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What Do Guys Actually Want In A Women? A Very Accurate Take!



This is a bit of satire/response to What Do Women Actually Want In A Guy? Very Accurate Take! I do NOT mean to offend at all. I won't say I necessarily agree or disagree with anything she says or what is said here. i am ONLY reversing the gender roles in it, with a joke here and there, to seeing what responses would be like.

""Ugh, I hate men. They’re all soooo shallow. I’m ugly, short and broke and no man will ask me out! Why do I ONLY attract ugly, short and broke males? Men are SO shallow!....."

Seriously. This is how some women look like when they insult female preferences. This is how pathetic and amusing they look to everyone else.

ET phone YIKES
ET phone YIKES

Fucking cringe!!!

Well having said that, I’d just like to begin with saying that men have been more selective than women since the beginning of time. Men are indeed visual as well and choose the best looking mates they’re able to “land” as well. And this is because it has been highly beneficial to our evolutionary process. If a man chooses the best possible mate, the chances of conceiving the best possible offspring are basically entirely in him and his future generation's favor.

It is nature. That is how our sexual preferences are designed. There are obviously variations, but they mostly are inclined to 5 specific traits.

You've probably heard of men turning down even the hottest gals out there. Men usually take into account a variety of factors when choosing a mate, and it does include physical attraction, but it isn't the only thing.

Below are some very important ones that we, as women, consider when evaluating a guy's attractiveness:

A gal becomes instantly more attractive if she is able to take care of himself by brushing her teeth, making sure she looks decent and in order, and smelling good.

Yep, I know how much some women would like to believe that men don’t care about your body and how it looks. But we do - immensely! Men are attracted to women who are at least physically fit. You don’t have to be muscular, but being in good shape is an indicator that you’re able to move around better, you’re able to make life an adventure. It shows a good decision making mental system. It’s a turn on!

In order left to right: 2, 4, 8, 6, 1.1
In order left to right: 2, 4, 8, 6, 1.1

2.1 Fat level
Another one that triggers a lot of females, but it’s a universal fact that the vast majority of men prefer women who are skinnier than they are. Most women are also skinnier than men, so when I hear some of my fellow females complain about being rejected “because they’re too fat”, I ask them - would you date a short guy with yellow teeth and smelly hairy armpits? Exactly.

We’ve been constantly bombarded with the fact that confidence is one of the major ways to attract men, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only factor we take into account. This also applies to men who want to seem more attractive. Confidence is an extremely attractive trait on both men and women. Being confident includes being humble, so it isn’t about acting superior. Being cocky is actually a surefire way to turn a woman completely off.

NOTE: Being confident isn’t the same as being outgoing. An introverted female can be very confident, and she radiates it. People feel it. It’s a vibe.


The wonder woman cosplayer in the picture above is not the most sexy wonder woman cosplay in the world (and certainly above average in terms of looks), but the demeanor shown signals genuine confidence, and it instantly makes this cosplayer more attractive.

Lastly, one of the most important things we find attractive in a woman (these are all the top traits we notice!) is stamina. When I say this, I mean that you're able to defend yourself, whether it's verbally (able to use wit, but doesn't make a fool of herself), or physically (is able to protect herself and her man if there's an obvious physical threat). Also her stamina in bed (in my opinion, many men like to be dominated - NOT treated badly - in bed. It makes us feel very good. It's simply attractive).

Now, this all needs to be measured. There needs to be a good reason to use her stamina (or "bewbs"), and she needs to be careful to not use it at the expense of her dignity. Some gals go too far, and end up using insults and aggression at an extreme level. This isn't attractive at all. It isn't feminine - it's childish.

Stamina also includes being able to choose the right man. Just because a gal is able to attract lots of men doesn't mean she should sleep with all of them. Au contraire, males find it highly unattractive if the gal on demand isn't selective. If she has many options, her being carefully selective is an immediate turn-on.

These are the 5 things men generally find incredibly attractive. If you have all 5, you're ultimately able to actually choose which man you want. Choose wisely. Good looks aren't everything.

What Do Guys Actually Want In A Women? A Very Accurate Take!
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    *Grabs popcorn and waits.*
    Is this still revelant?
    • Been doing that for a while now. Seems to me that "challenge" she mentioned she answered with crickets. Chiiiiirp. Chiiiiiiiiiiiiirp. :)

    • If you have anyone from that taake in your friends list, please do invite em here as I want to make this gender reversal takes/satire a trend many guys do here.

    • Thanks for Most Helpful. 👍

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  • iambae
    Men want beauty yes but the average man is content with an average looking woman.

    Most Men want a loving, submissive, agreeable, kind, caring, woman, who can cook and loves children.
  • Barbaric
    Why do people always seem to mention hygeine in these kinds of things? Surely that's just common sense right?
    • LOL don't look at me. That was her words, not mine.

    • Daniel3035

      I had a one night stand with one girl didn't even wipe or anything. No tissue paper no bidet not even a shower. I spanked her and told her to clean herself or she'd get a lot more she listened pretty quick.

    • @Daniel3035 dam somebody got the charm part nailed down well xD

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  • Daniel3035
    DONT TELL THEM. Then all the fake girls will fake who they are just to get to you we won't be able to tell the fake from real.
  • Jltakk
    I'm extremely fine with a chill girl that cares about me.
  • ChocoBrownieMonster

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