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The Irony of The Classic Idea MEN Should Pay For A Woman's Meal On A Date Always.

The Irony of The Classic Idea MEN Should Pay For A Womans Meal On A Date Always.

Feminists make such a huge hoopla about indepence and that women should be this that and the other thing. But its just amazing how many then also claim entitlement that guys HAVE to pay for their meal. Its like what happened to that whole speech about "women being independent? NOW you're suddenly entitled to a mans wallet. I thought you wanted men NOT to objectify you.

Why not pay your own way. Especially if its the first date. A man has not reason to foot your bill when they probably don't even know you.

At least maybe say how about I pay my half and let the guy have the chivalrous feeling of being the prince charming. Do stuff in the relationship that makes you an equal rather than assume just cause your his potential wife that suddenly equals your the new real owner of the potential husbands wallet. If you want to be treated equally then take equal responsibility of the realtionship.

The Irony of The Classic Idea MEN Should Pay For A Woman's Meal On A Date Always.
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  • Julietchicago
    men paying for dates was around since before feminism. I don't think feminists even have a view on who pays for dates bc it's too frivolous an issue.
    I guess you're just mad that feminists gave equal rights to women, so now you want to punish us for it. You sound like a whiney little hipster
    A real man isn't offended that women have the same rights. A real man will pay for dates because it is part of his masculinity.
    By telling men they should go dutch, you are emasculating men. In fact, the men I've been out with who went dutch on our first date were total pussies. No thanks
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    • Exactly, the man pays for the date

    • Anonymous

      I think it just shows how little women are finacially stable and it also shows how little they actually care about the relationship. IT takes two to tango. If you aren't willing to be an equal. Now you're talking about leaning on the other. Which is about as unstable as one can get. Cause what happens if the one who's making all the money and paying for everything is gone, you are screwed cold feet. Sure short term you have a giant wad of cash but thats not forever.

    • @Pyrofox it’s $50... if you as a guy can afford to pay $50 to treat a lady to dinner then why date? It’s not about being equal, it’s about planning a nice date and the opportunity to set the tone in dating her going forward. If you are too cheap to not buy that meal, that’s a red flag on your ability to provide in the future.

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  • scarlett774
    I don’t think it’s a feminist thing, I’m pretty sure it was around long before when they had very tradition gender roles.
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  • SpiritBear
    It's called culture. Tradition. Old idea. Men were the ones with the money before. Now they're not, but the stigma retains. But it's fine if you don't want to pay for someone elses meal if they can pay for themself, and you didn't lead them to assume you would pay.
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  • Tom204
    It depends on whether or not you truly love her
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    • _piotr

      It depends on whether she truly loves you

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