesjessica812
    Yes because the average girl might have a big jello booty, and the pretty girl might be flat like a pancake
  • seniorghostman
    I definitely shoot for the average but every so often the pretty girl entices me
  • _Unknown_Hacker_
    (disclaimer: not all are)
  • GayLoner
    Well the girl on the right is average looking herself.
  • rievious
    Yes. They have a real personality instead of those giggly ones.
  • HoratioCaine
    the avg vs pretty girl thing is absolute bs
  • Dongtai
    Average is subjective though.
  • hakon96
  • leonidas69
    Tldr. 😂
  • Corerue
    Looks fade, personality is forever.
    • These overgrown high school bitches will not realize this til menopause.

    • Corerue

      👍 that's why good looks are not a replacement for a shitty personality lol

      Same goes for men too lol

    • Who told you personality was forever? wtf lol

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  • CT_CD
    I deserve better than just average
  • themaker39
    The one on the left looks like a boy.
  • Thatsamazing
    Lol uh... no
    That's you right 😏
  • Jessetipo
    Pretty girls are usually more lonely
  • danrush
    Because your an ugly mother fucker
    • That, in a nutshell, is what it's about. She's one of those bitchy "pretty girs" who doesn't like ugly or even "average" guys coexisting with her.

    • danrush

      I can't tell If he on my side

  • No thanks.
  • anononon123
    All this shows is that makeup makes things tricky
  • excusememiss
    Its not as intimidating
  • Anonymous
    *If she senses that she can get something out of him, she accepts* = That can apply to the man as well: he'll only take a woman out on a date if he thinks he can score/have sex with her.
  • Anonymous
    I legit reject no men and fall for any man xd im hopeless
  • Anonymous
    All do respect I think it is actually the other way around. And the right picture is average. The truly most beautiful women are the most lonely. The assholes tend to be the ones in the middle. If you ask any guy who has fucked 100s if not 1000s of women they will tell you this. But getting any girl at the end of the day is about value. That's all. What do you bring to her life that is of value to her and vice versa. Don't settle for what you really want. But realize you may have to change and become a better version of yourself. But I assure you this better version of yourself isn't as foreign as you think.

    All that being said looks are not everything. Also I feel like her post is aimed at western women. You guys get a bad rep.
  • Anonymous
    Most guys WILL pick the average, if not ugly, girl in the room. Uk why? Cuz they get laid easier that way due to desperation. Think about it, if your hot, you can have any guy you want so ur standards are pretty high, and men know that. They would rather go for uglier girls because uglier girls will do almost anything for that attention. Im just talking from experience. The some hot/popular girls from my school were actually some of the nicest people I've ever met, majority if the thots at our school were ugly af. I had a crush on 1 guy and he went for a girl less attractive and more promiscuous.
    I like this take but its problematic. Your saying its whats on the inside that counts, but your literally assuming that whats one the outside determines the inside.
  • Anonymous
    Funny!! That average girl will still reject any not-"hot" guy. I've known quite a few below-average women that have rejected friends of mine with the belief that no matter what the woman looks like, she should never be forced to settle for less.. and women applaud and commend them

    But let an ugly, heavy guy say he's only looking for a bikini-babe and women would ridicule and laugh at him.
    THIS 280LB woman is portrayed as sexy and women applaud and chant about inner beauty.
    A man of a proportionate build would be about 400lbs... We all know what women would say about HIS inner beauty
  • Anonymous
    I agree, dating beautiful women is not worth it
    • That wasn't the point of this Take. If you can get a hot girl then awesome, but *usually* they can be more manipulative and use their looks as an excuse to be a bitch

    • Yes. Very true.

    • But sometimes good guys are too intimidated to approach them. So it’s no surprise assholes take the cream of the crop. There are hot women with good attitudes. But it’s up to them if they want to abuse their power or not. The temptation is too great for many of them.

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  • Anonymous
    I’m not entirely sure this is fair or accurate. I was always told I was good looking even though I’d always say average. And in my experience it was often the guys trying to get something from me; sex instead of a relationship (which I wanted). So I learned to avoid being pulled into that and just kept them as friends until I eventually found one who wanted the same thing as me (which I was only able to confirm through friendship first).
    • Anonymous

      It’s ironic because you talk about manipulation... while this actually sounds manipulative. Tell us more about projection...

  • Anonymous
    Guys here's the synopsis of this. "Guys, go after the avg. Maybe even homely looking girl. She's a better person and will treat you better. We women meanwhile are going to keep chasing the Chad's the alpha males because they're social stock is higher. They have more money and can buy us things".

    And women wonder why they repeatedly get used and tossed away like a dirty diaper. For all your suggested superiority in reading social cues and what not somehow you never see rhat cliff coming. Lmao
  • Anonymous
    Average girls are not into average men. Attractive girls are way more nicer to average men , but most average girls I have seen only want attractive guys. They get easy sex also
  • Anonymous
    Looks have nothing to do with an individual or theyre motives who's intentions are ulterior.
    Women are deceptive in nature and aren't loyal , just interested. Always running a game on a dude in lieu of money.

    • I agree that looks have nothing to do with an individual and their motives, but not that all women in general are deceptive or disloyal. It really does depend on the person. Unfortunately there are quite a few crappy people out there, but there are plenty of good ones, too.

  • Anonymous
    Wtf beautiful, average and ugly people can manipulate you if you're desperate enough to let them
    All women and men are "judges" when it comes to dating and we all know our "power" (a combination of diverse factors like attractiveness, studies, job, etc) or we think we do -like narcissists and people with low self-esteem- and whoever doesn't match our standards is not suitable, end of story. You're basically saying we should settle for less..
  • Anonymous
    I don't want those white women.
  • Anonymous
    So why should women go for the alpha man?
  • Anonymous
    Well I believe I deserve a pretty girl. I make a decent amount of money, I'm confident and I have a good body. I have things to offer a pretty girl and rejection is part of life. It doesn't affect me at all. Most of the people who complain about rejection have nothing to offer a girl and were probably only rejected 10 times in their life.