Why Bumble is the Best Dating App


Firstly, not paid by Bumble. No vested interest. Just want to share why I think you should switch to Bumble if you're still wasting time on Tinder or still not convinced when it comes to online dating.

Why Bumble is the Best Dating App

Firstly let's get the only real disadvantage out of the way and Tinder's only advantage in my opinion. Tinder is still more mainstream and has more users. This is a shame for the reasons that I will get into.

1. Bumble is a friendlier environment for women:

Bumble was labeled the "feminist tinder" when it came out. Created by a woman, Bumble places an emphasis on respect and tries to limit the creep factor that has been associated with many guys on tinder or other dating apps.

Why Bumble is the Best Dating App

2. Women message first:

Once a match has occurred, men are not able to message the woman. Only she can message first. This was originally intended to limit the number of creepy messages girls would get from guys online. However as a man, it also works heavily in our favor. No longer do we have to put in the effort to start the conversation. We can just sit back and have the women come to us. And for women, it gives you a reason to initiate for once. No longer do you have to worry about being seen as "desperate" or "needy" for making the first move.

3. Matches Expire after 24 hours if no conversation:

If the girl doesn't message the guy within 24 hours of matching, the match will expire. Or if she does message, but the guy doesn't respond within 24 hours, it will also expire. No more do we have to deal with the match whores on tinder, who collect matches with no intention of doing anything. I know this all to well as I was one of them. On my peak tinder time I had around 850 matches and I only messaged 20 of them. This is shitty behavior and it wastes time. If you're not prepared to talk and actually use the app as it's intended, no match for you.

Why Bumble is the Best Dating App

4. The Bio Layout:

Bumble has a set of key data you can say about yourself like traditional dating sites. This includes "height, what you're looking for, political stance, religion etc". Tinder offers you no help with your bio and its up to you to choose whatever you want to say. Me personally, I never said anything on tinder. I realized the superficiality of the app and decided that if a girl was on the fence and her swipe decision came down to my bio, she'd be just as likely to be turned off by whatever shit I said as she would be turned on. Bumble at least allows us lazy people to convey some key information about ourselves without coming across as bragging.

5. The Algo:

Tinder's money grab has increased greatly over the years, making it more and more difficult to get matches unless you pay for Tinder+/Gold. I've noticed this first hand as have many others. Whilst Bumble does offer a premium service, I find I get more matches on Bumble despite its lower user-base, thus telling me that Bumble must be showing my profile to more people than Tinder is (or the girls on Tinder just happen to hate me).

So there's 5 reasons why I think you should be using Bumble if you're not already.

Have you used either of these apps? What are your thoughts?

Why Bumble is the Best Dating App
Why Bumble is the Best Dating App
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Most Helpful Guys

  • brennanhuff
    I think you need to live in a relatively big city for online dating apps to work, even Bumble. I've used it but have yet to get a date. The matches and likes are quite sporadic. I can get no matches or likes for more than a week and then one day get two likes. But like I said, when I drive out for a bigger city, here and there, that's when I more often will get a like when not getting any for awhile. And some are not cute and I've found it doesn't make a difference swiping right and matching women who I normally don't find attractive.

    I'll swipe to see, maybe they have a cool personality if I like their profile. Turns on, these women don't provide anymore with convo than cute women or even less. So I just go with who I find attractive now, but can get some convos going well and try to set up a date or number and then it ends there. So many women either use it out of boredom, ego stroke or not with actual intent to meet a guy. I get it, but then again one of my friends whose is a good looking guy has gotten dates, but he lives and works in an area where I believe more women are in closer proximity. I live in a small city so have to stretch my radius 30 miles before I get any substantial amount of women to swipe through.

    I've had my profile looked at to have good pictures and a funny profile, honestly by women friends. One is actually bi sexual so that helps even more since she uses the site, but she has the perspective not just from what a girl would like from a guy's profile but her attraction to women. But despite that, it hasn't worked for me. And I'm tired of hearing, good looking people or good looking guys do well and it's not for average or worse looking men. Not saying it happens left and right, but it happens enough whether at the gym, just out and about with hot, really pretty, cute women checking me out, some even googly eyed at me. Like not knowing anything of my personality, but finding my nice looking to suggest, plus just friends and family and people in general, that I'm apparently a fairly handsome guy. Yet... no luck on Bumble
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    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it depends to be honest. I've also noticed the sporadic matches that you're talking about. The city does make a big difference too. My city is just under 5 million and sometimes I do alright and sometimes I get nothing. However when I was in HK I was consistently getting 7,8,9,10 matches a day and most of them were more attractive and serious about going out as well. I bet you'd see improvements if you used it when travelling too.

    • Anonymous

      Also now I live around 40km out of the city, which makes a big difference because many girls set their max distance to only 5-10km which obviously will hurt our success.

    • The city I'm from is basically like a big town ha. I just googled my cities (not gonna say it for privacy reasons), but for 2019 26,500 is the population for my small ass city lol. The next largest city to mine is roughly a 40 minute drive depending on the road and where in the city you're going. So my profile probably get's buried often by tons of men who are much closer to said women or many women not needing to stretch their radius up to 30 miles or more. And even if they do, like I said other guys are at the top of the pile and mine much less seen probably.

  • front2back
    The "women message first" model seems like a smart idea until you realize most women still aren't going to make the first move and will just message "Hey!" Every damn time.
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    • jessture

      The other trick of their's my friend has run into... they intentionally don't message in the first 24 hours so you have to pay to message them... they want you to spend money on them.. that's so fucked up

    • Anonymous

      @jessture I don't know why you would. Anyone who pays to message a random girl, especially if they didn't message you in the first 24 hours is incredibly desperate in my opinion, enough to turn any girl off.

    • If they do that trick, they are probably fake girls. Dating apps and sites don't want you to find someone. Once you stop using thee site, they stop getting your $$$.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Bribree18
    Bumble also exposes the most about people by just their profile. You pick three questions, put physical feature answers (height, weight, etc)... I liked the openness of it. I do wish women didn’t always have to message first though! Sometimes I can’t think of anything. If a guy has a bland profile with no information for me to go off of and make a joke or something, I am screwed.
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    • Anonymous

      Yeah. If you're a taller guy and you put your height in your tinder bio it kinda sounds like you're bragging, whereas in Bumble you can convey that information freely which I like. I know what you mean. I used to give the most random openers on tinder. "Meet me under the Eiffel tower, I'll be standing there with a rose in my mouth".. Kinda crap lol.

  • Maysexy
    I also used Bumble before, recently I want to play other kinky hookup dating. Some women and guys like playing friends with benefits or bondage fun, so I download one and have experienced that being completely sexual BDSM and fetish dating on KinkDr.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • ManOnFire
    Hm. Interesting. I've heard about Bumble but never tried it. I don't really like that you can't message any of the women and only they can message you, although at the same time I do like that I don't have to try to come up with some lavish resume or cover letter to submit to a chick who's looking for superstars that she doesn't even match. I might give it a try.
  • It's the one I recommend to my clients vs any other swipe app out there. If you upgrade to the "Bee Line" you get even more convenience because let's face it these apps are a business not charity.
    • nathanp97

      Clients? Are you a dating coach?

    • nathanp97

      I thought that ownly existed in movies. How did you even get into that?

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  • waggonerchristopher
    According to me, it is the worst dating app. You can't use it unless you upload a photo of your face, and verify that it's your's. In a nutshell, it means you can't use it anonymously.

    It stems from the fact that Bumble was made "by women, for women". A major phenomenon across dating sites is that a lot of men in relationships, and even married men, register on these dating sites and pose as single men, which is obviously an awful thing. Bumble wants to protect it's women by making sure that cheaters can't get away with it.

    But it also overlooks the fact that a lot of people want to do it anonymously. There are people who would love to put themselves out there without actually putting themselves out there, like me. We want our information to be protected. We want our identity to not fall into the hands of vandals who can track us down. While it is always good to have a verification option for those who want to put all of their information out there, it is awful to make it necessary. I tried using Bumble, but the app shut me out since I didn't upload a profile pic with a face in it.

    As for Tinder, it's not like I have had a lot of luck there. I've had a few dates come to fruition off of Tinder, with thousands of swipes yielding absolutely nothing. Granted, I would definitely get more swipes if there is a pic with a face in it. But at least Tinder lets me operate anonymously instead of shutting me out. At least I have that option, no matter the results. I would promote Tinder any day over Bumble, because Bumble is unreasonable. Hopefully Bumble shuts down at some point and Tinder buys it out.
    • Anonymous

      Don't really understand where you're coming from. You don't have to verify your profile that's optional. There's literally no difference between bumble and tinder as far as anonymity is concerned and I'd argue that if you don't want to put a real picture of yourself up then neither of those apps are really for you. Most people would instantly swipe left on someone whose got only 1 picture let alone none.

    • You don't have to "verify", as in go through the process of submitting your ID, unless you want to. But they still ID you privately if you show your face, which means they get the satisfaction of verifying us either way, even if we don't wish to voluntarily do it and show everyone else that we are verified.

      Tinder is absolutely for me. Like I said, thousands of swipes have lead to a few matches and even few real life dates, but at least that's something. Even if I had no success, I wouldn't have blamed Tinder, because Tinder lets me do my thing, without having to compromise my identity. Bumble, on the other hand, does not. It's about the freedom the apps provide, not what would work more and what wouldn't. And because Bumble does not provide me the freedom to remain anonymous and use the app, I not only condemn the app and the creator's disregard for user-comfort, but also encourage Bumble users to switch. I tried discussing this with Bumble, but they never responded to my e-mail. If they would've discussed it, I would've considered the creators to be rational and unbiased. But they're not. Tinder's creators, on the other hand, are unbiased. Men and women are equal, and if you wanna stay anonymous, you are allowed to.

      Tinder wins, Bumble loses.

    • Anonymous

      How do they verify you privately? What are they verifying exactly? I still see plenty of catfishes on there using fake pictures. What pictures do you use on Tinder? I'm not trying to argue with you or anything, just genuinely curious as I haven't heard this before.

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  • Investigator
    I'd actually like to see the analytics for Bumble's user base, regarding how each sex approaches it.

    Now, I don't remember if I've ever used Bumble, but just on the surface it doesn't seem practical. As much as some feminists believed it to be the future of womens' collective dating renaissance, the core principle of Bumble--that it's a female-centric space and therefore women have all the power, including who they choose to message because they go first--is directly at odds with their larger, continued societal expectation that the guy STILL do all the work. Even if you believe we are more progressive about sex and dating than in years past, the data seems to indicate that no, we don't understand how to date more effectively and no, online dating--and all the apps we use it facilitate it--has not made life easier. If anything, it's actually made things worse.

    Also, Bumble is "the Best Dating App"? Why, because it caters to women? I'd like to get some feedback from its users about how true that statement is. Maybe it's more beneficial to women because of its core selling point (that they dictate the rules of engagement... kind of), but a dating app lives or dies on its user base and I don't know how many people actually use Bumble, but it's probably not as many Tinder.
    • Anonymous

      It's definitely not as many as Tinder. Tinder came first and was more established, the woman who created Bumble was ex tinder iirc. I have no idea why a man would find Tinder's layout preferable to Bumble when I hear men complaining about having to make the first move all the time.

      Overall though, I'm sure men heavily out number women on all of these apps, either that or men just use them a lot more. It's actually interesting that because although populations are 50/50, men seem far more prevalent online as a whole. Here on gag is no exception, men are far more engaged than women. Look at this here, 3 opinions from women and 30 from men.

  • Barrabus_the_Free
    Dating sites/apps are a waste of time for men that aren't (or at least don't look like) Thuggy McMotorcycle Drug Dealing Gang Member, or a professional rugby playing male model neurosurgeon.

    Anyone who is one of those, or looks like it, they'll do great.

    In person is still the best.
    • Anonymous

      It's good to have options though. Dating apps are just one option, I just don't take them too seriously.

  • Levin
    I think I prefer the userbase on Tinder. You get more 'dangerous' exciting attractive people there. Plus, bumble seems more about people of a certain professional socioeconomic status wanting to find similar. It's kind of, boring. Anarchy of Tinder is preferred. It's real man. In fact, both are shite. But that's another story.
    • Anonymous

      Haha yeah I hear what you're saying.

  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    Kinda lost me at "feminist app that prevents men from initiating contact". Although given the amount of creepy losers trolling Tinder, it's hard to imagine being taken seriously on there either. And PoF/ OKCupid are basically just for provider males in their 30s who can't get younger girls any more, and they go on there to get judged and rank-assessed by bored soccer moms xD

    Basically online dating is a no-win proposition if you have a penis lol
    • Anonymous

      I support "feminism" when it means I can do less work lol.

    • @Kkaos yeah but you still end up with jack squat to show for it xD

  • October808
    Zoosk is better. It has *verified* accounts. People verify their phones #s, images and FB pages. There are still fakes but those are not verified accounts so take those with a grain of salt. My account is verified so I get a lot of hits from local women in my preferred age grouping. And I know they're local because I recognize the locations they take their photos at.
    • Anonymous

      Never tried it. You can verify on Bumble too. But good to hear it's working!

  • Manlyman1
    Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying they already matched after both the man And the woman swiped "Yes, I want" and then the guy has to sit and wait for a fucking "HI" from the woman before they can talk?

    That's dumb af.
    • Anonymous

      Yep, that's exactly how it works. I don't have a problem with it personally.

    • Manlyman1

      But when she already indicated interest then they're just wasting time.

    • Anonymous

      Learned early on with these apps that if they swipe right, it doesn't always mean they're interested, or interested enough to actually talk to you that at least. It's stupid, but it's just the way it is I guess..

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  • Guanfei
    It's the best? Maybe for girls. Because that just shows, in the end, that girls only message a small fraction of the male users.
    90% of the guys there will never get a match, and even less will get a message. Women on dating apps are way too picky, they want only the best when most of them are only average in what they propose.
    As a result, on that app, most will just ignore every guy they see, until they find a 10/10.
    • Anonymous

      I do believe a decent amount of guys can have a level of success if they put effort into their profile though. I've seen guys complaining about not getting matches but then you look at their profile and one of their pictures is them taking a selfie on the toilet.

    • Guanfei

      It's not the problem tho. I didn't take the number "90%" for nothing, there was a study, on Tinder, about the success rate of the users. Only 2% of the guys effectively had a match. It's not a problem of profile pic.

    • Anonymous

      Only 2%? That's insane. I would have surely thought it would be way higher. I know you've got Chad's milking in matches and other guys struggling, but I would never have thought it would literally be 2%. Damn.

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  • DeshawnMGTOW
    these apps are full of thots whores and gold diggers. i go on them to jerk off to they pics sometimes but never bother talkin to these bches
    • Anonymous

      Eh alright man.

  • TremorJay
    I haven't tried bumble in a while, but in my experience it was the same or worse. Barely any matches and when I do match there's not even conversation. I probably just suck shit 😂✌🏼💀
    • Anonymous

      Ah damn lol. I wouldn't worry, I'm sure you're all good though. Numbers game

  • godfatherfan
    I use bumble, POF and OkCupid. I use bumble just because women have to reply first. I am sick of being the one that has to the the aggressor. I would think women would love bumble. They are the ones that can choose the person they reply to. If they did that on the other apps, they wouldn't have a ton of messages they have no intention of answering.
  • kespethdude
    In other words, ugly guys get the Egyptian Rat Screw and no messages ever and can never do a damn thing on the app. Then again, that was the reason for the app in the first place. Created by a bunch of overgrown high school girls who were sick of ugly guys hitting on them.
  • UncleBumbleF_K
    It is not. It is a cesspool of feminists and chicks with bitch personality disorder.
    • Anonymous

      Don't think you'll find much difference online tbh lol.

  • pinkcactus484
    I'm not a fan of dating apps anyway so I would not use them. Still, I think Bumble is one of the better ones because the girls message the guys. I would definitely feel more comfortable on Bumble than on Tinder.
  • GayLoner
    Its not because for guys like me who never get matches it removes the ability to initiate with a person if a blue moon match were to occur. that person on bumble who accidently swiped on me would unlike later on without anything being said
    • Anonymous

      If you're not getting matches then I think you should be more concerned about improving your profile tbh dude. If a girl accidentally swipes right on you then the chances of her entertaining a convo that you start are pretty slim anyway

    • Anonymous

      Oh just saw by your username, are you gay? I wonder how Bumble would even work for same sex matches.

    • GayLoner

      Well before I realized Iwas a gay I tried pursuing women, there is nothing wrong with my profile its how I look.

  • Amyth20
    I need to check this out. hopefully will find someone
    • Anonymous

      Good luck!

  • Drumlin2001
    I was using bumble, met my girlfriend through it last year. We're expecting our first child next month.
    • Anonymous

      Wow! That's awesome. Congratulations man.

    • Cheers. It's amazing.
      It was a slog. can't tell you how many people i swiped right on, matched and started talking to who ghosted. Had a couple of other first dates that didn't go anywhere. Only takes one though

    • Anonymous

      Ah yeah tell me about it. That's very true. All the best with everything!

  • GeanieJ78
    Awesome take. This is really well done. I've tried bumble and had success!
    • Anonymous

      Great to hear! Thanks.

  • genericname85
    honestly i agree with the concept of bumble. i don't wanna waste my time texting 1000 girls just to be ignored by 999 of them cause they're flooded in dick picks. however sadly in my area, bumble is pretty empty.
  • Gammerman
    I have used both. It really is a bummer that Bumble is so much less mainstream than tinder. Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere really cramps its style as every girl is no less than 60 miles away while on tinder I still get plenty of more local women. I Love bumbles format and feel. Maybe it will be as popular as Tinder someđay. We're can only hope
  • hahahmm
    I heard women were complaining because they rejected all the guys who were actually interested. Ha ha ha
  • constantine15
    I disagree, yes it makes the girls message you first. But when I used the app... Out of all the matches I got, only two messaged me and the messages were “hi”... and then they didn’t reply to my response.
    I get way more action on tinder
    • That would be two more than I would get...

  • PartRaptor
    Guys need to to avoid dating apps. Women have an over supply of men. Men need to ignore women for a while. Being put on a pedestal for too long as made women incredible picky
  • LogicBomber
    Your first two points are exactly why Bumble is NOT the best app.
    • Anonymous

      You enjoy wasting your time messaging women first only to have them not respond?

    • NO. I don't go on dating apps. Women on dating apps are the ones who are desperate and pathetic past expiry females who are desperate to find a partner now that they world won't hand things to them simply for being "pretty"... or young attractive females trying to fill their ego buckets with endless attention from males.

    • Anonymous

      Lol. I mean I won't argue with you, but there are some decent women on there. But they are definitely a minority, sure.

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  • winterfox10
    I'm on Bumble. I really enjoy the "ladies first" aspect of it. I am so much more relaxed knowing that the only reason we are talking is because she is interested.
  • BeHappy1985
    This is some shitty advertising right here. Gonna report you for spam.
    • Anonymous

      Alright 👍

  • Luv2BRealExotic13
    I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but it’s a classier step above tinder.
  • you pretty much reveal with #1 an #2 that this app is basically an escort app for women.

    that offer free services and bonuses of course!
  • lucas262
    My friend set it to guys to, I never match with women but matched with 8 guys in 10 min on tinder this day.

    My response to this got me banned from tinder forever.
    • cavmanier

      I heard you have to be that guy from the Avengers movie that plays Thor to get a match lol. They literally date that one guy. He's just a walking STI infecting the woman community

    • lucas262

      And he's a feminist

    • cavmanier

      Feminist / freed the slaves / buys girl scout cookies

  • Bman4907
    App dedicated to help women start the communication.

    First message is "hey" from profiles that say "just ask" & that's it.
  • DanOh2018
    I wonder if the app is poly friendly. Interesting post. I'm pretty turned off by the meat market Vibe on tinder.
    • Tinder was created for hookups not meaninful relationships.

    • DanOh2018

      The question is about bumble.

  • MajorOof
    The sad part is, I might have to use a dating app when I’m older. That’s a huge problem because I don’t like posting pics of myself nor do I like talking to guys I want 🥶
    • Guanfei

      You're 14, why do you already think about using a dating app? You have plenty of time to find a guy without it.

  • jamesgoldman
    I've used both but neither did anything but bumble was a more useable interface
  • bladedshard
    I gotta go with tinder, all of my matches were on there and way too many girls i knew or too picky were on bumble.
  • nicholas4376
    there's another good dating site zoosk. com and xmeeting. com
  • redted
    Bumble is better than tinder. I bet guys love the pressure taken off of messaging first
    • I don't usually message first (primarily on Facebook Messenger since that's what I use the most, but this applies to other places as well). I blame my anxiety for that. lol

  • strongcabbage
    its a waste of space on my phone. i never get anything from it
  • wingattebaby16
    im gonna try it.. thanks.
  • malik25
    Nice can you suggest more dating apps?
    • Anonymous

      Not at your age. Tinder and Bumble are the only mainstream ones worth trying as far as I know. People over 30s might have more success on OkCupid or PoF. There's one called CoffeeMeetsBagel which I've heard is cool, but never tried it.

  • elmehdi99
    I didn't found it on play store
    • Anonymous

      Maybe it's not available in your country? I don't know :/

    • elmehdi99

      Ah maybe

  • Anonymous
    Decent concept but it's way too visually based. Nothing in it to help create chemistry and match to people with similar interests, just mainly looking through and deciding on shallow instincts which is looks. Can easily women into bad situations because they are pushed into going off eye candy and not realistic personality while men actually decent barely get a chance to show it besides with pics of themselves. Not to mention I have yet to see any app where women there actually seem interesting and don't say/pot the same thing every-time.
    • Anonymous

      All fair reasons man.

  • Anonymous
    Can my phone contact see I m in bumble?
    • Anonymous

      Nope. Not at all. You're safe haha.

  • Anonymous
    It's crap like all the rest. But what I do/did like and think was great about it is women making the first move, even though none did with me lol. Actually one or two, but you get "hey" lol. Women complain about guys just saying that in a first message and they do it all the time themselves! LOL
    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it's one rule for them and another for us it seems. lol.

  • Anonymous
    I heard that girls on there do exactly what they complain about guys doing elsewhere: say nothing but "hi", "hello" as a first message. This basically returns the pressure of starting conversation back to the guy.
    • It's about half and half.

    • I've been asked some good ass questions though.

    • Anonymous

      @TwoToTooTutu2 oh, that's nice to know.

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  • Anonymous
    #2 isn’t really true, ya women have to messege first but they literally just say “hey” and that’s it and if a man reply’s with “hey” back... no answer, we still have to come up with an interesting opener to get them to reply, it’s no different than tinder other than her saying “hey” first
    • Anonymous

      I know but they're still having to type something first, thus signalling that they do want to engage in some form of communication. It's better than nothing. It shouldn't really matter anyway man, if they need you to impress them then stuff it. Say to them what you want to say, if they don't respond, so be it.

  • Anonymous
    Won't matter if you're not attractive!!!

    The truth that is always denied by women and manginas (who show that I hit the nail on the head via the personal attacks) is that personality, sense of humor, etc won't matter at ALL if she doesn't find you attractive because she will NEVER even speak to you to find out!!!
    • Anonymous

      That's true, particularly on dating apps. I mean you can be average and you might luck out every now and then, but overall you wouldn't want to put much into it because it will be a waste of time for the most part.

  • Anonymous
    Most of my dates came from bumble, while most matches from tinder, but there are so few people on bumble that is isn't very useful
    • Anonymous

      Tinder's weird for me, I used to get way more matches on tinder but now have more success with Bumble. It might depend on your area too.

  • Anonymous
    I'm too ugly for bumblebee, I'm an ugly ginger guy no woman wants me